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Hello everyone and welcome to Suse & Mick's Travel Page! This is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. We arrived in the UK in October 2005 after a two-week stopover in the USA. We are living in Edinburgh until the end of April 2006, then we are off travelling through Europe and Egypt before coming home to Oz in July 2006. We hope you like reading our stories and looking at our photos. Please feel free to leave a message for us. Suse & Mick :)

Diary Entries

Thursday, 24 August 2006

Location: Canberra, Australia

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay, I have finally posted up the final few shots of our trip! Spain, Portugal, Singapore and Bangkok. I hope you like them.

Life is good back in Canberra. It's nowhere near as cold as we expected, so not too much of a shock to the system. We had a couple of weeks in Tassie which was nice and relaxing, this week we have been moving into our place and getting ourselves sorted out. If there is one thing we have learnt, it's that we have a lot of stuff! At least now is a good chance to get everything organised and under control.

Mick is going back to work on the 28th, and then I'm back at work on the 18th of September. So a few more weeks of freedom then it's back to reality!


Tuesday, 01 August 2006

Location: Canberra!, Australia

Hi everyone,

Just a very quick message to say that we have arrived back in Canberra, safe and sound. Our flight from Singapore was fine and on time, as was our flight from Sydney to Canberra. We had about an hour in Sydney in which time we caught up with Micks parents Peter and Krys, and his brother Richard. Peter and Krys are off tomorrow on their own European adventure for about 6 weeks so it was good to see them in transit and wish them a bon voyage!

Will write a bit more later when I do finally get around to posting up some photos.

In the meantime thanks everyone for your interest in our travels! I hope you have enjoyed reading the updates and looking at the photos as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you. It has been an adventure to say the least, but after 10.5 months and lots of countries, we were well and truly ready for home.

It is good to be back.

Till next time,


Monday, 31 July 2006

Location: Changi Airport, Singapore, Singapore

Hello everyone,

Here we are at Changi Airport, Singapore. It is about 1am local time on Monday 31 July. We arrived just after 11pm Sunday 30 July on a Jetstar Asia flight from Bangkok. We are cruising the airport tonight...didnt have any accommodation booked and we have to be up early for our morning flight to Sydney. Plus everything here seems to be open 24 hours a day, so we are going to have no trouble entertaining ourselves for a night! Also this internet is free, and there are a few hundred computer terminals around the place, we we could just surf the net all night if we wanted to.

We are lucky actually, because after going through immigration and collecting our baggage from the Jetstar flight, we went directly to the Qantas check in counters. There had been a flight delayed earlier so there were still people around to help us out - if that other flight had not been delayed, there would not have been anyone at the desks to help us. They were able to open the flight and check us in for tomorrow mornings flight. Therefore we got our boarding passes, and we were able to go through immigration and to the good side of the airport! You cant get through to all the duty free shops and restaurants without a boarding pass. Lucky!

We headed straight to Subway to get a bite to eat, we hadnt eaten since lunch time. So here we are typing away some emails and updates whiling away the time.

I am trying to think when I last wrote and what we got up to in Bangkok.

The day we spent at MBK we went to the Pat Pong night markets which was about a 30 min walk from the hotel. We picked up about 20 DVDs and got a good selection of new titles, hopefully they are good quality so we can actually watch them when we get home! We caught a Tuk Tuk back to the hotel...crazy 3 wheeled motor cycles, a bit of fun and its nice to feel the breeze in your hair when its so humid!

The day after MBK we had a big sleep in (the maids woke us up at 11.15am!) and then had lunch with Aidan's uncle in the hotel restaurant at 12 noon. That was nice to meet Aidans uncle and say a big thank you for putting us up in such a nice room for a good rate!

In the afternoon we got a cab up to Khao San Road markets. We cruised around there for a while. Mick picked up a couple of dodgy student cards...he is now a student at Canberra Uni for the next few years! I bought a couple of pairs of silver hoop earrings and that was about it. We negotiated the traffic and walked to the nearest boat station, and caught the ferry boat back to the Sheraton. We had a quiet night at the hotel, watching TV and chilling out.

Yesterday we got up early for once! We got a cab up to the Grand Palace. It turned out everyone else had the same idea, there were people everywhere! And the sun was out too, making it for stinking hot weather, as if the humidity is not bad enough! Mick lined up to borrow some trousers, he only had shorts on and you cant get into the temples without appropriate attire. So that was OK, we wandered around the grounds, went into the royal regalia museum and of course into the temple of the emerald buddha. From there we got another cab (they are quite cheap if you take the metered ones. One guy wanted to charge us 200 baht from the hotel to the palace, it turned out to be 60 baht with the meter that we demanded he turn on!) up to the Chutuchak weekend markets. This is a huge open air market held on weekends. You can buy anything from food to clothes to pets...its crazy! We wandered around for a while, but we did not buy anything (except lunch!) as we really didnt need much and we have no room in the bags!

On the way home we stopped at MBK shopping centre again to pick up a couple more DVDs we could not get the other night, and then back to the hotel. We picked up our now finished, tailor made suits on the way. They turned out very well, we cant wait to wear them back home! We spent the afternoon/evening by the pool, swimming and reading and dozing. So relaxing. Last night we went out for a very nice meal...finishing with sticky rice with mango and ice cream for dessert...yum!

This morning we slept in again, and spent the morning packing and organising ourselves. We even watched a bit of AFL on TV, direct from Manuka Oval in Canberra! We did not have to check out till 2pm, which we did, and then headed straight to the airport. We had a bit of a wait there, but it was not so bad. Our flight left on time bound for Singapore, and here we are at Changi aiport.

I think this is probably one of the better airports you could spend the night much shopping! The terminals are huge, there are duty free shops everywhere, we might have to do some 'midnight shopping' or at least browsing to make the time tick. Of course we might actually sit down long enough to have a snooze as well. Dont want to stuff the body clocks up too much, the transition from London to here was pretty much painless, so we have done OK.

We are so excited to be coming home tomorrow night! Cant believe that this day has come...finally! It will be so good to see everyone back home. We only have a quick 'hi' to Peter and Krys Rowell at Sydney airport, they are off on a European adventure of their own for 6 weeks leaving on the 1st...have a great time guys, and we will have a lot to catch up on when you get back to Oz!!!!

Not much else to report really. As expected I have been lazy with the photo resizing so that will have to wait a few more days...might get onto it when in Tassie!

Hope all is well with everyone.

See you soon wherever you may be!

Suse and Mick

Thursday, 27 July 2006

Location: Bankgok, Thailand

Hi everyone,

Here we are in Bangkok, Thailand.

We flew in from Singapore yesterday afternoon, we flew with Jetstar Asia and the flight only took 2 hours so it was a quick trip over. We landed at around 7pm but then it took about an hour to get through immigration (the lines were so long!) and then it was another hour or so on the bus into town.

We are staying at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel and Towers right on the river here in Bangkok. We have a swish room on the 26th floor with beautiful views over the river. Mick's mate Aidan managed to swing us great rates for this hotel for 4 nights, Aidan's uncle is a manager here. So we are loving it! I had a bath for the first time in ages last night, and then relaxed in my fluffy bath robe in front of TV. It was great!

This morning we were up and going at about 9.30am, we headed along the street near the hotel to a tailor, we both got measured up for some tailor made business suits. We picked some nice fabric and we are each getting 2 suits. Hopefully they turn out well. We have another fitting this evening.

After our fitting we got the Sky Train to a shopping mall called MBK. It is massive! We had a quick scout around for an hour or so, earmarking places to go back to later. We then headed to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch! We ordered our usual...we each get the same thing every time we go to an HRC. Mick has the Nachos and I get the Haystack Chicken Salad! Today we had Buffalo Wings for starters too. Lunch was great, but I think from now on we will be eating Thai food...much cheaper and very easy to come by, there are food stalls everywhere. It will be great to try a bit of the local cuisine.

We spent the rest of the day at MBK. I let Mick head off to peruse the electrical goods while I looked at clothes and handbags etc. I also went and had a pedicure, for only $12 Australian! So cheap. I am going to have a Thai Massage at some stage too, they are just as cheap and I have heard so much about them.

We didnt make any purchases but we want to get some DVDs at some point, plenty of places that sell them so we will stock up before we leave on Sunday.

The weather here is OK...overcast and very humid, but not too hot without the sun, so its bearable. It was much worse in some parts of Spain when it was over 40 degrees some days.

In other news, a big congrats to my cousin Donna and her finace Raff who got engaged last weekend! Another day, another engagement!

Well thats about it from me for now. Time to go scope out the swimming pool etc at this hotel!!

Till next time,


Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Hello everyone,

Here we are in Singapore, we arrived yesterday evening from London, it was a great flight with Qantas, only 12 hours and very quick and comfortable. It was great to fly with Qantas after so many discount airline flights!!!

We stayed here last night, we headed to the Raffles hotel for the obligatory Singapore Sling, and then to China Town for dinner.

This morning we walked Orchard Road and then did a sightseeing bus tour before a quick bite for lunch (again at China Town - our hotel was nearby!) and then we were on the train out to the airport.

We are now waiting for our flight to Bangkok which leaves soon. We have 4 nights there before we come back to Singapore for our flight to Sydney on Monday.

Our weekend in Paris with Bec and Rog for the end of the Tour de France was great fun. We took it easy and wandered the streets and markets of Paris. We lined the Champs Elysee on Sunday and got a glimpse of the riders as they did 8 laps of the street in the final leg of the Tour. It was all very exciting!

It was a bit sad to leave Europe after 10 months over there...still plenty of shopping to be done in Bangkok though! We may need to purchase an extra bag as our carry on cases and back packs are chockers. We did well to fit everything in!!!

Anyway my free internet here at the gate lounge is about to run out so I must dash...

Hope all is well and I will try and write again before we get home. Only 5 more days to go! Very exciting.

Till next time,


PS will try and get pix up soon but that may have to wait till we are home.

Friday, 21 July 2006

Location: London, England

Hi again,

We are back in London for a day, we arrived from Madrid last night.

We had a nice couple of days in Lisbon, we didnt do heaps, we were quite happy to take it easy and chill out for a while. We even went to the movies on Wednesday to see Da Vinci Code. All the movies were in english with Portugese subtitles, so that worked out quite well!

We got the overnight bus from Lisbon to Madrid the other night which was the best ON bus we have had...lots of room on the seats and we had 2 seats to ourselves! They even gave us bottles of water as we hopped on board.

So we got to Madrid at 6.30am and headed to the airport to drop off our stuff. We got the Metro back into town and cruised around for a while. We headed back to the airport and checked in for our EasyJet flight to London. We arrived on time and got the tube to Veronica and Geraints place to pick up our stuff. There we had a lovely BBQ dinner with them in the back yard of their place, it will look so different next time we are there as kitchen renovations are due to start in a couple of months time.

We managed to fit all of our stuff into our back packs and we got the tube round to Bec and Rogers in Notting Hill, arriving just after 11pm. Another full on and very busy day!

Tonight we are going to Paris for the weekend with Bec and Rog. We are looking forward to a fun weekend cruising around Paris, and cheering the Aussies over the finish line on the Champs Elysee...the Tour de France finishes this weekend. Should be good! Look out for us on the TV!

Also some very exciting news just in...a big CONGRATULATIONS to my brother Gerard and his FIANCE Cathie on their engagement in Hong Kong the other day!!!!!!!! Gerard popped the question whilst at dinner in Hong Kong, I haven't had a chance to speak with them yet but have got the info from Dad and Caroline...guys if you are reading this congrats and we cant wait to see you and catch up on all the gossip!!!!

Not much else to report, we are in the middle of getting ourselves organised to come back home...our flight to Singapore leaves on Monday night so not long to go now!

Hope all is well with everyone, will try and put up a few more snaps in the next few days.



Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Hi everyone,

We made it to Lisbon safe and sound on the overnight bus this morning.

I just wrote a big diary entry and stuffed up on the computer so lost the whole thing!

We are having fun and seeing the sights. Our hostel is nice but a bit out of town. However the internet is free!

Being the suckers for punishment that we are, we have booked another overnight bus to Madrid tomorrow night. We fly from there to London on Thursday.

Will write more later when I have time, we have a limit of 30 mins so I have to get going!

Hope all is well with everyone.

Till next time,


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From Mark
Thanks Suse, I enjoyed checking out the last few pics. Would have replied sooner but you know it it goes. Good to hear you've had some decompression time before work. Had a weird moment an hour ago when I walked past the temperature guage that is in your Copenhagen pics page, and went "Hey, I know that". My photo has 15 degrees on it, I like mine more :) Be good, Willis
Response: Hey Mark,
I hope you are having a blast! I loved Copenhagen. Good to hear that it's a bit warmer there for you...sounds like Canberra temperature today! Take care and have fun.
From Mary
Hi suse and Mick, glad to have you back home. Still waiting for those last few photos. Love MUM.
Response: Hi Mum
Well by the time I post them you will have seen them all anyway...I will get around to it one day!
Love from Suse
From Dad
Glad to have you home, safe and sound. It's been a fantastic journey for you both and we've been with you all the way, through your travel page. Thanks for being so diligent and keeping it up to date with words & pictures. Catch you soon. Luv, Dad
Response: Hi Dad, it's so good to be back! Can't wait to see you very soon. Lots of love from Suse xxxxoooo
From Shelly
Hey Guys

Glad you have both arrived home safely. You have done fair bit of travelling there. Hope to hear from you soon and maybe see you at some time in the future in Oz. Lots of Love Shelly
Response: Hey Shelly,
Thanks for your message...sorry I have not replied to your email, I have been meaning to! Will do that soon. Hope all is well with you in Ed. Love from Suse
From zoe
Hey Suse and Mike
When you get settled in give me a call. Can't wait to see you!xx
Response: Hey Zo Zo,
See you on the weekend, cant wait for the wedding fair!
Love from Suse
From Mark
Ha, Congrats :)

I'm pleased you've hung on, it was an interesting race (and you'll get past 2500 easy once you get your pics up). You've done an awesome job with the website, enjoy the shopping and big thanks to Mick for the latest travel tips. Willis.
Response: Thanks, I'm still waiting for Mick to do at least one diary entry...we are now home though so its a bit late! Better late than never though. You however will get heaps more hits, you'll probably storm past 3000 by the time you are done travelling the world! Cheers, Suse
From Mark
Alright, so I'm curious, I'm up to 2301. You'll have to let me know what the post count is before you get home. Good call on grabbing some suits, good luck on carrying all that back :P Look after yourselves. Willis.
Response: 2457!!! I cant believe you havent overtaken us yet! Soon enough no doubt. You will have heaps of hits as you embark on your epic Euro Travels! Have fun planning it and we will keep in touch.
From krystyna
Guys you just have to have black sticky rice with cocnut cream and mango, its to die for! Don't forget a selection of Thai silk dresses with shoes to match for all the weddings you are going to attend. See you in 3 days time!
Response: Hi Krys, we have gone nuts at the suit shop, so I may have to give the Thai silk dress a miss...hoping my sisters can help out with upcoming wedding attire! Hope all is well. See you Monday!
Love from Suse xxoooo
From krystyna
What a romantic way to end a holiday congrats to your brother and Cathie. Not long to go now enjoy the last week of your OS adventure see you in Sydney!
Response: Hope your packing is going OK! See you in Sydney in 5 days time!!!!
From ABC
Response: Hi
From mark
Hey guys,
The shots of Dubrovnik and Croatia look pretty awesome, I am almost sorry that we didn't see it ourselves. Ah well, next time...
Response: Hey Mark, We have been like that with a few places much to see and so little time, you cant do everything!!! Looking forward to seeing you guys in Canberra soon. Ciao, Suse
From JC
Hi Suse,
Not long til you're home. Can't wait to see you in Tassie in August (can't wait for my Hens Night either). Enjoy your last few weeks OS. Say hi to Mick for me.
Luv JC xoxox
P.S After reading all about the 'Isle of Capri' I had it stuck in my head too, now I've got the 'copacabana' song stuck in there instead!!!
Response: Hello! Great to hear from you. I am looking forward to catching up on all the wedding goss and seeing your new house too. Cant wait for the hens night either! Sorry about all the daggy songs...there seems to be a song for every place we visit!!! Take care and I will see you soon. Say hi to Ben from both of us. Lots of love from Suse
From Gerard & Cathie
Hi all,
Just getting over Dad's rendition of The Isle of Capri's only been 2 1/2 months.
Enjoy your last couple of weeks Suse and Mick.
Response: Hi Guys, as I write this you are are probably in Hong Kong already and nearly home. In a weeks time we will be on our way to Singapore and will be half way home too...very exciting. Cant wait to see you both in Oz. Take care and speak soon. Love from Suse and Mick. "it was on the Isle of Capri that I met her...."
From andrew ozga
hi guys, hope you are enjoying your trip. it sounds great.
Response: Hey Andrew, thanks heaps for your message. Got your email will love Slovenia and Croatia if you make it there. Such beautiful spots. Take care. Suse
From Ange
Hey Suse
Sounds like you are having a fabulous time - loving looking at the pics especially Prague. Had a great time there even though I got our kitty purse stolen! Ooops! So jealous of the gelati - the flavours sound amazing. Will e-mail you soon to let you know how things are but its just the same old here in Edinburgh. Weather is supposed to fab this weekend so am off to a BBQ with a few G&Ts. Take care, love Ange
Response: Hi Ange, glad you had a great time in Prague is such a beautiful spot, hey. Great to hear from you. Take care and enjoy the summer weather while it lasts. Lots of love from Suse
From krystyna
Hair needs a few blond highlights Mike, humidity, heat what's that? -7 in Canberra this morning can't wait to try some of that weather in 2 weeks and counting.
Response: Hello there,
-7 sounds very cold! Not looking foward to it so I guess I should not complain about the heat here. We may have to get out our puffy jackets for when we step off the plane in Canberra!
Talk to you soon.
Love from Suse
From Mary
Hello from foggy Lenah Valley. I'll bet Michael did not carry Susan up any of the thousands of steps on the Isle of Capri!!! Cute bus, yes, but maniac drivers, obviously you did not fall over the side. Spectacular views...the Isle of Capri is just lovely. Did you sing "Was on the Isle of Capri that I met her"etc. You may have heard some tourists on a Trafalger Tour with their guide singing!!!that is what we did last year!!!! Enjoy your last 18 days. Love from Mum.
Response: Hi Mum,
We didnt do much singing on the Isle of Capri, I think that rendition I got on the phone from Dad was enough! We did brave the steps up to the town rather than taking the funicular, but Mick would not have been able to carry me all that way!
Talk to you soon.
Love from Suse
From Claire
Hi Susan

We've been thinking of you lately, and drooling over your happy snaps of sunny weather and you two in T shirts for God's sake! Can't even begin to imagine the heat you must be having!!! double digit temperatures, what is that like? :)
Don't even think about anything work related, nothing's happening on the news front, Jodi's bub Holly is just so cute but we don't see enough of her (or Jodi).
Hope you are having a great time and never forget how special each day is while you're over there. Lap it up!

Best wishes,
Response: Cheers for the message Claire! Great to hear from you and I hope year end is going well. We´ll be back soon enough...trying hard not to think too much of home but its not really working! Too hot here in Spain, the humidity is a killer. Hope all is well. See you soon! Susan
From Mark
Good call on leaving the game early (ouch!), isn't even over yet :) Love the random accomodation, thats awesome. Enjoy your rest, then have a big finish in Italy (heaps to see), you'll be back in Oz soon enough. Look after yourselves. Willis
Response: Cheers Mark, good to hear from you. We are only in Italy for a few nights...we have Spain to do now! Ciao, Suse & Mick
From krystyna
Ok I've saved you into "favourites" so that I don't delete you again! so Mike where is the shaved head photo? glad that you've finally got your guava juice its only taken 20 yrs, was it any good? Egypt looked toooo hot, Pompei looked interesting. Did I miss the "cultural" shots of Holland?
Response: The worst bit is that Mick didnt even drink the guava juice...he was too sick!
From Zoe
Good Work Mick!
Carrying Suse up 99 steps.. how romantic!
And a great way to keep fit!
Response: Hey Zo Zo hows things? Hope the wedding plans are coming along nicely! Hope all is well with you and Damon.< Love from Suse and Mick
From Mark
Oh no! Did you not buy Antinal like I told you? I did give you the packet right? Ah well, hope you feel better now...
Response: Hello! Yeah we had the packet you gave us so we stocked up and it seemed to help a worked for me but for Mick it was not the wonder drug you promised!!!! Hope alls well with you and Bree. See you soon in Oz! Suse & Mick
From Anne W
Hi Susan and Michael,
Just reading through your diary entries and looking at photos. Some photos bring back memories from two years ago. Glad you are having a great time and really enjoying yourselves.
Will be sad when it finishes.
Love anne.
Response: Hi anne,
Not long to go now, we'll be home in under 5 weeks time! we have had a ball and still have a bit of travel to do so stay tuned! catch up soon. Love from Suse
From Gerard & Cathie
Hi Suse and Mick,
Just checked out the photos - great work. Some of yours resemble ours and we look forward to seeing the places you have been and we are yet to visit.
See you soon.
Love G & C
Response: Hi Guys, hope your travel is going well still. Not much longer to go now - time flies hey! Glad you like the pix, cant wait to see some of yours when we are back in Oz. Love from Suse and Mick xxoo
From Kat
wow those photos and adventures sound so amazing. i loved Verona, looks like you had so much fun! keep having fun and posting lots of photos, it gets me through the working week ;o)
Response: Hey Kat, Great to hear from you and glad you are still checking the site! How are things with you in Tas? We are down for 2 weeks after we get back...would be great to catch up! Take care. Love from Suse