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hello.. welcome to my new and improved travel page.. i finally have pics on here.. i'll try and keep it updated for you to check out my advenures :)

Diary Entries

Monday, 30 April 2007

Location: prague, Czech Republic

hey hey i am in preague... shopping.. adventuring and went out clubbing lasyt night.. went off.. jsut a little message i am off to germany tomorrow.. sorry rujnning oiut of time.. of ans today i went on a tour opf the jewish quartrer..
later.. write ore soon..
miss you!!! i left my phone in greece so i can't text but i get it back when i get back to london on 5th!
luv you!!
ps pics coming soon!

Thursday, 05 April 2007

Location: Ireland

ok well time for an update.. i have spent the last week in ireland and it was absolutley amazing.. i will upload some pics on here soon and you can see for yourself some of the amazing senery that i have seen!!
i tell ya what though it certainly has been an adventure for me..and here i go.....
well steph adn i had booked a flight like 8 am to dublin so had to be at the airport as you could imagine really quite early.. so we got a shuttle at like 4am.. and being a sat night i had a few drink s and didn't end up going to bed.. sooooooooo tired by the time the shuttle arrived.. all was well got to dublin ok.
the hostel.. heap of shit.. went to check in at 10am.. room wasn't ready til slept on the couch for a few hours.. finally checked in.. room wasn't made up.. by this stage i was hungry tired and jsut wasnted to sleep... ok then had a shower.. grotty shower.. had to press a button and the water lasted 10 seconds at a time.. was bit of a mission to wash my hair.. thats for sure!!
ok all went ok.. next day... didn't have confirmation from shamrockers to say where we had to meet.. directions on how to get there or a contact phone number!!
so we were looking for albert street.. turns out we were meant to find lord edwartd street.. kinda close enough... lol..
after wandering aimlessy roundd the streets of dublin lkooking for albert street we came across the 'paddy wagon' (competitor of shamrockers') so we flagged them down and evenutually they called shamrockers for us and we crossed paths at some point and they dropped us off so we could meet up with our group.. very nice i thought.. lucky i say!!
ok from there we were on our way to westport for our first night. met tour at kilbeggan and what a way to start the tour but with a whiskey tour.. that was tops! then we stopped at a place called knock which was a pilgrimage town.
so in time we made it to westport where i had my first guiness and black current.. yup it rocked!! so from there i drank it every night :)
the next day we were on our way to galway.. your not alowed to drink the water at galway.. too many ppl heve been hospitalised due to the water.. so it was bottled water for us.. even to brush our teeth! on the way we went through the doolock velley.. absolutly awesome senery.. stopped at kylemore abbey.. which is the most photographed building in ireland.. its a gorgeous castle. stopped at the national famine memorial intreiging to to try to understand what life was like back when the famine was on.. scary stuff!
so overnight in galway... party party..and we did!!
next it was on to doolin.. not much in doolin.. but on the was we stopped at the cliffs of moher.. absolutley amazing.. unbelieveable is more the word to describe it!!.. we had lunch at lahinch and stopped at fanore beach.. had nibblied on the beach kicked a soccer ball.. the sun was out.. on of the boys had a guitar.. few beers... reminded me of home.. *sigh* on our way to doolin.. the home of irish music and i had my first irish stew!! was yummo!!
oh and funny thing.. in doolin there is a point you can walk to the water.. for the sunrise.. so early the next day 4 of us got up and decided to waslk to see the sun rise.. but on our way out there we realised we were on the west coast.... deerrrrr so no sunrise.. hehe but it was a nice walk anyway!! doolan is where i bought my 'cool as feck' t-shirt!
so then it was on to kilearny... went through a town called tra lee... caught a ferry froma kilrush village over to county kerry.. then we went to dingle penninsular.. awesome.. soooooooooo beautiful!! its runs right along the atlantic ocean and was jsut amazin.. saw the sleeping giant, teh 3 sisters and what looks to be the sydney opera house.
on our way we walked along a point to the most western point which is accessable by foot for a group shot!..
then it was on to kilearny... another party town.. adn we did... awesome irish music adn there was a night club attached to the pub which was mad :)
we were really lucky to get such awesome whether all week:)
the next day we went for a walk through kilearny national park and drove to the blarney castle to kiss the blarny stone.. to aquire the gift ot the gab!! or a cold sore... on or the other!! lol
once we arrived in kilkenny.. which was our next stop.. went to see the black abbey..a big church and there was a service on so we sat in on that.. very interesting.. and eary.
last day heading back to dublin.. stopping at the ruins of the rock of dunamase... stopped at county kildare for brunch.... then on to county wicklow where we climbed a big mountain....
last stop was the manastic city at glendalough.. there was 2 lakes there.. and a really weird lookign tree....
overall i had an amazing time.. i am back in london now trying to not spend money as i am off to euope nezt week for a month.. i wll try anbd kleep my blogs updated on the way if i can!!
they crew we went with were awesome..a n would you believe the majority of them are aussies.. hehe surprise surprise!!!
take care guys..
sloinchya!!!! (means cheers in irish!!)

ps i could keep writing but i didn't want to bore you too much.. i'll be uploading some pics on here soon.. so you can see of my adventures!! i took 650 pics is 7 days!!

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Location: bayswater, England

hello.. well here i am again.. i sweat the internet cafe is like my second home.. adn i reckon if they let me sleep here i would.. yup i would set up camp in the internet cafe!
we not mush has really happened since last we spoke.. or i rote a blog.. i got home safe from manchester ok.. and stayed at a hostel.. was really cool.. loads of french and spanish.. and they spoke very little english so it was fun communicating. Was at that hostel for a couple of days..
so last thursday i went to tate modern that shell has suggested that i jsut have to go.. wel there was this massive slide in the middle of the place.. really cool so i went on the slide.. giggled to myself cos i had nooone to giggle with.. seen some really cool art works there and they had and an exhibition on too.
that night ange took me out to temple walkabout.. was really fun.. got stuck into these snake bites.. half cider, half lagar and a bit of black current.. trust me they went down a treat :)... and i had to nurse a sore head the next day.. hehe but was spoilt cos went out with one of anges friend mark and he shouted all night so i wasn't complaining :)
then i moved hostel into this other one called the astor.. and it rox.. its really comunal and i ended up meeting up with these other aussies that took me out to pascha which is meant to be the hottest night club in town.. yeah wasnt' too bad..still think surfers rocks though!..but at this hostel i met this cool little chickie from melbourne, we were in a room of 14.... she's 22 as well called steph. we hit it off really well which is cool so we been hanging out a bit cos ange is at work so i need some one to play with in the day :)
ange actually went to egypt on saturday so i am now staying at her palce til she gets back then i go back to the hostel.
but on sat steph and i went into covent garden and i had my first stein.. was really cool.. this was at the travel show. so we actually ended up booking a 6 day tour of ireland.. i think it was a little influenced by the stein i drank.. but nevertheless.. i'm off to ireland in 2 weeks time with steph!.
on sunday night steph and i went on this jack the ripper walking tour of the city.. and walked on the paths where the 5 murders took place of the prostitutes in the 1800's.. was really quite eary actually.. but interesting. is certainly a different city now to what it was back then!
the last 2 days have been quiet.. yesterday i went for a walk through hyde park to kensington gardens.. with anges flat mate steph as well.. we had a really good day cos steph hasn't been through hyde park before.. it is really beautiful walking.. so green and loads of nature.. we saw the statue of peter pan and the princess diana memorial fountain.. which actually looks more like a stream then anything else.
i had my induction for my job last night too.. was ok its in events again.. doing what i used to do in aus but not in a hotel, although there isn't work until sat so i am spewing cos i need work now.. so i may have to look somewhere else..but at this company called liqiud there is a position coming up as an events manager so i really want that but thats not until may. but i shall keep you updated.
anyway i better get going.. its funny i only indent on writing a littel when i hoip on here and end up writing heaps!! its crazy i know..
well take care
luv to you all

Monday, 05 March 2007

Location: Bayswater, UK

well here i am again.. back in london.. not sure if any of you saw my my sapce pacge but i put a blog on there about a week ago.
well anyway i went up to stoke on trent 2 weeks ago adn stayed with a friend at the time claire.. lets just say she is not the friend i thought she was. mind you i did have a really great time up there.. when we were friends...... i caught the train up to see her.. i should really learn to plan my journeys cos it costed me more then i expected. first i hopped on the peak hour train which at stoke on trent station there was power difficulties so the train wasn't stoppin where i wanted it too.. hten i mis heard the announcement and stayed on the train when i was supposed to get off.. then i went about 20 mins to the next stop and had to pay another fair to get back to stoke station.. whoops.. just a slight detour!!
so on the tuesday claire took me to this really cool place called chester on the way we stopped at a candle making place.. loads of candles and pottery didn't make any candles though.. cos we were hungry adn hanging to get to chester.. chester is a. really awesome old country town, lot of old builings that have been there for huindreds of years.. we walked along this tower wall where the old roman guards used to walk along the river dee.
we went to the chester cathedral, really eary and quiet.. interesting though.. i'll put some pics of it soon.
then we learnt a bit about history and the roman times and went into this 'roman experience'. learnt about how the romfans used to live and what they wore hundreds of years ago and also saw an archelogical dig, seen the layers of earth from post medievel, medievel, saxon and roman times.
also seen the roman ampitheartre which was covered up cos i think they were renovating it or something.. i guess protecting it from vandals or something. i found that over here threre are jsut loads adn loads of pubs too. every town has like 50 pubs adn if its not a pub it is either a church or a shop.. but hey i'm not complaining!
on wednesday claire had to work and i jsut headed up to hanley to shop.. so that was the extent of my day.. but it was cool shopping, hanley is the home of robin williams and stoke-on-trent is the home of pottery.. where it originated from. after shopping claire and i went bowling..
on friday i ended up going back to trentham gadens to see the monkey park where you can hang out with the monkeys but it wasn't open so i jsut went on a massive walk around a lake.. hehe nearly got lost but didn't.. seen some deer and some squirrels.. lets just say i got close to nature.
i found alot of things aren't operating cos it is winter and they close, alton towers is a a theme park.. so will have to head up here in the summer when things open..(well maybe not stay with claire) so i really havent' been doing too much.. due to lack of transport and timing but been to a different pub each night which has been great.. jsut been hanging out.. went out on the weekend into hanley with claire and some of her friends.. that was quite good.. although had a little falling out wth claire.. as girls do.. all good now but i made some cool friends and they took me under they're wing which was good :) well actually things got worse from here but i won't go into detail.
i found myself quite homesick actually.. so thats not cool,, i jsut felt lonely.. thats really the first time i felt home sick since i been here.due to the fact she was horrible and only thinking of herself and we only did things that she wanted.. so yup i was really excited to see ange. mind you apparently all english familys aren't all bad.. it was jsut them.. they were really weird.. cos i did meet some of claires friends and they were really nice and helped me out heaps!
so anyway ange caught the train up to manchester last friday.. i went up there in the day and looked around the streets.. got some brochures..found a hotel.. it was a really beautiful sunny was really good to see ange, so nice to spend time with a really good friend.. we just chilled out on the friday night cos we both were exhausted.
on the saturday we had breakfast at this pub called wetherspoons, then wondered around.. hehe met up with these guys who wanted a drinking competition at 10am in the morning.. nah we'd rather go shopping so we did.. then headed back to wetherspoons for lunch before we headed into town. we both really liked manchester.. was great just wondering around exploring the city, actually not much to do in the city other then drink and shop.. hehe so we weren't complaining cos thats what we did. its weird there were trams going throught the city and also the bulings were such a contrast.. so many really old buildings then so many really new ones.. quite a industrialised city.
on the sunday we were really seedy and it was raining.. surprise surprise.. (it like rains every second day) so we were happy to just sit in a few cafes and relax before out train came.
mind you we travelled FIRST CLASS back to london.. travelled in style.. it was really nice.. only seats avaliable.. so we weren't complaining :) we pretty much slept all the way...
you should of seen us though all loaded up.. i had six bags to lugg around with me and ange had 3.. it was crazy.. oh adn the funniest thing we were walking along the carrriages to find ours at the station and ange went ass up adn slipped.. hehe it was the funniest thing.. she was ok.. adn then when we got to london it was raining and as we were walking back to anges home.. she stacked it again.. hehe it was soooo funny... she wasnt' laughing though.. but she went face first into a puddle... but luckily a really nice man saw and helped us with all our bags! man it was funny though.. i couldn't stop laughing.. hehe i still laugh now!

as for now well i checked myself into a hostel for a couple of nights.. hehe full of aussies.. cos i really couldnt stay with ange any longer.. it is too small.. so i am there til i can find somthing a little more permanent.. i am also job hunting.. but when i was talking to the little man at the hostel, apparently they are looking for someone so maybe i can work there to earn a little cash for my tour next month..
yay i shall let you know how i go..
take care and thanx for reading my dribble!
love always.. oh and drop me a message.. i love hearing form you.. i feel special :)
missin you!!

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Recent Messages

From Edwina Randall
Hey Tennille,
Tis Edwina from the Shamrockers tour... Aussie 2
sound like you are having a fantastic time on tour- luv your page & pics. Do you have any more pics from Ireland- the pubs scenes that is...if poss can u email me a few?
Enjoy the rest of your holiday

Response: hey ya girl.. just got back top london so going through photos now ans sorting out my pages so for sure i'll email you when i get a chance :) cheers for the msg!
From Fiona
Hey Neelie,
Miss you heaps. You sound like you're having a total blast! I'm soooo jealous... You're photos are amazing and i love reading about all of your adventures, it lets me escape my own reality for a few minutes, lol... anyway be safe chicky and i'll talk with you soon!
Love Fi xxx
Response: hey ya chick.. thanks fior the message. so ice to hear from you! i am in prague at the moment.. its an awesome city.. im very tired.. been walking heaps!! hope all is going good for youi at home.. i'm missing you :) i have loads more pics to put on here but its really hard and stupid sitre doesn't let me load them all at once!! boo.. anyway take care.. hope to hear from you again soon xo
From Shell
Hi Sis, just a quick one, we r goin out for tea with your oldies, thanx for mass email & your adventures in Ireland, it was great to 'hear' you describe it & see the pics, i felt like i was part of it with those descriptions & lively partying! go girl go! Miss u heaps. Work is good, gettn busier as head towards election probly in october....the girls are all so great. Mekee says hi & furballs to you! Tan & Justin & Harper movn to Caba on sat so we helpn, then Union rally on Sunday so w/e full as. YOur trip sounds so amazing thus far & you still look great! Love u longtime xx
Response: hey sister, i am in prague at the moment.. finally found an internet cafe :) everything is still going well but this last week i have really missed home, the tour is full on!! only a week to go. i have been shopping today and visited the jewish quarter.. very interesing.. the shooping isn't as good as they make out but there is still heaps of shops,, i been pretty sick this week to but today i am much better!
anyway i have a few blogs to write. glad your well.. i miss you!!! xoxoxoxox
From =G=

Hey gorgeous!!! Man, f--k its been 8 weeks... wait.. skye already said that... anyhow how you been? whats been going on! I know I been a bum and havent sent you a mail but theres a good reason I promise!!!

Anyhow, Ill shoot you one shortly I got to hit it back to class my lecturer is .... evil.. evil evil... but shes getting pissed with me on friday nite :D SO ITS ALL GOOOD!!! (How weird!!!!)

Anyhow, sending lots a luv, some popcorn and if you lucky a chuppachupp!

Response: hey hey hey.. sorry for the ultra delayed reply.. whoops.. all is great just got back from my adventures round europe.. am absolutley exhausted!! wiked fun tho.. the adventure of a lifetime.. thats for sure!! just chillin now recovering from it all!! stay tuned for my bolgs.. still to come!
From Skye
mmmmmm its only been 8 weeks, :(

missing you.

Response: hey you.. i didn't realise how long it has really been.. thats cool.. time has just flown by.. and it snowed here last night.. woo-hoo.. so cold, the wind is really chilly though, but i am having a ball :) miss you too sweet xoxo
From Shell & Troy
The updates are good, u r having so much fun, u must be running outa money quickly tho? The pics of your adventures r awesome.....
That Claire bitch needs her head smacked in, so if we come over, we go a mission to Manchester to find her!
Anyway dont worry, is she the chic Pop knows etc?
I start fulltime at my job on monday & am looking forward to it as it will be so much more money and experience etc.....
We went to your oldies last nite to meet your cousin Sandy, she very lovely and her hubby seemed ok too. I went crazy chasing the kids around the dinner table and rumbling them, the adults were pissing themselves at us. Go carzy aunty go! Sandy said she enjoyed hanging with you at the wedding and that you'd tlkaed about me heaps- thanx babe! The Jack the ripper tour woulda been scary & interesting too. Hey Good on u -finally you made the Tate Modern! Theres plenty more so keep finding them. I think we are going down Fingal today for anjotha swim adn snorkel, asked cousins if they wanna play down there as it a bit more nature like than Salt!
Also maybe catch up with Tanya & harper as Justin off to the first Tiatns game.
Whats the go with accom? I thought u & Ange were gonna get a place? I guess if u r going on heaps of tours then its not worth it hey? r u going to meet up with Ger? Ireland sounds amazing, se if u can drink your body weight in guiness? Steph sounds lovely, a good person to hang with & travel to Ireland with. I have sent Ger emails but they bounce back, do u know if she changed email adress?
Also a chic i know siad she saw your other BLOg & it has big day out pics of us on there? What one is that?
Anyway being hurried along to get to beach. Miss u so much, love u long time. xx
Response: well hello aussie sister!! cheers for the comment, i love reading your messages.. its funny cos i can hear you while i'm reading it :) its nice! but anyway no claire was a friend of mine that i met when i lived in sydney, she went to heathcote high. but what a mole!! its danielle that pop knows and i havent' caught up with her just yet. went down to croydon on thursday night adn stayed with a guy that i met on the contiki tour i did in new zealand.. he's got a 6 month old baby and a kiwi wife.. she was really cool, had loads of fun down there! but yeah i am back at the hostel at the moment, its really cool cos i am meeting loads of ppl.. steph has gone up to edinbourough (spelling?) for the week, so i am jsut hanging out trying not to spend money.. i'[m hangin out with this canadian girl called steph too.. she rocks we have a mad time together.. its fun! ass for livign with ange, well i can't really settle cos i am leaving to travel for 1 month in like 3 weeks time and i don't wanna be payin for somewhere where i'm jsut not going to be.. if that makes sense so i'll wait til i get back from europe. as for not i afm jsut stayin in a cool hostel, all the people ther are really cool and there is a bar and its fairly cheap so i am happy :) howz full time treating you? least your guaranteed work every week! more money to save to get over here :) sandy rocks aye, she is jsut the coolest cuz ever..and i love her kids they are jsut sooooooooo adoreable and they would've loved you for sure.. wish i could've been there.. but they're great..they called me actually from mum and dads yesterday morning so it was really cool to chat to sandy and andy adn of course i talked about you your a big part of my life :) adn i miss you heaps.. it always bring a tear to my eye when i read your messages.. i love it! i miss swims and snorkles.. not that i did that much.. i miss the boat we went on before i left that was great.. such a perfect day..until the little "hiccup" at the end.. you knoiw what i mean.. any updates on that by the way? or has everyone jsut forgotten it even happened?
not sure about meeting up with ger.. hmm cos i am doing a tour, it only really passes through cork it doesn't actually stop there.. i may go back and visit at a later date, and i ahvent' e-mailed her so not sure about the address situation. as for the other pics.. there's jsut the one of you and i before we left to go.. that's the only one.. there's others but they are of us on the pontoon boat... hmmm?
well i better get going too.. hope works going good for you, don't work to hard.. i worked a barmidsfa (spelling?) last saturday night.. only worked one shift for this events comp[any.. boo no more work this week.. must totally watch my spending from no one..!
ok now i am off.. take care.. say hi to donkey kong for me.. miss you both loads.. talk soon.. love you longer than long time!
From Alicia
hay babe

love the picts, know I just sent you an email but hay will say hi again, HI. :o)- have lots of fun
mwa mwa
Response: cheers girl.. more pics to come :)
From Tanya
Hey hey!!
I'm keeping update with ur travel diary!! I can't wait to get over there!! Soundz like heaps of fun!!! Need a change of scenary too!! Hope to catch up with ya in Aug!
Response: awesome girl.. i'm off to spain in august, but only for a week or 2.. its awesome,, i am currently looking for a job at the moment, i have my first interview this afternoon where i am staying for a receptionist. you'll love it here.. it rocks :)
From =G=
Hey trouble! Hows the trip so far?

You wont believe what an utter sucker I am. I did it again, Im such a bad bad boy :(. This time it was a lil worse than last time.....

Remember, HELGA!!!

Response: yup i remember.
From Shelly
Toenz! wowo u r havn so much fun! Love the photos, keep them coming, it great to see your head after not seing it for a few weeks, I am having major withdrawls, so tell Ange she is lucky to have u all to herself! I got so upset on the weekend as u weren't here and i was feeling like shit about everything and just want to come over... Troy said 'why don't you go over then?" I'm working on him to make sure he was serious, so fingers crossed sister! I was balling my eyes out, but am stoked u r taking London by storm girl!
Have tried to call u but I must have to put an international code in front, s i tried to just ring from mobi but it said 'this service not avail'.... will sk oldies wot to do.
love u longtime!
Ps. Tanya had her baby on 17.02.07, at 9pm, took 16hrs once she got to hosp!marathon and no drugs! They sucked her out at end as she too tired! They called her Harper Zeta Hardie-Paul andshe txt me a pic-gorgeous! will see them 2mrw!
Shell xx
Response: oh sister, it is so nice to hear from you.. tears ran down my face when i read your message.. i miss you heaps.. its not the same here without you and i know how mush you would love it hear.. so much culture and art and history.. its just you all over. i'm havinh withdrawels too so tell donkey how lucky he is to have you, even though i just know! hope you get your card ok for your bday! you would be so welcom if you came over, i would love that sooooooooo much, your like my best friend!!!! thanx for the message, means alot to me, will call you soon! hope your enjoying your job.. miss ya!
From =G=
Dag! DAG?!? I take no offense to that whatsoever!!! .... cuz.. its so so true :( Im such a dag.

Im so daggy that I even forgot that you had this lil spacey thing set up. Its pretty cool! Btw, get that ass on out and pimp it.

London has some sick restaraunts, cafe's and bars. LETS NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT THE CLUB SCENE some of my fave DJ's resident in that lovely city.

And take pics! Dmnit hahahahaha


Response: man i have taken pics.. loads but i don't know how to load them on to this site.. total issues i tell you..all is god. i'll try and work it our somehow.. lol went to a brazilian restaurant last night.. was really good.. good cocktails.. yummo!!
anyway gotta run.. heading out on the town tonight!! can't wait :)
From Alena
hope everything is going well for you. Sounds exciting. I thought Bangkok was a dirty/smoggy city as well, but it's an experience you won't forget!!! It'll make you appreciate your homeland even more. Hope things go well on your flight to ye olde england.
travel safe
Response: hey all is good, i am in london now asn loving it.. it rocks!! its kust really cold thats all... :)
the pubs are good!!! cheers for da msg xo
From Dave
hello cutie..great to hear your outa here and on your big adventure!! So where exactly are you going? Nothin much has changed in my life to Adelaide 2morrow for 5 days with work. Anyway keep me posted with what your up to and most of all have fun girl!
Be safe be happy
Lv Dave xx
Response: always.. i;m having a ball, i have seen sio much asn i have done heaps already.. this place rocks, no wonder loads o ppl stay for years.. don't worry i'll be back!!
From darren bodell
Good to hear from you. Good luck with it all. Stay out of trouble in that part of the world please!!! Dont trust anyone and always check and recheck your luggage

Response: thanx for the advice bods.. all is well so far, i'm having a blast.. the tubes are exciting,, thats for sure! hope morree is still treating you well x cheers for ya msg.
From teagsta
ohh tenny.
ive been thinking about you.
im glad to hear your safe!
not good that your home sick already!!!!! what the??? make the most of it girl! look after yourself. if you ever feel upset or homesick...just go shopping!! xox
Response: good advice.. spend more money to make me more depressed.. nah its all good.. i'm loving london at the moment.. so much to do and see.. girl yiou would go crazy for the shopping over here.. its unbelieveable!!! take care.. miss ya chickie.. now hurry up and get ya butt over here!!!
From Cass
hey Neelie,
good to hear from u again. cant say ur really selling thailand to me. hehe. sounds like ur having a pretty good adenture so far though.
Response: hey cass.. hey thaliand was fine.. it was really bankok that was yuk.. i'd still recommend going though.. as for london.. i love it!
From jenni
hey there chicky babe, don't get to home sick theres lots to c and do - so get out there and get adventurous - you'll love it once your settled somewhere and having a blast with all your new mates!!! So keep intouch as im off on my own adventure to canada so we can exchange travel goss!! i go on the 6th march, i have 2 shifts at work left - im so excited!!!
lov jen xxxx The chef!!! he he...
Response: you go girl.. sounds mad.. have fun.. yeah i am ok now i am with ange.. its really cool..slowly getting there.. but yup i love it already!! have fun with your travelling too.. look forward to hearing your stories!! xo
From Michael
Hi Tennile, very happy to hear from u.Sounds like a great adventure either way. U r very lucky to be seeing the world while u can, be safe and enjoy. Really jealous Michael Dafnis NSW Australia
Response: yeah i still remember you..all is goign really great.. i'm having a blast already.. can't wait to hit europe.. but need to find work first to earn some cash!! keep it real xo
From Julie
Tennille - I love that you got yourself a travel page!! This is fantastic! Now everyone can keep track of where you're going and where you've been. It makes it just a little less lonely when you know you have all of us out here dying to here about all your adventures. Enjoy the markets and definitely send stuff home! - It is soooo much easier than lugging it all around with you! (I ended up paying hundreds of dollars to store stuff at the airport for a few weeks just so I wouldn't have to deal with it - if you can mail it home, that's sooo much better:)
Response: will do little chick.. i'm loving it here adn the shopping is jsut crazy.. i'll no doubt go to notting hill markets this saturday.. i heard they're really good!!
keeep in touch xo
From Sorena
Do u wanna complain any more bitch!!hahaha
sounds like ur havin fun i guess...i desperatly wanna go to thailand and shop up some bargains!!
any way i will see u round one day..oh who r u traveliing with> xxxx
Response: my self.. but i have a few friends here in london.. looving it.. you'd go nuts with teh shopping here.. its grreat!!!
From aaron kirby
You look after yourself while trveling and a good time
Response: cheers.. will do.. london rocks!!
From =G=

Oi, get that ass in gear. So much shopping so little time.

Missing da Teenie alreadis but hey its cool.. shes bringing back Helga with Juggability so im like so happies!!!

Muah muah off 2 get smashed


Babi =G=
Response: your a dag.. i have done a little bit of shopping, the shopping here is crazy though.. its mad..and loads of people.. but i am really enjoying being here.. this place rocks!!
think i'll have to head out tonight.. haven't raelly had a big night out yet!! later g