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Welcome to Sweeper96's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Photos - Click Below


Beijing 2008 Olympics

One hour before the bronze medal match in women's soccer, we received a call from our friends who had 2 free tickets to watch both the bronze and gold medal matches in women's soccer. We were so excited!!


From Yogyakarta to Jakarta

Just some more random photos taken in Yogyakarta. During our last two days in Indonesia we stayed in Jakarta.



At our guest house in Yogyakarta, we took a Batik course. Batik is the method of dyeing fabric and using wax on the areas of the cloth that you do not want to dye. This process is made up of several stages of drawing your design, applying wax, dyeing, applying more wax, dyeing, etc., etc. We spent 7 hours completing our pieces of cloth.


From Bali to Yogyakarta

We spent a lot of time in Bali on the beach and eventually made our way to Yogyakarta on the island of Java.



Lemongan is a small quiet island off of Bali where surfers come to catch some waves. We only ate a lot of fresh seafood and enjoyed the beach and clear water.


Ubud, Bali

The first week we stayed in a town a little more up in the mountains where we enjoyed our first introduction to Indonesian/Balinese cuisine, great weather, cafes, and lots of pleasure reading.


The Bird's Nest

This was so cool! These pictures were taken about two months before the Olympics. We got to watch Olympic athletes (mostly Chinese) competing in various track and field events.


The Forbidden City

After living in Beijing for almost 10 months, we finally enter The Forbidden City. Of course we decide to go during a holiday when every one and their mother in China have the same day off to explore Beijing.


Junk Drawer of Pictures

Pictures taken around Beijing.


Carden School

I work at Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Experimental School, which is a name that is too long for me to remember, and I am one of the foreign teachers in the Carden English Department.


Vang Vieng and Vientiane 2008

We stopped in Vang Vieng for only three days and then made our way to the capital, Vientiane.


More Luang Prabang 2008

It was so beautiful here.


Luang Prabang 2008

Daily routine at Luang Prabang: early morning walk, eating a bagel with cream cheese and a chocolate croissant, drinking a mocha and a cafe latte at Joma's, walking around, finding a snack, eating lunch, taking an afternoon nap, drinking Lao coffee on the curb, strolling around looking for a restaurant or street vendor for dinner, night market shopping, and another Lao coffee.


More Chiangmai 2008

Some more pictures.


Chiangmai, Thailand 2008

We spent about a week in Chiangmai and really enjoyed our time there.

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From kimberly
worried me for a moment, you say you spent the day on mushroom beach not on mushrooms? He-He...Beautiful pictures Luang Prabang, amazing.
From Beth C
Hey, I am just looking at your pics and they are great! Wish we could be there with you, we miss you lots and a little jealous about the soccer game, right on though it looks like it was amazing! Keep posting your pics we love looking at them! Beth C
From erich lloyd de leon
Hey maya! how are ya?
had seen your pictures with your students. Nice, love them. I'm with kuya lloyd right now. Take care. Love you.
-Ikelyn (
From andrea
dude i am so jealous and i am so glad someone is doing it :) cause i want to join.
From california,Kim
Hey Miss Maya,
Sorry to here of your red nip,nips sounded miserable, love your pictures> what did you do for your Birthday? And will you be staying one more year?Hawaii sounding pretty good eh?
From Bobbi
It was nice to hear from you. I love your adventures and your photos. I love them all, the artsy, the historical, and the everyday life. Glad to hear you are well and everything (except the smog and dry air) is going well for you.