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Teresa's Overseas Adventure

Welcome to my travel page. Here is where I will be keeping record of my travels for all of you to read and envy. :-) lol. Enjoy the photos. Leave a comment if you wish. I will try my best to reply to them!

Diary Entries

Friday, 26 October 2007

Location: Europe

You'll need to go to the following websites to see photos - lots, lots, lots more to come.

(That is not even 1/2 way through the tour yet - hopefully more photos to come soon)


Friday, 12 October 2007

Sorry to disappoint - stupid facebook wouldnt upload the photos either and now i only have 5 minutes left on the net..heres hoping i can put them on when i get back to london.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Look for me on for photos for the moment - ill put photos on when i have more time.

Luv u all

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Location: Rome, Italy

Hi all,

Sorry bout the lack of photos ' i will hopefully get lots on after my tour ' unfortunately its not easy to get on to the internet in europe let alone enough time to put photos on. Having a wonderful time!!!!

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Location: Hook Heath, Woking, UK

My first weekend in England i travelled to London to see my sister, Sally and it was fantastic. Went to Oxford Street to do some shopping because it was pouring down with rain and not the greatest site seeing weather. shopping was great though - january sales were on so got a heap of bargains.

Met my Dad's cousin, his wife and kids that Saturday night and was made to feel like family instantly. had a relaxing night in watching dvds with sally.

sunday was the day for site seeing although we didn't start until afternoon and still managed to fit heaps of sites in. started off at st pauls cathedral which was a beautiful old building but not that interesting. managed to catch a glimpse of an old fashioned bus going past though - there are only two apparently and purely for tourist attraction. we then went to tower bridge and that was spectacular - a brilliant blue and so much intricate detail with the coat of arms carved into one part of it. we crossed it by foot and then took a photo of ourselves in front of it. next was big ben - beautiful - gold and intricate detail - attached to the house of parliament and right next door, westminster abbey. we stopped for a tea and chocolate brownie and took in the sites. i noticed a big ferrais wheel whch turned out to be the london eye.

next stop was buckingham palace which we managed to reach as night started to full - beautiful night time photos but still need to revisit during the day to get a better look.

dinner was taken in a little cafe in piccadilly circus. had a chicken yiros - or kebab as they call them here - and it was delicious - took a photo of it if anyone wants to have a look when i return :-) hehe.

This past weekend i went into woking town centre which has a huge mall area and went with a girl - asia - pronounced asha who i met at playgroup - she is from poland and a really nice girl. this past wednesday at playgroup - met another polish girl - martina who is also really nice. anyway asia and i did a bit of a wander in the stores and talked a lot and then walked home. had the arvo to myself while the famiy went somewhere and enjoyed going on the computer while watching beethoven 3 in the background - was relaxing.

sunday was spent going to windsor with the family where we entered windsor castle - amazing. the grounds - the buildings - think its the first time ive ever seen a castle! got to see queen mary's doll house, the drawings room which had pictures by leonardo da vinci and photos of the queen from when she was a baby to now and the china museum - all the crockery the queen uses - and she uses it all - it all comes out for different occasions!

Thursday, 04 January 2007

Location: Woking, England

hi all,
i have arrived in england and been here a few days now - feels like weeks because i'm already in a routine with the children im nannying. looked after the little baby by myself today while the mum took the other two children to the gym where they did a kinder gym class. was fun looking after her, putting her to bed and feeding her. tried to go for a walk with her but the garage door wouldn't open no matter how hard i tried and the pram was in there. turns out u have to pull the door towards u then turn. its funny how things just get assumed coz they just open the door like that all the time without thinking about it.

my flight here was not the greatest. got about 2 minutes into the air and i was sick as a dog - motion sickness. ended up vomitting and apparently looked faint coz the flight attendant put me on the oxygen tank and was thinking that i shouldn't go on to england but stop in hong kong - no way i was going to stay in hong kong! i told her it was just motion sickness and i survived it. although all i seemed to want to do was sleep on the plan because anything else made me feel sick but i found it nearly impossible to sleep. in the whole 24 hour flight i think i got maybe 6 hours sleep - but on and off like an hour here, an hour there. not pleasant!

the family i'm nannying are really nice. i'm so busy all the time but i'm glad coz it keeps my mind off missing home. in my 3 hours off during the day i have been going for walks to explore the area. its really beautiful here and you can get to different places by walking along labelled public footpaths that go down past canals and through tiny foresty like areas. its wicked!

will keep you all posted. hopefully i'll be able to put some photos on here now too.

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Recent Messages

From Louise
soooooooooooooo jealous!!! It looks like you have been having the time of your life - i only wish I could join you!
Take care xoxoxox
Response: it has been fantastic. now i get to travel, travel, travel for 3 whole months!!! yay!!! you'll make it over here someday i'm sure. xoxo
From Kaye
Hey babe!!!! Love the photos!!! You look like you're having an awesome time!!!!
Love Kaye
Response: I did have such an awesome time in greece. look forward to my other travels. You should definately come over here some time.
From Alana
Hi Teresa!

It all looks so beautiful! I hope you're still having a good time (I'll email u).

Congrats on becoming God mother to Lucy Lu!

I'm absolutely in love with the picture of the white Church in the dark in Santorini - I had to put it on my desktop.


luv Lani =^^=
Response: Had an absolute ball in Greece. Am going to be sad to leave the children but am really looking forward to seeing more of Europe. Congrats on getting a teaching job! xoxo
From Justin
Hi Teresa,
Sounds like your having an awesome time oversea's. Keep partying,
cous justin live from Perth
Response: hi justin, heard u'd made the move. am having a great time. start my actual travels of the rest of europe soon. looking forward 2 it. xoxo
From frOm unCle Oli, aunT
hEy tEresa,
So greAT tO heAR FrOM
yOu. wE hOpe yoU aRe haVing a grEat tiMe. thanX fOr tHe pOstcard......luV fRom uS xOxO (OAKS)
Response: Hey thanx for the message. hope you are all well. mum, dad and mandy over here soon -looking forward to it.
From amanda
hi teresa

missing u...cant wait to see you soon
luv amanda
Response: missing you too mandy. only 2 more months now. hope to post switzerland and greece photos on here soon so make sure you look again soon. luv tees xoxo
From mum
Hi Tees,
Didn't realise that you had put more photos on. You did a good job taking photo of yourself.
Miss you!
Luv mum xoxoxoxoxox
Response: Hi. hopefully some more will go up soon too. Got some sightseeing friends now! luv u miss u xoxo
From nona & bruno
Cara Teresa
Comme va. You look like you are having a great time.
Nona's foot is getting better.
Your mum & dad did some gardening today at Nona's.
I am working on renovating the flat. Take care & keep having fun

Love from Nona & Brunes
Response: Ciao Nona & Uncle Bruno, so great to hear from u. i am having a great time. spending the weekend with sally in london at the moment. looking forward to my travels and seeing mum and dad in 6 months. miss u both heaps. luv u xoxo
From Kaye
Hey Chickie!!! I found the gumtree thing. And i found your message. I was looking in the wrong section!!! Sounds all good though.
Missing you sweetie!!!
Response: hi kaye, was great chatting to u on msn the other day. missing u too.
From amanda
hi...u need to get some new photos up!!! i'll hav some new photos to show you and mel have a place in adelaide its right near the shaw's so that is nice. i might write you n email later if a can find a cool place to sit (so hot 40 degrees. n the semmlers dont have air con :(
talk soon
Response: Hi...haven't really taken many more photos coz haven't done any siteseeing since bath and stonehenge trip. good to hear u have a place. job hunting next? luv u xoxo
From mum
Hi Tees,
photos of the snow look nice.It reminds me of when it snowed when I was overseas.
Luv mum
Response: It was so beautiful and different to how i remember our holiday at the snow. Much less snow and the effect of snow on the trees and house etc. love u xoxo
From mum
Hi darling,
the area looks really pretty.Lucy is cute. Can't wait for the next lot of photos.
Luv mum xoxo
Response: the area is so great for walking that thats all i've been doing for exercise. each day i take a different route to make it interesting. hopefully be able to post another lot of photos now. luv u xoxo
From Alana
Hi Teresa,

I'm glad you're having a good time (now that you're there! =) ). I'm so jealous! Things are going well here in Melbourne too, I start my Honours course on the 5th of Feb.

Ok, take care,

Response: i love my job being around the children so i guess that is what makes it fun to be here even though i miss everyone. plus, this past weekend i got to visit all the sites in london!!! you'll get over here sometime i'm sure! congrats bout honours.