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Hi everyone,
Welcome to our travel page. In case we get a bit slack at keeping in touch, you can check out our site and keep track of what we're up to.
Feel free to send us messages (nice one's preferrably).

Diary Entries

Friday, 16 September 2005

Location: Darwin, Australia

Hi everyone

Great to see the messages, especially from those of you we haven't spoken to in a while.

Joel and I are still in Darwin and just waiting for the end of February now, so that we can go on holidays to Samoa and then get out of here!! (Bit over the working thing ) Its been 12 months now in Darwin - this is long term work for us. We have been used to the 4 months on 4 months off, so we definitely deserve a holiday now.

Will post some more pics this weekend if I get a chance.

Hope you are all well.
Miss you all heaps!
Anita & Joel

Monday, 22 August 2005

Location: Darwin, Australia

Hi everyone

We have just recently discovered that you can make your own web page (we're a bit technologically handicapped). Anyway we thought we would start adding a few things here and there from our travels over the past few years.
We are currently in Darwin and working fulltime for a fuel distribution company - and no, we don't get cheaper fuel, although it would be nice.
Plans for the future haven't really changed much. Hope to be heading into WA around the middle of next year after a short trip to Samoa, can't wait for that.
Anyway, more photos will be added as I find the time to put them on, but for now, have a squiz at our pic's from North Qld.

Anita & Joel

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Recent Messages

From Lyn & Tom
Have just returned home from our Queensland tour , all went well . Must havehad plenty of rain whilst away the grass sure was pretty long .
Home now for five days then heading of to Mildura festival thence South Aus .
I hope Joel took you out for dinner .
Hope he's not taking the BULLDOGS LOSSES TO HARD .
Will be in touch
Love Mum & Tom
Response: Hi there
We were just saying that we hadn't spoken to you in a while and wondered where you were. Birthday was good. May do something this weekend.
Bulldogs who?
From Max Presland
Just had a phone call about you Anita. Hope you got the job. We are well and are heading to the Simpson Desert for three week soon
Margaret and Max
Response: No - I decided not to take that job as it was permanent in Darwin and we don't plan on staying all that much longer.
Simpson Desert should be fantastic - are you going with the 4WD club or with other friends?

Anyway - have a great time and travel safe.

From Mick South
Hi there Joel (Busted arse) & anita.
How are you going, Dave Harries said he saw Joel (steering wheel attendant) in Darwin acouple of weeks ago.
By the way, Dave crashed & totaled his new bike around Catherine on the way home - he went to sleep riding.
See ya guys
Response: Hey there Mick
No good about Dave - is he ok? Hope he wasn't too badly hurt.
Joel was totally surprised seeing Dave though.
Hope all is well down there and will no doubt run into you maybe next year. Hoping to be finding somewhere to live in the next year.
Anyway - great to hear from you.
From Marcel and Flavia
Hi you two

Really a great idea ! Funny pictures ! Hope, you both are doing fine ?!
We`re very well, have now two weeks holiday and probably the best weather of the whole year. Just painted the flat, rode the Tiger. We`re enjoying the time. Had a hard time with the floodings, but we were lucky. Everything was dry. Everywhere they are cleaning up and organizing.

So, we hope you`ll have a wonderful time and are still waiting for you !

Have fun and take care !
Flavia and Marcel
Response: Hi guys
I haven't really been watching much television lately so I haven't really heard much about the floodings over there. I am glad to hear that you both have escaped reasonably well.
How much longer before babies? - Keep your door open, we hope to be over there soon. Will need to save for a little bit longer though.
Don't quite understand 'rode the tiger'. Did you really ride the tiger or does that have something to do with painting the flat?
Great to hear from you.
From Sue & Russ
El Questro was great. Just the right time to go. Cool at night and warm through the day. Disappointed you don't get to see the resort - not unless you want to pay $1000/night/person. We tented it at the township.Beautiful spot.
Sorry to hear about Shaker.
Cheers until next time
From Heather
Hi Anita and Joel, you guys still on the road, we haven't quite managed to get away yet, but hope to in the next couple of years. I am still kicken ass at Acacia. Hope to be out of there by Xmas. Love your pics, wow there are some beautiful spots out there, Your page is really cool, I will keep an eye on it for updates.
Response: Hi Heather - so happy to get your reply. Long time since I have emailed you and I was worried you might have already moved on. Joel and I will definitely still be floating around at Xmas time so if you are heading north be sure to get in contact with us. Is your other half still driving trucks and stuff? How is everyone else a Acacia? Wish I was still there, miss it heaps sometimes.
Anyway - great to hear from you and chat soon.