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Diary Entries

Tuesday, 05 June 2007

Location: London - Wembley, UK

On Sunday night, 5 of us girls headed to Wembley Arena to watch Beyonce perform in concert! I would have to say that it was probably the best concert i have been to, her singing and dancing for over 2 hrs was amazing!! She is definately UNBELIEVABLE, so so so hot too!! I think we are all totally in love with her now!! haha

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Location: Merrakech, Atlas mtns & Sahara, Morocco

Hi all!!
Well we have just returned back from an adventure and a half to North Africa! Morocco is amazing, I was quite clueless heading there as i didn't know too much about what we were doing and seeing as a group and what the lifestyle was going to be like there either. In total there was 8 of us, 7 girls and 1 boy (Liam), poor boy!!

We landed in one of the most chaotic places i have ever seen, Merrakech! It was amazing, we were swamped by donkeys, mopeds, horse and carriages and taxis (there forms of transport) as we entered the city centre. I have never seen a place so back in time, it reminded me of a different century! The things that stuck out the most was the dust/pollution, the kids swarming us trying anything they can to get money off us, they dont seem to really go to school, and the thousands of feral skinny cats wandering the streets. We were in Merrakech for 2 nights and we stayed at beautiful riads (renovated houses), headed into the markets and bartered with the confrontational, gross moroccan men for cheaps food and goods. Being in there was an experience in itself as there was snake charmers, monkeys in cages (sad) and basically just crazy things everywhere, we definately had to be on our toes walking through there!

For the other part of the trip we headed in our own van touring through the famous breathtaking atlas mountains, gauges and small farming villages where they have only had electricity for 5 years!!! It definately is hard to comprehend how they live!!

The most memorable of the trip was camping in the Sahara Desert! I definately wasn't expecting that, we treked out on camels for 2 hours into the Sahara with one of the local nomad men (he was even born out there and grew up there with his family). Surrounding our campsite for the night, where we stayed with the locals was huge mountainous sand dunes which we climbed to watch the sunset! That was definately an achievement to reach the top of that!

All in all, this trip was an amazing adventure which i recommend to anyone to see!!! Hope you all enjoy the photos!!

Sunday, 04 March 2007

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

For the first weekend in March I headed to Prague for a girls weekend away. There was Renee, Lilly, Moony (Yoonjin) and Anita and I. We left on Friday arriving in Prague at around 10 and headed for our first taste of the Czech food. From that night on we were 'sold' that the food was a must have every meal from then on. The food there is so so cheap and the portion sizes are massive too! By Sunday lunch i was definately feeling the potato and bacon dumplings and the different meat varieties that i indulged in throughout the weekend. Our last meal outing was definately the best and most memorable as we ate at a traditional medievil theme and 'Moonjin' and I ate a Pork knuckle between us!!!! YUUUMMMYYY

The actual city of Prague is really pretty, the street are mostly coblestone and the buildings are old and painted pretty colours. The actual people there are not too friendly as we found out walking through the markets and testing their combs and other items offered for sale!

The nightlife is pretty fun as we started at a cocktail bar having a few dangerous shots and cocktails. From there we headed to now my favourite nightclub - it has 5 or 6 levels each which a different theme! Very Cool!

Prague is definately on the agenda to head back again in Summer!!

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Recent Messages

From Barb Osborne
Hi Talya,
Well it's News Years Eve, I trust you all have a really great one and even as much excitement for 2008. Look forward to hearing how the New York Chrissy experience was. Had a Chrissy drink or two with Dad, Mum and Brandt - good to see them all and I'm sure was some good Clifford hospitality over Xmas. We were thinking of you and the fun New York would hold.
Luv for now
Happy New Year
Barb XXXX (not thats not beer)
From Barb Osborne
Hi Talya
Thanks for the update at Brighton... a bit different to the beach at Burleigh hey!
Obvious still many places to visit, ales to consume and good times to be had. Make sure you leave a few pubs to take your Dad to on his visit sooooooon...they seem to be really looking forward to their trip. I'm worried he may want to stay..or perhaps he's over that 30 year longing by now!!
I know they will enjoy catching up with you and having a great time.
Take care and regards to Liam.
From Ez
Hey Loser!
how are ya?
Posting you guys and Sam & Skye invites to my 21st today. not sure how long it takes for mail to arrive in pomland but you should get them soon.
Missing you both...a little bit!! Love ezmond
Response: hey there dorko!! oohhh 21st!!! so so much fun have an awesome time - cause remember its all about you!! haha!!
talk soon miss ya!
From Barbara O
Hi Talya
Glad to see all going well, life and job.
How did Liam get on with the Running of the Bulls? Is he still running, and fast I trust.
Lots of luv..keep enjoying
Response: Hey Barbara, yeah he got back and survived. Went to Wimbledon so some pics will be up soon! love talya
From Megan
Does everyone know how jealous I am!!!
Miss & love u, keep the photos coming!
Response: thanks gramso!!! will do, you need to join me!!
From Elisa
OMG talz i love your pictures especially the moroccan one. I want to so badly go to the sahara desert, that looked so mych fun. love you in the turban lol. You and liam look like your having a blast. Hope the move goes well, so when you comming back to Aus i miss you so much. Well keep living it up. love ya xoxo
Response: hey there luvy!! yeah its soooo much fun travelling i love it!! u get addicted. hmmmm at the moment i dont think i will come back til next yr maybe haha, or might come home for xmas and then back again. will keep u informed anyway!
From Richters 'the king'
Well well well if it isn't T-bars version of the 'Leyland Brothers'. How have you guys been? Me and Bill just finished looking at all your pics-you guys have been busy and we are very jelous and i personally am missing your driblling shit and messy drunkiness rats! At least you have found company in my big lipped spasctic-Rhuley!! Give him a kiss to for me and tel him that not even flying halfway around the world will garuntee him sex!
We are both well-on holiday in Darwin atm fishin for Barra!! No scotland , but beats the shit out of drinking myself retarded in Brisbane. Im still living there and will probably retire my yellow car in for a new Triton-its time to give the old girl a rest.
All is good-school is great. Im playing A-grade footy in bris this year also and loving it so its good to get back into the game!
Well my wrist is sore from typing and i know its taken me a year but - Hello and good luck over ther. I will try to email more and so can u f--kers- email at- no porn though or i lose my job.
All the best Aidbox and Bill
Response: hey there, good to see you had a look there will be plenty more to come!! bung lips and liam head to running of the bulls in couple of weeks - very messy i would say!! talk soon!!xxoo
From Henry
oh u guys are soooo lucky! hope u got plenty of camera footage
Response: yepo - good use of my camera too!!!
From Melisah
I'm so jealous, I wanna come back...
Response: i dont wanna leave - so i dont think i will!! haha
From Barbara O
Hi Talya
Hope you are fine..looks like the best expereiences for you.they just keep getting better and more amazing.
Where next? Hope work is OK also.
Love to you both
Response: Hi Barbara, Next is spain and greek islands. Heading to see oxford this weekend with a few friends.
From Henry
Hello there, mad photos ay!
Response: hey there - yeah there is plenty more to come!
i see you with the glow stick! i see you in your black hoodie... i see you all!!!!!!!
Response: woohoo i love you beyonce!!
From Renée
Youre pics are great Cliffy!! Cant wait to swap pics on Friday!!
Response: thanks ren -eeeeee, me neither!! cant wait to relax with few drinks and pictures to look at!
From moon
hey birdy

good morocco photos, keep them coming!!! bummed to be back at work...thank God for email, muhahahaha (heerrre we go!)
plenty more to come moon!!!!!
From Kovafkjsfgkjfahdkj
Hey Cliffy, love your photos!! Cant wait for Morocco!!
Response: hahaha kovajhfarufhjhiv, me neither should be very fun!!
From ...
finally got some photos up!
Response: back off mmoooonn!
quack quack
Response: oh moonjin will you!!!!!
update this so i have something to do at work! muudie muudie ha-ha-ha
Response: I will after my BIRTHDAY!!!!! woohoo - Do some work Moonie!!!
From moon
no i really didn't steal it - watching you look for it was hilarious though!!!! hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! oh birdie...
found your cookie yet? muhahahahahahaha!!
Response: You stole it and ate it!!!! oh moony !!
From Ez
Hey Tals!
Just checked out your page...very impressed!! Hope you guys are good, missing you both heaps!! Weetwood tomorrow, won't be the same without you two! Tony has got a horse in the main race so it'll be a very exciting day!
Better go now, lots to do!!
Love ya,
Response: Hey there!!! thanks for the msg, yeah it will be weird not being there!! Hope you have a good day and drink and win lots for me!!! Love Talya
From Aunty & UncleP>P
So great to see some photos and to know that you are having such a good time and that all is well. Stay safe.Love you.
From Rhi
Hey Honey, wow i didntrealize you have travelled so much, its amazing....i cant wait to be able to do it to.

Love ya heaps
Response: Hey there!! yeah i want to do alot more though!!! Hope your still gonna head over!!
From liam
Lucky im in the photos....
From The Moon
hey sharpie, ready for tomoz? muhahahahaha i'm excited!