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Welcome to my travel page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

today we went to the the train station to be taken around SBB, the train outfits control tower at the HauptBahnHoff. This is not open to the public but since russys just a train enthusist he got us in somehow. it was really interesting and the figures are amazing. according to their statistics 8 times their countrys population passes through their trains every year! after that we went for a siwm and then went to allegros to have tea. we then presented russy with a thankyou gift and then packed.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Today we left Stein am Rhein after a great sleep in the Hay and cows below and moved on to our last couple of nights in Zurich. We were sopposed to be going to the Gotthard Tunnel Base today but after careful thought we called it off because Prisca was doing washing and it is also Russys last time he will see them (they are great mates and used to live near eachther). when we got to Zurich we went up the massive tower and had a 360 view of almost everywhere we had been so far. again so hot Today so we went for a swim in Lake Zurich and cut up my feet on the rocks which had barnicaly thingys on them

Sunday, 15 July 2007

left Montreax this morning and caught a train to cross the whole country. we went via bern and Zurich and then caught a bus to Stein am Rhein where we met up again with prisca and ewly. we went to the farmstay where we are staying and settled into our hay. the farmer took us for a tour of his farm and he is an organic farmer. He has about 50 cows over a farm of 20 hectares. we had a Barbeque for tea and a swim by the Rhein with Prisca and co. really hot today.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Location: Montreux, Switzerland

left Bern this morning after having a look atr the Bear pit which had lovely big grizzleys in it. Arrived in Montreaux and our accomodation is right on the side of lake Geneve. beuztix ful. looks over into France but missed the Booat that actually goes there. Montreux is on the french speaking region of Swityerland so every thing is french. also the annual jazz festival is on here which is a big thing so the place is going off.Freddy Mercury, Elton John and David Bowie have all sung here before.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Location: jungfrau, Switzerland

started the day today by goinvg to the station in Grindelwald. packed full of asians and yanks, its one of the most popular trains in the world. the train is all driven by an electric cog. it takes about 40mins to climb almost 2000m with one change in between. the top of the ride is amazing. 3453m above sea level and the view is amazing. glaciers, massive drops and an airforce flyover to tribute 6 soldiers which were killed in an avalanche just yesterday. then i caught an elevator which went up to the sphinx at 3574m, just 200m of mnt cook and there is 360views of almost all of Switzerland. we got to go outside in the snow and there was a ski field and thinhgs like that and if you were keen, you could take a walk and summit the rest of the mountain. going down we went down the otherside of the mountain and maded our way to Bern. Berns the capitol and in my perspective not the best îve seen in my life. beutiful buildings but the streets are packed with litter and the homeless. an exiting day.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Location: Grindelwald, Switzerland

went to the factory this morning and took a tour which was put on espiecally for us and it was very interesting. about 900 employed and thousands of knives a day. They gave us a free knive at the end of the tour and also deducted 30% on anything we wanted from the shop. good people, So I took advantage. travelled on to Gindelwald this afternoon and passed through Interlaken where the Red Bull air race was being held. got to the hostel here and the view is jawdropping. looking straight onto to the famous north face which we have already herd some climbing stories about and tomorrow we go up to Jungfraujoch. that is the highest railway station in europe situated at 3453m. note that it is about as high as Mtcook.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Location: Luzern, Switzerland

went up Mt Pilatus today but the top half of the mountain was in a total white ou so sorry, very few photos and next to nothing to see except for walking in snow. Luzern has not been good to us. But down below we went for a cruise right around the lake which was pretty cool and im just about to go see the lion in the wall. about 10mins walk around the corner. I bought my watch today and its prety nice. Going to the victorinox factory tommorow and then on to Grindewald.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Location: Luzern, Switzerland

Luzern is a very nice city when the conditions are good. it is kind of sunny today. We spent the morning looking around the old part of the city and the watertower thingy. also the old wall. a tour party would be good just to learn what they are actually about because most things are in German of course. at abuot lunchtime we went to the museum of science and transportation which was very cool. there were lots of interactive things whch was helpful and a tour party.

Monday, 09 July 2007

Location: Switzerland

hello all,
today was rather uneventful as we spent almost 8 hrs on a train. we got on the Glacier express at Davos which was sopposed to take us to our destination Luzern, with only one change but they kicked us of because we did not pay the 30chf even though we have a swiss pass which is an unlimited train ticket. eerrr! so we got kicked off and then we had to make about four changes but we finally got to Luzurn. cold, wet and the accomodation is not very good. and no washing machines so we had to pay 16chf for an industrial wash. err!

Sunday, 08 July 2007

Location: Davos, Switzerland

Today we met with Pracilla and Ulle, the ones who met us at the airport, and took the gondala up Jakobshorn. this is the mountain opposite one we went up yesterday. once we got up the top we walked back down. at the bottom we went to a resturant up the valley pracilla used to work at. the home-made icecream is good. thats all.

Saturday, 07 July 2007

Location: Davos - Arosa - Chur, Switzerland

Today we all hired mountain bikes to thrash round on the swiss alps.( very fun thing to do). We got a cable car to the top of the mountain west of us which we went half way up yesterday. the ride took us to 2253m. very high and an amazing view. we climbed yet further higher on the mountain bikes to a resturant. one of the highest ones in the world, the highest on a skyline close to us. the track between where we arrived and this place is on top of pure jagged rock cliff face about 150m high. Chilling experience. past the resturant we started to decend our way down the other side of the face which we could not bike down because it was just way to steep. we got down eventually and arrived in Langweis and caught the train to Chur, a Roman settlement, noe turned small city. from there we made our way back to Davos via Landqaurt.

Friday, 06 July 2007

Location: Davos, Switzerland

Hello all.
Today we went for a ride on the train to Filisur. Its a we villiage somewhere around Davos. (ive completley lost my bearings and theres no map handy) so we got there and walked back to Davos, about a 5-6hour walk. we saw all sorts of wildlife like squirrels, and stuff. once we got back we went up this mountain which was at 1600m at the top. a long way up and the air is very thin. we got up there by cable car. there is a lot of gondalas around also. Davos is quite a big town. about the size of Oamaru maybe. is was built here in the interest of curing TB. the town is situated at 1240m high. The Youth hostel we are staying at is on the side of the mountain looking over the whole of Davos. We are on the second from top floor and its a good view.

Thursday, 05 July 2007

Location: Switzerland

Hello all,
This morning we packed up our gears and got ready to come to Davos. but first we all took a quick look around the old part of Zurich. all the buildings and churches are all really nice. we caught the train out to Bern at about 12 which took about 3hrs. we are at a an altitude really high, I dont no what it is to be exact but the temperature is so low lonely because of this. and the air is so freash. The town originally was here to cure TB disease before medicine. all the patients lied on deck chairs all day wrapped in woolies while the cold, fresh air, dried out their lungs and sopposed to cure the disease. the hostel im staying in for the next three nights used to be one of these places niw converted and I am on the top floor looking over the whole place, skifields, valleys and lakes. it must be good if hitlers favorite resort was here. very nice.

Wednesday, 04 July 2007

Location: everywhere., Switzerland

today was a very eventful day. we went to this wee village about an hour south of Zurich which had this amzing big monastry which they have been building for about a 1000yrs. the interior is brilliant. we came back at about lunchtime and the caught a train north and just decided to pop into GEMANY for a few hours. Great. clean, cheap, and the atmosphere was alive.
We all went out for tea tonight with our swiss friends to this great restaurant and of course we all had thir specialtie sausages. Granddad would be jealous. I go this great big one and the biggest you could get was a metre long!

Wednesday, 04 July 2007

Location: Zurich - Brig, Switzerland

(in place of yesterday, we got back late)
Today we got up nice and early because we went to Brig. if you look on a map its way down the bottom. We caught the train from Zurich and got to Bern, the capital, in an hour, then changed trains there and then spent about 2.5hrs getting to brig. the ride though fom Bern to Glopenstein is magnificant. the valley is picture perfect and theres nothing much to be said its so beutiful. All the houses are the same and it looks like a wee model play set. From there you go through a massive tunnel and then through a series of avalanche shelters. once through them, well, you look down about 500m to the bottom of a clif and a panoramic view of the swiss alps. jaw-dropping stuff.
We managed o get on to Brig and it is also one of the awesomest places in the world. We were planing to go on to Zermatt (where the matterhorn is but we missed the connection).

Monday, 02 July 2007

Location: Zurich youth hostel, Switzerland

Switzerland is awesome.
We landed safely this morning aftrer a very very very long, and ever so boring flight which had no movies, which I havn't already seen. The airport at Zurich is almost brand new and you could almost call it state of the art. when you leave the terminal you catch this wee train which takes you directly too your baggage claim. Once youve done that and you havnt got anything to declare, you simply walk out the front door. easy and without fuss, I was off the plane and outside within 20minutes. When we got out pracilla and company (our hosts for a couple of nights next week (?), greeted us with Cow bells blaring, and cheering with signs! highly embarrasing as the whole of Switzerland was looking at us! Weather here is hot and rained most of the day today with lightining and thunder. but still good enough to explore the beautiful city. Prices here are no dearer than at home. The only outragous things I saw were at McDonalds, an average combo for $10.95chf!!! and also a shower which I was dying for at the Airport which was $12.00chf! I am loving the transport service which runs intirely on trains and trams which you can catch and get home in about 5min from the other side of the city. So I am going to go to bed now and try and catch up with some sleep. Its awkward when youre body cannot figure ot weither i'm supposed to be asleep or not! I am going to the the Matterhorn tomorrow.

Sunday, 01 July 2007

Location: Changi Airport, Singapore

Hello all,
just found a genius idea at this massive airport - FREE internet! So decided to take advantage of it. the flight over was very tiresome moving through time which was going half the usual speed believe it or not. We flew over Australia and Indonesia and we got an awesome view of ayres rock and the elephant rocks cos we flew right over top. the heat here is unberreble and it feels like im walking through someones sweat. But the food is good and there is some very typical things here like video game stations where like 70 people crowd round and watch these two guys fighting eachother on XBOX. so now ill wait another 5 hours for my flight at 0100hrs, ):
P.S. ill post some photos when I get some time and space in Switzerland.

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From Cristoforo
Clare and Gerard called in for mass this morning and came in for coffe. Clare mentioned that you might be going to the night safari while in Singapore. Don't!!! I was in Singapore twice last year (lucky for some!) and returned to the Zoo during the day - my return visit after my first visit in 1989. It was just as big a thrill then as it was last year. My friend with whom I was staying took me to the night is not even in the same famous zoo - but attached to it - and is hopeless - and certainly not worth the time, effort or go during the day - and watch out for dinner plate sized spiders making webs in trees above you!!!!!!!
Response: hey hey I found it. I think I will still do it if I can be bothered, just to say ive done it.
From Chris
Have just checked out a live webcam site for Jungfraujoch. It's a long way up alright! I hope you have a clear day when you are there - and they you packed your thermals!!! Hot Singapore will be looking more inviting now.....
Response: found it
From Callum Scott
I have been reading you travel blog, sounds like you are having a great time!

Wish I was there!

Response: hey. thanx for the message but I just found out how to find and reply them.
From Ged & Nats
Hi Sam - sounds like you have been really busy! At least you are managing to see a lot. Are you able to add any photos to the site??
Response: hello. sorry but I just found out how to use this messaging thing and I cant put any photos on because I cant access the harddrive or USB port.
From Bev Eaton
Hi Sam,
Wow it is all sounding so fabulous and amazing experience for you. Hope you are taking lots of photos.
Also hope your time clock adjusts soon.
Take care and enjoy.
Response: hey thanks for the message but I only just found out where they are located.