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This is the continuation of the site started at In combination with the previous address this site will trace the backpacking adventures of two sisters through Austria, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, the UK, Dubai and Singapore. Please check out the above address for all diary entries, photos and messages prior to now.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 22 January 2006

Location: London, UK

I have finally put up photos from our time in the UK. Hope you enjoy them. Would love to read your messages if you feel inclined to leave us any!

- T

Sunday, 01 January 2006

Location: London, UK

Happy New Year!!

I hope you all saw 2006 in with style and are not feeling the after effects too badly today. Aussies and Kiwis, you should have well and truly recovered by now I hope!

I have recently taken some flack from people (Hayley!) at home as I have not updated this page for ages. In my defence I must say that I did try before Christmas but there was an error with the photo upload. I am attempting to get the photos up again today but while they are resizing I thought I should probably write an update too.

Christmas was spent in Stroud with Dan's family and we had a great time. It was very nice to be able to spend a family Christmas even though we are away from home. A highlight too was spending Boxing Day with some of our English relatives. It was lovely to be welcomed as family even though we have only met them a few times. We had a proper traditional lunch followed by two servings of desert, a short break to digest and then tea, cake and biscuits. Talk about over indulgence. Oh and we also sampled the delights of many styles of sherry which was new to us Aussies.

After Christmas we had a GAP reunion at Dan’s, which was great too. Unfortunately Sas had to leave early to come back to London to work but the rest of us partied well into the night, or rather the next morning actually. Was so great to see Natalia, Lou, Dan and Alex all together and also to introduce them to Ty. Was sad parting after the reunion was over knowing that some of them I might not see again for years. Hopefully most of them will visit Oz though or we will come back here. There is some talk of a reunion en masse somewhere half way between the Aussie and Kiwi part of the world and the UK... Sri Lanka seems to be the most central location!

Following the reunion Ty and I went to stay with Alex in Bristol. We had a great time with her family and I also got the chance to meet another second cousin of mine whom I had never met before. I was really cool to meet him and his wife - now I have met all three of my English 2nd cousins!

Last night was New Years Eve and we celebrated with a party at our house in London. Alex joined us for that too which was awesome. The party was pretty cool, we brought in the actual New Year drinking champagne with the Turkish brothers who own the convenience store across the road. I think they now consider us quite nuts but, as we reminded them, we do buy an awful lot from their store so I think they will forgive us our drunken revelling!

Now the holidays are sadly drawing to a close and it is back to work on Tuesday. Tomorrow I have to spend planning two units of work, one on the industrial revolution and one on the great depression and the rise of the dictators. The school I am working in now is very tough but I have enough good moments to sustain me. I also have a snowboarding holiday in Slovakia in 2.5 weeks to look forward to anyway which helps! Then after that... at this stage it will be home to Brissy via Dubai. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone at home again but I also don't feel that I have seen all that I wanted to see in the UK or Western Europe. In fact I have seen nothing of Western Europe and only London, Stroud, Bristol and south Wales in the UK. At this point though I do plan to be home by 9th of Feb but dates are still flexible.

Well, I hope that fills you in on our Christmas holiday and gets you a bit more up to date.

Miss you heaps,
All my love,

Saturday, 26 November 2005

Location: London, UK

I have started to put up some of our photos from our three weeks in Egypt. I have only put up the bare minimum and still it has turned out to fill pages! I hope you enjoy the ones I have put up so far. I am going to do seperate page dedicated to Cairo alone as it is a fascinating city and I have heaps of photos just of it.


ps - remember if you are a new visitor to the site check out our trip previous to what's shown on this page at

pps - Spent the day in central London today... it was freezing but beautiful. All the Christmas lights and decorations are starting to go up, it reminded me of some of the scenes from 'Love Actually'. So cool!

Sunday, 06 November 2005

Location: London, UK

The week just passed marked the beginning of my supply teaching in London. I did three days at two different schools over the course of the week. It was tiring but overall went well. Horror stories of London schools haven't yet been fulfilled, so far with student's being armed only with an (empty) staple gun and a hair straightener. Since when do girls take hair straighteners to school? "Oh but Miss I would just DIE if I my hair wasn't straight". Hmmm! The trials and tribulations of the teenage years hey. Mid lesson hair straightening remedied I could turn my attention to the girls attempting an early escape from class!

Most of the students I encountered this week were lovely and I found myself enjoying teaching (shock, horror, how did that happen?!). The first school I went to was very well organised and, even though I was teaching maths, the day ran smoothly and I discovered that with a bit of effort some of my maths knowledge resurfaced. The next day I had to teach French, which was quite amusing considering my French is now pretty much limited to Bonjour and Je ne parle pas le français (I don't speak French)! Luckily the students had worksheets to do and I could suggest the 'peer assistance' approach to any questions asked. However the students in that particular class were quite sweet (young enough not to have 'turned' yet!) and didn't seem to understand that I really couldn't help them with their French work...I think they still had the 'but the teacher is all knowing' attitude that soon transforms into the 'teachers know nothing' attitude by year 9.

The school I was at on Friday was slightly more challenging, there was no work left for me to cover and I was teaching technology (like a combination of graphics and shop). Luckily the other teachers were fantastic and did some last minute organising so that I would have something to give them to work on. The students at that school were also more challenging and I think I did have my first entree to what some of the more difficult London schools might be like. I think it will be huge learning curve for me but a worthwhile experience (should I survive it!) The staff at both the schools I have been to so far have been amazing and so willing to help and make me feel comfortable in unfamiliar surrounds. They also don't seem too burnt out by their jobs ...maybe there is hope for teachers yet.

Tomorrow I have a history cover, yay, woo, yes, my own subject area and my favourite one at that. The school is in Hackney, the source of many of the London school horror stories, but I am kind of looking forward to it. The school was founded in 1520!! How cools is that? I wonder what it will be like... I guess I will find out tomorrow.

I miss you all heaps and hope you are going ok.
- T

Saturday, 29 October 2005

Location: London, UK

Welcome to the second of our two planetranger pages. Here you will find the continuation of our travels, as we are only allowed to upload 100 photos for free and have reached our quota on the previous site. For the latest Turkey photos (Cappadoccia), diary entries and replies to any recent messages please check out From now on though all updates, photos will go on this site so please leave messages here as well.

T & S

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Recent Messages

From Annamarie
Hey aussies
Hope you're having a great time at home, missing you loads in this grey place. Looking forward to the Dubai photos. Take care.
Response: Hi Annamarie,
Thanks for the message. Will get the photos up as soon as possible and let you know. Missing you too! Is it still cold in London? Not long now until you get to see some sunshine though.
From Allan
Hi guys, been looking at photos. Egypt amazing. Love those teapots! All well here and looking forward to seeing you soon. Remember hot and humid in Brissy.Your mum says don't bring the pipe home Ty.
Response: Thanks Al. No chance of that. Hope all is well in Bris Vegas. Hi to Mum and Jay, I'll see you guys soon. Ty
From Micheline
Hey Tamsin!
Was so great seeing pics of you and ur sis again. Been awhile. Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas. If all goes well, I'll be popping by Brissie & Sydney in June or Aug! Am looking forward to seeing you back "home". Have fun while you're in London babe!
Response: Hi Micheline, lovely as always to get your message. How are you? Can't wait to see you in Brissy, will be fantastic to catch up properly. Miss you heaps,
Hi Darlings we really loved seeing you again in the pictures.Ty your hair looks great ! Now you are in Slovakia and freezing before coming home to cook for a couple of months before autumn comes to relieve the stress of it all. It will be quite a culture shock for you temperature wise but maybe Dubai will start you off in our direction. Or maybe it is cold there too.
We are so looking forward to seeing you soon now.
It was great to see Steve and Eileen and Dan and family after we have heard so much about them.Bye the way it is Eileen's birthday on 28th if you get a chance to wish her happy birthday since she always remembers ours.Then Dad's and then you Sas.Hope you have a lovely birthday in Bratislava.Love from Ganny and me.xxxxxooooo
Response: Hi Mum and Ganny, nice to get your message. It is indeed cold here in Slovakia, but not as cold as it was when we first got here (-16). Miss you.
From john
tamsin, great pics. wonderful to see the people and i'm sure that linda will really enjoy seeing steve and co. You look like you are really having a great time. I was very glad to see ty. the way the pictures come out it looks like you found him in a wood in wales. have agreat time in Slovakia remember keep movingor keep drinking prefererably both.
love john
Response: haha, even since he had a haircut he still looks like a wild woodman?
From Simon (Prague)
Hi Tam & Sas, Greetings from icy Praha! Just spent a happy half hour looking through your latest photos :) It was worth the wait - very entertaining! Sorry to miss you in England over the festive season. So, you're off back downunder in a couple of weeks or so? Have a great trip and enjoy the snow in Slovakia!
xx Simon
Response: Hi Simon, pleased you enjoyed the photos. Yes, we're returning to Oz soon with a mix of excitment at seeing familiar people and places and sadness that our amazing trip is almost over. Hopefully it won't be too long before we see you or Prague again! Love,
T & S
From Lucy
hey Tamsin,
Great talking to you and seeing your next lot of photos! Egypt and Turkey look amazing-very jealous! You are giving me very itchy feet, when I had sworn that I was rid of the travel bug..or maybe I was just trying to tell myself I was! Anyway, look forward to you putting all your airmiles to use and coming to visit us here in little old NZ.
xoxo Lucy
Response: Hey Lucy, nice talking to you too. Hope the rest of your internship goes as well as it is now. See you soon hopefully!
hi Pom and Sas, just back to the grind stone myself. Great to hear the news re Xmas and New Year.
There seems to be a strong relationship with Turkey.
I'm not sure champagne is part of their traditional new years fare in istanbul !!!
love John
From Mum
Good luck with getting your photos up have fitted in a lot since our frequent phone calls over christmas!Love, Mum.x
From Hayley
Hey Ty, If you can find an Album in London by Okerville River (they are from Texas) get it. Its awesome. I think you will like it hey. They kinda sound a little bit like Hot Hot Heat in some ways... well actually not much.. hehe.
Hope you guys are all well and looking forward to xmas.
Love you
Response: I will pass this on to Ty. Thanks for calling us yesterday by the way, was great to chat.
From Hayley
G'day Guys
How are you all? We are well here. we move out of our house in a few weeks, out by the 9th of Jan. We are moving into the place at Albion that mum and dad own for a few months before they rip it down and build a new house. It will be good, simon and I by ourselves. Simon is loving it back at the Regatta. Familiar job, people and place. Its good. Talk to you guys soon.
Love Hayley
Response: I can't believe you are moving out mate! It will be cool for you and Simon to have your own place though.
From dad & sue
Great photos!Like the ones on the donkeys,they look like some of those kids peddle toys.Teaching maths and french????? alors ca c'est incroyable!Hope to hear from you both soon.
Response: Hi Dad and Sue, thanks for the message. How are things on the Sunny Coast?
From Mum
Love the photos of Egypt...especially the Bedoiun outfits! That must have been fun. You have seen so much more of Egypt than I was able to see so I will enjoy seeing all the photos when you get home.Glad Ty is with you now. Looking forward to a photo of his new hair cut and yours for that matter Tamsin.Sas have you done anything daring at the London hairdressers? Love you , Mum.
Response: Yes, Egypt was amazing. Ty's hair looks nice, will post some pics soon.
From Hayley
Hey Tamsin, Sas, and Ty.
Love the photos girls. Makes me want to travel so much. Think I might have to get out a loan and go overseas. Had a dream last night that I came to live with you guys in London. So wish it was real! Will have to give you guys another call soon. How are you liking your books Ty? Have you started reading them as yet? Simon is quitting his job at Chalk today and going back to the Regatta, they were treating him like dirt at Chalk, poor boy. Will talk to you lot of hooligans soon.
Love you all and miss you heaps.
Response: Hey mate, thanks for the message. How is Simon finding it back at the Regatta?
From Kate
Hey Sas and Tam,
Those photos you just posted of Egypt were gorgeous. YOu both look like you are going everywhere, doing everything and all while amusing the locals. Love the photos to bits and making a girl on her last uni assingment for the year most distracted and jealous!
Live it up!
Response: Hey Kate, is the assignment finished now? Congrats on getting through another year of uni! Pleased you liked the photos, didn't intend to make you jealous (well, maybe just a bit, haha!) Looking forward to catching up when we return to Oz. ps - we are jealous of your Sydney weather, it is bloody freezing here in England.
T & S
From toni and shawn lemon
hi girls, it is so good to hear from you. we are back to the grind of work and planning our next trip, off to cambodia and malaysia with a bangkok shopover of course, going in march. It was a fantastic trip in egypt and the company we had made it that way. Pleasure to have travelled with you both. Stay safe and hope to catch up with you both when you finally come home. Cheers The Lemons
Response: Hi Toni and Shawn, So great to hear from you! Your next trip sounds amazing too...we also want to go to cambodia etc. as our next big trip so you will have to tell us all about it. We are also working again but still finding time to sightsee on the weekends which is cool. Likewise it was great to travel with you and we too hope to catch up when we return to Brissy :) Hope you and your boys are all well.
T & S
From Jamie Wright
Hello Tam & Sas
You don't know me - I'm your Gannie's Financial Adviser, & since some of our discussions were centred on your travels it seemed the natural progression to visit your site (address provided by your Mum). Very odd to write to strangers, but probably more odd for you to be reading it.
Can assure you that all is well with Gannie. She's in fit financial shape. Made her make several treks to my offices, so she looks to be in good physical shape as well.
Enjoy your travels.
Response: Hi Jamie, nice to hear from you. Mum mentioned that she had passed on our web address to you. Did you go to also as that is where the bulk of our photos are? Thanks for letting us know Ganny is doing ok, it is reassuring. Hope you enjoy the sites.
T & S
From Hayley
When you are girls going to put up some more pics? I am dying to see them!!! Hope all three of you are well, Tamsin, Sas, and Ty. Missing you all heaps. Talk to you soon.
Response: Hey Hayley, sorry for the delay in getting more pics up. Hope you enjoy the Egypt photos.
From Hayley
Hey guys. I got your message the other day mate! Thanks :-)
Did you guys get my email with the photos attached? If it worked I will send you some more. Hope you are well. Tamsin I hope your day of teaching History was good for you! :-) Missing you guys heaps... hanging out for some more photos.
Luv Hayley
From Ty
Hey Tamsin, Hi Sas,

Good news that you're going to get to teach some history! That is such an old school, it's hard to comprehend. Good luck with the week! Hope the trial went well for you Sas. See you both in 10 days!
Response: Hey Ty,
Am a bit slow to respond so in fact you are here with us now. Playing PS2 with Sas at the moment I do believe.
From Hayley
Just a little note to say I AM MISSING YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to be able to go over to your place and have a drink and a laugh like I used to...
Talk to you soon though!!!
From Hayley
Hey girls..Melbourne Cup today.. hope I pick a winner!!
How are you guys going? Hows your new jobs? Looks like I will still be here till January, then I will have to find a new job. Ah well.. all good things have to come to an end at some point I spose. At the start of my exams at the moment. Will write another email soon when I have a bit of spare time. Missing you girls heaps.
Talk soon
Response: Hey mate,
Did you bet on Makybe Diva?? I hope so! Good news about the job! Hope your exams go well! I had my first day of supply teaching yesterday... it was for maths! You know how much I just adore maths...haha. Went ok though I think! Miss you too :)
From Mum
Nice to see parts of Turkey I never got to.How was the scooter ride?The country-side looks very arid.Brissie was getting that way but it stormed a few times last week thank goodness!Love you,Mum.
Response: Hey Mum, the scooter ride was great...if a little nerve wracking at times! Cappadoccia's landscape was amazing, it is definately one of my top three fave places that I have seen. Glad it rained in Brissy, wish it would stop raining here in London!!
From John
Great photos . The strange turkish guitar is an oudh I think. They range in size from uklele size to cello size. By the way those guys seemed a bit out of it.
Talk to you soon.
Response: Hey, thanks for the message. Those guys were pretty out of it indeed, as evidenced by the beer bottles scattered around the place!