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Hi Guys,
Welcome to our home page we will hopefully keep it up to date with all our adventures so you can just log on and see where we are in the world. Please feel free to leave us a message to keep us up to date with things at home. Love The Gibsons xx

Diary Entries

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Location: Box Hill, Australia

Hi Everyone,
we are happy to say that we are back in Melbourne and have surprised all our family for christmas. Now we are slowly getting back to the real world and look forward to catching up with everyone
love Al and Marty xx

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Location: UK

Hi Everyone,
we made it safely out of Dubai and are now freezing. don't have internet access easily here but will work something out for christmas day. Family let us know what your plans are, when you'll be home for a call/skype (see what we can organise)
Having fun with our friends love to everyone Al and Marty xx

Monday, 01 December 2008

Location: Luxor, Egypt

Well I know its been ages since we’ve updated you all so I’m going to try to fill you in on the main things (that I can remember lol) at the moment we are sailing the Nile on a felucca between Aswan and Luxor and are probably the most relaxed that we have been since arriving in Egypt. I now know what people mean when they say that you only need a week here. Everything is hard work and you have work out the price before you eat or drink anything as nothing has a price written on it and it is always really expensive for tourists until you bargain them down, then it is still expensive but not as much so.
We arrived in Cairo on the 18th at 2am and went to our hostel where we slept in the next morning and chilled in the common room deciding what to do. We met an American couple Leslie and Guevara who had already been in Egypt for a week and were talking about going down to Ethiopia so we swapped stories and then went to visit the hanging church together and the Coptic area. That night we went to see the Sufi dancers which are like the whirling dervishes’ of Turkey, it was amazing they just spin and spin and spin and then stop and don’t even wobble. We were met out the front by a friend of L and G’s who took us all back to his shop for tea and shisha it was and interesting experience, when we were leaving we went to his friends shop/ chemist and went out the back where he had all these oils and powders very creepy but cool at the same time, Martin brought some aftershave.
The next day we had a quiet day, called home and got to see mum and dad on skype, then we went for koshery with L & G its an Egyptian meal of mixed pastas and noodles with tomato sauce and fried onions and lentils very filling and cheap. After our meal we wandered around for a while and got invited into a bar which was cool it was only older men sitting around drinking mainly brandy on ice. We were talking to the locals with words and gestures and they were passing us nuts and beans and olives and all having a fun evening, we got talking to two men in particular and they took us to a disco where we almost got in a fight with a local it was a crazy evening in Cairo. We went back to the hostel and then played dominos and drank tea.
The Next day we went to Alexandria with L & G on the train it was nice to be on the move again and be away from the hassle of the locals. We got to see lots of countryside and arrived in Alex about 3pm first we needed lunch then we were sitting in the lobby deciding what to do when a New Zealand traveller came in and they tried to charge him 200 EP for a room we got chatting to him and offered him a bed in our room which was only 24EP so he bunked in with us and then we all went to walk around town and instead got suckered in to going on a horse and carriage ride which was really good we got to see a lot of the city and didn’t get hassled by people on the street. After the ride we had dinner and went back to the hotel for some drinks and a game of cards then pool it was a good night.
On our 2nd Day in Alex we went to the Library of Alexandria which was amazing it was built in the last 5-10 years and is the biggest library in the world but doesn’t hold us many books as the Library of Congress in DC. They have an amazing website also where you can read books actually turning the pages online these were from Napoleons’ day. (cant remember the site but have a google) they also had a printing machine that could print and bind a book from cover to cover in 20 mins so so so fast and a bunch of old printing machines that were the first in Egypt.
The next day we went to see Pompeii’s pillar and the catacombs they were both ok we didn’t pay to get into the catacombs and nearly got into trouble when we were trying to sneak out but we walked really fast and just ignored the guard asking to see our tickets. We then went to see a really big mosque and then it was time to get our train back to Cairo.
We arrived in Cairo and tried to get a ticket to Aswan but they were all sold out so we got a taxi to the airport and got a flight for $150 Aus each which was alright. We were waiting in the airport for our Friend Paula to met us from Scotland and got talking to the Airport Authority man and the manager of the terminal so they organised for a man to met Paula when she go off the plane and bring her to us. Unfortunately her bag was lost and she had to fill in forms and we had to get our flight so we left and she met us in Aswan, but it was a very strange night. We waited for Paula at the airport and she got there about 1pm and then we all went to our hotel and showered and ate and had an easy afternoon.
In Aswan we walked through the markets, went to Abu Simbel, The High Dam, the tombs of the nobles and the Philae temple in 3 days then we caught the felucca up to Luxor which is a brilliant thing to do.
Before Egypt there was Ethiopia….
We spent a lovely relaxed week in Addis Ababa , where we met Emily from Alaska and Francois from Québec , we wandered through the market which is meant to be the first and biggest market in Africa, we tasted spices and learned about the local food Injera which is a very yeasty dough/bread that is used like a spoon to eat the meat and veggie paste that they eat, we sampled some at a local restaurant. We went to a bar where Emily and I were the only girls in there that weren’t working girls interesting! We met a couple from Canada who where there on a church trip and had Full for breakfast with them which is a bean and tomato paste eaten with bread yum. Then we went with them to a different market where we brought a bag as we have both our packs full of souvenirs and needed room for our clothes. We went to a museum and tried to go to the National Museum but it was closed for the time we were there but we learnt that the main exhibit Lucy a 32 million year old woman was in America on tour so it was ok. We did a lot of shopping as they had beautiful scarves and baskets and so cheap, and coffee martin had a lot of coffee as Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee.
Before we got to Ethiopia we were in Kenya and Uganda on the last leg of our overland expedition. We changed trucks and crew for the last bit and hit a lot of rough roads, which was tough going for a few days but worth it to see the Gorillas. After the gorillas we went to Lake Nakuru NP where we got to see flamingos and rhinos up close so that finished the big five sightings for us. We made our way back to Nairobi and spent a few days there relaxing after our tour had finished, we went to see the giraffe sanctuary where Martin and Sarah both kissed giraffes and then the baby elephant sanctuary and the Nairobi park which was like a zoo, we got to see a Bongo which is a deer like creature that they used to make bongo drums from.
All in all we have been busy seeing what we can see, this morning we had a balloon flight over the fields in Luxor which was amazing so calm and quiet, the flame of the gas to lift the balloon was so hot you had to turn away from it. We have another 2 nights in Luxor before we head back to Cairo for 3 nights then onto Dubai for a relaxing 4 nights.
Hope all is well back home and with our friends around the world.
Alice and Martin xxxxx

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Hi Guys,
we made it to Cairo and have reletivly fast internet yay
about to sart exploring
love you xx

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Location: Ethiopia

HI Guys we are flying to Cairo tonight with a stop over in Sudan pretty cool!!!
Had a great time in Adis meet lots of lovely people and got to see alot of the city.
Hope everyone at home is good.
Love Al and Marty
P.S. We have been trying to contact Hannah and Damo are you ok?

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Location: Adis Ababa, Ethiopia

Hi everyone we made it safely to Ethiopia had a great dinner on the plane and then arrived at our hotel to find it a bit less that what we thought it would be but had a good nights sleep and now are heading into the centre to find out more love to all xx

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Location: Narobi, Kenya

Hi to all,

We are of to Ethiopia tonight and are flying with Ethiopia air at 6.15pm so wish us luck we have a place to stay and also will be picked up from the air port. Will update soon with our time in Ethiopia.

Love to you all at home
Alice & Martin xoxoxo

Wednesday, 05 November 2008

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Hi everyone, I’m writing this in the hope that I can upload this in town later today as it has been along time since we updated you properly. We are currently in Uganda and have 8 days left of our African tour adventure. We went to track the Gorillas yesterday and it was amazing we walked through the Ugandan rain forest for a couple of hours until we found where the gorilla family were sitting and then we got to spend an hour with them it was amazing. There were 3 silver backs, 3 adolescents and a mother and baby who is a week off being 4 months old so cute. I didn’t realise how big gorillas are for one thing and how huge their bellies are for another, we got to watch some of the adolescents play fight and try to intimidate us with growls and chest beatings it was really cool. The gorillas have a very pungent odour and are grade-A farters they are loud and stinky and just let rip with no worries it was funny to watch. When I was filming one of the adolescents came and sat right in front of me at arms length and was watching me it was a crazy experience then he wanted to take my camera so one of the trackers had to scare him off by waving a branch. At one time the big silver back tried to intimidate us with a really loud noise like a grunting growling scream and the boys in our group almost messed themselves. We came back to camp exhausted and thrilled to discover that we didn’t have enough permits for everyone to see the Gorillas in the time we were meant to spend here so we are going to be stuck here for a couple of extra days and miss out on things down the line which got everyone abit riled up, were lucky we have had 2 months in Africa and got to see the Gorillas first so we wont miss out on to much. Today we did lots of hand washing just about everything in our packs and then just had to run out and bring it inside as it started to rain by the time we had re-rigged all the ropes in our room the rain had stopped Murphy’s law hey!

What else have we done well we went to Zanzibar in Tanzania and spent 3 nights on the spice island, beautiful white sand beaches, and we learnt about the slave trade that was on the island as well as the many herbs and spices that are grown there. We went into the village one night and ate dinner from a local shack Martin had beef stock with random meat pieces stewed inside it with lime juice to freshen it up and I had a tomato/onion sauce with cooked green bananas (they tasted abit like potato) and we had fresh squeezed tropical juice. After that meal we brought some beef skewers from another stall and they were awesome so tender yum! We also went to see the Red Columbus monkeys which are only found on Zanzibar that was pretty cool they were in the trees all around us being cheeky and playful, after that we got to feed sea turtles which was amazing they were so big and ancient, but at the same time very graceful. The Island reminded us of Bali but a lot more run down, the beach was beautiful but the hotel looked to be falling down and we had a rat in our room, which chewed into one of the girl’s bags, after that I was looking forward to getting back into our tent. When we got back to the main land, there were a couple of people not feeling well, which was put down to the rough seas on the crossing back but by 10pm one of them went to hospital and was thought to have dysentery/ food poisoning and by 1:30am Martin was going to the bathroom every 30 mins with vomiting and the squirts and another girl was worse than Martin. The next morning Martin and Rach were given the option to go to the Hospital and catching up with the truck ourselves but Martin was ok he said and Rach thought she would be ok so we trucked on for 15 hours and at that nights stop Rach went to hospital and Martin was feeling a bit better so he had a little dinner and an early night. He recovered well and the next day Rach came out of Hospital and we all went to the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater.

The Crater was awesome we got to see lots of animals close up and had lunch by a hippo pool where there was a tiny baby hippo. That afternoon we drove across to the Serengeti on one of the worst roads it was so bumpy it could have been an amusement park ride. But we made it in one piece, we got into the park and did a bit of game driving but then it started to poor with rain we quickly put the roof back on our 4WD and drove to the camp site within the park where we sat in the car for the first half hour as it was pissing down. We eventually made it out of the car and set up our tents and the rain held off for the rest of the night we had a hot dinner and went straight to bed. The next morning was not raining so we set off on a game drive and got to see more animals there were 3 lionesses just by the side of the road and a leopard walked by our truck and I saw my first Hippo out of the water, I could just see it's backside but it was cool. We headed back to camp that afternoon and went to a Masai Market they had lots of Masai shoes for sale which are like sandals made from old car tyres they were pretty cool.

We have also been to the Masai Mara where we got to do some awesome game drives and talk to some of the Masai people, we also got to see lots of hippos and the wildebeest migration from the Serengeti to the Mara. The river we were sitting at was full of dead wilder beast that had tried to cross the river and been trampled and drowned, there was a croc floating around that was too full to eat but would swim up to a carcass and give it a half hearted bite.

That’s about it for the high light reel we will have to keep some news for when we finally get home to tell you all in person.

Love A and M xx

P.S We have just had a really loud stay in this campsite due to the American elections who knew that Africans cared so much about american politics?
P.P.S Martin and some of the boys have started Movember so look out for some porn star mo's

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Hi Everyone,
we are safe just got into Uganda today and are on our way to see the Gorillas the roads here are very rough and bumpy but i haven't been motion sick yet!!
We do have electricity here (lol) and even got a warn shower today, we have upgraded for the first time on our trip and are in a dorm tonight not tents so looking forward to a good nights sleep hopefully.
Congrats to Tasha and Dallas on their Son Walker and Rach and Rhys on their daughter Lilly.
Congrats to Sharna and Martin on their Engagement
on a sad note Fiona's Grand father who we stayed with in Scotland just passed away at the start of the month so our thoughts are with them all at this time.
love to all at home and around the world
al and marty xxx oooo

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Location: Tanzania

Hi guys we are well just got back from the Serengeti it was amazing to see the animals and we are on our way to Kenya this Arvo hope all is well back home and with our friends around the world love Al and Marty xx

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From The Tolsmas
Hi Martin and Alice. Hope you are having a lovely Christmas, wherever you are at the moment. It was a quiet day for us today, as Loz and Mark are in Adelaide. We had Pop over for the day, and he enjoyed it. We will be catching up with all your family on the 27th, so we can drag out the festive season a bit longer.
All is well here. Hope it is with you as well.
Love from Judi, Arn Lauren, Mark, Jessica and Shane.
Response: thanks guys give them a hug from us
From GL
Merry Christmas hope we can chat soon. xxxx
PS couldnt wait for you to put photos up so i have loked through the photos on facebook that you were tag in, awesome.
Response: will call you in a few hours
From GL
Hi Guys, hope you have had some luck in getting work in the UK, we re on holidays now until the 5th and will be home Christmas Day. We got you post card today from Dubai. Hopefully we can catch up on Skype on Chrsitmas Day Lots of Love xoxoxo
From dianne
hey guys been keeping up with you on f/b , bet you know wish you were back in dubai????
lol cold where u are?

well merry xmas guys and have agood one!!!
From Mum K
Hi Ali & Martin,
I wrote you a note last night but it didn't send for some reason.
I hope all is going well in the UK I am assuming London.
Let us know if you have a landline phone No. and I will call you for Xmas. We will be home.
Hayla & Jules have arrived in FStJohn yesterday, I got a text message from Hayla all is going well for them.
I still have a few more catch ups to do for Xmas and then I can think about shopping.
We will go to Helen & Gig's for tea with Maree & John and family and our boys.
I hope it is not too cold for you in London but it will be lovely in the snow as you know from Scotland. A/Lorna sends her love to you both, Bye for now, keep happy & well, Love Mum & Dad xxxxxx
Response: got it the girls are going to love being in canada for xmas say hello to Aunty Lorna and Stace
From Mum K
Hi Ali & Martin,
How are you both, we see that you are in the UK now, where are you staying, do you have a landline phone number,so we can ring you. We are now having brunch at home and tea at Helen & Gig's because they are going to Yana's now for Xmas Eve.
I finished work yesterday after my groups break up lunch, it all went well, A/Lorna & A/Maree came.
I am meeting Anne for Arvo/Tea in Town on Sat. pm, then Stacey for lunch on Monday, then I think all our festivities are finished until Xmas Day.
Dad finishes on Xmas Eve, so it will be nice to have the Xmas break.
I have been avoiding the shopping centre but I will have to go in the next few days. I will add to your anz for Xmas and you can go out for dinner or buy something nice.
Ring home as soon as you can on Skype or on phone card and let us know what you are up to.
We are having cool weather at present and some rain, it is great.
Chelly is having drinks in Fitzroy for her B/Day on Friday
She is moving to Ballarat to work next year, on a maternity leave position.
Dad says, that the photo disc with A Masi, M Masi,Serengetti M, Safari Serengetti NPA, Maybe friends Africa 2, Lions walk DVD, did not turn out, not sure if you copied them at your end.
Well I will say Bye for now and hope to hear from you soon,
Love Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxx
Response: Thanks mum we will call you for xmas its good news about Shell wish her happy birthday from us xx
From Han
Oh bugger - you are back in the UK. I thought that perhaps you had planned a trip home to OZ from Dubai and were going to surprise everyone for Xmas. Too much to ask?? Perhaps :-) I'll have to content myself with Skype for a few more months then I guess. Take care guys and we will hopefully speak to you over Xmas some time. Let us know where you are and what you are doing as soon as you can. xxxxx
Response: We wish Han gotta save some money for a ticket lol but will be there soon i promise
Hi, Are you enjoying Dubai, did you check out Bunnings? I took the group to see Australia today, it is a good story of courage and about the stolen generation, great scenery of the kimberleys.
We are going to Lea & Eddies tomorrow night for Xmas drinks, so it will be nice to see them and to keep up the tradition. Where will you be for Xmas.
Jules & Hayla got away okay and they were very excited.
Lachlan & Laura have Maton's Xmas do tonight and he has to play afterwards. He is going on tour next year in NSW & Tas.
We hope all is going well for both of you, miss you,
Much love Mum & Dad xxxxxx
Response: say hello to them for us
From Han
Hey, where are you guys at the moment? Have you left Dubai yet?
Response: yep were on the road again
From GL
So how is Dubai???
Response: good been very relaxing actually having a bit of a holiday lol
Hi Ali & Martin,
We just came home from having dinner with A/Raine & U/Dale & Emma. Em is going to the USA on the 27th of Feb.
A/Kath & U/Glenn are arriving in Sydney on the 23rd of Feb & leaving Melb on the 20th of March to go home to Canada.
I hope you will be home to see them before they go back to Canada.
We want to spend some time with them in Port. They are going to visit Graeme & Pauline & kids first, then Ron, Veronica, George & Colette in Beerwah, then maybe Port, then Melb. for Nothing definite yet. They also want to go to Tasmania for a few days. It will be a quick trip for them.
The plans are being made for Sharna & Martin's wedding for later in the year, that will give them plenty of time to do everything, remember that Ali!
You don't have to rush around when you get back home.
I hope you have a great experience in Dubai.
Then after Xmas I will be counting down the days until you both come home.
It has been soooo long!
Bye for now, much love Mumx
Response: Thanks for the updates mum i'm starting to wish away the days myself han and georgie have already got xmas trees up i can't believe that its nearly christmas again and were still not home xx
From mum and jon
Hi Guys
your update was great, especially after having chatted to you as well.
all is good in our world. we are looking at buying some kayaks to head off and explore some of the waterways on the east coast.
we still dont know what we will be doing for christmas, but it sounds like we are not going to be short of visitors. we have about 10 booked in and will have to line 'em up dormitory style!! should be fun!!
have a great time in dubia and we will chat when you are back in london.
love to you both and a huge hug each.
mum and jon
Response: whos coming to stay?
From Han
So great to get your update Al and Marty. You're doing so much and experiencing everything on offer. It's just wonderful to read. I sent an email last week to your Hotmail address filling you in on what's been happening here. Damo's gone up to Sydney tonight for work but will be back tomorrow for his Xmas party. Hopefully we will get to chat to you both soon. Al, I put the Xmas tree up the other day and the decoration you bought me at Harrod's has pride of place and looks beautiful. Was thinking of you both and wondering where your Xmas will be this year. Enjoy some R&R in Dubai and we'll hopefully speak to you soon. What date do you leave Dubai? By my calculation I'm thinking the 9th or 10th?? Sending a BIG cuddle your way. Love always, Han xx
Response: I wish i was there to see it sounds like your al ready for xmas
From Mum K
Hi Ali & Martin,
I have just finished reading about your Egyptian adventures and it all sounds so different to what we do, so old and unusual food and people, which makes it all so interesting. You have been using lots of different ways to get around to see the sights and getting very bold skipping paying at the catacombs, I remember dad & I getting a few free tram & ferry rides if you were quick.
We are all well and starting to get busy with Xmas stuff happening. We are having the family over for tea.
Hayla & Jules leave next Weds. We are going over for supper on the Tuesday night to say bye. Jules & I are going to the Vic Market on Fri. to get presents for Canada Rels.
This is the first time I have used the computer and it has been set up with large font it is really good.
Ralf has been here for 3 days, he is having a great time with Louie, they seem to wrestle with each other.
We hope to visit Eddie tomorrow night depending on how he is feeling after arriving home from Hosp.
Going up to Bendigo with Helen & Maree on Sat. for Sue's 60th, she is having an afternoon tea party, will be nice to catch up with her.
We hope all goes well with you while you are in Egypt and that you get to see the Valley of the Kings.
Lots of Love Mum & Dad xxxxx
Response: Thanks for all the updates xx
From GL
Tiahs braces went on today. thanks for the updates enjoy Dubai and hopefully we can chat soon. Lots of love xoxoxox
Response: How exciting will try and skype you keep it on lol
From carolyne from bruar
hi guys, just a quick note to say hello, i just got back from the domonican republic today, we had two weeks of complete r & r, hope you are both doing well, i keep up to date with your travelling, it looks like you are having a fantastic time, if i don't get the chance to speak to you before then have a great christmas.
thinking of you always
PS I got to see MAMMA MIA yet again, on the plane to dominican.
Response: Great to hear from you sounds like you are having a great travel time too
From Auntie Raine
Hi Alice and Martin,
I've just spent time catching up on your travels - great stories and the photos will be wonderful memories for you. Living in multicultural Reservoir may be the best option for you to adjust to Australia whenever you come home.......
Response: Its a posibility but depends on the prices is it cheap lol
From Michelle
Lucky you getting to see the Library of Alexandria - its on my list of things to do!!!

Good update - I've been wondering what you've been up to so it was good to catch up!
Response: Def keep it there brilliant place
From Han
Hellllooooooo. Where are you???
Response: We are in Luxor just finally updated our page sorry
From marion and jon
Hi Guys
cant wait for the full account of your travels, sitting here imagining how wonderful its all been just doesnt quite do it for me!
sorry i missed your call, it would have been great to hear your voices...keep day i will surprise you and actually be here when you ring!
we hope all is going ok for you
love and hugs
mum and jon
Response: we will glad your safe and enjoying home
From Han
I'm here!!! So sorry for being a bit of a phantom. Will send you an email now. Love you both and miss you heaps. So great to see some more photos guys. Love Hanxx
From Melanie & Arthur
I don't know if you remember us. I suppose you meet so many people allong the way... We are the Belgian (mixed) couple you met on the Lisbon walking tour. I stumbled upon the mail you send me and wanted to see where you were at right now. I must say I am extremely jealous of your encounter with the gorillas. That must have been amazing. Cuddleing a lion must also have been quite the experience.
On our side, we have been living 'the normal live' since a few months. But then again, during that time we moved to our new home (enough place for a stay over if you ever visit Belgium!). And ... we are having our first baby. Without knowing, I was already pregnant when we met in Lisbon.
Enjoy the time that is left to travel. If I remember correctly, you went back home for christmas.

With love
From GL
Yay photos, cant wait to hear about your adventures in Egypt. Lots of Love xxx
From Mum K
Great to hear your voices tonight. The new photos are priceless, amazing that the lion stayed still for you Martin, your dream come true, now all your birthdays have truly come at once. I love the photo of you with the leopard Ali, they are real aren't they?
Have a great time at the Pyramids, Dean & Sally went there too and uncle Malcolm & Auntie Jan on their honeymoon. Enjoy seeing all the Pharoahs & Sphinxs.
Lots of love Mum & Dad xxxxx
Response: We thought they might be robots but they were real. good to see you again and dad will try again when we get back from aswan love you xx
From mum
hi guys
glad to hear you are ok and in ethopia.
stay safe
Response: love you to