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Tanvi Down Unda

bHAlobasheeeee!!! Welcome to tanvi's travels and experiences down unda.

Diary Entries

Friday, 26 January 2007

Location: the zoo, Australia

the next episode

Sunday, 07 January 2007

Location: sydney, glebe, Australia

HAppy NEw Yr mofo's!!! What a crazy few days it has been. Its turning into those uni days of no sleep, all booze and waking up in someone elses bed (shilpas). TOmorrow im gona do my washing and find a job-i really do sound like im at uni. BOy, it is HOT HOT HOT here now and with livin right on the beach i am officially a koori now. SO, i now have somewhere to stay in a little beach town called coogee and to my surprise its full of brits, everywhere i go i hear the goddam essex accent (no offence i love you my essex boys). Im always hungover when i try to write a long message and can never be arsed so to sum up, nye was ace saw the fireworks at the bridge, they were beautiful. the atmos was incredible peaople all over oz travel to sydney to see the firewroks, i think there was about 4mil in the darling harbour alone so you can imagine what it was like. After the fireworks me n emma wanted to carry on the party so wondered around and found a street party playin good music, so we danced n raved for a while until i picked up some weirdo AGAIn who kept on following us and wanted to dance with me, we soon ditched him. ended up goin to an cool club called chinese laundry had an argument with one of the bar staff, left when we got kiced out then went to bondi beach, i wandered off and walked away from the others fell asleep on the beach got woken up by the rain only to find out that the others had gone-i couldnt find them anywhere and f--k my battery is dead, got a hungry jacks for brekkie (gross) which is the oz burger king and luckily sun came back out and thought f--k it and lay back down on the sand. beautiful. x

Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Location: sydney, Australia

1st blog on the other side of the road. The internet is everywhere so those who thought i wouldnt be stayin in touch are WRONG. Sydney is amazin. so many hot people in this country im in heaven. went to club called Gaff's last night met some brazilian guy who told me that he was a serial killer and that he was gona kill me - WHAT A FREAK!! i always attract the bloody weirdos, i told him how weird he was and ran away from as quick as i could-apparantly its brazilian humour. everyone is sooooooooo nice,im havin a wicked time dont miss home one bit. im def not comin home for a while now and am hopin to go south america after aswell so peeps start savin and come join me. hope ur all well and surving the cold british winters ul be glad to know that it isnt that hot here yet, global warming has really f--ked up oz summers so i aint had the chance to blickin myself yet but jus you wait il be sendin you photos when i get to the abo stage. peace n love or bhAloBAsheeeeeeeeee xxxx

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Location: wokingham, UK

as requested (sandip get a job)

Saturday, 09 December 2006

Location: birmingham, UK

testing testing

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Recent Messages

From Kurran (Tanvi's love
Tanvi what is your phone number I keep missing your calls!
Tanvi, when are you leaving Sydney?
Response: who is this? there is no name. I cant leave sydney iv got no money to leave so am workin to build up my $$ - wana go to vanautu thou wooo x
From Kurran (Tanvi's love
OHHHHH MISS U! Hope your having fun my sexy biatch
Response: miss u 2, im havin so much fun. trespassed into the crown courts the other day and passed out argh x
From Kurran (Tanvi's love
We were in the sahara desert for a year (maybe more cos it was a dream so i dont know) trying to survive it was bare wierd! But jokes as u may expect when me and u are together! x
Response: always x
From Kurran (Tanvi's love
U were in my dream!
Response: what happened?
From Kurran (Tanvi's love
Ur such a next bean sleeping naked on the beach!
Response: I wasnt naked!!!
From Aruna
Thunni thunni thunni... you are one funny girl!! nice to know that nothing has changed... FIND A JOB lady!!! lol! Im sure you will find a pot of gold sumwhere on the beach.. get that tan girlfriend! Anyways UK is crap as ever... raining, cold and windy! Hope ur ok. Speak soon x luv u :)
Response: so ur gettin married 15th sept? when do we need to be in canada? think il come home around august then x
From Kurran (Tanvi's love
Tanvi, those ribbon things, are from my mums old old punjabi suit, maaaaaaaaah. They helped me find my backpack at every airport and it was always looked after! U are always in my thoughts babe. Miss u. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year xxxxxxxxx
Response: well they are now helpin me find me backpack 2......hope u have a good new years at the boiler room shud be a good night xxx
From Kurran (Tanvi's love
Hello my darling. Your gonna have such an amazing time around the other side of the world. This time last year I was in Sydney get mashed, laid and getting a tan. I know you gonna have an awsome time out there for new years. Make sure you make the most of it. I want loads of pics to see! Take care babe and say hi to shilps! Remember your husband to be xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kurrrrryyy, how are you? itd be soooo much fun if u were here now. i took the ribbon things of ur backpack and put it on mine so u r really with me woo. ur backpack is at my house now so pick it up if u need it and give my mommy a big kiss x
From Aruna
Good Luck with your travels Thunni Bunni!!!!! x
have fun in canada-nxt time il cu ul be a married women-ahhh u loser xx
From Nisha
Tanniiiii oh my god ur going away!!!!! im so jealous!!!!! Can i come? xxx
Response: comw with me-u can fit in my suitcase x
From neesh
Homie, iv tried to reach u this wkend but no avail! im gona try u again on tuesday. Dont wont to leave without saying goodbye.
Miss u loads raving partner!xx
yo lady, good luck wit ur exams, hope edwin is treatin u well x
From Sandip
Why didn't u just blog on myspace?? My names Tanvi. look at me with my new website blogging thing. Im so great. Blah blah blah. It's all about me. Ha ha ha ha. PS put wokingham on that map.
ur on the map x