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Chris, Sam and Mark's voyage to the US and beyond!

Hey all, just a little something to keep you all informed about our shenanigans abroad. Not sure if we'll keep upto date but we'll try. Please feel free to leave comments, we'll get back to you if we can. Cheers.

Diary Entries

Monday, 27 August 2007

Location: Glenelg, UK


Well people it looks like I'm on the move again. After a couple of months work here in Glenelg I've decided to hit the road, literally! I bought a bike and on Friday I'll be commencing a wee cycle-tour of the highlands. Too much work has gotten me inspired to see what Scotland has to offer, hopefully no rain but I'm not holding my breath. A few weeks trekking around should clear out the cobwebs (and get rid of the beer gut i've been working on) and it looks like Sam, Mark and myself might meet up again in Edinburgh sometime in late September. So I'll keep you posted and hopefully get some good Pics up so you can follow my progress.

Take it easy.

Over and Out.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Location: Glenelg, Scotland


Hey all. You may have guessed that the trio has finally split up. I have left for Scotland while Sam and Mark are chilling in Belfast. Plans are to reunite in Cardiff for the Rugby world cup and then to Oktoberfest in Munich. In the mean time I'm working at a place called the "Glenelg Inn" on the West Highland coast here in sunny Scotland. Sam's got a job at "The Beaten Docket" in Belfast and Newbs, well, he's been packing Tea. We'll try and keep the photos coming until everyone meets up again in Cardiff.

In the mean time, take it easy.

Over and Out.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica


Hey all. Finally got a chance to upload some more photos and after a month here in Costa Rica we´ve got some good stories to tell. We arrived in San Jose on 20th April and after an interesting cab ride to our hostel (crazy roads and even crazier drivers) we settled in for a few Cervazas (beers). We bussed it to the Caribbean coast and moved in to our house. After 5 months driving, 15hr days, lazing on the beach and relaxing was just what the doctor ordered. Things were pretty uneventfull until we got robbed. Someone pinched Cammos laptop, two cameras, a couple of phones and an iPod. Trying to get a police report for insurance was a little difficult when none of us speak Spanish and not one cop in town Hablo ingles.

We got a lot of visitors from Vail and it was good to hang out with some familiar face. When Sarge, Glen and Muggers dropped in we decided a trip to Panama was on the cards. We headed to a place called Bocas del Toro for three days. While we were there we hung out with a local guy called Louis. He was our guide for three days and showed us some awesome reefs, took us snorkling and even had us lined up to see a cock fight. The ´cock fight´however was actually a friend of his with 2 angry chickens, so we didn´t end up going. That night a few beers in town turned into an epic saga when Newbs, Cammo, Glen and Sarge got caught up in a drug raid and had to spent some quality time with the local Policia. Everyone was fine and after a swin home at 5am the whole experience was just another great story.

Once back to Costa Rica we had a few more days in Puerto Veijo and then started our travels around the country. We white water rafted in Siquirres and managed to be only raft to flip in a rapid. Not sure what happened but Sam got flung into Siz and it went south from there. Did Class 3 and 4 which was great fun and cheap as chips. La Fortuna was next and after checking out the volcano (see photos) Newbs and Cammo decide to go Bungee jumping. While Sam and I were watching them jump we decided if we didn´t do it as well we´d never hear the end of it. The 12 or so beers we´d had that afternoon may have also been a decisive factor. Either way we all had a great time. Then yesterday we headed here to Monteverde. Did a canopy tour (zip lines through the trees) yesterday afternoon which was really good. There was a tarzan rope swing included on the tour and after swinging through the trees Sam managed to miss the capture point and ended up having to manhandle the guide (half his size) to avoid getting stuck. Good times, especially when big Pids is scared silly by heights.

So that gets us to today. Hungover we decided to have a quiet day in and catch up on some stories and post a few more photos. Hope you enjoy.

Till next time, Over and Out.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Location: Denver, USA


Hey all, just thought we'd drop you a line prior to departing the US of A. In Denver at the moment waiting for our 6am flight to Costa Rica. Goose caught up with us for the last few days and left this morning for his trip to Peru with Jed. Cammos back from Canada and we're all super excited about heading to the tropics for a while. Went to a Wolfmother/Placebo concert last night and had a ball. Spent this afternoon with a few quiet ales at a Colorado Rockies baseball game. Good times. Not sure if we'll have internet in Peurto Veijo but will try and post some more photos if we can. Take care everyone and thanks for all the messages.

Till next time, Over and Out.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Location: Kayak Crossing, USA


Hey all, just thought we'd sent a little update on things here in Vail. Work is starting to slow down so we've had some time to post a heap photos for you. They say a picture says a thousand word, so we thought it would be easier to take a camera than type up all our stories. Hope you enjoy them.

For those of you that haven't heard, we have canned the road trip in favour of a month in Costa Rica. We found a cheap house in a little Carribean town Called Peurto Viejo. We will be down there for most of May. Not sure how the tropics will treat us after 5 months in the Rockies but at least we will get to hang out on the beach for a while. We will head back to the US before sneaking over to the UK for a while. Then, who knows where we will be.

Enjoy the photos and until next time,

Over and Out.

Friday, 09 March 2007

Location: Kayak Crossing, USA


After checking in at the hotel, where we met with CME, the bar was next for a meet and greet. This was difficult as training for the over 70's Regional Linedancing Championships was in progress on the dance floor. (Just quietly, there is nothing funnier than a geriatric with a bad hip boot scootin' to Acky Breaky Heart). Several beers, and a few new friends, later it was time for a seedy feed LA style. Newbs and Siz opted for a meatball sub while Sam struck pure gold, and by gold I mean fat and grease. He got a burger from a joint called "Carls Jr", but there was nothing remotely junior about the size anything. The burger weighted about 3lbs and it took all three of us to finish the fries, the drink was a 64oz (1.92L) monster. The meal cost US$5.60 and got the better of all three of us. Yay for the fastfood nation!

Our roadtrip to Vegas was great, 60 of us squeezed into four, 15 seater vans, hungover and sweating it up. Good times. We arrived in Sincity around 7pm checked into the cheapest hotel available and hit the strip. Imagine a firecracker show in the middle of nowhere and you get a picture of Vegas. Add neon lights, outragous buildings and half naked ladies and you know you're in for a good night, unless you're someones wallet. Lets just say that if roulette was our friend, blackjack definately was not. Hence the reason we now only share 5 kidneys between 3 people.

Travel tip from the Boys #2:
Do not get pissed as nits prior to a 12hr roadtrip across Utah. There is nothing to see, it goes from 35 degrees during the day to minus 15 at night and the only food stops involved a "gentleman" named Hank, a shovel and whatever was hit on the Interstate the night before. Mmmmmm!

We got to Vail about 10pm, it was puking snow and the temp had dropped to -10F (-21C). Welcome to the Colorado Rockies in December lads.

Till next time, Over and out.

Wednesday, 07 March 2007

Location: Kayak Crossing, USA


Our hotel was on Sunst Blvd, not too hard to find only just of the 101. Easy right, NOT! Unbeknown to us the Hollywood Christmas parade was scheduled for the exact time we arrive in tinseltown. It took us 4 hours of driving in circles, one badly soiled public toilet and a tow truck driver who couldn't understand us because he only spoke American before we reached the hotel. Sharing a bed with Newbs in a tiny room with Sam snoring never sounded so good.

What better way to escape the smog and urban stink of LA than spending 12 hours hangng out at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. Heres a quick travel tip from the boys:
Never ever choose a ride called SPLASH MOUNTAIN as the second ride of your day. You will get very wet and spend the next 4 hours working up the greatest case of chaff known to man.

For all the grandure associated Hollywood it is a seedy, over-rated town full of homeless people and Class 9 freaks. Beverly Hills however, is crazy awesome. Rodeo Dr at night was one of the most visually pleasing shopping districts we've seen yet. Especially when every shop, street lamp and even homeless dudes are decorated with christmas lights. Well worth a look, unfortunately Gucci and Prada were a bit out of our price range. Venice Beach on the other hand was a bargin hunters paradise. Write that down.

Universal Studios was a great day. We hit all the rides at least 2 or 3 times and checked out the stunt shows and 3-D presentations. We topped the day off with a viewing of Borat, Cultural Learnings of America for make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Our last day in LA was spent cruising Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach. It was such a cool place, Newbs enjoyed Muscle Beach the most, maybe a little too much? After our little adventures in Hollywood and our return to childhood it was time to meet up CME and start the trip towards Vail via Vegas.

Till next time Over and Out.

Monday, 05 March 2007

Location: Kayak Crossing, USA


After waiting for 2 hours to get on the plane (apparently an AC problem) our long anticipated trip was underway. The journey began in true aussie style, with a few tinnies, the last decent beer we would see for a while. With no mile high club prospects apparent it was solo aviators division for the boys. Just joking , only Newbs. 14 hours went faster than expected and in no time San Fran was on the horizon.

Our first taste of American hospitality was dominated by uniformed men with guns refusing to hand out voluntry, full body cavity searches. Much to Marks dismay. We had also forgotten a visa form and had to covince the customs dude that we were infact tired Aussie tourists, not islamic extremists.


We caught the train into the city, past copious amounts of gum trees, and headed to our hotel. After some directions from a helpful homeless dude we found where we were staying. It was a funky smelling old school hotel, ominiously situated next to a gay strip club in an area known as Nobb Hill. We'd struck gold! Just joking, but really.

We caught a cable car to Fishermans Wharf, cruised the bay past Alcatraz and munged out on clam chowder. We thought we test some American beers so we went to a German pub (good option lads). Who would've thought that the first pub we walked into in the US would be showing day 1 of the first ashes test, crazy awesome. After several suspect ales we decided that 43hrs without sleep was enough and hit the sack.

Day 2 involved a copious amounts of strutting around the sights. A walking tour may not have been the best option in a city renouned for its hilly physique. We visited Chinatown for lunch and laughed at nuffies falling over on a public icerink (this was funnier than Jared getting bashed by Gary Coleman). A full day of walking was more than enough for Sam, he crashed at the hotel (or snuck next door) while Newbs and Siz went on an epic adventure to seek out the perfect pizza. We found it, 12 blocks away in the bad neighbourhood and over several not so small hills. It was well worth it though.

Day 3 brought the prospect of biking the Golden Gate Bridge, Sirro was up early getting in some streches and carbo loading for the tour, I mean, day ahead. We planned a casual ride over the bridge and back, surely no more than 2 hours. 6 hours and 39km later three very wounded soldiers caught the ferry back to the city and headed straight for the pub. Whilst reminissing about the arse chaffing events of the day we decided Hooters was the only option for dinner. Maybe it was the dozen pints we'd consumed but for some reason Hooters seemed to be viewed by the Yanks as a family restaurant, go figure.

For three guys who had come to the US to work as drivers our first experience behind the wheel was interesting to say the least. Although the drive from San Fran to Monterey and down to LA was fairly uneventful (except for a seagull deficating on Sams lunch chicken) we were in for some fun when we hit Hollywood.

Till next time Over and Out.

Tuesday, 09 January 2007

Location: Vail, USA

Hey all,

Sorry that it has taken so long to post any news but we have all been very busy. Between record snow storms, avalanches and the holidays it seems that the only thing we've been doing is driving. Things are starting to slow down now so we will all sit down together and start telling some stories (we have heaps). Photos are on the way as well and will be up soon.

On the flip site,

Team USA.

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From Bobbie
Boys , gald to see you are still alive and obviously doing very well, very envious of the sights and copious amount of beers you must be drinking!! you will be gald to know that that all of us here are keeping the aussie economy ticking while your gone!!! for what its worth the AUD hit 0.88 cents this arvo!!! i might buy a ticket and come visit!!

Response: Great to hear from u Bob.. I'm glad someone is working hard. Talk Soon
From Dannielle Ward
Hello Boys,
Sounds like you are having lots of fun and I am jealous! Put some more photos and updates on here soon. Love Wardyxxx
Response: Hey Wardy good to hear from you will try getting some more photos up soon. Hows the job at the bank? Talk Soon
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gday lads,wats doin?your beards are the filthiest shit ive seen scince fishnets at the pub.albies got beaten by armidale 28-26 made me feel like urine,my eye busted open,i look like a hardcore demon of scars
Response: Thanks for the complements about the beards, thats the look i was looking for... I heard about the Armidale game you guys must be missing me Ha Ha.. Whats your email anyway? Talk soon
From Tim K
I love the moes, mo mathews would be proud
Response: Thanks Bud. He was the inspiration..
From Pete (Dad)
Hi Guys, I trust you got away on time and the seats were OK. It was 40 degrees C at Mascot when you left so I hope winter in the US is not too much of a shock.
Response: Not now anyway, 6 weeks has made us all seasoned vets. -5F ain't quite 40C though. Take care.