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My Journey Across The Beautiful And Amazing Canada

Hello family, friends and fellow travellers! Join me on my journey across Canada where I met wonderful and amazing people, saw and did things that took my breath away and endured endless train trips. It was here that I stayed with two of the most nicest people in the world, skied for the first time in ten years, went from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean in twenty five days, walked around what is, or used to be, the biggest Mall in the world and learnt a lot of interesting facts (most of which I forget). Looking at these photos, it feels like yesterday when I took them, but it's now been over 4 years!!! That in itself is pretty unbelievable. This was only the beginning of my journey, other places I have been to since then include; Chicago, Boston, New York, London, Inverness, Vienna, Salzburg, Venice, Rome and the list goes on. For the time being though, you are only able to see Canada through my eyes, the rest of my never-ending journey will be displayed sometime in the future. So read on and enjoy!

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Markets, Seafood & A Needle!

Whilst staying in Richmond, Vancouver, the couple I was staying with and I drove down to Fairhaven (in America – between Seattle and Vancouver) to have dinner with a relative of theirs. The following day we all drove down to Seattle for the day. We had a delicious seafood lunch by the water and wandered around the city having a lot of fun in the process.


Home Sweet Home-Canadian Style

I had such a lovely time in Vancouver. I really did feel so at home, mostly because the couple I was staying with were so kind and caring. Some of my time was spent lazing around the house in my pyjamas but when I went into the city for the day I made the most of every hour, every minute and every second. It was really beautiful.


I Came - I Skied - I Fell

From it’s touristy little village (where might I add I discovered my first Cows store - ) to the ski slopes, to the lakes and forests - I loved every inch of Whistler. I think it also had something to do with the fact that I met my first Queenslander my first night there. As it turned out, he and I had an awesome time together, not only in Whistler but Vancouver as well.



HMMMMMM! What to write? What to write?


I Got Off to A Rocky Start

I wasn't too sure what there was to see in Banff or what to do. All I knew was that it was in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. So, I thought what the heck, I couldn’t not see the Rocky Mountains while I was in Canada. I’m really glad I decided to stay a couple of nights before I went on to Edmonton and in comparison to Whistler it was a lot less touristy; it only had one street lined with souvenir shops – not a whole village.


From Big Mountains 2 Big Malls

When I finally arrived in Edmonton, I spent three days there. I can pretty much say the same thing for Edmonton as I can say for San Diego. Which is; I went there but I didn't actually see it. Yes, I spent three days in Edmonton but all I saw was a mall. In all fairness though there's not really much else to see in Edmonton and it wasn't just ANY mall. It was THE West Edmonton Mall. There was so much to see and do, however as I was by myself I only SAW it all, I didn't DO it all. "Isn't shopping the only thing you can do at a mall though?" I hear you ask. WELL, not at THIS Mall! With around 110 eating places (including HOOTERS) and over 800 shops all under one roof - shopping is only one of MANY things to do at THIS mall. You could....


LONGEST Train Trip So Far!

When I tell everyone I spent close to 50 hours on a train stopping only three times for 20 minutes, they have trouble believing me. It does seem a little unbelievable, but I DID IT, from Edmonton to Toronto!


Wet, wet, Wet!

I arrived in Niagara Falls in the afternoon and it was quickly getting dark. Lucky for me this meant I got to see Niagara Falls by night! (How cheesy their main street is when it's all lit up) I didn't venture over to the American side whilst I was there, but I did climb down and up a HUGE hill to see the whirlpool up close and personal. I even put my hand in the very water that previously came gushing over the Falls.


The Old, The New And A Circus!

This was my first city where the locals spoke two languages; French and English. It was a bit daunting at first, but I soon got used to it. I was really lucky to get the opportunity to see Corteo, a Cirque du Soleil performance whilst in Montreal. This was VERY exciting as Montreal is where Cirque du Soleil originated. The was brilliant and I didn't want it to end. Because I had to extend my stay in Montreal in order to see Corteo I also got to see some sights that most travellers who visit Montreal don't get a chance to see.


History Surrounded By a Wall

I loved Quebec City and not just because they sold hot chocolate in BOWLS! I went on two 4 hour walking tours (which were FREE) and learning about the history of the city, whilst actually being there was fantastic. Of course I don't remember anything now, but at the time I was going Ooooo, Aaaaah. It was very fascinating. So was one of the clubs Jo (a fellow Australian) and I went clubbing at. The music that varied from heavy metal to 'Rockin Robin', was so loud and it was so smokey in there that Jo and I came out sounding like 'Trannies' (her words - not mine). Hahaha! It may have been a rough first day and night but the rest of my stay in Quebec City was AWESOME!

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From Lucy
OMIGOD!! These pictures are amazing!! Wow, you have had so many amazing adventures...Maybe one day I will latch onto you and come too!! The pictures of you skiing in Whistler are spectacular!
Response: Glad you like the pics Lucy! I hope one day our paths cross again and I have the opportunity to ride a quadricylce again. Hahaha! Hope you are well!
From leah of tennessee
hey aussie!
when will the pics of london be up for all to see? wishing you the best of weekends,
Response: London??? I've got loads more photos to display before I even THINK about putting photos of London up! All the best to you too!
From Joe the freak slayer
ahhh, swaby why why why must u rub this in the face of those whom are currently trapped back in the mother country with no finances (or even a leaky boat) to escape!! Talk soon mate! Joe
Response: Hahahaha! Oh I'm sorry Joe. Why why why can't you do as your told when someone tells you not to look at their photos when they tell you to. Can't wait to see you in whatever country that may be....although with a name like that....I'm not so sure now!
From Miki
Hey! Looks like you're having a swell time. Might find you along our travels this year!
Miss ya heaps!
From Jock
hey hey!! i cant believe im stuck here in lil tasmania while your out and about travelling the globe. Good for you. Miss you heaps, take care. love you lots love jock.
Ps. the cadbury factory was awesome!!!!!
Response: Well, I may be travelling the globe and I have seen a lot. BUT there is still so much more to see and do. ie. VISIT THE CADBURY FACTORY!
From beck what the heck
how you doin sar?
missing you incredibly much right now. hows UK. hurry up and update your pics girl.
love becky
Response: I'm great. Always am. Finally got a temp job which is great news. Which means it'll take a little longer for me to get new pics up. I thought you of all people would have a lot more patience...being a child care worker and all! Miss you too Beck!
From Keli
Hey babe, jus checkd out yr li'l fotos they are really really beautiful! you should be a photographer and give up looking after the kiddies! i didnt know u loved trees i kinda figured it out! L8tas luv me mwah xxx
Response: Hahaha, yeah the trees and I go way back. We first made eyes for each other when I played a tree in my school musical. Hahaha. I must admit though, I think photography is what I'm going to look into doing when I get back home...whenever that may be.
From Mark-Fellow Snowbudd
Hey Sarah
Whoa V impressive photography! Hope travels through the rest of Canada went well. Where are your Whistler pics? Hey I tried ski ing in Squaw Valley...I entertained quite a few Yankees that day! Im in Peru at the Mo. Remember how I got my bag stolen and got it back...well it was stolen again two days ago. But its cool. Still have my travel monkey and my passport. Leaving on the four day Inka Trail to Machhu Pechu on Saturday. Hasta Leugo kewl chicky!
Response: Man, I really am slack. You're back in Oz now and no longer on some Inka Trail. Hope you had a great new years eve.
From lindsaybutler
just sitting with you in starbucks...remember the homeless guy in chicago...he is a blues singer in another lifetime and also smokes the rock...g'day mate!
Response: Starbucks! Homeless Guy! Chicago! HAHAHAHAHA! Good times! 'Don't come back now ya here!'
From joe
hey babe keep updatin these talk soon joe
Response: Don't have to wait long now Joe!
From David See
HEY Sarah, wow.... this is cool so jelous u r over there, make sure to poke your head in some photos ok. it's raining at the moment over in OZ oh and miss deb say's hi!!!
Miss Ya Love from Australia
Response: HEY! Good news! The next lot of photos I put on here will have me in some of them. Soak up the sun for me, as its now very hot and humid in Australia!
From Pearl
You (and your photos) made me feel homesick. They were lovely! Why aren't you smiling in any of them? Glad you are enjoying your stay in North America. - Love from downunder
From Daz and Al
Awesome photos Sarah. (And its PHOTOS, not PHOTOES!! lol Pass that along to mum too!! he-he It's awesome living with an English teacher!!) If you run out of money - get big prints of some of your photos and sell them on the street. Headless ducks would always go down well we reckon!! Glad to hear you are having such a great time. We'll catch up with you in Europe...provided we win the lottery and/or win big on a scratchie/pokie.
Talk soon.
Response: Thanks Darryn! I'll keep all of that in mind. Look forward to seeing you this year (in Europe and in Australia). WHOOOO!
From dan
ice hockey?????? what the bloody hell is wrong with you sarah? after all those years years we only watch the footy! dan yes dan!
Response: I loved the ice hockey, the atmosphere in the stadium was awesome. TOWEL POWER!
From Mum and Dad
Photoes are great and your email is terrific too. Dad got lots of laughs reading your notes and seeing the photoes.
Response: Well, I'm glad you're enjoying my travels through my emails and photos. Miss you both so much!
From becks a ledgend
hi sars
love seing all the pics. your like a full on fotographer hey! geeee!
love you and miss you times 20 bazillion!
love beck rules
Response: You'll have to send me some of your pics beck. I miss you more and I can't wait to see your smiling face again.
From Oldest brother
Wow!!! Your having a travellers dream. Your photo's are just well thought out. Love all the work you've put into it, but I bet its easy when your having so much fun. Always thinking of you and I am so glad I've got a little sister who's out there doing what everyone should do after school. I'm so prould of you and I luv ya.
Response: I'm not just having a travellers dream...I'm living my own dream. I love seeing new things and meeting amazingly beautiful people each every day. I'm extremely lucky, not only to have you as my brother but to finally be a travelling nanny. Thanks!
From Dad
Love all the photoes and all the captions, got a great laugh lots of love what an awesome experience riding over the bridge. Dad and Mum
Response: I was so lucky with the weather that day. It was beautiful. How fun would have it had been if you rode over it with me? Not THAT would have been awesome!
From steve the motivation
steve -"if life gives you lemons you gotta make lemonade"
foreigner -"but i dont have any lemons"
steve -"i like to think positively about everything - i dont call it bahgdad, i call it goodad - say it with me kids - GOODAD"
Response: Glad you could check out my photos Steve. Drop by again soon and check out my photos I've uploaded recently.