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Welcome to Team Wolff's Travel Page. This is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read when you're bored at work! Please feel free to leave us a message, we will reply when we can, and our response will appear on the site.

The journey begins in Tokyo on December 9th, so watch this space!

Lots of love,

Sara and Natalia xxx

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Location: Somerset, UK

Morning all,

yes,finally. We're home!!! It was everything we imagined and nothing like we imagined, if that makes sense?!
Pretty jet-lagged after our last flight home yesterday, but were met by long-time team wolff fan club Colin and Caroline as a surprise at the airport! How nice was that?!

Once we got down to Somerset, we were greeted with home cooked food and home made rhubarb crumble ...YUM! It's good to be back.

Looking forward to catching up with y'all very soon. We'll probably make it down to london every weekend (sleeping arrangements on your respective floors permitting ;) ).

Will post the rest of our photos of USA at some point today/tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.

Ta ta for now xx

Thursday, 07 April 2005

Location: Cape Cod, USA

Hey peeps!!!

Well, I never thought the time would come (well not so soon anyway) that I would be saying this..but...we're coming home!!!!
Monday 10th April. A sad day :( Only a month ago it still felt as iff we were ages away from the end...but I suppose we had a bit more money then!
We're in Cape Cod right now staying with cousins, and having a really nice last week. Had a great meal with our cousin Joshua and his wife, followed by a gun drill, and a photo opportunity with an AK47. Yes you read me correctly.
It's hard to come to terms with the fact that it's standard practice for people to keep a gun or many guns in the house. The system seems to work over here, but god knows what would happen if they made it legal at home!
Can't wait to pay you all visits and bore you with my photos ;)

Sunday, 27 March 2005

Location: Virginia, USA

Hey guys, finally we've updated our photos. We've added 5 new pages, dating all the way back to South Island in New Zealand.


Off to New York tomorrow. Very excited!!!

Friday, 25 March 2005

Location: Jamaica,Middlesex county, VA, USA

Hello All!

Since we last spoke we've spent the obligatory week in Orlando visiting theme parks! Thankfully everything that is Disney lifted our previously downhearted mood we picked up in Miami.
Firstly we had a nice motel room for half the price, with a tv that worked and a nice new bathroom, plus we met a lovely scottish lass - Libby and spent a day at Kennnedy Space centre together. Turns out she's been living and working in Old Isleworth! What a small world this is turning out to be. The space centre was wicked. We went on a behind the scenes tour and watched men in paper overalls actually building the pods which are being launched later this spring to be attached to the space station! Very cool indeed! Then we drove round to the launch pads, and the giant hangars they hold the orbiting spacecraft..Explorer and Discovery.
After a day of rest, we headed to Disney and got ourselves a pricey 2 day pass. My god this place is huge, and as over the top if not more so than Vegas. Nat went on all the rides, and I bit my lip and shut my eyes to go on a couple too (shock horror!) It was just what we needed to shake off the bad mood.
To top off the good week, we were offered a lift to the bus station by an ex pro basketballer who used to live in England and was staying at the hotel. That was a godsend and avoided 2 local bus changes.
The bus journey to Richmond Virginia on the other hand was another disaster. It was on overnight bus for starters, and now we're begining to understand why we're been warned off going by bus in this country!
After the first 12 hours on the bus, we landed in Fayetteville North Carolina. Time 11:45pm. The bus station was heaving. Here we were to wait behind door A for a connecting bus. Then we find out it's not due till 3:15 am. Then after standing in line for 3.5 hours half asleep, the bus comes and it's too full. So we wait for another service, and don't actually leave until around until 5am!!! Needless to say, once we arrived in Richmond, we dispensed with the public transport option and got a taxi to our hire car!
Driving on the other side has worked out fine by the way.
We then drove an hour and a bit to our cousin Kate's.
Well, let us just say we had the most amazing welcome of not 1 or 2 dogs but 3! Not 1 or 2 cats but 3! and this does not include the 3 brand new only born 7 days ago baby oh so small and gorgeous puppies!!!!
Then of course there are the 5, yes 5! horses outside in the fields. Kate and Mike's house is in Jamaica, Virginia and is a wonderful old fashioned wooden farm house in the middle of beautiful countryside. It was such a nice change from all the hussle and bussle of Orlando. Since we have been here we have seen Colonial Williamsburg, played with the puppies, driven to Washington DC and seen the White house and some great museums, played with the puppies and seen some great countryside.
Can we just just say we have eaten like queens because Kate is such an amazing cook. Its easter this weekend and we are going to cook up a feast for our hosts and hope it measures up to Kate's standards.
Happy Easter to all lots of love xxxxxxxx

Saturday, 12 March 2005

Location: Miami, Florida, USA

Just arrived in Miami after an overnight flight, where some nasty peice of work stole not one but 3 blankets and made us shiver all the way. Bitch.
Anyway, after I calmed Nat and was done restraining her in the airport, we celebrated our escape from vegas and arrival in this hot and sunny place with a big breakfast in a Deli on South beach of Eggs benedict. Yummmmm.
Celebration over...the pricey breakfast cleaned us out for the rest of the day, so no lunch or dinner for us!
Thought we'd tell you a bit more about Vegas while we're here in this lovely Cyber Cafe.
It really was the most ridiculous place. Every building/hotel is designed purposefully so that once inside, you lose your sense of direction, can't find your way out, and any short trip, be it to the toilets or the exit diverts you via yet more slot machines or shops or restaurants. In fact most places didn't have signs to the exit at all! To top it off, all exit doors are made with tinted glass, and there are no clocks, and some ceilings are made to look like blue sky with clouds. All clever ploys to make you stay and not realise how long you've been there for. Sly bastards. Cool could hire fancy cars (Ferraris, Corvettes etc) to drive up and down the strip, have a stripper come directly to your door(no male strippers we noticed), and take amazing trips to the Grand Canyon which we did!!! It was really amazing. We passed on the 15 hour bus tour, and went for a scenic flight instead. Got picked up at 5:00 am which wasn't great considering one of the cunning casinos didn't let us get to bed until 2am..we thought it was late afternoon!? The flight was about an hour and a half, and took us over the hoover dam...which has absolutely nothing to do with Hoovers, just alot of water and concrete, but quite cool all the same. We flew over and into the West rim of the Grand Canyon...all a bit nerve racking for some in the tiny plane ;) Couldn't believe that such a huge crack in the ground was made by such a tiny little Colorado river which was running a mile deep below us.
Miami is going to be a 2 day affair, due to the fact that everywhere is booked out, and we're staying in an over-priced for what it is hotel as it is. So in a couple of days time, we'll catch another adorable Greyhound bus to Orlando, as we're dying to go to the Kennedy Space centre.
Starting to get a little weary of being on the move all the time, especially in an expensive country. We miss waking up in a place we can call home (sob sob!)- Ridiculous to be feeling miserable when you're sitting right opposite miami beach on a beautiful hot sunny day, but there you go. We just don't feel like being here. We want to be able to pop to the kitchen and make a cup of tea, ring up our mates and meet up at the pub, sit on our own sofa and watch crap tv. I'm sure we'll feel differently about our current travels when we meet a real live astronaut to take our minds off it! :)
On the plus side....we are sure as hell going to make use of the sunshine to top up our tans which are fading fast!
Please excuse our first bad diary entry...we're just having a moment. It'll pass! Missing you all xxxxx

Friday, 11 March 2005

Location: VEGAS Baby..YEah!, USA

What can we say? this place is insane. At first you love it, but after 3 days we hate it! All the lights and casinos are unbelievable..from pyramids, to replica european cities (Venetian canals inside the building on the 2nd florr, complete with gondolas!) , exploding volcanoes and fake daylight in shopping malls. let's just say that any money we won, we lost again...this might be part of the reason we are leaving ;)
Pictures coming soon we hope..still can't find a pc that doesn't charge $10 per min to load them up.

Flying to Miami tonight- we'll catch up again there.

Big squeezes to one and all ! xxxx

Sunday, 06 March 2005

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Goodness doesn't time fly;)

We're now in the U S of A finally! Last time we spoke we'd had a week in New Zealand. There were actually 2 more weeks and bit after that in NZ. We went to the South island after that. It rained ALOT, but the mountains and fiords and gorges were still pretty peachy. It's amazing, the water in all the lakes is a perfect turquoise blue, really milky and inviting..despite it being incredibly cold of course.
We stayed a few days in Christchurch with a family friend, and had a great time being shown around. It's amazing how much more of a feel you get for a place when you're with someone who lives there! It was also great to be living in a family home for a few days, which was very pampering. Thanks Suzanne, Nigel and Chantal!
Then it was back to our campervan for a further 2 weeks driving thru the southern alps and then back up the west coast to the north of the south island at Abel Tasman National park. There we did a long walk along the stunning coastline and randomly bumped into these 2 girls we'd met on a bus journey in Cambodia!!! The world is a very small place indeed!
After an amzing time in NZ..definitely our favourite country so far, we climbed aboard yet another very long flightto San Francisco, where we lived out the same day twice due to crossing the date line backwards on the plave. So this year we will have had 366 days..weird! Jealous?
Unfortunately our first impressions of San Francisco were'nt all that great. We didn't say anything at the time (mum)but we were staying in the worst part of town, being offered drugs on the doorstep of the hostel and had to be inside by the time it was dark as it wasn't safe to wander the street. Our street that is. The rest of San Francisco was just fine! Just our luck! Anyway, our evenings indoors were made bearable, as we made friends with an English girl in our dorm, who updated us on all the Eastenders gossip. Most amusing what you collectively miss when away from home...Ahhh Mini we love you :) She also recommended a really nice hostel in Santa Monica LA which is where we are right now..Thank you sooo much Helen!
So in San Francisco we went to ALcatraz which was wicked, and a day at Yosemite national park, where we saw some of the same cold white stuff you guys are getting at home! Loved it!

So now were in Los Angeles. We've been on a tour of the movie stars homes and felt like stalkers as the bus stopped outside each gate! We walked to Venice beach today...full of absolute nutcases. Anything goes in this city....seriously! We got invited to a preview screening of an Adam Sandler movie not out till May. Pretty cool. Universal tomo!!!

Saturday, 12 February 2005

Location: North Island, New Zealand

Well haven't we been diary entry for 2 weeks! Sorry mum :)

Well, we've been in New Zealand for a week or so, and it has blown us away. It's stunning. Everywhere we've been has been beautiful without exception. The landscape changes alot quicker than in OZ, and you don't have to travel far to see another amazing sight.

Speaking of travelling..our campervan is amazing! It's absolute luxury compared to the last one. you can stand up in it and everything! If anyone's planning an excursion here, Wilderness New Zealand is the company to go with!

Started in Auckland, which we thought was a very lovely city. Great cafes, beautiful parks. Then we hit the Coromandel peninsular. Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad, so we probably didn't see it in it's best light, but it was still stunning.

We then headed inland top Rotorua, where we spent 2 days marvelling at the thermal wonders of volcanic activity that bubbles out of the ground wherever you go! Slightly scary to think the earth beneath us is brewing up some kind of geological disaster!
We had a wallow in some mud at a spa, and then a dip in a mineral pool. How nice did our skin feel after that, even if we did come out smelling of rotten eggs! Haven't quite got the smell ut of our hair yet!

We also went to soak up some Maori culture, and came across the most beautiful man we'd ever seen (Matt excepted ;)). We had to empty our memory card because it was so full of pictures of this one man. But the Haka and dancing etc was pretty cool too, if a bit commercialised.

The we headed to lake Taupo. It was so beautiful, and like a mirror. We stopped an afternoon and had a dip. It was the calm before the storm so to speak, as the next morning, Nat jumped out of a plane willingly. Best experience of my life. Sara remained on the ground as event photographer..equally thrilling. She was more nervous than Nat!

As if that wasn't enough fun, we decided to walk up an active volcano the next day. Famed as the best one day walk in NZ, the Tongariro Crossing didn't disappoint. The scenery was out of this world, and the views made up the backdrop of many a Lord of the Rings Movie. It was 17km long...8km up hill, 9km down. Not easy, and we are only regaining the use of our legs now, but it was well worth it.

Now we've just arrived in Wellington, where we have a day to explore before we catch the ferry to South Island. Aparently it's meant to be even more stunning, so we're very excited.

Hoping all is well in England. We just heard about Charles and Camilla! oooer! We're slightly worried you may have all broken your fingers in unfortunate accidents, as the site is lacking on the message front, and we're no longer in the top 5 most visited sites. Sort it out people!

Lots of love,
Team Wolff xxxxxx

Sunday, 30 January 2005

Location: Surfers Paradise Dude!, Australia

Well hello again, once again we've left it a little while before updating this thing. Let's just say that now we are practically a beautiful shade of coffee...and that is where all our time has gone.
Apart from all the driving of course...let's face it...Oz is an enormous country! It's as wide at the US we have calculated in one of our long evenings in the campervan.

All is great, except for the fact that we've had a flat battery in the van not once, but twice. the first time was at Palm beach north of Sydney (aka Summer Bay from Home and Away). Clearly we were so thrilled to be on the set that we forgot to turn off the lights. Duh! Unfortunately Alf Stuart. or Jesse (more disappointingly) were not there to come and jump start us, so we had to settle for the NRMA. (RAC).

I (Sara) had an excellent birthday in Sydney. had the obligatory photo taken infront of the Opera House and harbour bridge (which we'll load up another time), and ate as much as possible throughout the day as you would expect. The evening ended strangely, as we were intercepted by a Geordie RAF guy, who had apparently spotted us numerous times around the city during the day.(Worrying) and decided to stop us and invite himself along for a drink. We learned alot about how to tap a phone line and what goes on at the bops every Tues and Thurs night at RAF Brize Norton, and that near Durham there is a town called No Place, along with a lot of other unnecessary useless facts.

The weather in New South Wales was for the most part very very wet for most of the week, and unfortunately it spoiled our trip to the Blue Mountains. We arrived at one of the huge waterfalls, all we could see was mist and cloud and more rain..we could hear the water thundering down the mountain tho! Thankfully now that we're back in Queensland the weather has gone back to Very Hot...hence the coffee coloured skin.

2 more days here, including a day visiting Rhian in Brisbane, then flying to NZ for another month of campervanning..altho we think the van there will be a little more luxurious..i.e. we'll be able to stand inside it!

Lots of love to you all. xxxxx

p.s. this week... we are mostly with herbs and spices xxxx

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From Tori
You can´t be back already only seems like yesterday you were running around like a chica loca making lists and being wardrobe ruthless! i can´t wait to catch up with you both hope you won´t be sick of talking about it by then. Sorry haven´t been in touch for age has been mad in Salamanca but loving it. feel a bit sad that the wolff/monkman/desailles era in Newdigate house is over but can´t wait to catch up over cafe very soon..besos muchos Tori ..
Response: Will email you VERY SOON!!!!!! So much to talk about. Miss you loads!
Right... Heathrow? Stanstead? Luton? Gatwick? How are you getting into London? Do you want to meet in London? Or are you going home? Where's home? Get back with as much info as poss, so we can decide what to do...! We want to come and meet you, but if we meet you at 7.00am, we'll have to get back in to London with all the miserable commuters!
Can't wait to see you though. I've sent my mobile number through on Hotmail. 07887884584. Give us a call, whenever, even if it is very early in the morning!
x x x x x
Response: Soooooooo excited!!!!!!!!
From BIG Col
Well, you're very welcome here. Winnie's here at the mo, he's moving into a flat upstairs.
As regards PnP, whenever you fancy it, I we're desperate for someone decent to sort the floor out, and you could really be the girl for the job. Would be ace! Need someone soon though, when are you available?
Caroline and me can't wait to hang out with you again.
Not really much to report, other than I had a weight bench delivered yesterday! It's like a prison gym on our patio!!! Mint!

Well I look forward to seeing you on Monday. I'm working at 5. Carolines Mum and Dad are here Tuesday, I'm managing the bar Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Hopefully we'll see you Monday, but we have quite a bit of work to do, so probably won't be able to make it. But... that said, email through all the details of the flight, times etc, and we'll see what we can do.
Can't wait... see you sooooon! x
Response: we arrive on monday morning 6.55am Nice and early!
Can't wait to see you guys again! Give me you number or text my sister's mobile 07773332108, and hopefully i will see you on monday sometime xxxxx
From Millski Burgers
How I laughed when I saw that you had chosen Mr Travolta to put your paws on Sargie. Squeezy Gorgeous or wot!!!! mmmmmmmmm

Response: Uh huh! Back in town in the enxt couple of weeks,a dn would love to come and see you Millskis. Mwah!!!
From Louise & Charlotte
I can't believe you will be back so soon. It only seems like yesterday that you left! Anyway, I hope you both enjoyed your travels and if you are in the area let me know 'cos it would be great to see you again.
love L&C x
Response: I know! I know!! Will definitely come and pay you lovely ladies a visit when I'm back in Surrey. Can't live in my flat until july but will be venturing into civilisation and away from Somerset from time to time xxxx
From Colin Robert Owen
Got the email from you syaing you were coming home sometime soon??? When?
What are your plans when you get back? Do you need a job? Somewhere to stay? I may know of a job that needs to be filled urgently... PnP I'm afraid, but a definate job!
Let me know what your movements are...
Can't wait for you guys to see the weather here! And, my tan, I'm almost black now, can't wait to show you our beach!

Speak soon ladies. x x x x
Response: Am staying with mum for a bit, and then will need to come back to London for a job, and I guess, If i can't find anything else then PnP will have to do. Will have to chat to you guys when I get back about a place to stay cos I may have to use a scrap of your floor for a little while, until I sort something out!
Can't wait to see you guys
From Emilie
Hi Sara
I thought I had only read your adventures 3 weeks ago and since you seemed to have done SO much! Love following your stuff. Thank you, it is very inspiring!
I had done a quick tour of California, it was funny to relive the same frustrations and bemusement I had felt by reading your anecdotes!
Response: Hi Emilie!

Lovely to hear from you! We've just been to New York and stayed with Pravda which was great! Coming home in one week! Can't believe it's over. No doubt will come and pay a visit to Bar Malden at some point, so see you soon! xxx
From Pauline
Hi girls,

Hope you had a great Easter, lots of choccies?! Your pictures are absolutely even managed to meet up with Rhian!
have a great time in NY and enjoy the remaining weeks
Response: Hello Madam! LOTS of choccies, but no where near as good as the enormous eggs at home ;) See you soon hopefully as we're coming home in a week! xxx
From Kerry
Lo Girls,

Glad to see another long diary entry! Nat, when you were saving that tree in the photo, did someone steal your leg?? ;)

I don't know how you girls do it, just got back from camping in Watergate Bay, was only away from home for 5 days but am sooo glad to be back to my own bed!

Take care,


Response: It's amazing how you manage to fall asleep in a strange bed every night. You get used to it I guess. Having said that, home in a week, so all that will be behind us...Oh how I've missed my duvet!
Not back permananetly in kingston for a while yet, but will be paying visits so be warned I'll be round with more photos to bore you to death! ;)
From mars
you guys suck team wolff we all know the best team on planet ranger is team band room and the fact that you saw steve irwin and we didn't gives you nothing on us. yours very much unfaithfully team band room
Response: That's a little uncalled for now isn't it? You're just bitter.
From Louise & Charlotte
Just heading up to TBay for a small break over the Easter holiday. Can't wait as it is going to be a full on Sharp Attack - there will be 13 of us plus Patch!! Anyway, I hope you both have a lovely Easter and eats lots of chocolate as that is what I am planning to do :o)
love L&C x
Response: Happy Easter! The eggs have been purchased, but they just don't do the big fat egg thing here, so we have had to make do with lots of mini eggs in a bumper pack ;) Love to all the Sharps xxx
From caroline
hey there girlie squirrels, hope your both well - i have a cold bo who, its not fair..........wish i was in sunny miami. oh before i forget - if anyone tries to steal your blankets again tell them you know me ok...ill sort it out..
im still looking for another job, my boss is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, but im trying to be patience something will come along. i did the whole greyhound bus thing - watch when you take the overnight ones, we had a porno on the tv with a lot of happy young men - not the best experience- but still something to write home about...the grand canyon sounds amazing......
keep chirpy, everyone gets a little home sick - even if your enjoying up those tans and eat an ice cream mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tasty.
love ya c xx
Response: We've decided to take the train to New York now, rather than the bus! We didn't get any tvs on the bus! unfortunately even our top up tans are wearing off. It's way too cold in Virginia! Not loving it.
From nonna rosa e fam.Cur
...continuiamo a seguire con interesse e tanto affetto il vostro viaggio. Vi auguriamo tanti tanti auguri di BUONA PASQUA!!!!
tanti bacioni
Response: Tanti baci a tutti! Il viaggio e quasi finito :( Non aspettiamo l'ora di manggiare la cucina di mamma!
From Jaki and Carl
Hey Girlies, I expect you will go and visit our cousins so say hello to them from us. You'll enjoy the comforts of staying in a family home. The sun is shining here too so we have been for a long walk all along Shell Bay (not many nudies though) Jordan has his interview this week at the Arts Institute and Lawrence has decided he would like to join the Air Force to train as a pilot. J also has a 23 year old Italian girlfriend! My babies are all grown up.
Enjoy America, have a happy easter and big hugs to you both.
Response: Hello Wolffs! Really nice to hear from you. We're staying with Kate in Virginia, and heading to stay with Gretchen in a couple of weeks. In true family tradition we're planning an Easter egg hunt on sunday around Kate's farm! Jordan you scoundrel! Good luck with the interview! And Lawrence.. a pilot? Wicked! We'll be home in just a few weeks, and we'll come pay you all a visit and bore you with yet more photos! ;) Lots of love and happy easter xxxx
From nina & pravda
Yo girlies, no problem for you to stay in New York city like real sex in the city chicks with Pravda. You have a city pad at your disposal from the 25th March onwards. Have a mohito for me . . .

Love Nina xxx
Response: LOVING YOU BOTH!!! Thank you so much!!!! Pravda, what's your email address/tel no? We will hit NY on around the 28th or 29th. Speak soon. S & N
From Mommy
My dear girls, I look forward to your text messages every day so I do not use your planet ranger for a chat.I keep an eye to your web almost every night and I am wondering of what theft Kerry is talking about,I hope you are keeping your mother well informed on your good and bad experiences.
Take care lots of love Mommy
Response: Oh mum! It was just about the fact that this woman on the plane stole all the blankets so Nat slept very badly! Nothing serious. Sorry we haven't updated the site recently, waiting for an opportunity to load up photos. Miss you loads Mamma! Lots of love, Sara and Natalia xxxx
From My name is COLIN
Right... Girls! What the hell are you talking about?!!! You are travelling the world... this si something that people dream of when they're sat at home watching shit TV and popping to the kitchen for a cup of tea.
Travelling is THE best thing, sure you haven't got a fixed abode, but why do you need one, uncertainty and variety feeds your body so much more than: trying to find work, scraping to pay rent, joining in with all the other hoards of people going about their mundane lives. Please don't be down, you'll really regret it later.
Big cities with lots of money flying around tend to get people down, that's why there's so many murders in Vegas, good job Grisam's there! Mind you, there is a CSI Miami...!
I would love the opportunity to go away with my brother again... enjoy your time together as best you can, it's SO valuable, you guys will probably never spend this much time together again, it's like being kids again!!!
I'm SO jealous of you guys. So give each other a hug now and have a blast!

Say hi to Miami for me, and get me a really shit T-Shirt! No more than a buck! Yes!
Hope you guys are ok, glad you like the greyhounds, Si hated them SO much, us Owens are long. Legged!!!! Well, not saying that we're not... nothing! Sorry!

How much longer on the trip now???

Love Colin x x x
Response: Don't worry, things are looking up! We just had an off day. Got myself a Vegas CSI T shirt. I'll see what I can do for you! Only got about 3 weeks left of cash, or is that - 3 weeks worth? God knows. It's all money we don't actually "have" as such.
From Kerry
Lo girls!

Sorry to hear about the theft, should have taught you some kickboxing moves so that you could have sorted her out! ;)

Although it sounds like you are still having an amazing time, I am sure that everyone can't wait to have you back to ply you with tea and Eastenders updates.

Talking of which; Dirty Den is now a few feet under the Queen Vic. Zoe though she had killed him but when she left the room Chrissy finished him off. Andy (Sam Mitchell's hubby) was bumped off by a new ganster on the block. He left the betting shop to little Den though so there may be a return on the cards!

Take care of yourself.

Response: Thanks SOOOOO much for the update. We've been dying here! We'll be home very soon indeed, so will be able to watch it oursleves!
From Brett
Hang in there girls. I can see the travel bug is wearing off a bit. In a few months when you're back in the UK you'll only remember the good times you had and will laugh about the tough times. I'll drop you a mail to your gmail addy as my days here are numbered...only 10 sleeps b4 we fly out to SA for the wedding.
Response: It's the final countdown! How exciting! Back in a few weeks actually :( Great news about the job btw!
From caroline
hi girls hope your well just a quick email - had a great birthday we all got drunk, johnny did a dial a smash on a huge pile of plastic bags only to find they were full of broken glass ................. he was ok and only got a cut finger - lucky boy...........we all had a great time missed you though.......winnies moving to london he got i new job in another pitcher so thats cool......
hope your having fun.
love ya c
Response: You're going to be so jealous...I've got myself a CSI Vegas T-Shirt!!! Glad to hear you had a good birthday. Doesn't suprise me in the slightest that Jonny cut himself, his birthday wouldn't be complete without an injury! Don't worry, i'll be back soon and we'll have to go out. it's v cool that Wynnie is back in London too!
From Kerry
Hi Girls,

Glad to hear you made it to the US safely. Not much new on this side of the pond. Kylie has moved in with Tim, I have just come back from a hen weekend (went out dressed as bunny girls; had a fantastic time). Tim K has fairly up to date pictures of recent events on his website if you are interested
(did you get my last msg?)

Take care,

Response: Hiya Kerry!

Yeah got your msg..the one about eastenders? We're desperate to know what's been happening! Actually starting to miss home and not being on the move all the time! Just about to leave Vegas. What a crazy place. You have to see it to believe it!
From Rachel
Hey Girls!
Just been reading your latest diary entries and looking at the fab photos. So exciting and very jealous - you have experienced such a variety of landscapes.
Down in Cucklington for the weekend. They have done so much work. The stable is now converted to 2 storey accomodation and it's gorgeous!
Nadia is in Oz at the mo. Just finished the Whitsundays and flying back to Sydney to meet friends before then moving onto Cambodia. I fly out in 3 weeks to join her in Vietnam. Very excited, especially as it has been snowing here for 2 weeks and cannot wait to hit the beaches (albeit with a big white bum!)
Was planning on coming this weekend for a chilled out evening but had to join dad and mariella on a dinner party with one of the neighbours. Quite an exhausting evening, joining in with all the conversations on local politics, village hall developments and building conversions! About to go on one of Dad's famous 'short walks'. Wish me and my legs good luck!
Lots of love to you both and good luck with the last leg(s) of your journey.
Rachel xx
Response: Hey Rachel! How are the legs? ;) Didn't know you were going travelling again! Is it for the Easter hols or longer?V jealous...we want to do it all over again, in fact we don't ever want to stop! have a fabulous time and say hi to Nadia from us. Give mum and Clive big hugs from us, we're strangely missing the Babwell antics ;) Lots of love xxxx
From Mateen
Sara - where are you picking up emails? please confirm email address. if for any reason you cannot just email me direct at lactalis.
lots of love, gotta go.
Response: Hey Mateen...I'm using . Hope you're well! We've got some serious catching up to do my friend!
From Brett
By the way, if you're in San Fran, you HAVE to visit Yosemite. I'll be mad if you don't!! (hehe)
Response: We was wicked! One of these days, we'll get the photos on the site!