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Travelling.... oh so much of it to do!!
and now I'm back home working, arrrghhhhh scary......... but for how long???

Diary Entries

Saturday, 03 November 2007

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Kia ora everyone!!

Well as most of you know I am back home (have been for about 3 weeks now - arrrghhhhhhh!!!!!!). So thought I should update/finish off my diary before forgetting too much from my last awsome month in Canada (:

Well I survived the long bus trip from Calgary to Whithorse in the Yukon, only just, lol. I was pretty dam tired after that one!! The scenery on the bus ride was amazing and on the last leg of the trip the bus driver made quite a few stops for photos which was great as this normally doesn't happen on the "Greyhound". I'm sure he was stopping to have a chuff on his pipe or something, anyway it was nice to streeetch those legs, take in the scenery and talk to randoms on the bus! The bus was not very full compared to my other bus journeys (I should write a book eh), and we were lucky to see quite a few black bears on the side of the highway (Alaska highway).
One sighting in particular which sticks in my head, where there were 3 cubs and the mother all just chilling and playing on the grass on the side of the highway, very cool!! And there was one particular area where there were lots of buffalo. The bus stopped and I snapped up a few pics only metres away from these huge animals which didn't seemed too fussed about all the attention...

So after 1 and a half days on the bus, lots of breaks, amazing scenery (+ wildlife), long distances between services and a rather sore bum and legs I arrived in Whitehorse at 4:30 AM! I briefly e-mailed Teagan (who I met in Fernie) before getting on the bus in Calgary but didn't know if she knew I was coming as I hadn't planned on coming up to the Yukon so early, my bad. But what a great surprise to see her at the bus station in Whitehorse!!! Yeya for T-star. I hadn't seen her since leaving Fernie at the end of April. So we had a lot of catching up to do....
I'd turned up at a busy time for Teagan as she was working a lot and going to the college. I remember sleeping for most of the next day and then Jess, Teagan's sister came round and that night took me to probably every bar in Whitehorse! (: So a rather drunken introduction to the Yukon for me, but it was sweet. And the next day Jess had forgotten where she left her truck, I found that rather amusing (:
I chilled out at Teagan's place over the weekend and on the Monday I hired a car and drove up to Dawson City on the Klondike highway. The 500km or so drive up to Dawson was really beautiful with all the fall (autumn) colours across the mountainous landscape. There were large areas of land that had been burnt by forest fires and it was quite a site to see acres and acres of "tree skeletons" in contrast with all the fall colours! Pretty cool.
Dawson city is only 240km South of the Artic circle, in the late 1890's it became the heart of the Klondike goldrush. Some of the original buildings are still standing (which are all built on perma-frost) and the streets in Dawson are unpaved and it has board sidewalks. So as you can imagine the town has a prety unique vibe about it. I surprised Rob (an English friend from Fernie) who was working in one of the "many" bars in Dawson. He knew I was coming up at some stage but he wasn't expecting me so soon, so he was surprised to see me and we had several good nights out with a good crew of people who had been working in Dawson for the summer. I went up the "Dome" a few times which is where on summer solstice, there is a big party where everyone watches the midnight sun dip below the mountains and then rise again - crazy eh!! I have to come back to experience that!!
I drove briefly on the "Top of the world highway" (gravel) which heads from Dawson city to Alaska. I saw more amazing fall colours and scenery - I hardly saw another sole, it was soo beautiful and peaceful! So Dawson was lots of fun (+ lots of drinking).

I chilled out for a couple of days back in Whitehorse before Teagan and I went on a roadie to Tagish (where Teagan grew up) and Skagway in Alaska. We stayed a night in Teagan's sweet pad in Tagish and then made our way to Skagway, making some sweet stops on the way, including this random abandoned "leaning" house (: and an old mine which was awsome. We crossed the boarder and arrived into Skagway kinda late and ended up staying in a hostel with a snoring Aussie!! I didn't sleep much that night, thanks bro!!
Skagway mainstreet was sooo busy the next day as there were 4 massive cruise ships in dock and the passengers (mainly older Americans) were all over the streets and checking out the shops, such as fur and diamond shops with price tags of CAN$15,000 - 50,000. Yeah how about a nice fur jacket for around CAN$12,000 - oh it's pretty sweet deal on sale - reduced from 20,000!!!! I decided to buy an icecream instead. So skagway is a real touristy town as it's a main stop for the Alaska cruises - But what a beautiful setting amongst towering mountains on all sides.

So it was a few more chilling days in Whithorse before our next road trip to Haines in Alaska. What a STUNNING days drive it was getting there, especially through Kluane national park with amazing mountain and lake scenery and driving into Haines in the evening we saw an amazing sunset! We had a sweet cabin in Haines and spent a couple of days checking out the area. Much smaller and far less touristy than Skagway, a nice relaxing vibe about the place. The tourist info was closed which was a bit annoying as we wanted to get some trail maps. So instead we found the "Haines brewing company" (in an old movie set) and tested out the beers on offer. Spruce tip ale was my favourite for sure, very unique! We went for a hike in the arvo to walk off the beer up Mt Riley. The walk up through old growth forest was really beautiful and the view of the Lynn canal from the top was very amazing. We even saw a glacier across the canal on the other mountain range. That evening we enjoyed a yummy meal at an organic pizza & pasta restaurant and some more spruce tip ale beer. We went on another short walk the next day (got soaked!!)and then drove back to Whitehorse in the rain! So after an amazing 3 weeks in the Yukon Territory is was time to head South again as I still had a bit to see before flying home...

After a 2 day (spotted a moose - YES) bus trip from Whitehorse, I arrived in Prince Rupert on the West coast. I hung out here for a couple of days, met some more sweet travellers, had a massive fire one night got hammered at the local and then was on the boat headed for Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.
The 15 hour boat trip through the "inside passage" was lovely but COLD! WE passed island's, inlets, waterfalls, indian villages, old cannerys and even a few humpback whales. The weather was a bit rainy/misty but still provided great vistas.
Stayed a brief night in Port Hardy and then headed to Ucluelet/Tofino on the West coast of the island. I spent a few nights around here hiking and surfing which was cold. I was soo suited up for the surf, full wetsuit, booties, gloves and a hood. The surf was average but the experience was tops!! After Tofino I headed for Victoria, the capital of B.C. I stayed here for a night and went for a long walk around the town with this English guy (Tim) who I had been travelling with for a few days. Victoria was a nice town but really geared for tourists, lots of shops, bars and restaurants, but nice for sure with it's harbour and lots of sea planes taking off all the time.
From Vancouver Island I straight-lined it back to Fernie as time was running out. I spent thanksgiving in Fernie and stayed with Kathleen - the lady who I rented off through the winter. I hooked up with a few people while there, picked up all my snowboard/winter gear and was back on the bus with Rob - dude I met in Fernie in the winter who was flying out the same day from Vancouver! What a final bus trip on the greyhound, the bus was packed and for most of the trip Rob and I got to sit either side of this drunken, drug hammered, toothless redneck guy who was actually quite funny - Rob wasn't so sure though! The main problem was that he smelt a bit funky!! So just imagine 18 hours of this, yeah fun times on the greyhound. I could write about the characters I've met on the greyhound in Canada.
So Rob and I hung out in Vancouver for a few days doing this and that, mainly walking around town and eating lots of pizza, as Vancouver has lots of pizza places where you buy by the slice - NIce!! Final night in Canada involved catching up with some people I met in the Yukon, going to a sweet bar (The Cambie) watching the Canucks play (Vancouver Ice hockey team) and drinking jugs of beer and eating a burger (Canadians favourite food I reckon)!! A sweet way to end a truly awsome and enjoyable year!!!!

I'll be back Canada............................................

Tuesday, 04 September 2007

Location: Somewhere in the Rockies, Canada

Hola again everyone,

Just a quick update as I'm waiting for my bus. This will be my longest bus trip yet. It says on the ticket under duration, 1 day, 9 hours and 30 minutes!! Yipee

Back to where I left off... Niagra falls where amazing but VERY touristic, reminded me a bit of Las Vagas. There was soo much tourist related crap that has been developed in the area of the falls such as: Planet hollywood, lots of BIG hotels, wax mueseum, tropical bird aviary, casinos etc etc. So you get the picture!
From Niagra I headed to Toronto for a couple of days. I visited the Toronto Islands which was a nice retreat from town, and only a short ferry ride away. That evening I went up the "CN tower" (Which is said to be the tallest in the world) and watched the sunset over Toronto which was nice. A couple of days in the city was enough for me so I headed to Algonquin Provincial park which is one of the most popular parks in Ontario. There are thousands of lakes within the park and many people go on several day to week long canoe trips here where they have to "Portage" (Carry their canoe and all their gear between lakes through the woods). The distances they have to portage are not normally that far, several km's at the most.
I didn't do a canoe trip but did several hikes within the park with the owner of the hostel - who has visited about 75 countries including NZ. Did he have some stories or what!!

After a couple days here I headed to Northern Ontario to Sault Ste Marie where I went on a full day train tour to the Agawa canyon. An area only accessible by train, with lots of lakes and cottages where people go for holiday, also a popular cross country ski, snowshoe and snow mobiling area. The hostel (actually a hotel) in Sault Sta Marie was a funny sort of place, lots of long-term people staying there and had a bit of a dodgy feeling to the place... All part of the adventure ay!!
From Sault Ste Marie it was a good 20 hour bus ride to Winnipeg - the middle of Canada. From here it's possible to go to Northern Manitoba and see polar bears, but I was a bit early in the season so... I stayed in Winnipeg for a brief night as the weather was not great and there wasn't alot for me there.

Moving on again and after another 10 hours on the bus I was in Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan (Canada's farming province). The view out of the bus was..... Prairies in every direction, the land was soo flat (and I thought Holland was flat!) We did drive through an amazing storm though, the clouds were so dark in contrast to the yellow colour of the prairie grass, it looked amazing, really!! Another highlight of the trip throught the prairies was a stop at a local eatery, just off the trans-Canada highway. All the locals (mainly old farmers) were hanging out having lunch, drinking coffee and wearing their cowboy hats. The only thing missing from this scene was a couple of horses tied up outside, instead they had their monster trucks parked up!!
I really only had a pit-stop in Regina, a sleep in the hostel and then headed to Edmonton, the Capital of Alberta and where the worlds largest shopping mall is. I spent a couple days here as the hostel was nice and I met some great people. So we had a few good nights out and off course had to check out the mall for a couple of hours. The mall really is HUGE. It has an indoor amusement park, waterpark (complete with wavepool), an indoor lake (complete with shipwreck), ice rink and the list goes on, oh and the 800 shops. A few hours in there was enough to drive me crazy!!
I had had enough of cities by this time so I went into the rocky mountains. Jasper national park was my first stop where I spent several days. I met a guy from England (Phil) who was right into climbing etc so we went on a great Cycle/hike to a great lookout where you could see mountains in every direction. The weather was soo good that day, so we were able to see for miles (and took some great pics too). We left our bikes about 4 km's from the top as it was too steep and rough for biking, but once we returned to the bikes it was all down hill on gravel for about 8km's, it was soo much fun. The only worrying thing in my mind was that hopefully a bear was not around the next blind corner (we did see fresh bear poo on the way) as I wouldn't have been able to stop in a hurry going the speed I was!
I did a couple of smaller hikes on the other days in Jasper which all had great mountain scenery. I didn't sleep well the whole time I was in the hostel in Jasper as the dorm was a 50 bed dorm (yes 50!) so there was always noise in the huge bunkroom. People coming and going, torches flashing around and the number of people snoring!! It was like a concert one night, not one that I would like to hear again!!
Phil, a Canadian and Australian girl and I decided to hire a car to drive down to banff via the Icefields parkway, one of the most scenic stretches of road in the world! We spent the day stopping at all the beautiful areas on the way (Including: Athabasca falls, Athabasca glacier, Lake Louise and lots more - see pics when I manage to upload them). Again the weather was on our side, soo sunny and warm. The highlight for me was seeing Moraine lake, a deep-teal coloured lake set in the valley of the ten peaks. It almost looks too beautiful to be real!!
I stayed one night in Banff as I had arranged to hire a car for a few days and head to Southern Alberta to Waterton lakes national park. It's a very beautiful area which is not as touristic as Jasper and Banff but still very beautiful. It's where the Prairies and mountains collide, so quite unique scenery. I went on an amazing hike here, (the best I've ever done), apparently it's one of the top 10 hikes in the world! It involved taking a boat across Waterton lake and hiking about 10km one way to this crystal clear lake surrounded by huge mountains. To get to the lake you had to negotiate a ladder on a big cliff, walk along a narrow ledge (on the same cliff) while holing onto a cable (so you wouldn't fall off the cliff) and crawl through a tunnel. The end result was truly amazing scenery (and a very cold lake which I dipped into for about 10 seconds). I met more great peolpe here, including a Polish guy who went on the hike above with me, and two Canadians, one of whom took me on yet another awsome hike the following day!! Waterton is somewhere I would really like to come back to as there is soo much to explore in the area. On the last evening I saw 2 black bears, one quite far up a mountain and another quite close to the road. All over Waterton village there were deer walking around the streets which was nice to see!

From Waterton I drove up to Canmore, which is just a few Km's away from banff. The drive up was through an area known as Kananaskis country which is on the Eastern side of the Rockies and runs all the way up to Banff national park. It's an area known for it's great hiking, fishing and mountain biking, as well as back country skiing and cross country skiing in winter. And it's also known for its bears!! A lot of the drive was on gravel road so it was nice slow going, so I was able to take in the scenery and make a few stops.
I spent 2 fun days and nights in Canmore (in the most beautiful hostel overlooking Canmore town and across to the mountains on the other side of the valley). I met a bunch of crazy Brazilian people who were studying English in Calgary. It was rather amusing listening to them speaking English after a few drinks!!

So that's a basic summary of my last month, now I'm in waiting for my bus, for my 1 day, 9 hour and 30 minute bus ride up to the YUKON!!!

Hope all is going great with you!


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Heya Stef!
Great final entry (for the time being). Your should know that the random slanted house we saw is actually and old mining village. Conrad was abandond some time in the earky 19th. I was at a Bazar the other day and there was a pic of that cabin. I was so excited until the artist told me the history (the place is still rock'n but not a new descovery.) That was a sweet little adventure we had. The diary entry sums things up pretty well. Have a nice summer etc. See ya around,
PS: The lake in Carcross is Benett Lake. (made famous in the gold rush)
From Loren
Hey dude, your photos are absolutely incredible, what an amazing time you are having! Nice work on the weather too! Heard you're catching up with Megs next week to trade on wild animal stories - at least you have photographic proof!! Anyway, hi from Rangi & I xxx
Response: Hey Loren, yeah it's been kinda hard keeping up with all the photos and diary entries but i try... yeah Canada has been good to me, have had an amazing time here and can see myself coming back again soon!! Saw Megan the other day in Fernie, was great to catch up! Home in 2 days EEKKKKK
From Matt
Hi Stefan .

Just a brief note to let you know , I am not going to New York , so you won't be all on your own when you come back to work . We can sort out the rest when you get back . Safe travels !!
Response: Hey Matt, ok sounds good. I'll send Bryan a brief e-mail shortly. see you soon!!
From Mum & Tina
Hi Stef,
Hope you're enjoying your lovely long bus ride. Dont forget to pull some radical stretches throughout the road trip.
Can't wait for the pics of your recent journey. xx - Mum & T
Response: Yeah the bus ride was a killer but really beautiful scenery, and saw lots of black bears. Figured out some interesting ways to sleep on a bus!! Pics are coming XXX
From Nick and Ge
We are glade you are doing well. things are good here to. We can't to see somes pictures...
Take care
Response: Hey, good to hear from you both. I'm in the Yukon now, I really like it here. May be going to Alaska for a couple of days and then to Vancouver Island. Take care, Stefan
From Teagan
Heya Stef..... Yup thats Ill I got. lol. I hope everything is going well and you havent done anything to hurt yourself. Yet. You have to save some strength for the YT. We're so going on a moose hunt! It is the season.
Response: Yeah finally back in the Rockies now, love it!! No bears yet but have been hiking everyday so should see one soon, lots of Elk though! Yes the moose hunt sounds sweet yo! I'll probably be up there round mid-end Septemberish....
From Loren & Rangi
Hey Stef!! Great photos - so exotic and different to anything we'd see day to day (either in Auckland or London!). Hope you are having fun with the family, look after yourself and have a blast... see you somewhere round the world I hope... whats after Canada for you?
Loren & Rangi x
Response: Hey guys, yeah it's been a great trip down here, South America is even more inviting now!! Keeping safe, no shark bites yet! back to Canada on August 1st - Montreal. Will be another blast I reckon! Then back to NZ in Oct for a while. Have fun with your family! Stefan
From Michelle
Love the write up and photos, you are an inspiration for travellers! Loved Singapore and Hong Kong, thinking of moving to Hong Kong and teaching at an International school. Great money and loved the fast paced city life. Awesome shopping! Take care.
Response: Hey, glad to hear you enjoyed Asia. I need to check out more of Asia!! Teaching over there sounds fun and good coin I bet! Coming to the end of Central America trip, had a blast!! Stefan
From Helen
Have loved following your travels Stef and the pictures are just awesome. We only have 4 more sleeps to go and we are off - yeah. I can't wait to see the girls again.
You take care of yourself.
Helen xx
Response: Hi Helen, yeah it has been a great adventure and it's not over yet! Back in Costa Rica now till end of July then back to Canada. Enjoy your hoilday in the U.K.!!
From Dad
Hi Stef ! Enjoying yr updates.
ZOWEE; the muchdelayed cold
weather has finally struck. Very nearly died this & went outside.4 deg. Inland parts of Auck apparently had
frosts for 1st time. Snowfields
are bare now but hoping to
open on time.Let's see !
' Bye fr now - Dad,Yy & cats
Response: Hi, the updates are sometimes quite difficult to do here. Internet is soo slow for loading pics etc and not available everywhere. Im far from being cold here, soo hot. Like Indo. Might be a late winter? Mum will probably skip the worst of it this year.. Only 2 and a bit weeks to go till I meet her in Guatemala.. Stef
From Judith
Hi Stef!

Happy Birthday!
Its funny, my brother's birthday is tommorow and he is the same age as you :)
Take care

Response: Hi Judith, thanks for the birthday wishes, I´m in Costa Rica now , it´s very hot here but great surf!! Stefan
From Loren & Rangi
Hi Stef - Happy Birthday! And have an awesome time in Costa Rica. Keep the updates and photos coming when you can :)
Loren & Rangi xx
Response: Hey you two, thanks for the "Happy birthday". Hope you are enjoying London and your new job! - Stef
Hi Stef- Enjoyed yr latest pix
in the ski-doos, also the late
shots of the ski trails, includ-ing where there's been a few
slips. I see Karin often & she's
getting quite tweaked about
meeting up. Here, still in the
low 20's, down to under 10 at
night. Swimming's over except
for the fitness freaks @ Narrow
Neck. Se ya - Dad, YY & cats.

Response: Yeah the Ski-doos were a blast and a half!! I wonder how they would do back home on the sand at the beach? Mum seems very excited about coming over. I'm in Calgary now for a few days. Strange to be back in a big city. Hopefully I'll be swimming/surfing within a week!! See ya - Stef
From Helen
Hi Stef, Have an awesome time in Costa Rica soaking up some sunshine and riding the waves. Your pics on the site are fantastic. Some amazaing scenery. Keep them coming.
Take care of yourself, have a great birthday and keep in touch. Helen & Graham xx
Response: Hi, we have had a few sunny days here in Fernie, but then a bit of rain too. I'm not sure how easy it will be to update my site in Costa Rica, but will take lots of pics for sure! You and Graham will be off quite soon. I bet you can't wait! Thanks for the birthday wishes - Stef
From Anne-Marie & Cello
Hi again,
we are actually living back in Devo - trying to save some money for going away - leaving Sept 2nd now. Cello is much better and back at work.
talk soon
Response: Hey you two, good to hear Cello is better, I heard he was in hospital for a while..? Much easier to save money while living at home isn't it! Only a few more weeks and I'll be in Central America!! Say "hi" to everyone from me. Take care.
From Loren
Hi Stef! Good to see you're feeling better and the Costa Rica trip is coming up soon... We have landed in England and heading to London tomorrow (staying at Papa's at the mo). Take care of yourself and stay in touch :)
Loren & Rangi xx
Response: Hey Loren + Rangi, you must be both so happy to finally be in the U.K. Yeah can't wait for Central America!!! Have fun in London. Do you have a travel page yet? Take care, Stef
From tina
hey stef! good to hear your better! Must be super exctited about costa rica soon! Luke & I r off to fiji next week 4 easter. Nice.... will put the pics on ringo. Check it out.
Speak soon & big hug, x T
Response: Hey Tina, Yeah getting very excited about Costa Rica!! Fiji will be a nice break, another work-do trip I bet!? Take lots of pics for sure, I'm due to put some on here! Happy Easter - XX Stef
From Stevie
Hey Stef
Looks like your having an awesome time. Keep the photos coming. I heard last week that Canada got 2 foot of snow overnight. I hope everythings alright for ya. Take it Easy!!
Response: Hey Stevie, how are you? Did you have a good season with speedway racing? I've been quite sick for about 3 weeks, so havn't been able to do much... Yeah there has been snow snow snow all winter, starting to warm up now - thankfully!! Catch you later!
From Anne-Marie & Cello
Hi Stef,
Happy New Year, sounds like you are having a blast, we are in the process of purchasing our tickets for Rome - heading out 1st July 2007. Planning on hanging around in Italy for a few months so maybe you'll come for a visit. Or in the least we could meet you in Germany for the Beer Fest???? glad to hear the snow is all good there - France has had a shocker -hopefully it will be better for us next season.
Take Care
Love AnMry & Cello :-)
Response: Hey, good to hear from you both! Are you still in the flat in Milford? You must be getting excited about your trip now that your getting your tickets (: Europe is always a nice option but don't think I'll be travelling back via there at this stage..?? Snow is epic here, just had another powder day today - MINT!! Say "hi" to all from me. Catch you later - Stef
Hi Stef, Well summer finally came & we've been off picking
strawberries 5/6times - out @ Coatesville.Weather's hot and
lot's in at Narrow Neck each
time I drive by. I was worried at yr boarding prang. OK now ?
All is ok with YY & I. 'Bye, Dad.
Response: Hi, oh strawberries sound soo tasty, the fruit and vege's here are rather tasteless to say the least! Bit of a late summer by the sounds of it! The beach is something I really do miss alot here, even the snow doesn't make up for it! My shoulder is in good shape now, just wating for my insurance to accept the $600 claim (: See ya, Stef
From Loren
Happy New Year Stef! Photos look great! You seem like you're having heaps of fun which is wicked.
Rangi's visa came through, we've booked flights for end of March and I've given work 2 months notice (Im pretty hard to replace hahahaha) so we are finally on our way!
Stay in touch!
Loren & Rangi x
Response: Hey guys, Happy new year to you both! Yeah loving the Fernie lifestyle for sure!! So it's a count down now till you leave ay, you must be getting excited I bet. You hard to replace? haha (: - Stef
From Richard and Philippa
Hi Steph,
Just found your website and having a read. Sounds like you are well and truly settled in and enjoying the snow. Hope you had a good Christmas and Happy New Year. We will start travelling again about end Feb. Been working for the past 5 weeks with another 4 to go. As I'm sure you've noticed the money disappears rather quickly! Anyway, glad you are enjoying yourself. We'll keep an eye on your site every now and then. Regards Philippa and Richard. p.s. the British beer is good!
Hi Richard + Philippa, I've had a look at your site a while ago also! I enjoyed my first white christmas - very different feeling to christmas at home. Yes the money sure does go, especially the kiwi $. Snowboarding almost every day and working a little bit (: Bet your counting down the weeks till you start travelling again. The beer in Canada is not bad, rather expensive though. The local Fernie beer is not that great!!
From Stefan
Hi Stefan,
big greeting out of the green alps from the allgäu.
Are you missing the "Kartoffelsalad mit Wuerstchen" ?
Great picture and seem that you had a lot of fun there.
How does the dog is calling ?
We wish you a merry X- mas and happy new year.

Stefan, Kerstin and Celina Kiefer
Hi Kiefer family, nice to hear from you. Yes I havn't had a good potato salad with sausages for a long time! (: The dogs name is Hercules, he's a great dog and soo big! Merry x-mas and happy new year to you all - Stefan
From Carl & Natalia
Hey bro,sounds like your having an awesome time!Now you know that feeling i was talking about....!!!!POWDER.The Engine Room is pumping and close for 3 wks on the 24th till 18th jan.Purchased anew board "Robert August"9 foota,shes a ripper!Hope some swell hits the coro soon there for *8* days then off to Melbourne for a week of eating and shoppin....!Have a wicked Xmas & New Year.Take care mate,Carl & Natalia.PS.Dont get frostbite those canadian girls wont like that!
Response: Hey Carl & Natalia, yeah riding powder feels just like surfing!! Good to hear the restaurant is cranking but bet you are both looking forward to your holiday. The board sounds mint - hope you score a good swell in the Coro! I have days where I'm just hanging out for a surf (: Yeah i'm not keen on getting frostbite at all - heard nasty stories. Merry X-mas and happy new year to you both!
From Helen
Glad that you are having a great time in Fernie and that the white stuff is off to a good start. Love looking at your photos - keep them coming. Have a wonderful Christmas and and awesome New Year.
Helen and Graham :)
Response: Yeah there sure is plenty of the white stuff around!! Merry x-mas and happy new year to all.