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Hey guys! I thought this would be alot easier to keep you all updated on where I am and what i'm up to - so i'll give it a crack, looks alright to me! Would love to hear from you all! Sarah xox

Diary Entries

Friday, 12 October 2007

Location: Spain

Hey everyone!!
Well i´m very sorry about not keeping in touch for a while, it´s been crazy busy and haveñ´t been able to get to the net....but here i am now!!
last time i talked was when we were in finland, and alot has happened since then! i´ll give you the quick version for we flew into Budapest, Hungary, we were lucky enough to have a thermal bath there.....aaaaahhhh was awesome, from sauna 70degrees to plunge pool at 8 degrees over and over...don´t think we´d ever get sick of it! headed down to Vienna, very nice, some unreal buildings there, blows your mind! then off to the sound of music in salzberg ah ha it was great!
After that we stayed in Interlaken, Switzerland for 4 nights, it was absolutely joke!! We climbed up mountains and it was snowing all around us, did too make an unreal snowman!!
ok so here come the real exciting part.....WE WENT SKYDIVING IN THE SWISS ALPS!!! was so awesome!!! 4000m out of a helicopter!!! would do it again any day, scarey as all hell, but so worth it!!
After that we made our way to Rosenhiem, Germany to stay with Kat, shezzas German exchange, she´s such a gun! loved the farm...we totally got into character milking those cows!!
ok next was OKTOBER FEST in Munich!!!! ash was flying in from Aus that night....just a little jet lag, but mannaged to get into a stien or two anyway! Was the crazyest drinking fest i´ve ever seen!! but gotta say, the beer, white snags, half metre snags and pretzels were all amazing!!!
we popped over to amsterdam for a few nights, we finally got there after being kicked off the train at 4 in the morning....another train station sleep over...not that cool!
We have just come from paris today! we climbed the Eifel tower, ate snails...they are actually really good! went and saw the mona lisa and venus in the louve, visited a palace and lots more, was so much to do there!!
right now we are in madrid, internet woohhoo!! its really wierd, all the shope open at 1.30 in the arvo and close real late at night, really out of wack! off to barcelona in a few days, bring on the beach!!
ok guys, gotta grab some tukka!
miss you all stacks!!
see you in about a month!
Love sarah xoxox

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Location: Sweden

Sweden was absolutely AWESOME!!! I would definately love to go back again if i had the chance, no doubt!
We started off with a night stop over in Gothenburg, a nice old city in the south west. We were all prepared for the freezing weather, but were so lucky and got t-shirt Ireland summer ah ha!!
We wanted to go right into the country while we were in Sweden, so we got talking to some locals and pointed in the Direction of Dals Rostock, a tiny little town on the west of Sweden where we stayed in this gorgeous little village called Kropperfjäll. We had a 12 person, little red house, was so picture perfect, to ourselves..we were so stoked!!! We went up into the hills and went trkking, although it was pouring rain...was great fun, we both came back looking like real country bumpkins...ah its been too long!!

Next it was on to Stockholm where we had great expectations, and unfortunately we really stuffed up those plans!! There was no internet access in the countryside, so we were unable to book a hostel, and unlucky for us, there was a conference of 22 000 people that weekend!!!! So we literally couldn't get any accommodation, so we had a brilliant plan to have our first sleep over in the train station....hhhhmmmmm apparently they close the train station from 12 til 5 am! So we statyed out all night, and thank god for Macca' saved our lives!! It was open til 6am...ok so lesson learntthe hard way!!

The next night we stayed in a ship hostel...unlucky if you get sea sick! That was a corka! We saw alot of the old town, Gamla Stan, in Stockholm, and walked all over the city sight seeing - it's such a beautiful place and so much to do! We got into the history of the Vikings, we loved it!!

We caught the overnight ferry from Stockholm to Turku (Finland), where I am now...and the best part is...WE GOT IT FOR FREE...don't ask how, we really dont know, got a cabbin and all! Bazz and I spent hours out on the top of the boat just watching the world go by ah ha! was great!

Saturday, 08 September 2007

Location: Denmark

Bazz and I arrived in Aarhus, which is Megans University town for the next 4 months! It was so awesome to catch up and hear all about her massive Contiki tour, got some great tips!
We had some incredible cookups, she was struggling with ideas...and the cooking part, so we tried to help!! Food shopping was way harder than we ever dreamed of...we eventually found out that 'skinke' was danish for ham...well i hope so!
We went to a Ministry of sound concert, was really impressed, i've been missing ministry so much, will be way out of the loop!
It was so sad to leave megs again, but was a GREAT play!!

Next it was on to Copenhagen where we got the shock of our live! We both bought bus tickets and hopped on, started playing cards...and then we noticed that we ´were backing into a big garrage...we couldn't understand a thing, freaked out a little bit...and then realised that we were actually on our very first FERRY trip ah ha, very unexpected!!!
Copenhagen was really nice, but also very rough in certain places. We were told to visit Christianshaven, which is like a little island that has no official control over it. We didn't have any directions to the place so we just follwed a group of poeple who looked a little shady and bingo we founf it! we had a wonder through it and totally freaked out, not the kind of place you'd want to hang out.

Off to Sweeden now!

Monday, 03 September 2007

Location: England

HIYA!!! For the lasat couple of days we have been working our way around London and now we are down south with Bazz's long lost cousins near Portsmouth.

London was really cool to see, once again it was nothing like i expected, except for the big red busses and telephone boxes! We went to lots of the places on the Monopoly board...Piccadilly Circus, Regent street, Trafalga square, Oxford street and so on!! We saw big Ben, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, West Minster Abbey, the Thames, London eye, Buckinham Palace, the local pubs of course, st. Pauls cathedral where a man hold a guiness world record for base jumping from the top of the catchedreal into the crowed in the middle of mass...nice!!

We went on another day tour to Stonehenge and Bath - stonehenge is so amazing to actually see...but seriuosly how did they do curious!! ´We saw some of the old roman baths with 'healing water', its all nice and green now though!!

Bazz's family in Southampton were so incredible!! They took us in and fed us like we were they're own, so nice!! They took us around their town, and then we went to CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG with the kids!! Graig McGlochlan was starring is Caraticus Pots (spelling bad sorry!), was really impressed!!

Well now we are of to see Meg's in Denmark!!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Location: Scotland

Hey Hey!! Okie doke, Bin and I have just finished up in Scotland- we started off in Glascow, where we got off to a great start...we arrived at different airports, ah ha not surprised...just keeping it exciting!! We went out to meet some of the locals and see what Scotland was all about...we had sooooo much trouble understanding the Glaswegian accent, seriously we had no idea what anyone was saying, I just mastered the Irish challenge! There wasn't alot to see in Glascow, but there was great night life, as it's a uni town!

Edinburgh was absolutely amazing!!! We were both so shocked when we first got was nothing like we expected! We went up into the Castle and saw the 1o'clock cannon go off, tourists everywhere! OK here come the really exciting part...on the way out of the castle we saw KENNY, the Aussie from the movie about toilets and poo called Kenny...we dropped everything and ran at him!! He was in full charactor, promoting his film around Europe, we got free tickets to his Premiere in Edinburgh!
We stayed with some of Bin's friends from Aus, they had the know-how and hooked us up with some delicious HAGGIS!!! I was so impressed, it was unreal...would reccomend it!!
We went on a famous ghost tour through the old town grave yards where people swear that they come out with brusises and cuts...we were really hoping for some ourselves, but no luck this time!!
We stayed an extra day to watch the fireworks down the side of the Edinburgh Castle for the closing of the Festival. They were really amazing...well the parts we got to see... it was really unlucky that we were jammed in amongst thousands of people and then.....after a few bevies, Bazz was urgent for a toilet break!! There was no way to get out at all, she was almost in tears, and we were getting abused, so she had to follow the lead of another girl and pull a fake panic worked a treat and we were finally free...drama queen to the max!!

We went on a day trip up to Inverness to catch the Loch Ness Monster! It was such a pretty place, went on a boat trip down Loch ness and learnt alot from the locals, the country side was amazing!! And yes we did see the Monster, but our camera's weren't on us, very unlucky!!

Off to London now, over night bus eewwwww!!

Monday, 27 August 2007

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Hey Hey!!! Wowses its been a fairly long time since my last update!
So for the past 2.5 months i've been living in Dublin, Ireland with 4 Aussies...all from Bendigo, including Megan(sister)!! Awesome bunch to live with...except for Marshall....gross ah ha-she'll love it!!
In the past few days Megan, Sarah and i went on a 3 day tour of Southern Irealnd with the Paddy-Wagon crew....such a rowdy group...NOT!!! ah ha! We travelled from Dublin down to Limerick, then to Ascole to stay the night - it was so nice to see a typical little country town...I mean REALLY little - its just one road with more pubs than houses...seriously there was 8 pubs for like 50 people!! I have the best Bangers and Mash EVER...i dont know how they do it...awesome mash...Diddley-dee potoatoes! So after getting to know the locals and tasting the local brews, we headed off down to my favorite part of ireland, Dingle Peninsular! We spent a fair bit of the day driving along the coast line - it was honestly amazing, such a pretty place! The views are just crazy - sitting on the edge of the cliff, looking out...couldn't beat it! Was very unlucky for a couple of people who had a few too many guiness's the night before...very windy roads!!
We stayed the night in Kilarney, got into some Irish music and dancing-irish dancing is definately a must see!!
On the way back up to Dublin, we climbed the Blarney Castle and kissed the Blarney I have the Gift of the Gab for the next 7 years!!
In June I was lucky enough to be taken up to Northern Ireland with a mate from work - we stayed in Belfast where she lives, learnt a hell of alot about the history of Northern Ireland, really shocking stuff! We went right up the top of Ireland to visit the Giants Causeway....I absoloutley LOVED this place, so incredible, I could have stayed there all day just staring! Its surrounded by all these hexagonal shaped rocks coming out of the ground..hard to explain, i'll put some photo's up!

So pretty much, i've got 2 sleep until Bin and I meet up in Scotland for our 3 month tour of Europe.....VERY EXCITED!!

I'll Keep you all updated, and i'll be back before you know it!

Monday, 21 May 2007

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

We just decided that we wanted to go to Prague ( Praha), so jumped on the next train and spent three days there! We were both SO impressed with this place, even the train ride from the border of Germany through Czech republic was so amazing, you travel alongside the river in between huge big mountains and rockfaces...very nice!
We saw some really beautiful old palaces and churches in the old part of town during the day and then got to know the city a bit better by night - we ran into the 'bus-about' crew at our hostel - heaps of Aussies willing to join the 'Prague Pub Crawl'...good times!! Spent some quality time floating down the river in little paddle boats - we got jelous! The markets were absolutely hilarious - we both had no idea that you were mean tto bargain the sales people, but once we found out, we pretty much got addicted and couldn't stop trying to beat each others lowest price...good times! The train ride back was not that much fun..5 hours crammed on the floor with hunrdreds of other randoms...apparently there's no ticket limit!!
Bin and I popped over to Hamburg for a couple of days..yes we did eat a amburger in Hamburg ah ha! We were planning to go to Rostock and soack up the beach, lucky we didn't cos there was massive riots...still going now!
So at the moment i'm off to Ireland for a couple of months...i need to find work and it's proven to be a littel tricky finding some in German is not that crash hot!!

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Location: Leipzig, Germany

I went on a 4 day trip to Leipzig, its a lively town about 2 hours south of Berlin. I travelled with a girl from Melbourne, Sarah, who I met in Berlin - great chick! We were a little unlucky with the train, it broke then we missed the connecting train, so it took us 5 hours instead of 2 ah ha good times! Bin met us there the next day - was pretty stoked about that!

The shopping in Leipzig is fantastic(megan you'd be broke!)..for people with money to blow (counts us out!) - so Bin and I skipped that part and moved onto a massive lake not far from the centre - we explored the whole day, found some really cool views and heaps of water sports, canoeing & wind surfing - rollerblading in Germany is HILARIOUS, they take it so serioulsy, they wear full lycra body suits, aero-dynamic helmets and have a hand-held bell!!!

Leipzig is famous for their music, they have a pure music University - but what got us both REALLY excited was when we saw all the posters of people coming to play in Leipzig....Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bryan Adams, Justin Timberlake!!!! so we are planning to go back for at least one!

Ok so my absolute favorite part of thims trip was the Hand-Ball game that we went to see - Leipzig vs. Bayern! Weethought that because it was a womens match it wouldn't be so big, but we were so wrong! The crowds were so awesome...we did get into the spirit! We had no idea about the rules, so surprised that they just tackle each other...loved it!!

They didn't speak much Englilsh, so i had a bit of a hic-up ordering food - we went out for tea and tried to speak some german....obviously i've got issues ah ha, I thought I ordered something with lamb in it...apparently not! I got a plate full of lettuce and a full block of goats cheese! I don't think i've ever eaten that much cheese in one go! ah ha!

Wednesday, 02 May 2007

Location: Germany

HI!! Iv'e come from Aachen to Berlin, just me and my mighty heavy back pack - free at last!! Stayed with Bin for a few days...yes we did fall asleep in the sun and got mighty burnt ( only on 1 side..nice!)
We went one the New Berlin Pub Crawl on the Sat night - absolutely hilarious, so much fun!! English speaking people everywhere, mostly poms but I did meet a guy from good old Arrarat(now have contacts for poland!) ah ha how random..small world!!
Berlin is so amazing - seriously there is so much to do, i'm going to try to find some work it home for a runs out so fast - welcome to the real world sarah!! Wow the things you do just to save money...its amazing, Tori you'll be proud! We get all you can eat free breakfasts in most hostels, so pretty much have been flogging bread for the whole day...oh and the train..hmmm Bin did save us from a hefty fine...whoops!
So since I'm unemployed i've been making the most of my time in Berlin and taking advantage of all the great touristy things to do - I've been on a few different walking tours which take you all around Berlin to places like the Brandenburg gate, Checkpoint Charlie, The Berlin Wall, Hitlers Bunker, The Hotel that Michael Jacksons dangled his baby out of the window and heaps more! Its so great to hear all the stories about the History of Germany and all about the war - have learnt alot!!
I also went to the Sachsenhausen Concentratioon camp for the day, it was absolutely shocking to see the dorms and the conditions that they lived in, especially the rooms, where they were exicuted or punished - frightening! Makes you realise how lucky we are!

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Yep this is me sarah!! im officially a 'popper! popping up everywhere!!' yep i got my tags on ya!! haha
Kepp enjoying being a bum coz uni exams suck!
love xo
From zoe
hey sarah, it sounds so awesome and i am so jealous and cannot wait to travel.. it's so good that your having an awesome time and i just hope it gets even better... have fun drink up and take care missy... love zoe xoxo
From mike
Sarah you're making us all very envious.
William is heading to Heathrow right now after a week in London and a week in Cornwall.
Keep updating this site with further adventures.
From bin
woo! i feature in some of those photos!!
From Big sister!!
Hey sista!! whats crackin? Well umm.. i do actually leave in 13 days!!! That excited to see you!! We might have to get you a blow up matress and put it on the floor in my room, what ya think? haha you will love that after a week.. How crazy is it about dad? He said my message scared the crap out you, sorry bout that one.. We are booking flights for Italy tomorrow!! Forward your resume to me and ill have a look. Catch ya. Megs. XXX
From Clare
Sarah bear...this all sounds awesome!! How are you mate?! I'm glad your all sorting after that mix up with the family stuff- thats not so cool, but you'r in Europe man, you can get a job any where if you wanted to :)
Isn't fasching soon in germ (or maybe im totally making that up who knows)! Melbornes just humming along, you haven't missed all that much. glad to hear everythings sweeet
love clare xxx