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Steve's Kiwi Adventure

Welcome to Steven's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Location: Leigh, New Zealand

G'day all,
just finishe work and decided to update the journal. Hope you all had a nice easter and ate loads of eggs!!!
Was working on Saturday but made plans to head north again to Leigh to meet Jill,Gaz and Finn,so left on Sunday afternoon and headed to their friends farm for a bbq like no other!!! On the menu was lamb,but not quite cooked the way you would expect. This poor little ram had been chapped in the 'heid' that morning and on my arrival was being cooked between two pieces of metal fence over an open fire,I felt sick!!!
Not wanting to insult my hosts I tried a piece and did very well to chew and smile at the same time ooing and ahing! Poor little thing,whats wrong with going to the shops and buying a packet? So the bbq was made up of salad and savoury rice along with the stenge of cooked animal carcus wafting around,mmm how pleasant!!!!
We then headed back to the batch at Leigh for some Easter beer and tv. The next morning I awoke to one of the best views ever,check out the pics! We got our things together and headed for lunch then the short hour and a half journey back to Auckland,and that was my easter weekend.
Oh,and before I forget a good friend going by the name of Skin called,who's in oz just now,so planning to meet with him in Brisbane and Dunedin and compare our travels,plus the little Matt Eglinton will be there to (in Brisbane) to lead us in the wrong direction to the pub!!!
Cheers all,hopeyour all 'Sweet As'.

Friday, 07 April 2006

Location: Bay of Islands,Northland, New Zealand

Not much been happening over the last week or so apart from looking for work as I am starting to get bored hanging around,you all know what I'm like.So on Wednesday I sat with the yellow pages phoning around local pools for work as the interview I had last week fell through due to the manager of the pool wanting a full time position filled but as you all know I want part-time.
As a result of my phoning around,I managed to arrange 3 interviews for the Thursday afternoon,the first seemed o.k. with the pool being more of a leisure pool,the second though stole the show!!! The Olympic pool in down town Auckland,4 pools,a massive gym,and all sorts of fitness classes,which are all free to employees!!! I took the job there and then,with a little help from my new boss being a good Blue Nose!!!We got on really well.
I never even attended the 3rd interview so spent the time organisisng my weekend away to the Bay of Islands! How glad am I that I did.
I left on the Friday morning(7th) by bus on my first adventure on the scenic 4 hour journey north,the surroundings reminded me so much of home,plus the odd palm tree and blistering hot sun soon changed my chain of thoughts! Glorious.
On arrival I checked into my hostel,a cosy little place,ideal for what I needed,the little town of Paihia being my home for the next few days.My first outing took me on a short walk to Waitangi,the home of the Treaty Grounds where the British and Maori agreed to "become friends"!!!You can see some pics under Waitangi.
Day 2 and I boarded the Catamaran Orca II for a day trip around the islands,see the hole in the rock and swim with dolphins,the latter being the main reason I went!!!
Not long into the trip and the skipper spotted some dolphins so we stopped in our tracks,donned flippers and snorkelsand went looking for Flipper! Once in the water I could'nt see much but heard the cries of one of the ships crews," its behind you"!!! The next thing I knew there was this huge grey creature to my left,so on advice from the ships crew,dive!!! So I did ......... and what happened,another one of these things came up on my right so I was between them,I nearly had a bowel movement there and then,these bottlenose dolphins are huge,but the experience was one I will never forget and always treasure. I can now say I have swam with wild dolphins and it was fantastic!!! We then set sail through the islands and through the hole in the rock,stopped for lunch on Roberton island and a paddle in the bay,then on route home some dolphin watching and some net surfing,check out those pics!!!
Sunday and I headed across the bay to Russell,the first landing place of the British and first capital of NZ. A very historical little town with lods of old buildings and churches to see,plus a climb up Flagstaff Hill(where I took the pics from).
It had been a hectic weekend so I didn't hang around long so headed back to Paihia for my bus home,plus I started work the next day!!!
It is now Thursday the 13th,Happy Birthday Dad,hope your feeling better,just finished work so took the opporchancity to write up my diary to keep all you folks up to speed with whats going on here.Work is pretty good and flexible,and all the other workers seem really nice,so am getting on great with them. Not sure of my next journey but will let you all know soon.

Thursday, 30 March 2006

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Hey all,at last I am taking the time to start my online diary. I arrived on saturday morning after a long and non-eventfull flight,although as usual I got landed with Mr. Exciting!!!! James the lawyer from London,who I think his gran still brushes his hair,mind you,his chat helped me sleep!
Saturday afternoon brought an engagement party in Tahaki Reserve which is at the bottom of Mount Eden. Ben and Stacey being the happy couple who along with friends and relatives fed and watered a semi jet lagged me! The only thing spoiling the party was a large stage blairing some awful Drum 'n' Base music into the park,but also kept the local ravers in touch with some sort of tribal dancing! You had to be there!!!
The evening didn't last long as it all caught up with me and I crashed and burned at about 20:30,the Blues were losing anyway!
Sunday,and the happy trio of Jill,Steve and Finn headed for brunch with some of Jill's workmates,superb,another free feed(just kiddin Steve & Margo,had a great time meeting you)! With full tummies and a greetin' wean wee headed home to relax and wait for Gary (Tiger Woods) to arrive home from his weekend with the lads!
Monday was pretty uneventfull with the opening of my NZ bank account,any donations will be gratefully appreciated and spent wisely!!!
Tuesday saw the return of the Speedo's and Jill and I headed for early morning training,felt good to be back in the water but I was still f@**&d afterwards. Then the 3 Amigo's headed into town for some lunch and shopping.
After treating myself to nothing on tuesday,me,myself and I headed for St. Luke's,a shopping mall near here,which resulted in the purchase of a pair of Jandals(thongs,sandals,flip-flops- )! Due to it being a great day at a soaring temperature of 27,my jandals and I headed to the summit of Mt. Eden to take some happy snaps of the City,hope you guys like them.Then it was back home to bake in the sun.
Speedo's on again this morning and to say I felt pain is a total understatement,but I'll survive! Had a very informal job interview in the afternoon for a lifeguard position at the local pool,so it went well and I hope to get some casual hours within the near future. Jill,Finn and I headed to Fraser's for coffee and as we were leaving we bumped into no other than Mr. Gavin Hastings who was more than willing to chew the fat with us.
Tomorrow night I'm heading to Eden Park to see the Blues vs. Bulls in the Super 14's which should be awesome,will tell all soon and hope to have some cool pics,take care and hope you all enjoy the pics.

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Recent Messages

From derek davidson
Good news for you Stevie boy......The Gers done the soap dodging Killie boys big time today!!! 3 - 1. I know it's sad but it makes an Ayr boy happy!! By the way...hope your next shite's a hedgehog!!! Take care big man!!
Response: Thanks mate,know yer all heart really! Thanks for the e mails,been sending them on to my mates to share your sick sense of humour! Like the one where the guy jumps to head the bowling ball,still laughin yet! Hope all is well for ye back home!
From Mark
Good to see you are having a great time in NZ, your photo's take me back and the BBQ sounds just like old times.Your journal is a great read beats doing work!!Keep having fun, all the best mate.
Response: Cheers mate,when I get to Wellingtn I'll take plenty of pics and hopefully bring back some more memories for you!
From the wee folk....
Hi Steve,
What a trip, our Brookie is so impressed she is Dolpin crazzy and wanted to know if you were a move star now you are doing all this net stuff, what will I tell her ? Way to go you are her new hero and could feture in the next class project.
continue to have a ball, way to go.........Martin & Susan
Response: I ain't no movie star,could do with the pennies though!!! How are you both,hope all is well and tell Brookie I'll hope to send her more pics of Flipper and his mates soon,best wishes.
From Your second mammy
Hi Stevie

You are having a great time, quite right too lol, pictures look great, keep on having a great time. speak to you soon

Ros x
Response: Thanks mammy,hope yer well and not missin me to much he he x
From Bill & Bert
Saturday 15th April. 06
Annbank Ayrshire
Leaving tomorrow for N.Z. Into Auckland 18th. domestic flight onwards to Kaitaia. We are looking after a motel Foreshore Lodge Ahipara. Should you make it north Free board . Got your site via my sister who is a client of your mother. We shall be there for 5 months so plenty of time. Bill & Bert
Response: Thanks guys,that sounds great.Been as far north as Paihia but would like to head up as far as Cape Reinga to see the Tasman meet the Pacific,will be in touch and look forward to meeting you both.
From derek davidson
Response: I will mate!!! I heard the weather was a bit ruff but good enough for ye.Havin a ball mate.
From Connie and Murray
Hi Steven!

You may have been swimming with dolphins, but Connie and Murray have been swimming with their mum and dad!

We are all settled in our new home and have just got back on line so it's been great reading all your news and the kids love looking at your photos.

Looks like you are having a fantastic time.
Take care
The McCrone family
Response: Thanks guys,hope your all well and glad to hear your now coaching your mum & dad,keep up the good work!!!
From Wee Man
Russell could be Gourock from the hill and Takapuna beach looks like Ardrossan!! You sure you are in NZ.
Response: Yeah pretty sure,the palm trees are the give away!!!
From murdo henderson
hi pal.
NZ looks fantastic, and sounds like you are having a great time. The!
Is that rugby player dude actually taller than you or is he standing on a box???!!!

Take care pal. Murdi
Response: He's taller mate,which actually felt kinda strange,but good! Hope you guys are well and yer sortin out which watch am coming back to!!
From myra (denise's mum!)
Hi Steve, looks like a fabulous place to be. Dont think Denise can wait to go too. John and I had a great time up north at Dornoch, just chilled out, walks, good food and wine. (Hamish had a great time too!) Back down to earth and back at work I'm afraid but looking forward to having Caren back home (any excuse for a party). Good luck with the lifeguard job and take care. Cheers. xx
Response: Glad you had a great time,thanks for leaving a message,its good to know folks back home are taking a squiz!
hi stevie hope your having a great time this is the growth thats hanging out of russells arse cheers mate , cant wait to see you luv dick
Only said what everyone else was thinkin!!! Look forward to seeing you too,love always,me x x x
Response: Hope ye gave them my usual best wishes mate.Its awesome here,you would love it,not been off the saddle since I got here,aw ra best!
get it right up ye!!
Response: Ye jealous wee man!!!