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We are off for a trip of a life time. We would love to take you all with us but some has to stay and run the country so we have voted you to do that.

Diary Entries

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Location: Ayr, Scotland

Hi Guys
Our day on the island of Arran was great. Sorry all you New Zealanders I think I saw more sheep here than I do in NZ.
They are so cute with there little black faces and the lambs jumping around.
The roads are very narrow and our driver was very good at getting around.
We went across on the ferry with the bus . We Drove to Brodick Castle, and that was a lovely place to look around. We only had a hour and could have done with more time.
The weather was lovely and the sea was a lovely colour.
We drove right round the island stopping for photos and a stop at distillery. We wobbled out of there after lunch . Just kidding.
We ended back at the start and it was great.
This island is big on farming and all was very green.
Great place to visit if you can. It is the less rugged than the Ireland Aran Island. A softer place if you understand.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Location: Scotland, UK

Hi everyone
Well here we are in Scotland, it is a very pretty country.
We left Marlbrough on Sunday morning, got to our bus and did a few pickups.
We drove though some very pretty country. Little lambs every where. The weather has been lovely and the flowers are all showing off. They seem to have more flowers here on the sides of the roads . It is lovely to be driving down the moterway and see spring flowers in the middle or sides of the road.
We got to our hotel and it use to be a POW camp in the war.
It was lovely in a valley with country all around.

Next day it was off to Scotland . We took the road around the coast. We went to Greta Green . No we did not get married again though I said to George we could , I think he was thinking off the money.
We got to Aye at 4 ish. Went for a lovely walk around.
We are with a lovely group. Off to Arron tomorrow.
Love to all

Friday, 13 April 2007

Location: UK

After leaving Kent, we caught train to London then from Kings Cross we trained to Doncaster then down to Sc--thorpe.
Seemed a long way as we had to stand.
Friends picked us up then we had a great time with them.
They took us to Lincoln and we saw the Cathedral and the Castle.
Both these places are great to see.
The Cathedral had Butrises around it, which I thought was differant from anything I had ever seen.
We could not go in as it was Good Friday. Never mind. Next time.
We did have a tour around the Castle. That was very intresting. Many a neck was stretched in that place.
In that time there were over 200 laws that you could break and get hung for.
William the Conqueror was crowned there in 1066.

The town is also very good to look around with the old part been very narrow and steep streets.

A must see if in the area.

Sunday, 08 April 2007

Location: Marlbrough, England

On the road again.
Here we are on the move again.
We left Cookstown on Tuesday, We really loved our time in Northern Ireland , it was so special. We did so much what with seeing family and friends for by gone days . Thanks to friends we went to a great plowing competition. We also cut turf on Georges old home patch. Gave us a appreciation of how hard it was 50 years ago.
We also went to Pattersons Spade Mill. Very intresting. Also a Beetling mill , making flax into cloth.
We also went clay pigioen shooting. Very differant from other shooting.
We arrivied off the plane and was picked up by a cousin and taken back to Kent.
It was lovely meeting them and we had a great 2 days with them.
We went to Canturbury and saw the Cathedral. Wow what a place ,
Have a great Easter everyone.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Location: cookstown, Ireland

Hi friends and family
We have been in Cookstown now for 3 weeks and it is so cool being with family again. George has been able to met and catch up with many cousins that he has not seen for 46 years. It has such a warming time. But must tell you about Aran Island first.
We went there 3 weeks ago, it is off the coast from Galway.
It was a great day.
We got a bus to the boat and then over we went. The weather was not great but this is Ireland.
This Island is very beautiful , rocks are every where. A certain breed of people live there. They must be tough to live there and not mind being isolated . They are a warm and friendly lot.
There are about 900 people there and 5 schools , 6 pubs, and 4 churches . They work at mostly farming and in the summer all the tourists .
We loved our day there , it just to rain as we were coming home.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Location: Galway, Ireland

Hi folks
We we have had a great few days. We left Cork and followed the coast right round. We went on roads that werent even on the map. We went to Sheeps Head (if you can find that ) What a lovely trip. We are so amazed with the country side. The hills are made of just rock. Thats it just rock. I dont know how people can farm that country side but they do. There are long haired sheep .They are bigger than kiwi ones and they have horns and black faces.
The coast is so rugged . Waves were huge , crashing on to the rocks. So wonderful.
There is no shortage of B&B all the way around so that is great. Just stop were you want.
We are in Galway and it is a great place. So busy , heaps of people around, if you are coming here in the weekend, book your place to stay. We have seen so many here with out a bed tonight.
We are off to Aran Island tomorrow so that will be great. Photos to follow.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Location: Cork, Ireland

Hi everyone
Well here we are in Ieland. Georges birth country. Guess what , it is raining. Not as bad as last time we were here but still it is funny , we have had 6 weeks in Italy and hardly a drop of rain and we come here and it is raining. Still it is lovely to be back, We stayed in a B&B for 2 nights and both were lovely warm Irsh ladys.
We got a car in Dublin and we are travelling around untill the 1st March then off to family in the north.
Yesterday we were in Wexford and then travelled down the coast to here. Very pretty part of the country.
Keep you in formed love to all

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Location: Treveso, Italy

Hi again from Treveso
We have just had a lovely few days here. We are about 30min from Venice. The weather (of cause) has been great.
It is carnival week though Italy and they sure no how how to have a carnival. Everyone gets into the spirit of the party and they are smiling in the streets. (well most people)
We spent the day in Venice and there were 1000s of people there. They were dressed up and of coarse there are the masks.
I got one of those and George wore a hat. People even had their dogs dressed up, and the kids were sooooo cute.
The river was full of boats and the place was humming.
They have this thing with confettie. Bits of paper. In carnival week they thow it every where. The kids really get into that. So I am just glad that we dont have to clean it up.
Transport here in Italy is on the whole good but trains are the way to go, not busses. We find that strange as in nz busses are the way to go. But trains are great as they are fast.
All for now friends

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Location: Treveso, Italy

I forgot to tell you about our trip to Pom-peii.
We went there on the 10th.
What a place , it is amazing. The devestation from Vesuvius was huge. It increased the land by 1 1\2 km. Wow.
It was weird walking around the ruins and thinking about what happened. They even have some bodies there to show. The buildings were amazing. George wants to know how they got them so tall and so straight.
We had been to the museim and seen the things they got out of the city. They were very clever.
The work that went in the paintings and the floors with the mosaics.
The city was the biggest of its time and it covered 80km.
It was a city doomed to be destroyed though with all the gods that they worshiped. It must have been a very noisy place to live with all the chariot and horses going along the stone streets.
We well put photo on site soon .
all for now

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Location: Rome, Italy

Hi guys
We are in Roma. We were pleased to leave Naples this morning. It was a strange place , so noisy and so many people and traffic.
Got to Roma this morning and it seemed so different. Clean and not so noisy . The sun was shinning so brightly.
We found our hostal and they were nice. When you smiled at people in the street they smiled back.
We went down to info and got a ticket for the open top bus. We got it for 48 hr for the price of 24.
We got on and what a place , we saw the big buildings , they were amazing. Again the history is all here.
We got off at St Peters square, it was packed with so many buses and people, lines of people waiting to get in. We well go tomorrow it might not be as busy.
We stoped for a while at the Piazza Venezia. Man the statues and the size of the building was huge. If you can look it up on the internet it is worth a look. My photos wont do it justice.
There were a lot of holiday makers like us. We did here some people speaking english. we had a talk, it was nice to here and speak to other people.
Another day tomorrow so speak to you then.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Location: Naples, Italy

Hi from Naples
We spent yesterday on the island of Caprie. What a lovely place, most of the buildings are white with a few pink ones mixed in.
We got the ferry across, it was quite rough, there were lots of Japannese on the boat and a lot of them were sick, poor people.
We had a look around and a lot of the shops sell porcelain bowls and things. They are really into their lemons.
We did a lot of walking, up and down the little streets, very pretty. The traffic, you would not think there would be much but it was suprising. But the way they drove down the narrow streets was mind blowing. George says I am doing well with the stress of how people drive.
We took a bus up to the top along a narrow and windy road, right on the cliff edge, and they drove fast.
The weather was cloudy with a few drops now and again. but nothing to bad, it was warm.
We had a lovely time just exploring. The are a lot of grottos that we saw.
Again photos coming later.
We came back on a car ferry , as the weather was to ruff for the fast ferry, but this sailing was quite flat.
We then caught our R2 bus back to the town centre and McD for tea.

Friday, 09 February 2007

Location: Crete, Italy

Hi people.
Have to tell you about the other day. We went to Ovieto. This was out last day with family and we were blessed that Kenny took us there. This is about a hour from where we have been staying.
This is a town on top of a large cliff. At the bottom of the cliff there is some burial grounds of the Etruskins . These are the fore fathers of the Italians . There are some pre-christian sites there but they are not open in the winter mid week.
The tombs were very intresting. They are still uncovering sites .
We went up into town and saw the town. This one is quite different from anything that we have seen. There are a lot of hand cut stones. They are huge and must weigh a ton. There are photos to come.
We went around the museum that had all the artafacts that came from the burial site. The people certainly knew how to make things. The pots and burial jewellery were lovely.
I noticed that the paintings in the town were also quite different. They used more blue and green . Quite soft colours. They also used gold leaf a lot. In fact the Cathedral is covered in gold leaf. I have never seen anything like if, mind blowing.
We walked around the wall and the streets were very Roman looking.
The buildings were quite light in colour.
If you have a chance to go to this town fellow travellers , go, it is worth the trip.

Monday, 05 February 2007

Location: Italy

Dear Homestayers and fellow travellers
We have had a lovely 3 days in Florance. What a amazing city.
We travelled up there by 2 busses and found our hostel. That was a mish. But God is good , just when we are having trouble with a map or the launguage someone must see this comfused look on our faces and helps( turns the map up the right way) Oh well we are Kiwis. Sorry fellow Kiwis .
Any way we were hit with all this history. Churches that are 12th century, and older.
We stood in the Palazzo Vecchio (I looked that spelling up) and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore had to be the best.
I was quite suprised how small Florance is with all its history. We did not need to get the bus tour around as everything was in walking distance, and boy did we do some walking. We knew that all we had to do was get back to the river and we would be fine.
The weather again ws perfect. Blue skys and lovely sunsets.
There were lots of horkers but they werent as bad as Africa. Man that seems a life time ago.
One thing everyone behaves themselves as the police are every where.
Mind you there are not to traffic control. People park everywhere and anywhere. (as you well see in photos.
Well we back with family till Thursday then off on our own for three weeks till we get to Ireland. Off to Napels.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Location: Italy

Hi everyone . Sorry it had been a while there is not much internet where we were.
If you have a chance to go to Bulgaria do go it is a fantactic place, people are so warm and giving. It was intresting to see the changes that have been made since comunism went 20yrs ago.
Not much has changed for there is no money. the roads are very poor and there are a lot of empty builings and half built ones. The working people get about 7lev and day (same as nz$) and a lot work 7 days a week. They well still give away there last bit of wood or there last onion if they thought you needed it. Or even if you didnot need it they still give it. The mode of transport is still donkey and cart. We passed more of them on the highways than cars.
They are trying to get the roads up to a good condition but what a huge job. Is is normal to see cars on the side of the road with stuffed wheels. I am very glad we took the train to get here . The small car we were hiring would have been lost down some of the holes.
Some of the towns we saw were Stara Zagora , pretty , about 400,000 people. Heaps for shoe shops . Markets selling all food, fish and meat.
We drove (camper van) though to Nesebar by the black sea. Great place. This is a busy little fishing village . lovely ruins and old houses , they build with wood and very close together.
We have been blessed with great weather still .
Wealso went to Jambol and another nice little town.
All for now see you next time.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Location: Bulgaria

We it has been a intresting few days.
First we have loved our first week in Rigoriagno. George working and I keeping house, great beening with family again.
We decided to go to Bulgaria, we got a flight from Roma to Buckerest. {fine so far) Only just made our flight but that was fine.
Got to Bulgaria and met the guy that we were hiring the car off that we had planned over the internet.
BE WARNED. That was at first good hanged over money and checked out the car for damage. Then asked for directions JUST AS WELL WE DID. We found out that we were not allowed to take the car into Bulgaria . Their insurance did not allow this . Please everyone check if you are hiring a car from Europe that the car has a green card. This you can get but it takes up to 10days and well cost more.
Anyway here we were stuck in Buckerest.
We were then told to go be train , so we got a taxi down to the train station. {it did cost a bit as we no longer wanted car but that is one of thoes things}
We found that there was a train going sort of out way and it left in 30min. What a rush.
Praise the Lord we made it. I was nice to just sit back and not have to worry about roads.
We ended up with a sleeper so we could rest. The trip took 12hrs
Boy what a trip. We were only going 350km but it was so slow. We stopped 1 hour at the boarder. We were not allowed off train.
There was also no food on the train and we had Turkey coffee or tea.
The tolet was a turkish one, in other words a hole in the floor.
We arived at 1.30 am we have been traveling since 4am that morning.
It was a lovely trip I would love to see it in day light. We did pass some snow. Beautifull country.
Lovely to get to our family. It well be intresting getting back to Italy next week.
Love to all

Friday, 12 January 2007

Location: Rigomagno, Italy

Hi everyone
We are now in Italy. We got here on the 10th, flew into Pisa, after spending 13hours at Stanted airport, that was a long night.
We meet Georges brother at airport, that was great to see him , it has been 12yrs since we saw him last.
Kenny then took us to the town square were the leaning tower is. It seemed so funny to be there standing next to it.
We did get on a tour and climbed to the top. What a view. What a climb, gets the heart rate going that did.
It seemed funny to be climing up when the tower is on a lean .
We then went into the Cathedral , now that place is amazing. The detail . Words cant tell you what it is like.
Must tell you about the driving Well that is also amazing. No lines in the middle of most town roads , go for it . Is it meant to be 2 or 3 lanes . Who knows, of cause they drive on the other side of the road.
I sit in back seat and look out the side windows,
Saw no crashes so they must be doing something right, it is possible just me not being in control again.
We went also to Florence for a quick look see. We could not get a park so it was soon dark . Went for a quick walk and we well come back here for more time.
Then drove to Kenny home which is in a village of Rigomagno.
Caught up with rest of family.
George starts work tomorrow.
all for now bye Sue

Thursday, 04 January 2007

Location: London, UK

Dear Folks
Well we have our last day in London, tomorrow it is back to Marlbough. The weather again was a treat. We went and saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace . There are some photos to go.
We have enjoyed the trains and buses . You can go anywere with them. We have also enjoyed the mounted police. On the hole people are very helpfully and we have been blessed with our time here.

Monday, 01 January 2007

Location: London, UK

Dear friends
We have just had another lovely day in London. We went on a open top bus trip, we got caught in the new years parade, what fun, I know now how to put photos on so enjoy.

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