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We're headed for Central Australia and the Top End on a 5-week road tour. We are all very excited and very busy getting things ready. Leaving Sat 27th May and expect to return Fri 30th June in time for volleyball on Saturday!!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 10 August 2006

Location: Sassafras, Australia

Hi everyone,
Just in case you are interested, I've set out our itinerary below.
Saturday 27 May Home to Adelaide
Sunday 28 May Adelaide to Coober Pedy
Monday 29 May Coober Pedy to Yulara (Ayers Rock Resort)
Tuesday 30 May Climb Uluru
Wednesday 31 May Walk base of Uluru
Thursday 1 June Kata Tjuta Valley of the Winds walk (The Olgas)
Friday 2 June Olga Gorge walk, Yulara to Kings Canyon Resort
Saturday 3 June Kings Canyon Rim walk (Watarrka National Park)
Sunday 4 June Kings Canyon to Gosse Bluff, Hermannsberg & Finke Gorge National Park. Palm Valley walk.
Monday 5 June Finke Gorge to Standley Chasm and Simpson’s Gap (Western MacDonnell Ranges). Trephina Gorge (Eastern MacDonnell Ranges). Alice Springs.
Tuesday 6 June Alice Springs Desert Park, Olive Pink Botanic Gardens. Ti-Tree
Wednesday 7 June Ti-Tree to Dunmarra
Thursday 8 June Dunmarra to Mataranka
Friday 9 June Mataranka to Cutta Cutta Caves, then Katherine
Saturday 10 June Katherine
Sunday 11 June Nitmiluk Gorge cruise
Monday 12 June Nitmiluk Gorge canoe
Tuesday 13 June Katherine to Litchfield National Park
Wednesday 14 June Florence Falls and Buley Rockhole at Litchfield National Park
Thursday 15 June Litchfield to Territory Wildlife Park, Mindil Markets, Darwin
Friday 16 June Crocodylus Park, Palmerston Markets, Darwin
Saturday 17 June Parap Markets, Darwin
Sunday 18 June Aquascene fish feeding, Nightcliff Markets, Museum, Leanyer pool, Darwin
Monday 19 June Darwin to Ubirr, Kakadu National Park
Tuesday 20 June Nourlangie, Kakadu National Park
Wednesday 21 June Yellow Waters Billabong cruise, Gunlom Falls, Kakadu
Thursday 22 June Kakadu to Edith Falls (Nitmiluk), Mataranka, Daly Waters
Friday 23 June Daly Waters to Taylor Creek (road stop near Ti-Tree)
Saturday 24 June Taylor Creek to Ti Tree, then Ewaninga rock carvings, Alice Springs
Sunday 25 June Alice Springs to Henbury Meteorite craters, Rainbow Valley, Coober Pedy
Monday 26 June Coober Pedy to Ranges View (road stop near Pimba)
Tuesday 27 June Ranges View to Adelaide
Wednesday 28 June Adelaide
Thursday 29 June Adelaide to Home

Thursday, 13 July 2006

Location: Sassafras, Australia

Hi all, the photo pages have been updated and rearranged so I hope you enjoy them. Our holiday feels like ages ago now, although we've been back only two weeks.
Kayla was awarded pupil of the week for the amazing journal she wrote while on our trip - she has been reading it to her class in instalments because it's so long.
We are straight back into our busy lives at home, with volleyball, netball, swimming and drama classes all filling the time. Kayla's drama production, Wind in the Willows, is on this weekend and she is really looking forward to it. She is Toad's chef.
It's nice to be home, although the weather is completely miserable. But we have started planning our next holiday(s) already!
I'll continue to add more photos of life in Sassafras as it happens.

Wednesday, 05 July 2006

Location: Sassafras, Australia

Hello all, back again. So nice that the cold, wet and miserable weather held off until we got back (we were hoping to miss a good percentage of the Melbourne winter) but oh well...
We had 5 weeks of glorious sunshine (although very cold nights in central oz) so can't complain too much.
I could just go on forever (seeing as I'm back at work and no longer have to pay for my own internet access). We arrived in Adelaide on Tuesday 27th June and stayed for a couple of nights with Paul's relos. Got home on Thursday and would love to say had a relaxing weekend, but it was unpacking most of Friday, back to volleyball Saturday (two wins, yay!) and Kayla's friends for a sleepover all weekend. And rain rain rain. Back to work and school on Monday and it was like the holiday never happened.
We'll post more photos as soon as possible and will write a list of highlights for your enjoyment.
Thanks again for all your messages and see you soon.

Saturday, 24 June 2006

Location: Alice Springs, Australia

Hi again, we are making our way home, stopping to do/look at things on our list of "things to do on the way home".
The car was finally fixed on the Tuesday and since then we have had the best time. Darwin was fantastic, especially the markets. Litchfield was awesome, even though some of it was still unaccessible due to the flood and storm damage from Cyclone Monica in April.
In some ways we are pleased to be coming home. We are all missing friends, family and our home. Not looking forward to the cold weather though - we have had the best weather possible, with sun every day and not even a hint of rain the whole time. Jealous??
See you late next week,
Sue, Paul & Kayla

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Location: Katherine, Australia

Hi, still in Katherine, although they're working on our car and it should be ready today so we can head off to Litchfield. We have spent a bit longer in Katherine than we wanted, but the flashy motel room made it bearable. Two 24 hour movie channels, self contained kitchen, bathroom and laundry. We were able to get a bus down to Katherine Gorge (Nitmulik National Park) and spent one half day on a cruise. The other half day Paul & Kayla canoed down the river and Sue walked, and met up with them at a pre-arranged swimming hole. It was a great day, everyone had fun.
Will try the photos again, keep checking!
Will hopefully write again once we make it to Darwin.
Thanks for all your messages!!

Saturday, 10 June 2006

Location: Katherine, Australia

Hi, stuck in Katherine at the moment. Paul is, as I type, waiting for the RACV (or NT equivalent) due to suspicious noise coming from what I can only describe as the front part of the engine. At least there's a supermarket here although not sure where we'll be sleeping tonight if the car is at the mechanics!!
Will try to load some photos at this site. We're having a great time. Went on a croc-spotting tour last night which was amazing. Got so close to a freshie (the friendly kind according to everyone who knows anything about crocs). Got some great snaps. We've been spending quite a lot of time in the thermal pools here and at Mataranka, we all love them. As soon as car is sorted out we will go to Katherine Gorge and then Litchfield. Bye!

Tuesday, 06 June 2006

Location: Alice Springs, Australia

Hi there, in civilisation again (ie. phone reception too). Having a great time. We drove for three days and finally made it to Uluru and met up with Michelle. Spent four days there, climbed the rock and did other walks around Uluru and Kata Tjuta (Olgas). Then drove to Kings Canyon (more walking) and to Finke Gorge NPk. We saw our first wild dingo, some wild camels and horses too. 4wd to Palm Valley was ... interesting ...
Are now doing a bit of shopping, saying a sad goodbye to Michelle, and are about to head off to Katherine, Darwin and Kakadu. Can't seem to find an internet access site that allows us to add photos, but will do so asap. Not missing home very much (except Kayla misses her friends!!)

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Location: Sassafras, Australia

Hello again, just an update to say we went to the Caravan & Camping Show yesterday and spent up big! We went hoping to get some new ideas as well, but we reckon we have covered everything already in terms of getting the car prepared. Sue got brochures for every square kilometre of NT so she's happy. Paul discovered you can run our new LCD TV off 12 volt so he's happy. 8 sleeps to go!!

Monday, 15 May 2006

Location: Sassafras, Australia

At the insistence of Sue's brother Jai, Sue has squandered hours at work setting up this travel page. Ok, it wasn't that hard. Even Granzo could have done it!
We leave in 12 sleeps (on Sue's birthday) for Adelaide, the first of three full days' driving. Any suggestions for kids' travel games would be appreciated.
Paul is extremely busy getting Troopy ready, photos to come soon.
Like Sue said to Jai, we will hopefully be too busy sightseeing and bushwalking to give frequent updates but check this page every so often if you're interested in how many kangaroos Troopy has claimed and other interesting stats.
We are looking forward to spending a week or so in Central Oz with Sue's friend Michelle (the lucky thing is flying up).
Anyway, more to come shortly. See you then!

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Recent Messages

From Jai
Geat photos, I like the roof rack storage, if you drove to Canada you'd only have to build it a few metres higher with a slippery pole and you'd be bear-proof.
Have fun in Darwin, if there'a a link between vol. of beer consumption and the peak of evolution, rewrite Origin of the Species.
Response: Only thing I can say about Darwin is Bloody Great Markets. Otherwise bloody hot, bloody mozzies and bloody beaches you're not allowed to swim in.
From Peter S
Great to see you're all having a top time in the top end. You may or may not be pleased to hear that PFL has not ground to a halt since you selfishly left on a 5 week holiday. Daksh and Debbie doing very well. Enjoy the rest of the trip.

Peter S.
Response: We are. Glad to see you're missing me (I can read between the lines). Say hi to (almost) everyone from me.
From Doug
Hi guys, hope your vehicle troubles are over, and didn't spoil too much of the trip.If you are still at Katherine you should have a swim in their hot pool- near the caravan park. In Litchfield, Buley Rockholes get my vote, but dont leave any food around or the monitor lizards will get it. Lots of love.
Response: Hi Grandpa Doug, we've spent more than our fair share of time in the thermal pools both in Katherine and Matanka. They're fantastic! Car should be fixed today (Tues) and we'll be heading to Litchfield so we'll definitely be checking out Buley Rockholes.
From uncle jai
hope it's warm for you, it's pouring here at last. no croc wrestling Kayla, you might hurt their feelings.
Response: We aren't going anywhere near crocs, oh except for when we were on a cruise at Katherine Gorge, and on a croc spotting cruise in Katherine, and oh yeah there was one in the river near the thermal springs in Mataranka. We've seen heaps of freshies, no salties so far thank goodness. It'll be a race to see who can get away the fastest if we encounter one of those.
From Clare
Hi Guys
Sounds like you are having a ball. I can't wait to see some of the photo's.
You are not missing much here, been very dry, sunny but chilly. Ruby is being a dream to walk with Briar and she has even enjoyed a few family trips out with us. I have managed to get her into a dog crate in the car and she seems very happy there lying down, even enough to let me pop to the shop and have the car washed! Do you reckon that she will be ok going off the lead at Lillydale? I would hate it if she didn't come back to me!
I am sure that Tash will soon be sending Kayla an email. She seems to be missing her heaps, especially without Alish around. Well enjoy the rest of your trip and the heat.
Love for now
Response: Hi Clare!! We all miss Ruby so much and are so grateful you (and Granny Joan) are taking care of her. The crate sounds great - where can I get one??!! It's quite hot here which is nice. Ruby should be fine at Lilydale, perhaps take some treats just in case, but we've always managed to get her back on the lead (eventually). Hi Tashy, I'm missing you. Are you having fun at school? Hope you enjoy your hols (from Kayla)
From Uncle Jai
looking forward to some photos, hope you're having fun, happy birthday Suze for last week.
Response: Like I said, it's hard to find access with USB, plus it takes ages for photos to load, but if we save up lots of money I'll add some soon. If I don't write again before the 15th have a great birthday.
We're all glad you're having a good time. Make the most of being away from work and school while you can and return safely. Kind regards Maria
Response: Wow Maria I'm very impressed you worked out how to send us a message! Not missing work AT ALL and I think the same goes for Kayla (except she's missing her friends - she's had to make friends with other people's dogs, wild dingos, camels, crocodiles, etc.
From Steve (Bro)
You weren't kidding. No updates and no pics and its 6 June already.
Hope all is well and you're having a great time.
Harry had his AusKick at Manuka Oval on Sunday in front of 14,000 fans (Roos vs Swans game).
Photos to follow once developed.
Response: This is the outback ya know. Go Harry, how exciting for him (and his folks)
From Di
Happy Birthday - did you get my message?
Response: Hi, yes I did, thank you. It wasn't much of a birthday but at least we finally started the trip. We had a family dinner in Horsham which was yummy (made it a late night by the time we got to Adelaide tho) Hopefully see you when we get back.
From brother Jai
I guess you're already having a birthday party on the road, so happy birthday Suze, enjoy the trip!
Response: Thanks. We are!!
From Steve
G'day Sassafrases,
Good luck on the trip - lots of Super 8 footage required. Expect an Alby Mangels screening after you get back.
Response: Hi Grimmett clan, you know us, we video anything that moves (or doesn't)
From Amanda
i hope you guys have a fantastic and safe trip !! enjoy yourselves and enjoy your birthday Sue - Many Happy Returns - we can celebrate when you return. You will also be able to meet the latest arrival to the wignall family :-) Take Care, Amanda Richard and Bridget xx and ??
Response: Hi, We're having a great time. Got your birthday message but have been pretty flat out travelling. Look forward to seeing you when we get back.
From brother Jai
hey, great idea setting up a webpage sis! hope you can find an internet cafe out there between billabongs.
have a wonderful trip. put some more photos up and I'll show your well travelled nieces. Hi Paul and Kayla, too!
Response: Thanks. Finally worked out how to see my messages!! Having trouble finding internet access with USB connections but we'll get there eventually.