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Stumpz's year (and a half) in the states

Hey Hey!!! Well this is where you can read up on what I've up to in the states, where I'm planning on going and maybe see some photos of my fat arse! Enjoy!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Location: Colorado, USA

For those of you who regularly check my site, im sorry for my lack of ability to keep it even half up to date. Im not going to promise to do better because we all know that it probably wont make any differnce. But im sure you all will deal with it.
Believe it or not, alot actually has been going on in the past 6 months besides just working like a freak. I'll do my best to recall all the happenings and shenaningans and put them into this one entry... it may take a while, so get yourself comfy, grab a coffee or beer and enjoy!

My last entries covered the two week period when mum, dad and laura all came out to colorado. There actually was one other very important event that occured the week before lauras arrival that I must take the time to tell you all about. It was the 2006 Colorado Brewfest in oldtown Fort Collins. 30 odd breweries from across colorado all come together for one weekend of beer "sampling" in the sun. Each brewery brings along a selection of their finest brews, meaning in total there where probably around 200 micro brews on offer. They were using a token system with prepaid tokens which you buy on the way in the front gate. Each token got you a half beer, 2 tokens got you a full beer. We soon learnt that it was a matter of picking and choosing which vendors would give you the better pours. Some of the tighter venders would dribble the beer into your cup to ensure you only got the exact amount, while others who appeared to be college students would typically fill your beer to the point it would overflow. It was great fun, and I even got to enjoy my first game of butt quarters, in which you litlerally have to hold a quarter in your butt cheeks, walk down a straight line, and drop it in a bucket for a prize. Now i think of it, it really was a pretty embarrasing thing to be doing in public! Oh well!

Over the past few months, Megs and I have gone to see quite a few concerts. In addition to the 2 pearl jam concerts that I went to with laura, and The Fray concert Megs and I went to earlier this year in Fort Collins, I have been to another 4 concerts with Megs. 2 at the Fillmore Auditorium in downtown Denver and 2 at the Red Rocks Auditorium (Yes, that is the real name), which is a outdoor natural auditorium in the foothills of the mountains. At Red Rocks, we saw 311 the first time, and then Sheryl Crow with John Mayer. Both concerts were great, 311 maybe a little more memorable since we met up with some of megans brothers friends in the carpark before hand for some good ole american tailgating. We had a group of about 20 people all working on finishing off the keg of Bud Light before the concert! At the Fillmore, we have seen Death Cab for Cutie which was possibly the best concert ive ever been to, and more recently, Tenacious D which was absolutly crazy. Atleast seeing all these concerts throughout the year kinda made up for missing stonefest :(

For those of you who have little to no interest in golf, you may want to skip over the next few paragraphs. At the start of August, I was lucky enough to go to "The International" golf tournament at Castle Pines Country Club, the PGA Tours only stop in Colorado. The first day I went was on the Tuesday which was the official practice day. I got to the course at the crack of dawn since I had to work that afternoon. Since I was there so early I didnt really see many of the big names, or no names for that matter, but it was nice just to walk around the course and see what kinda condition the course had to be in to host a PGA event.It was also really good to have been there so early to get some photos of the course, as cameras were not allowed in later in the week during the actual tournament itself. As the day wore on a did end up seeing a few recognisable faces, firstly, David Toms who I nearly walked into out front of the clubhouse and secondly, Jose Maria Olazabal, who i caught up with just he got to one of the par 3's.
Thursday was the first official tournament day so I got there really early again to make the most of the entire day. I walked around the course for most of the morning just taking in the action. As it started to heat up, I decided to go and check out the Grey Goose Vodka Corporate tent which I had scored tickets to through one of my liqour vendors at work. Their tent was set up directly behind the 16th tee with lunch, snacks and unlimited alcohol provided throughout the day! It pays to know the right people! As it was approaching the start of the afternoon field I headed back up towards the first tee to see so as to catch a glimpse of some of the big guns. When I got to the first tee, Phil Mickelson had just teed off, so I checked the schedule to see who was next. I couldnt believe it when I saw in the very next group was Brendan Jones, an Australian pro who a knew from Gold Creek in Canberra! I was standing right by the ropes where the players walk from the practice tee up onto the First. I thought there was no way Brendan would see me or even recognise me, but as he walked up he looked at me and smiled just as he was to the rest of the crowd and then he turned his head back again for a second look and said something along the lines of " what are you doing here?" He had no idea I was even in the states so I think it was a little bit of a shock to see a familiar face. I followed Brendans group for a little while before cutting across to see some of other big names. Throughout the day I followed Ernie Els, Retief Goosen, Davis Love III, Phil Mickelson, David Duval, Greg Norman (and his mullet!), Tom Lehman and even Sergio Garcia to name a few. It was unreal to actually be watching these guys in the flesh when I had been watching them on TV for the past decade!
Luckily enough, we also managed to score tickets to the final days play on Sunday, again through my liqour vendor at work and through Megans aunties work. Megan came with me on the Sunday and we later met up with her dad and one his his friends from work. Although I couldnt get tickets to the Grey Goose tent this time around , the tickets that Megans aunty got for us where for her works corporate tent, which was located by the 15th green, and adjacent to the 16th tee. So again we were pampered with lunch and unlimited booze! We spent most of the afternoon here before heading up towards the 18th to watch the final groups. In the end some chump from Hawaii that ive never heard of took the title.
The dates for next years event have been moved forward to july just so that Tiger would come so with any luck i'll still be around this part of the world for that one!

At the end of August while Megans friend Heather and her boyfiend Tom where out here from England, we decided to go to a pre-season game of the NFL, between the Denver Broncos and the Houston Texans at the Invesco Field at Mile High! I had been watching a fair bit of football on TV so i had a general idea of the rules, but I still had no idea of what to expect from a live game. Once we where inside it was hard to believe that this was only a pre-season game. The stadium was packed full of screaming fans, anybody could have mistaken this for a finals match! Im not exactly sure what the final score came to but I do know that Denver won! The Broncos started the season out really well, but have kinda sucked in the second half so they need to win in their game of NYE just to make the playoffs?
About 2 weeks later, on the second Saturday in September we all went to another football game, this time between the Colorado State University Rams and the Colorado University Buffaloes! Again the game was held at Invesco Field, but this time the atmosphere was completely diffferent. We arrived at the stadium several hours before the game to partake in some tailgating, along with thousands of other drunken uni students. It is hard to describe just how insane the atmosphere was tailgating before the game. There were literally thousands and thousands of people moving around in packs, almost hunting down singles from the opposite school. It was hard to believe just how much hatred there was between these two schools, everyone was so patriotic for there respective schools! We saw a few poor bastards get spat on, and a few arrests made for brawls that were randomly breaking out! Of course, we decided to stay with the CSU crowds, away from the fights, and focused more on the drinking side of things. Were we were was basicly one big party. There we people everywhere with bbq's set up, the occasional keg, and one jeep even had a plasma hooked up in the back complete with satelite TV!! It was rediculous!
Once we were inside, the patriatism (if thats even a word?) just got better! It turns out the smelly CU hippies could only account for about a quarter of the stadium so CSU definately had the upper hand with the crowd support. Throughout the game chants would break out along the lines of "F*#k CU" which we proudly participated in! The game was really close from start to finish but the final score ended up being 13-10, in CSU's favour! As we walked down the ramps in the stadium after the game had finished, the cheering and chanting was deafening. It seriously continued on for 20 minutes after the game, I had never seen anything like it before, not even after a state of origin game. Im not exactly sure how CSU finished the season, but I do know CU lost something like their first 9 games which I just think is great!!

The following weekend, we all went on a camping trip into the rockies! I had missed out on the first camping trip over the summer on megans birthday because of work, so even though it was starting to get a little chilly by mid september, I wasnt going to miss this one for the world! We headed up around lunch time to the same area where Megan and here friends had gone camping over the summer. We headed towards the same spot as they had last time as it was apprently a really good spot, with plenty of space, and it was kinda protected by some rocks. Of course, when we got there, the spot was already taken so we kept going down the path for an eternity looking for something better. By the time we got to the end of the road and turned back around, just about every camping spot had been taken so we ended up setting up camp at a spot that im not even sure was a spot, it seemed to be more like an ants nest? We quickly got our tents set up and the fire going as the clouds were quickly rolling and bringing darkness with them. Once we were all set, we tapped the pony keg of budweiser that we had brought with us, and settled in for a night of drinking fun! It was amazing how we were all soo cold early on but seemed to build up an immunity to the weather after a couple of beer bongs! Once we finally did call it a night, we all hit our tents. It didnt take too long before Megan and I decided that it was way too damn cold and made the move the back of my wagon! Even though it was really uncomfortable, it was atleast 10 degrees warmer and that was all that mattered by that stage. The next morning, we awoke to beautiful clear skies, and raging hang overs. We scramled to clean up the disaster of a mess from the previous nights shenanigans, and decided to head back towards Denver to the luxury off a hot shower and real bed!

Now I cant exactly remember where the next event should fit into this entry, but here will do. Either at some stage in August or early September, I made my way up to Fort Collins to party with Kristin and Sophie during what was basicly the 'o week' for CSU! I went up on my lonesome since Megan had to work. I started the night off at kiki's house with her and a bunch of Aussies she had already made friends with. One guy by the name of Sam was from UC (he works at the uni bar, god bless him), and the others were from Macquarie and Adelaide, I think? It was so funny to sit there listening to these guys talk, they all sounded so occa, except for one of the Adelaide kids who I thought was British? And he took offence to this when I said it! We stayed at Kikis sinking some of New Belgiums finest brews, and some shots of good ole aussie bundy rum (which i would regret later on) until around 10 before we headed to a Frat party, where kristin knew one of the guys who lived there. At first it was a little awkward, as we were a bunch of randoms who knew none of the guys that lived there but that soon changed once we were recognised as been the "aussies". Rather than been rejected and or kicked out as I had thought may of been the case, we were actually embraced and feed numourous beers just for been Australian! After we had been there for a while, Sophie showed up with her roommate. It was cool to see her again, but this has been the only time Ive actually hung out with her, mainly due to the fact I work non-stop! After a while, Kristin, Sam and I decided to leave and head to the nearby Sullivans Sports Bar. As soon as we got there I decided It would be a good idea to get a round of Jager bombs (again, I would later regret this). After leaving the bar we headed to Silvermine Subs for some much needed drunk food. It was at this stage that I strted to regret my previous shots throughout the evening. I know that a managed to succesfully order and pay for my sub, but after stepping outside for some fresh air while waiting, I managed to somehow forget about my sandwhich, loose Kiki and Sam (even though they were still inside) and then decide the only way to get back to kristins was to walk. Luckily I somehow managed to make it back to kristins house, but at this stage I made my next great decision which was to sleep in my car as I had thought kiki was still out and I had no way of getting inside. The next morning I was rudely awaken by my phone with the one and only kiki calling from inside her house. Turns out the front door was unlocked all along but I hadnt even thought to check this! Now that kiki had woken me up, I built up all the courage I had to make my way from my car to her front door to crash for another few hours out of the bright morning sun which I had been in for the past several hours cooking, and intensifying my headache by the minute. Around lunchtime, I forced myself back out to my car for the very painful drive back down to Denver more an even more painful shift that night in the restaurant! Needless to say, I havent had any shots since this most recent trip to Fort Fun!

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Location: Denver, Megzes Apartment, USA

Well yes, just a very short message to say Hi and wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving! Dont worry, im not exactlsy sure what it is either. Megs and Kala are just getting ready now before we go over tp megzes parents house for turkey, beer and football. It has all the elements of a good afternoon!
Last night we went to the best concert of all time, TENACIOUS D! It was fantastic! Jack Black is just absolutely rilarious. The whole concert had a hell theme with the band made up by antichrist on guitar, colonel sanders on drums (he was in hell because he killed over a billion chickens) and charlie chaplan on bass (he was in hell because he was gay!)... hahahaha
The show was good but at first I was a little dissapointed when the show ended and they hadnt played tribute or F her gently. But without failure, the oncore was soon to follow and when the first song started with the words, "This is a song, for the ladies" I knew my dreams had come true and they were about to play the best song of all time!
Anyways, I gotta run, megzes brother is here and were about to head over to her parents place. All is well here, both megs and I are well, work is busy and the weather is as well as can be expected at this time of year, although I would much prefer to be heading into summer like you guys are :(
Oh yeah, I had my extension confirmed this week so it looks like I will be here a little longer than I first anticipated, but sure you all knew I would be gone longer than a year if i could!!

Take care everyone, I'll try and get this site more up to date as soon as I can.


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From Jez
Hey Runtboy..

Mother keeps telling me to check in here; by the looks I check it about as often as you update it. Nice car by the way, very, um.. sensible. I took Swifty for a burl on the way back from Pearl Jam the other week.. did you know it had a 6th gear? :P

Taylor finished Kindy today, time flies, uh. Ashlie is talking pretty well too now.. Ill have to send you some pics or upload some video somewhere.

Anywho, have a good Christmas and stop working so many damn hours!!
Response: Hahaha... 6th gear you say? what did that get you too, 85k/hr? I still miss my little charriot
From Peter
Hi Mitch, Great stories, keep it up, I'll send address to Phil. I'm sure he'll be interested. Peter and Yvonne
Response: Cool, good to hear from you guys! Im sure phil will tell you all about his trip to Colorado!
From Mum
Snowboarding was great especially the chuckle at the end. Aircon fitted to the house today - it is now lovely and cool !!!!! Sooo hot now but still no rain!!
Can you send the video clips attached to an email so we can save them to our computer? Xmas parcel posted today - look for it. Love Mumxxxx and Dad said love you too!!!
Response: Parcel received, thanks luv!
From Laura
Hey Stumpz!
Love the photos and the video! (couldn't get the snowboarding on to work, but the scenery did). What song is it on the photo montage?? I know I know it but I cant remember the name... its driving me insane!!! Miss you heaps.
Response: ummmmm, the world i know or something like that? It was just one in megzies computer?
From Mum
Just watching the video clips - send more - they are great!!!
Love Mum
Response: eh yes, i do suck at snowboarding
From Monica
Well...i guess that's a start!! What about everything else you've been up to - did you do anything for your birthday??
Response: Not really... if was nice just o have the day off. Megzies parents cooked me dinner earlier in the week which was nice, amd going to Tenacious D was my b'day present!
From Prue Gill
I didnt get an update - I dont think! Anyway we have a house we are moving in nowish - cant you tell! :) What was I going to say, oh yeah it snowed here on wednesday! Strange weather and now it's really really hot again! Our address is 19 Elizabeth Cr, Macquarie so send the wedding invite there thanks! Also I bought a fridge yesterday and guess what got a free turkey! Fantastic! It's a 6 kilo frozen turkey happy thanksgiving - even though we dont do that sort of thing! Okayaly I'm going back to procrastinate!
Response: Ah yes, thanksgiving! Im not exactly sure what it is but i do know that I actually have the day off, i have my case of Skinny Dip beer, the day involves copius amounts of food and the Denver broncos are playing. Pretty much a half arse chistmas i feel
From Prue Gill
MITCHELL! We are going to Pine Island for a swim, lovely! Lovely weather! How bout you starting to get cold again? Start replying to something please!
Response: Oh, im jealous, getting reallly cold here! We had a foot of snow a few weeks back... update on its way
From Monica
Definately time for an update!!
Response: i know i know....
here you go.. work, sleep (if im lucky) work, beer, work!
From Prue Gill
Hey you really need to just give up on this and move to myspace and or facebook! also we here are presuming your extending the visit?! than leaving for a month or something and than going back? thats some rumour cant remember what it really was! So whats going on? I know I could write you an email but I'm extrememly lazy I might contemplate one tonight but it really wont say anything! Anyway let us know I need to save money for a ticket if there is going to be a wedding - and I will get an invite! Me and Jess are going to look at a house wish us luck that it is actually still standing and that they will give it to us!
See you later
love Prue
Response: McHowdy! It looks like i might actually get more than one day off this week so ill try and update, I'LL TRY!
From AJ
Hey Mate!!
Loved reading about all your doings! Wish I could fit in a visit....Maybe? Hope you are fit and well....Love Aj and
Response: you should visit! then i might actually get more than 1 day off!! Life is good and well, except its starting to get really cold :( Snow is forecast for the rest of the week
From Laura
Hey Stumpz!
Good to see you finally updated the site with some of my visit! I'd forgotten some of the things we had done! hehehe...
Response: you were probably smashed me dear:)
From Prue Gill
You've completely stopped all together havent you!
Response: No prue, i really do want to get this back up to date.... just working waaaayyyy too much.. just finishing up a luvly 17.5 hour shift right now, and i have to be back in bout 6 hours....
From Prue Gill
Definitly gotten worse - it's september!
Response: i know iknow :(
From Prue Gill
It was me, trying to find out if there was a wedding on the way?!
Response: How very random prugil. I finally finished my entry from mexico, arnt you proud!! Only took me two months
From scotty cadman
hello brother fox! jus been lookin at your photos in Mexico and i hav to say i am bloody jelous!!!! wish i was there drinkin margareettas bangin sanureetas ( i dont know how to spell that.) finally got da net hooked up in da pimp palace so you'll be hearin from me a lot more (and vice versa i hope) say gday to ya miss-az and don't get that hot body of yours too sunburnt! speakin of which hav u been waxin your chest lately? bloody smooth bro!
Response: Caddy you loose cannon! Mexico was unreal, let me know if you wanna go anytime soon.... and yes... a lil hot wax and the bitch titties were as smooth as a baby's bot!
You realise I'll need about three months notice - to get the money, tickets all that in order and get work off. So let me know. P.S. December isnt good for me! I'll have a broken leg. So maybe a summer one would be nice?! Juneish (I don't actually know when summer is but anyways!)
Response: Not sure who this is or what its about??? Broken leg??? Help me out....
From Ash
Hey Stumpz,

Thinking of you!! Hope you are having heaps of fun (it definately looks like it).

Love reading your stories and seeing your pics, take care!

Love Ash xx
Response: Ill try and keep the site more updated, I promise!
From georgie
heya matey. yeah im still here in sunny (as iffff) london town. actually, the sun did come out a bit - i wore my sunnies today for the first time in about 6 months! haha was a weird feeling... anyway, how long are you planning on being there? coz i might be heading over to canada with a visa and crashing at a friends place, from where i intend to visit the states regularly! but all is plans in the head at the mo. CANT BELIEVE YOU GOT A MESSAGE FROM SCOTTY CADMAN!! wheres mine eh scottie?! :P
*hugs to you mitch* xox
Response: Good times, good times... At the momment ill be here till xmas but my visa is valid till june 07 so ill most likely be here till then. That would be awesome if you could make it here!
From scotty cadman
hey ya red rocks! mate its a been a while between drinks. hope all iz well in da U.S. OF A. jus reading from your website and it seems that Denver makes Canberra look like bloody Jamaica! hope da weather isnt shrinkin your moreton too much big fella. i'll send u a proper email soon. Cheers. Scotty.
Response: hehe... the weather is reversing now, infact, the boardies, thongs and westco line of muscle singlets are starting to make an apperance!!
From Monica
Mitch - its been ova a month...wheres the love, i want an update!
Response: Added some pics, with more to come. I finally invested in a digi camera, only took me a few years
From georgie
hey lil mitch!
how you doin stranger?!
nice to hear all you've been up to. just wanted to write you a little note coz i havent spoken to you in, aww, 12 months and feeling a lil guilty! haha hope youre well. xox
Response: 12 months???? really? Good to hear from you, are you still in the UK?
From Anthea
Hey Mitch! Glad to hear you're having an awesome time over there! And must say I do love reading your stories of what you're up to! Keep em coming!
Response: I would keep the site more up to date, but working 50 hour weeks aint that exciting!
From Prue Gill
Mitch what is this oh so exciting news that isn't a wedding or baby?!
Response: Coronas, Margaritas and shots of tequila heading my way in MEXICO!!!!!!
From Will
Hey Mitch..
Sounds like your keeping it all Aussie over there :) good to hear.

Guess what.. I got my P's.. w00t.. anyway .. If you meet any hotties.. Remember to send their younger sisters my way :)

Peace -Will
Response: Wilbur, cant belieive your 17!! Hahaha, and your on the prowl for tail these days!