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Yes It's that time of the year when the sun finally comes out, the umbrellas go away and WE BOTH COME HOME!!
Yes....we managed to survive a whole year with out killing each other or running out of cash! What an achievement!
We're home on the 27th of this month and are looking forward to catching up with you all again soon.

We hope we've kept you all entertained with this website over the past year and thanks to everyone who left us messages, emailed us and to those who came and joined us on our travels. We really appreciate it!

See you all soon!
Love Tasha and Neil xxx

Our itinary is:
Peru - 21st July - 30th August
Bolivia - 30th August - 17th September
Chile - 17th September - 1st October
Argentina - 1st October - 11th October
Brazil - 11th October - 7th November

New Zealand - 9th November - 19th December
Australia - 19th December - 28th March

Singapore - 28th March -31st March
Malaysia - 31st March - 5th April
Thailand - 5th April - 24th April
Cambodia - 24th April - 8th May
Vietnam - 8th May - 25th May
Laos - 25th May - 2nd June
Thailand - 2nd June - 11th June

India - 11th June - 28th June
Nepal - 28th June - 14th July
India - 14th July - 20th July

Madrid - 20th July - 27th July

GATWICK - 27th July at 2.30pm

You can also get us on our hotmail addresses:

Tasha -
Neil -

Diary Entries

Thursday, 27 July 2006

Location: Reading, England

To finish off our diary in a different style to usual gushy "we can't wait to see you all" manner & to answer any question you might ask us when you see us Tasha has written a 'summary' of our trip with some statistics & list of 'favourites' from us regarding our time away. She hopes you enjoy it & if you don't she'll come round and poke you in the chest like she did to the border police officer as we tried to leave be warned!!

Our trip has been made up of:
371 days
4 Continents
17 countries
30 flights

Highlights (in various shapes and forms!) have been:

1 x Tear gas experience
2 x Pen knives left in hand luggage at airport (by Neil!)
2 x Scooter accidents
1 x Tattoo
4 x Alarm clocks lost
2 x Cremations watched
5 x Treks completed (Colca Canyon/ Inca Trail/ Tonagrio Crossing/ Hill Tribe Trek/ Kathmandu Valley Trek)
1 x Glacier Climbed
4 x Sick due to alcohol (Tasha)
2 x Cash cards swallowed in ATM's
31 x T’shirts bought by Neil (including 18 football shirts)
4 x Major wild animal encounters (swimming with Wild Dolphins/ Elephant Trekking/ Tiger stoking/ Sea Lions in Peru)

4 x Live football matches watched (including 1x World Cup qualifier)
1 x Wedding in Brazil
3 x Snakes held
2 x International sporting events attended – Australia Open and Commonwealth Games
11 x Scuba dives
2 x trips to Hospital in Argentina and Nepal
11 x Extreme sports (Sandboarding/ Cycling down Death Road/Snowboarding/ Sky Diving/ White Water Rafting/Sledging/Surfing/Zip lining/ Sea Kayaking/ Bamboo rafting/ Tubing down the river whilst drinking)

7 x Courses completed (Open water diving/ Thai Massage course/Thai Cookery course/ Thai Boxing/ Winery Tour/ Learnt to Tango/ Meditation class)

6 x weeks in a Camper van
1 x week working on a farm

1 x Wonder of the world seen (Taj Mahal)
2 x Harrowing plane journeys (Nazca Lines in Peru/Flintstone airways in Thailand)

38 x days of free accommodation
19 x Friends and Family from home that visited us during our travels
3 x Emails received from Tasha’s Brother
3500 x 'hits' on our website!!!!

"A few of our favourite things" as Julie would say:

Favourite Countries/Places: Argentina, Cambodia and Easter Island
Least Favourite Country: India (first time round!)
Nicest People: Argentinians
Best Beach: Phi Phi Island Thailand
Most amazing sites: Matchu Pitchu, Taj Mahal, Views from top of Ayers Rock
Favourite people met: Dutch!
Favourite Food: Thai (Green Curry and Pad Thai)
Favourite Beer: Tiger Beer and BeerLao
Favourite Wine: Malbec
Most amazing moment (Tasha): Swimming with wild dolphins in New Zealand
Most amazing moment (Neil): Diving in Exmouth Australia with sharks. And seeing Matchu Pitchu for the first time.
Worst Moment Neil: Being ill in Bolivia
Worst Moment Tasha: Having bag snatched in Bolivia.
Funniest moments: Tasha’s silly comments in general & watching her assault a Vietnamese border police officer in front of 30 astonished & tired travellers; Neil headbutting camper van window in NZ (accidently!) & losing it in the monsoon downpoor of Goa looking for a 'particular' restaurant.

You've read our diary entries, seen our photo's and now we're home so we hope you enjoyed all the laughs we had along the way.

By for now......

Saturday, 22 July 2006

Location: Chipiona, Spain

This is not really a diary entry but an appology to anyone who is still reading our diary.

We are now in Spain on HOLIDAY with our friends Dave n Pat (AKA Patricia) and are staying in the Spanish countryside with them so have no chance to complete our diary from India at present.

We have one prepared on disc and as soon as we get back to Blighty we will add it in case you care to read how our journey finished.

Sorry about this but at least it gives us more time to get spend on the beach in the sunshine and drinking cruizcampo beers into the aerly hours of the morning...

Adios Chicas,


Monday, 17 July 2006

Location: Dehradun, India

This is our last stop off on our ‘official’ trip, we feel we have worked so hard this year that we have awarded ourselves an ‘un-official trip’…. also known as A HOLIDAY! Yes, that’s right, we are so tired from travelling we are going to spend a week in Madrid / Cadiz (southern Spain) with friends David / Pat & Carmen / Alberto to relax a bit in the sun before we finally come home to sunny England (may the sun last two more week please?)

After paying over 10 quid in ‘departure tax’ from Kathmandu we got our final ‘Jet Airways’ flight to Delhi. Flights in India can be and have been for us an ordeal. Only in India could they make the pre-flight part of your flight more harrowing than any turbulence that the weather can throw at you. What we mean is best described in the sequence you suffer before you board the plane, which is as follows:
show tickets / passport to enter the…..AIRPORT.
body search by highly trained ‘guard’ who looks very uninterested in the process
x-ray cabin & check-in luggage
pay departure tax….but must now leave the airport to get correct money from ATM outside airport terminal
re-enter airport, receiving another body search from same guard & putting cabin luggage through same x-ray machine as during first entry to airport
check-in, showing tickets / passport as usual (although showing passport can be at their discretion & I didn’t need to show mine apparently…feeling nice an safe indeed!)
go through immigration control, showing passport as usual
proceed to ‘security checks’, where cabin bags x-rayed for 3rd time & receive another body search by another highly trained ‘guard’ before taking your 3 times x-rayed bag to a table for another highly trained employee to open your cabin luggage and search inside it & have a good nose around asking you questions like “have you got any knives in there sir?”, Surely if I did you would have seen it during one of the 3 x-ray machines you knob jockey would be a justified reply at this time but not if you don’t want to get arrested!
join queues (one for males & one for females!) to board plane….at last you’ve almost made it….or so you think…
…but first you show an employee your tickets yet again….
….then just before you enter the tunnelling to meet the bus that takes you to your plane another highly trained official who looks inside your bag & another one who frisks you for the 4th time! By this point you are starting to feel likes its ‘foreplay’ & wonder if you should ask for their telephone number so you don’t look cheap & slutty after all this physical contact!

At last you relax as you can see the plane & you’ve almost made it when….you are greeted by a queue to the aircraft, well 2 queues actually, one for males & one for females again because guess what?
Yes, you show your ticket YET AGAIN to another employee in the queue before getting your bag search AGAIN at the bottom of the stairs leading to the plane & show your ticket ONCE AGAIN to the man who is checking your bag!!!!!

God only knows why even the most hardened terrorist would want to go through this process to attack a plane though as I’m sure by now they would have gone to the toilets & blown themselves up in a cubicle just to escape this madness. Even in these times of heightened security this is Indian bureaucracy & over-kill to the highest level, the worst organisation for any of our flights we have taken around the world by a long way.

So, we made it through the flight & Miss Gunner had another look at a Jet Airways sick bag, like the one she spent the flight to Kathmandu with her head in for old time sake before we tried to meet up with the driver that my friend Ramneek’s family had sent from Dehradun to greet us. After searching several exits we find him & we’re off on a 9 hour road trip from Delhi, driving past many young people all wearing orange t-shirts / shirts.

We arrive at 1.30am in Dehradun to settle into the family guesthouse and get into bed….before a knock at the door from Choutu, the family slave, to serve us DINNER!!! We get out of our beds in our jim-jams & tuck into some late night / early morning curry before getting to bed at 2.30am.

The next noise we hear is the rat-a-tat-tat on the front door at 8.30am & the man who never sleeps (Choutu) is there again, this time with a fresh pot of tea & some biscuits. At this point we are pinching ourselves as we have only slept less tan 6 hours after a long day & travelling but we seem to be being waited on like never before on our journey. This is the type of service we have needed for 11 & a half months but could never afford. I’m already looking at my blue bag of souvenirs to see I could dump them & stuff him inside for the journey to London as a ‘permanent’ souvenir of India!!!

After our ‘breakfast tea’ we walk around trying to find out where the family live & look to introduce ourselves. After a short walk we stumble across ‘a mansion’… word of a lie, Ramneeks family live in a mansion, complete with huge stone pillars outside & a marble floor inside. Very nice indeed. We now understood why Ramneek felt so at home in my house in Reading, as it too is like a …..well, nothing at all like her family mansion but hey, I’ve got 2 toilets!

Soon we say hi to Ramneeks family, which we’d heard lots about when the 3 of us were living in Francis Street, and meet more members throughout the day. After family breakfast, 10 year old Zorawar guided us around the day. Firstly we visited the family run Biomedical College, with a lecturer explaining some of the finer details of the college & labourites.
After touring the college, the mansion grounds, visiting the horses stables one of the families drivers drove the 3 of us round the local area, (sounds posh hey, well we are now!) stopping off to wander across some forest and walk through a cool clear stream. All was going well until our guide, Zorawar, fell into the stream & got quite wet. Luckily he laughed it off & was soon drying off in the baking hot sun.

After a big lunch back at the house, in the late afternoon / early evening Ramneeks mum & family friend Bobby kindly took us to a Hindu temple which is situated next to the famous holy River Ganges for evening prayers during the Shiva/Patan festival. After walking over the wobbly Ram Shula Bridge to get to the right side we saw many people wearing orange tops. Bobby explained how this was all in connection with the festival & that these men had travelled & walked 600+ miles to collect holy water from the River Ganges to take back 600+ miles to their village to use to cleanse the holy Shiva statues in their village temples as an offering.

After almost being dragged into a procession as a festival float (a tuk tuk dressed up in orange!) went past me & being forced to dance whilst gripping my camera for all I was worth, Bobby explained these people are what he called ‘wild people’ from the mountain villages. They are ‘wild’ as they are mainly uneducated, unkempt, (unwashed at this point!) & are going crazy as with no work in the agricultural villages at present, are living a dream of being in a big ‘city’ with so many people. The more of them that there are, the more crazy they act due to feeling the power created by the strength of their numbers. Power over people is something these ‘wild people’ will not have often in their lives, so if they block the traffic on the roads due to their numbers & play very loud Hindu music off microphones tied to their trucks they are living ‘a fantasy’ as strange or bizarre as it seems.

At the evening prayers we gave an offering to Shiva’s Patan in the River Ganges as local Hindu children learning the scriptures chanted prayers out. After the prayers had finished we were driven back to Bobby & his wifes house for drinks before returning to the family mansion to discover that dinner was to be served at 11.30pm & we should drink beers on the lawn with Gaurav & Sheetal (+ 2 of their friends!) beforehand. After dinner Gaurav seemed to fancy his chances of drinking me under the table with Kuala liquor shots. His mate was first to concede & then the levels were upped to glasses of Kuala in wine glasses. Not to be intimidated or let my country down (as after 4 beers & many shots patristic tendencies takes over me!) I down the glass of Kuala & Baileys (a white Russian I think?) in one…leaving the other 2 making excuses about the whisky they had drunk earlier in the night. We might not be able to beat India at cricket but when it comes to drinking games the English can still carry their bat…..

The next day we enjoyed another huge brunch with the family before heading with Bobby & Zorawar to a hill station high up in the mountains known as Mussoorie. It was a long drive up to Mussoorie, past some more of the ‘wild people’ in their orange (now looking kinda brownish) t-shirts & unfortunately it was cloudy so the view half way up was better than at the top. After a wander round in the coolest climate we have known in Asia in 4 months we headed back to the family mansion for another huge dinner, a nice chat with Ramneek on the phone from England & retired with some chilled water & fresh mango shake courtesy of Choutu.

After our early morning call from Choutu with a cuppa rosie lee & big brunch we spent the day with Zorawar & Bobby in the Forest Research Institute of India. First stop was Dehradun railway station so Miss ‘train spotter jnr’ Gunner could take some pictures & write down the details of our final train from around the world. We have taken many train details down & photographed many more for the ‘spotters websites/books on our journey & look forward to taking our cut of the royalties from Dad G upon our return home (unless he’s wasted it on physiotherapy & loose women of course!). After calming down from that excitement we enjoyed our tour of the national forestry of India in a grand colonial British building, having a look at the flora & fauna of India in the midday sun and various museums dedicated to information on this subject. Bobby our host was keen to locate some plants for the grounds to be grown in the College but had no joy.

The next we were scheduled to visit the family farm but due to the fields being waterlogged as we are in Monsoon season that was postponed so we visited a famous Sikh temple just outside Dehraden with Bobby & Ramneeks mum. The Sikh temple seemed to be very jolly, with men reading the scriptures inside & after prayers we made our way to a place where all worshipers could take some food in humble lines seated on the floor opposite each other. The idea of this is that any worshiper, no matter what their status in the culture is can enjoy a meal. As we were worried about what we were eating since Tasha came out of hospital we 'passed' on the meal as we were worried it wouldn't be as clean as what we had been enjoying in the family home & Tasha was just enjoying a full appetite again. After seeing many Hindu temples it was an experience to see a different religion in the same culture on our last day in India.

In the evening we enjoyed a nice dinner with the family before getting ourselves ready for the trip to Madrid.

Although you might not think it, we have mixed feelings about our time in India. Our first experiences were hard going & the people we met in the tourist industry were not very nice & constantly trying to rip you off for any rupees they could extract from you. Having said that we saw some amazing sights in India, obviously like the Taj Mahal but also seeing the holy cows cruise the streets with no fear of retribution from angry motorists and many other such crazy daily sights you don't get anywhere else in the world. After our second visit to India with Ramneeks family we saw a different side of life & enjoyed our stay with them immensely. They were so friendly & welcomed us into their home, making us feel very relaxed in a country we had previously found hard to enjoy partly cause we couldn't relax our guard for a minute. They really helped to change the way we perceived India & left us with a positive feel towards the country.

This is the final stop in our trip around the world, with just a stop off in Madrid and via a weeks resting in Cadiz in the south of Spain before we head home to sunny England. We hope you've enjoyed reading about our travels as much as we have enjoyed....travelling!! It's been the most amazing experience of our lives and we will never forget it as long as we live.

Hope to meet up with you all soon & have a warm pint of English beer in the pub. Please keep in touch with us & have fun!

Adios Chicas!

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From dave
No Jap mentions to end with?
Response: he he he
From Dad G
Tasha and Neil
Now that you are safely returned, a hearty thank you from all your readers for all your hilarious diary stories and for allowing us to share your messages. Long may your memories stay with you.
Now get a job and get to work.
Dad G
Response: Thanks Daddy xxx
From Dad G
Hi Tasha and Neil
The great countdown continues ...
See you soon (again),
Dad G
Response: See you soon xxx
From Dad G
Tasha - a bit late, but Geography Lesson:
1. England is part of the United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).
2. The others parts are Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
3. France is .... oh, forget it.
See you soon!! Dad G xx
Response: Cheeky old man....i know that!!!
From Beth
not long to go wooohoohohohoho!!! bethx
Response: I exciting....see you in 10 days!!! xxxx
From Grimmy
I'll keep an eye out on your website and get you a ticket. I'll be in the away end with the BORO fans. But I'm banking on pre and post match refreshements!!!
Response: Wicked! I'm home from 27th July & ready to see Southgate cry again at Mad Stad. I'll cut the crusts off my home-made sandwiches for you, just as you like them & put a Bud in the fridge. See u soon.
From Dad G
I can see Tasha and the mad man in your photo in Durbar Square, but who is the aged holy gnome in the middle?
Dad G
Response: Some guy after a 10 ruppee tip...are you surpised? I don't think so!!!
From too scared!
I'm glad to see natasha has finally done a bit of work towards your lovely diary! It's a shame she has been "too busy" but hopefully she will do some more before you both come home! Looking forward to seeing you soon Gunner! xxx
Response: yeah, I know I've been lazy but my lovely boyfriend has been taking care of things. I'm such alucky girl! See u soon, xxx
From Mum G
I know you are a few hours ahead but Idid't realise you were nearly 2 weeks ahead you've dated your last entry Weds 19 July!!!!!!! You will be in Madrid tomorrow and home in 8 days my goodness doesn't time fly!!!!! So glad you are out of hospital Tasha were so very worried about you.Take care. Roll on 27th!!
love mum gxxxxxxx
Response: opps. Will change it now! See you on the 27th! xxx
From Dad G
Hi Guys!!
I'm home.
Thanks for a most adventurous 2 weeks in India. Hope you got safely back to Delhi and are now in Nepal?
By the way, any readers who wish to know the real version of some of Neil's Indian stories are welcome to contact me.
Dad G, aka the Cripple, aka Keith 28 June.

Response: Hola! Tasha is safely tucked up in a Nepalese hospital.....asleep again! As for the real stories....not sure what you're getting at Mr Gunner? Neil
From Emily
Hey Gunner and Neil!
Have just caught up on your adventures!! Think India is somewhere i wouldn't mind never visiting!!
Neil - love the new look!
Gunner - You will have to come and visit me here - lots of changes!
Mr Gunner - you are very brave to travel India with those two!
Keep the pictures coming - they always make me giggle!
Response: Hey Em, definately up for visiting you up north. Loads of things are going to have changed when i get back how will i cope? I definatley wouldn't reccommend India to makes you sick! Looking forward to seeing you soon Love Gunner xxx
From Beth
Tiger pics are amazin!!! xx
Response: They send a shiver down our spines whenever we look at them too....and we were there!!!!! They were the most amazing animals we have seen on our trip. So healthy, big & strong. It was surreal as it was so scary to be so close to them but beautiful at the same time. A great experience. N x


Response: Yeah I'll be back for sure! I saw the fixture list but don't know how easy it will be for me to arrange tickets unless they go on sale when I'm home at beginning of August? I will try though! Can u get us tickets for RFC vs LFC at Anfield off Phil by any chance? You know its ur dream to see them 2 teams play!!! The game is Sat Nov 4th?
From Mum And Dad
Hi Neil
Like the "full solar panel". you must be full of energy now. If it works I might try it. i know I'm half way there. Just wondered if the re was a nast reflection of the shinny surface though. Perhaps Tasha can answer that one. See you soon in the real world.
love Mum and Dad
Response:, the sun has been reflecting off your head for many years now! Even NASA would like to use your 'solar panel' to bounce back info to their space satellites! Love Neil x
From beth
have emailed you infor for goa and the orphanage-pls check emails hon! xx
Response: Thanks Beth....will check it out now xxx
From marco and annie
Hello Neill and Tasha,

Nice we've heard from you two. Toilets aren't a problem to find in India? Well, we hope you have a great time wherever your travels bring you. We're not on the beach yet (still in Changmai), but we hope to get there soon. We'll think of you in a hot and pooish India while we enjoy beach, sea and cool drinks! Say hello to Emma. Marco and Annie.
Response: We've been giving out maps today to the locals directing them to the nearest toilets to help 'guide' them!!!! Annie, while you're in Chiang Mai try to help Rob's Thai bride Meow pick out a dress for the big day when he gets back from watching England in the World Cup on the islands pls? Thanks for thinking of us when your 'relaxing' on the beaches...we'll think if we find anywhere to relax in India! Thanks for leaving a message! Speak to u soon, Neil & Tasha
From Dad G
Reading the Diary for Thursday 8 June (on Wednesday 7 June, which seems odd somehow - what have you seen that I haven't yet?) set me thinking that when Tasha returns to reality in the UK one job she might consider is Traffic Warden. Either that or Community Support Officer. Dad G
Response: I was a bit jittery on the date button I must admit.... Community Support Warden? Have u seen her poke her little fingers into people's chests who upset her when she's tired...I can't see her doing that job?
From Trandy
Hello mate,

Just got your email - cant see the pics or write up you mention.

However, I have been sorting my site out this afternoon - the pics of the various days I was with you are here.... re_library/gallery.php?mode=brows- e&path=.%2F2006%2FDay+58+-+Hoi+An- +15.05.06 re_library/gallery.php?mode=brows- e&path=.%2F2006%2FDay+73+-+Vang+V- ieng+30.05.06 re_library/gallery.php?mode=brows- e&path=.%2F2006%2FDay+74+-+Laung+- Prabang+31.05.06 re_library/gallery.php?mode=brows- e&path=.%2F2006%2FDay+75+-+Laung+- Prabang+01.06.06

Actually not as many as I thoiught, but I'll put them up when I get a decent opportunity.

Send my love to Tash and Em.

Maybe see you in Chiang Mai in the next day or two...


Robert aka Trandy
Response: Have a butchers at the diary entry with u star-ing in fella! see you soon. Neil PS: pics to follow asap
From Dad G
A little light reading inspired by M&M.

The sacred rats of Karni Mata Temple. Karni Mata once tried to restore the dead child of a storyteller back to life but failed because Yama, the god of death, had already accepted his soul and re-incarnated him in human form. Karni Mata, famed for her temper, was so inflamed that she announced no one from her tribe would fall into Yama's hands again. Instead, when they died, all would temporarily inhabit the body of a rat before being reborn into the tribe. Therefore, the rats are considered to be incarnations of storytellers and much revered. It is said that if you spot a white rat, you will have good luck. The rats are quite small and; harmless. [So they say .... mind your step]
Response: You are strange sometimes.
From dave
ho-hum, same old same old here then. Messages don't improve much do they? Same as casual "jap" comments thrown in every five seconds!!..and no I'm not supporting the orphanage...I've done my bit for charity already!
Response: You always were a tight b#gga? you might be a 'charity case' yourself one day & I hope people look upon you the same way you've treated the lovely kids at the orphanage? Hopefully other people will be more generous...come on now people!!!!
From Mum and Dad
We will start the ball rolling.
WE WILL PLEDGE £1 PER WEEK. for the rest of your trip.
Talking of rats, somewhere in india there is a temple were rats are sacred. There are hundreds of them, and they are fed and watered, and you have to remove your shoes when you visit. The rats are used to this and run around all over your feet. I cant remember what yoiu have to do if you tread on one and kill though. Perhaps you will find out.
Response: I'm sure keith will carry us round this temple so we don't stand on the rats! Nice one for the pledge...COME ON NOW PEOPLE...PLEDGE A QUID A WEEK TO HELP OUT OUR ORTHANGE KIDS...its not much out of your monthly income?
From Lou
hey gunner!
hope you are all OK? footy on Wed so make sure you guys find a screen for the champions league final!

speak to you soon

Bad Girl!
Response: Hey Miss Frazier!

We missed the "best FA Cup final of the modern era" as we were on an over night bus BUT I think Gunner is up for watching "her team" in Hue for the BIG GAME with her mate Cable from home!! Good luck!!!!!!!! Hope it goes well.

Neil (as Gunner is still shopping in all the Hoi An clothing tailors!!)
From Dad G
Tasha & Neil: Great Diary entry 6 May, but I am concerned that Natasha is being led astray ...

Please note that Camberley is a non puking zone. I have cleared up enough in my time. You can't always get the stains out so aim for a dark carpet.

That rat hadn't eaten well, he was escaping being chopped up and fried. Tasha, don't expect me to cook exotic foods when you return - you can do it as you must be the expert!

Very touching story of the orphanage. Well done for your efforts.

Dad G

Response: Don't worry dad they don't have carpet in Cambodia, so no stains made. And we are all doing a cookery course in Chang Mai so i should be able to cook my own exotic food!! Don't worry about the rats apparently they are more common in when we're all having a meal together we might see a whole family....remember to pack the imodium!!!
From Mum and Dad
Hi to you both,
I will have to check out with the Maths department at work how a top ten list can contain 15 items.
We like the idea of SUPPORTING THE ORPHANGE. With that in mind HOW ABOUT ALL YOU READERS PUTTING A £1 OR 50p A WEEK TO ONE SIDE TO START THE BALL ROLLING, READY FOR WHEN NEIL AND TASHA RETURN IN JULY. Not much to ask after all the pleasure you have had reading the diary entries and looking at the photos.
Response: Good idea about the orphanage. All donations welcome....perhaps some can pledge a donation on our site and we can collect on our return??
Maths never was my strong point....must be in the genes! Glad you had a good birthday and nice speaking to you both.
From Emily
Hi Gunner! And hello to Neil.
Sorry its been so long but i have been to spain and got myself a new job!! Impressive i know - but needs must as i am flat broke!
Jay went out last weekend and puked all over the house - so not impressed! And Hayley is still playing at seducing lots of boys!!
Can't wait til you come back! Love Em
Response: Sounds intriuging!! You have a job in Spain? Or have i got that wrong
? I wouldn't be impressed either with Jay...mind you i did come in one night last week with Emma and pucked up....woke Neil up and he was so unimpressed as he had gone home early to get an early night....wasn't girlfriend of the year the next morning i can tell you...opps!!! So Hayley is back to her pre Duncan self.....whay to go Chesh!!!!! Can't wait to see you too, love Gunner xxx