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Diary Entries

Wednesday, 07 February 2007

Lovely day again, getting used to 2 crutches, but difficult. Graham rings and wants to show me 2 properties. Two of them not suitable as no house yet, the third rather appealing as lovely jungly garden and 11 acres right on the sea front 2 mins from Mapua. Run down house with cottage and studio/worshop. Would be good investment I think, but a lot of work needs to be done. Worth bearing in mind. Back to Naked Bun for coffee and quiche. Then 1/4 hr leg up and then Graham and his wife Robin very kindly offer to take me to Motueka for vital liquor supplies, and to look for china shop and sport shop for Freddie and Susannah. Buy blow up surf boards and picnic case, china shop closed sadly. Buy local wines, beer and whisky to keep Ant happy. Booked Lucy's car ( larger ) to be at Airport on Sunday. Then to O.A. meeting and dinner at Saltwater, delicious turbot and Flat White latte decaf trim ! Home at 10.30. Message from Lucy.

Friday, 02 February 2007

Glorious day weatherwise BUT my knee is making me suicidal and whatever I do, whenever I move it is agony. In the afternoon go with Grahame to view several properties, all in fabulous surroundings tho' up the estuary. Have dinner with Rosie at Flax in Mapua, jolly good and nice to be with someone. She is very kind and has bought me a caffetiere as there is not one here, and after dinnere gave me a quantity of her good coffee to put in it. She treated my leg before we wnt out with accupuncture and maipulation. Still very painful. Pray it will be more tolerable soon.

Thursday, 01 February 2007

Today has been rather dreadful. My wretched knee gets more and more painful and I have been unable to leave the house and have been in bed as I cannot stand the pain of walking or standing. WHAT IS THE MATTER ? I am now going to two physiotherapists and neither of them have any answers, except to tell me it will take several months to improve. I have not got several months before Lucy and co. arrive and I want to be able to do things with them, also Lucy will be judgemental and tell me it's my own fault because I weigh too much (probably truth in that ) but both physios say I must have injured it ,though I have no recall of having done so.
Lynley arrived in afternoon bringing friend as daily whilst she is away, looks seriously ancient and scraggy, but tough, thin and active, let's hope she is honest and thorough. Rosie came she thinks my sciatic nerve may be adding to pain. I don't think so as pain is so local. I have ultrasound on my back and she massages my leg. Get up for supper and watch a bit of T.V. Leg a little less painful or is it the pain killers ? Depressed.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Location: Mapua, Nelson, New Zealand

Woke this morning to rain and much cooler. Mess up completely ove the hall key. Still getting dressed when I see Rosie in the garden. She has been there 30 minutes as we had agreed to go to the meeting together. She takes key from me as I am not ready and drives off alone to open up the hall. It starts at 9.00 and I am dawdling thinking we have plenty of time as I thought for some odd reason it started at 9.30. I arrive 10 minutes late. Oh dear why had I changed it to 9.30 in my head when I knew perfectly it was 9.00. Good meeting I wish I had bought my big book with me as reading has been from there both times.We Agnostics. Asked Fiona to sponser me, she has agreed. Went in convoy with Rosie to Morrisons and had breakfast. Wonderful latte, mueslii and fresh fruit. Far too much. Went to Bead place and Rosie went home. I then decided to have my lunch at Saltwater. Sat outside tho' fine rain in air. Walking very bad today. Depressing. Painful and unable to go up stairs. Go back to Mapua and decide to paint. Do not do so as now feeling low, sit at computer and mess around trying to alter wallpaper and then write this. E-mail Harry Cotterell. Eat peppermints and two lollipops--------- why?

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Location: Mapua, Orinoco Valley,Motueka, New Zealand

Woke to find it was raining hard and much cooler. Lovely shower and tidy up a bit as Wayne and Lynley coming to do outside and inside and hope they can fix printer. When they arrive I notice froid deux as I have asked them to ring before turning up unannounced in future, also I have said I cannot go to lunch with them tomorrow. Leave at about 12.00 to join Peter and Bobbie for lunch, they are so kind asking me so often and itis really nice for me. But I marvel at how they entertain all these P.G's from different countries, I simply ccould not do it now or ever. Arrive at their house in a torrential downpour, I think they must have more rain up here in the hills as Mapua looked set for a nice day. The house is fabulous everything Bobbie does is with so much flair and imagination, all her colours and fabrics and the way she arranges the furniture and places bowls of fresh flowers from the garden makes it all so welcoming and inviting. Of course everything in this climate grows so quickly but the garden they have designed is perfect for the situation and looks lush and healthy it is full of little surprises and I hope to take a few snaps so I can show John, Ghislaine, and Judy as I know they would love it. They have to be the kindest,nicest and cleverest couple ever !
On my way back as the weather was now perfect I decided to go to Motueka for a few vital bits from the Warehouse and then drive along the beach at Motueka which I have not done before. Beautiful like the rest of this area and a huge specimen of some local tree covered in scarlet flowers I stopped the car and photographed. Drove slowly back to Mapua, visited the bay and drove back to Jessie Street to find house imaculate, T.V. moved to Freddie's room as I had requested, printer working,laundry done ,lawn mowed and a telephone in my room. Well done ! Now I have written this I shall have my supper as it is 7.00 and I am getting used to N.Z. hours.

Friday, 26 January 2007

Lovely day weatherwise, but feeling low as knee hurt all night and kept me awake--so what. Had my breakfast at 10.00 rather good multigrain weet-bix and fruit and yoghurt. Rebecca from O.A. rang, sweet pretty dark haired girl who said she would call in p.m. Salad lunch here dressed in sarong only and Lynley appears unannounced. Tiresome I wish they would respect my privacy a little more. I try a small pastel of hydrangeas, rubbish. Rebecca arrives she is catching a plane to Hamilton for a music festival and would I look after the keys of the hall in Nelson as she could not get to the meeting in Nelson 9.00a.m.on Sunday. Will I, I wonder ! Rosie rang for a chat, we are going to go to the meeting together on Sunday, and have lunch in Nelson after and see the sunday market. Then Bobbie rings and asks me to lunch tomorrow , they have Americans staying from Marthas Vineyard. Then I decide to go out to dinner at Flax in Mapua by myself. Excellent Veggie dinner, watch children having fun on the jetty,chucking sticks in the water for their smelly dogs to retrieve,fishing and just mucking about. Friends for Freddie and Susannah ? Glorious sunset with rainbow thrown in, maybe rain tomorrow, take snaps and then back to Jessie. Ring Alice (answer phone)Rupert and Lucy. Alls well. Take washing in as it may rain tonight, how domestic I am becoming !

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Location: Mapua, New Zealand

Glotious day again,perfect temperature.Potter then down to health centre to see Dr. Sally. Reassuring and has given me confidence over flutter and to call whenever I am worried. Go to Smokehouse for my lunch the water is right up and various sports taking place. Small boys fishing, 2 kayaks skip by and The Flat Bottom Floosie is off on a trip.
Then go to 16+ shop, horrendous materials and a complete waste of time, then on to egg place to buy nice fresh eggs. Home and phone rings and it is Rosie who I met at meeting. She comes round for a cup of tea. Horrified and shocked by what I am paying for the rental of this house. Rings Lawyer and Estate agent who say I have been ripped off--big time. Lynley arrives to pick up a few things unannounced, annoying. Rosie says it's out of order during rental, they should telephone first.
Well there is one born every minute as they say, and I am one of them. I telephone Edward Priday to sendremainderof my rent to Wayne's account, and that's an end to it. I shall be more careful next time. Supper late here, Charlie rings on Skype which is exciting, my first call so far, and I go to bed.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Location: MAPUA/NELSON, New Zealand

Glorious sunny day and no sign of flutter.Potter about and then head for The Naked Bun, where I have a salad and cappuccino. Look around the Mapua shops and then head off nervously to Nelson for my 0.A.meeting at 7.30. really good meeting about 7 girls all slim and beautiful, with good recovery and positive feedback. Take a few telephone numbers, one lives in Mapua and one in Motueka ! Have my dinner here on my return, feeling much better,

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

5.00a.m. Wretched flutter started and Rupert will be gone in a few hours, back to England. Feeling panicky which does not help I am driving Rupert to aiport at 8.30. He brings in my usual lemon tea and I tell him of my flutter. "Don,t worry Mama I can easily arrange a taxi !" Of course I had expected him to volunteer to postpone his departure for 24 hours until I was sorted out! If he had said that of course I would not have agreed to it. So infact the result was the same, but what prevents him from asking, "Would you like me to postpone my leaving?"
Anyhow after I drop him I return to Jessie Street and take my pill which slows my heartrate and go back to bed. When I wake up I am calmer and the flutter is intermittent and by the late afternoon, "Normal service is resumed " Today I have not done anything at all but a few small chores round the housen. Bobbie and Peter have asked me to join them at The Smokehouse for dinner at 7.30. Peter picks me up and we have a nice dinner but I am very careful with my diet. The Americans are also with us, Rosemary and Walter, not my handwriting but nice enough. Mapua totally deserted by 9.30, where is everyone ? I find it so odd that not a soul is to be seen.

Monday, 22 January 2007

Location: New Zealand

Woke up to blazing sunshine and totally blue skies, perfect. Chores most of the morning and then lunch at Smokehouse, fish and chips, fancy that ? Then on to Hoglund glass as Ola Hoglung told us yesterday he would be making a large piece today. We watch transfixed as he makes a large black and white vase from beginning to end. Back to Mapua for ice cream and then to Helen the Physio. Running 45 mins. late. Made me do agonising exercises and made me cry with the pain. She says I have a degenerating tendon which I must have damaged and unless I do the exercises it will get worse. She also said it can take 6/8 weeks to improve. I feel desolate but I must do these exercises I realise.
Then back to Jessie street to get ready for dinnere party with Peter and Bobbie , their American p.g.'s and some friends. Eventful evening ending in the American lady singing an Aria ! Home by 11.30. Feeling dreadfully sad at Rupert's departure in the morning and dreading 3 weeks on my own here and not knowing anyone or having anyone to do things with. Truly alarming and Heaven knows what it will be like being truly alone for the first time ever. I am a little scared and I fear it won't be much fun.

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Location: Mostly Nelson Harbour, New Zealand

Fabulous weather all day today. Firstly set off for Hoglund glass to book up more bead making classes,disappointingly none until Feb as tutor part time. Have booked Lucy in for a session if she wants to come. Then on to Berrylands tragically the last day they are open, of course Rupert and I have to have a strawberry yoghurt cone. Then on to the Salt House for a truly delicious turbot beer battered fish and chips ! I spy our boatman Laurie and arrange a trip in his boat for an hour at 3.00p.m. His boat a very basic affair and perfect when the children are here for trips to picnic spots etc. We motor all round Nelson Harbour and see all the huge tankers and hundreds of yachts that moor there. Laurie very knowledgable about their owners and various misfortunes, several of the larger vessels are in recievership sadly. Such a glorious day, calm and hot sun blue sky blue sea and blue mountains and ravishing cloud formations, we could not have taken to the sea on a better day, the children Lucy and Ant will love it, I hope. Drove home at 5.00 to say farewell to Berryfields and pick up the last of their fresh raspberries---tragic !! Then a short shop up at Mapua,amongst our needs is loo paper, I had to get it as Rupert too horrified to be seen clutching such things. Siesta time til 7.30 and then back to the Smokehouse for dinner. Everyone sitting outside enjoying the last of the sun. Not a soul to be seen at 9.30 when we leave, Mapua totally deserted. Where has everyone gone ?

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Location: Mapua, New Zealand

Rather grey disappointing day. Feeling shaky, hope it's not "flutter" back, but feel o.k. after a bit. Rupert brings me lovely lemon tea in bed, oh dear I shall miss him so, I feel rather sad and realise only 2 more days before he leaves, but obviously he has his own life to lead and I have had the best time and so many hysterical moments with him that I am the luckiest Mother there is. Today is my terrifying glass blowing lesson making glass beads at Hoglund Glass. Breakfast here at about 10.00 and then "white wash" and down to Mapua for an early lunch before my bead lesson, also visit to Irish chemist for supplies. Rupert drives me to Hoglund Glass and drops me off for my lesson. Students are told to wear long-sleeved T shirt, jeans, shoes that cover feet and to tie back our hair ! Anyhow 2 hours later I have 11 glass beads in a packet and all made by me. We started off making small one colour beads and slowly progressed to making ones with stripes and blobs incorporated in the base colour bead. One bead takes a long time to achieve as you have to keep cooling and heating the glass and then rolling it round a metal rod, the glass is difficult to control when hot and it takes pattience to achieve a circular bead. There were 5 of us in my class and everyone had various degrees of success. I was quite pleased with mine really.Then off to Berrylands who are closing tomorrow for the season and a large strawberry ice cream to reward myself for the trauma of bead making ! Rupert had already been there whilst I was having my lesson. Wayne had been at our house, cleaning mowing,gardening and doing housework all day. Rather lovely evening sunny and warm. Lynley arrived and asked us to have a barbecue with them tomorrow. Finished bottle of white wine, then I cooked scrambled eggs for our dinner and we had the fresh raspberries from Berrylands----delicious. Talked to Susannah as it is her 6th. birthday, she sounded so adorable, "Are you miles away in a bungalow?" she asked, anyhow she sounded excited and was just about to have her breakfast and open her presents. I think Lucy may be giving her the longed for bunny, but I shall find out later. So that's my day really, I hope it is a really sunny day tomorrow as Rupert wants to top up his sun tan, so we will wait and see.

Friday, 19 January 2007

Today an early start for us and straight to the sculpter who has made pieces for Elton John! Then on to Toad Hall, disappointing Ice cream then back to antique shop to buy cheap chairs for when Lucy arrives, saw some but did not deal. Then Smokehouse in Mapua for lunch, glorious day and sat right by the water, fried calamari and salad, Rupert in good form. Hair hair do in Zoom before lunch and bought hat then off to Berrylands for our usual fix. HORROR ! They are closing for the season on Sunday as end of berry season. Rupert devastated and inconsolable, could not believe it, so we had 2 ice creams to make up for hideous disappointment. I forgot to mention Rupert sussed out local estate agent whilst I was in Zoom ans so went there after my hair do.On Monday we are looking at waterfront properties ! Have I gone mad ?
After Berrylands we looked in to Hoglund Glass to enrol in necklace making class tomorrow 1.00 o.clock. Also bought glass pendant. Rupert pointed out that I seldom went into a shop and did not come out with a purchase. Of course he is right but it made me feel terrible, guilty and tearful at the hideous reality of it. Then we came back to Jessie and I am writing this as we are going out to dinner with Peter and Bobbie to Saltwater, a restaurant in Nelson on the water front. Rupert has gone to the Physio in Nelson to have his painful knee looked at.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Totally amazed to still be asleep at 11.00a.m.! Breakfast a bit of a rush as we had made plans to go out for the day. But decided to continue arty trail so took off for Berry Lands----- CLOSED !! I thought Rupert would die from disappointment and withdrawell. Terrible news for us both so hurried on to Mac Kenzie's to look at pottery. Bought 2 colourful coffee cups and saucers and then had lunch in cafe. Rupert fed a friendly duck with a bit of bread and nearly jumped a mile when it leapt up and snatched it out of his hand. We then did reconnaisance trip to Richmond to see where Physio is for Rupert's session tomorrow for his knee. Bought shower cap. On home run saw farm shop selling eggs and bought 6 as last ones stale from supermarket. Size 16 plus closed sadly, will have to wait for another day. Bought delicious smoked salmon from Smokehouse, quite different from our smoked salmon, then to shop to buy a few supplies for our meals. Home about 6.00p.m. Dinner a bit of laundry and off to bed hoping to be more awake in the morning as we have a busy day planned ending in dinner with Peter and Bobbie at the Salthouse in Nelson on the sea. Happy day and have done my exercises !

Saturday, 13 January 2007

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