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Katie & Rik's Big Roam

Hello Everybody and welcome to our travel blog, designed to make you all horribly jealous : )

We'll be using this site to keep you posted on our adventures and upload pics too. Feel free to add comments when you can bothered as we'd love to hear from you.

Laters, dudes.

Katie & Rik
(aka Little Whoot & Big Whoot)

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 09 May 2007

Location: Bang ma Kok, Thailand there anybody out there?

So, we've bored you all stupid for the last seven months but fear not - you need suffer no more - we're outta here in T minus 7 hours; if they let us on the plane drunk, that is.

We've had an awesome time and have loved recieving all your messages and emails (thanks, Mum).

We've journeyed by plane, boat, bus, train, taxi, tuk-tuk, elephant & bamboo raft, across 10 countries (and currencies), 4 continents, countless languages (well, 4 anyway) and thousands of miles.

We've laughed, cried (at the smell of Rik's Tevas), moaned and delighted.

We've met some fantastic people and been to some absolutely awesome places. South America, you rock!

See you all in a matter of hours...

Signing off.

The Whoots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Location: Cambodia

A short hop by Asia Airways touched us down in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. The contrast between Cambodia and Thailand hit us pretty hard as the lasting effects of the Khmer Rouge regime were all too clear. We got the distinct impression that where in Thailand people were living, here they were surviving. We faced a non-stop barrage of amputees and young kids selling fake books and postcards. We use the term kids loosely as these children had the demeanour of adults - their sad, distant eyes got us every time.

We only spent three nights in PP, just long enough to visit S-21, a school which was turned into a torture centre for all middle and upper class Cambodians under the Khmer Rouge from 1975-1978. We couldn't face the Killing Fields where most of these people actually died as it was just too sad (and had also been privatised by the Japanese which greatly upset the Cambodian families).

From PP we took a bus up to Siem Reap to see the Angkor Wat temples. You'll see from the pics that some of them are straight out of Tomb Raider and were very impressive. It would have been even better to have seen them prior to them being destroyed by the KR. The temples are always compared with Machu Picchu but in our opinion MP wins hands down.

From Siem Reap we flew to Phuket via Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. With the money we saved flying via KL rather than Bangkok, we spent the night in a plush hotel in KL which had the best bath in the world and you could actually watch TV from it! We then journeyed on to Phuket where we were forced to spend 1 night before heading to Ko Phi Phi - the island we are currently on,which is all you'd expect from a tropical island - sun, turquoise sea, palm trees, etc.

We will now rest our weary bones (not) on different thai islands for the remaining couple of weeks or so of our trip...'s a dirty horse, but someone's gotta ride it.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Location: Chiang Mai cont.., Thailand

"'Tuk-Tuk? Tuk Tuk? Where you go?''

''Same same...but different!''

OK, so if you haven't been to Thailand you might be wondering what we're on about, but trust us you can buy t-shirts with these phrases on you hear them so often!

After 3 weeks we pretty much know all the tuk tuk drivers and Thai boxing 'flyer boys' by name but the smiles just keep on coming. The Thai people really are the friendliest bunch we've met which makes exploring the colorful town of Chaing Mai a delight.

Fried everything left us yearning for some calorie burning action so we took to hooning down Doi Suthep mountain on some decidedly dodgy mountain bikes. For a 'beginner' run it was alarmingly testing. The very steep and dusty paths involved more than a few screams... and wipe outs! Both of our fingers were burning from holding on to the brakes for our dear lives but thankfully we had some very good padding - we hope you appreciate the 'laser quest' style outfits (see pics).

After so much excitement we needed something to calm us down so what better than a 3 day/2 night Buddhist retreat to settle mind and spirit. Early on we learned about mastering our 'monkey-minds' and various types of concentration meditation. From 5am 'till 9pm we practiced sitting, walking and lying meditation techniques with 5 monks. The grounds were lovely and the food was pretty good too. Little Whoot, however, decided that her mind was full and sneaked out of the hall early one night, only to find herself tracked down and told off by one of the monks!!! Believe it or not, this particular monk suffered a little from Ego and wasn't particularly nice. It was pretty clear that not all Monks join out of generosity of spirit and appreciation for people, there are quite a few who are in it for a nice standard of living and free travel and education.

We celebrated completing our introductory course with the people we met over the course and despite the fact that we hardly new each other (we weren't allowed to talk!) we all got on like we'd known each other for years, which was great. We then spent the next few days recovering from the hangovers with our fantastic new Canadian buddies Jaime and Ian.

In our final few days we went elephant trekking and explored the local area by scooter with our new mates. The elephant trek was fun but 45 minutes was enough for us as at times we were practically dangling from our seats! It was definitely something different but not the kind of thing you sign up to do again straight away.

The heat and humidity is fierce at this time of year - even the locals were commenting on the temperature, so we decided to seek out some of the waterfalls to cool us down. It was great fun zipping round the busy roads en masse on our scooters and finding some really nice isolated falls where we were pleased to be the only Farang (that's jonny foreigners to you an me) there. As we walked up and explored the area we were welcomed by locals offering us whisky and redbull :)

Next installment is Cambodia. We actually landed on Cambodian soil last week and are having a great time - will update the blog soon we promise!!!

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Swaa di ka from Thailand!

We have been in Thailand for around 2 weeks now and we're loving it. We started with a 3 night stay in a posh(ish) hotel in Bangkok where we enjoyed such luxuries as a bath and a TV.

We then headed up north on the train to a place called Phitsanulok so we could visit the ruins of the old Buddhist city of Sukhothai and all its temples (Wats). We hired bikes and pedalled our way from one Wat (eh, what?) to another which was great fun but sooo hot!

The next day we headed further north to Chiang Mai, where we will be staying for 3 weeks or so. We arrived at night and were bundled into a tuk-tuk (basically a moped with a carriage on top) and headed into the city which was all lit up and looked gorgeous. Since arriving in Chiang Mai, we've done a lot of eating thai food (and recovering from some of it - Kate), walking round fantastic markets, visiting wats and generally lazing around.

Tomorrow we will be doing a bike tour of the nearby mountains which should be great. We're also going to do some yoga classes, stay overnight in a monastery, ride on an elephant and get a thai massage or two. So you see, we'll need the next 2 weeks in Chiang Mai! Oh, and the people are just so friendly which makes wandering round the markets etc so much nicer and less hectic than in other places we've visited (we're not mentioning any names, Peru!).

We'll update again soon, with hopfeully some pics of cute elephants and things.

Friday, 09 March 2007

Location: Cairns, Australia

You Rippa!

Too easy mate!

After Byron Bay we headed further up the east coast to Queensland which is much more tropical and humid. En-route we came within an inch of lives whilst innocently eating some dinner in a cafeteria....
"There's a snake behind you" said our guardian angel as calmly as if he'd just asked us for the time. Turning round we did indeed see a cheeky and very aggressive 'Brown Snake' slithering hungrily towards our ankles! It wasn't long before we were out of striking distance (although Kate somehow managed to find time to run back and get her bag - as if the snake was going to steal it?!) Half the resteraunt were jumping on tables and screams could be heard for miles. Cool Kate remarked that it was probably just a grass snake to which Steve Irwin, who casually dealt with the snake with a kitchen broom, replied "Nah mate, that thing'll kill ya in 15 minutes". It turns out that the brown snake is actually one of the biggest killers in Australia. GULP.

Having recovered from our ordeal we made our way to Fraser Island, the biggest sand island in the world, containing more sand than the Sahara Desert. We had a fantastic time swimming in fresh water lakes (no swimming in the shark infested sea allowed) and walking through virgin rain forest which was just magical. A couple of Dingoes crossed our path as well as dolphins, manta rays and a sea-turtle which we saw from the Indian Head cliff. Rik was also lucky enough to get a fantastic shot of what we think is an Osprey (Dad French please correct us!) as it flew right up to him on top of Indian Head (as Kate was screaming "turtle! turtle! Rikko, get a picture of the turtle!"). To be fair, the turtle couldn't really be seen as anything more than a turtle-shaped black blob floating around in the sea so perhaps the osprey made a better photo opportunity...

We then made our way up to our final destination in Oz, Cairns. The bus journey up to Cairns was fantastic with really great scenery and lush forest everywhere. We even saw wallabies & 3 Cassowaries - big ostrich-type birds which can disembowel you with one toe (as the bus driver never tired of telling us). From Cairns we did a snorkelling trip to the Great Barrier Reef for Kate's bday which was a great day, although the waves were pretty choppy and we didn't see quite as much as we thought we might. Gail, I now realise just how fantastic that snorkelling trip in Malaysia was - to see so much and in crystal clear, calm waters. Hopefully we'll get to see some more in Thailand.

Speaking of Thailand, we're off this very day to Bangmakok (no kidding, this is the proper name for it) which we're really excited about. We can't believe we're on our final leg now!!

Hope you're all well back in Blighty...we hear spring has finally sprung : )

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

'Too easy mate'! It doesn't get much better than being in Oz when England drum Australia 2-0 in the one day finals. Taunted for days by every bronzed sport-loving Ozzie about the spanking that we 'poms' were going to take made us smugger than the proverbial Cheshire Cat and we're still riding the wave of glory.

Yes, unbeliveably we've become Cricket fans. We hold Mike and Emily responsible, who we met in NZ, and since then we haven't heen able to resist tuning in to all the latest scores! Australia is full of pumped sports fanatics so our arrival in Sydney was pretty lively. We sought cover in a cool hostel called the Blue Parrot which (as we were to find out on arrival) was worringly close to the notorious 'Kings-Cross' district. We were told horror stories of how dingy the area was but decided to have a look for ourselves discovering that it was fine, not a patch on Coldharbour lane(!) - i think the Brits abroad that were trying to scare us have gone a bit soft!

The Opera House delivered the goods and we were treated to some smooth Jazz in the Opera House bar which has the best vantage point over the harbour. Rik saw his future before him as a tanned Jazz veteran mixed one chilled out number to the next on his fancy decks (CDJ800s for the crew in the know ;)).

We were treated to bats hanging from trees and very scary spiders in Sydney's Botanical gardens, check out some of the pics for an idea - definitely a nice place to relax after a hard day's work (well, appart from the bats and spiders!).

Our attempts to view the famous Blue Mountains were foiled by very bad weather unfortunately. It was amazing how quickly the climate changed as the clouds drew in. Although we were disappointed not to see the great views we found a laid back 1920s-style coffee house to get stuck into our books and our latte's.

Kate's old work friends, Jezza and Caroline, were great hosts and enterntained us for the next few days at their lovely pad in Balmain. Embarrassingly kate and i were too scabby to get in to the cool revoling restaurant that gives you a 360 degree view over Sydney. Caroline looked stunning in her classy work attire but we couldn't quite cut it "sorry, no shorts and thongs" still rings in my ears (btw, that's flip-flops to the lay person, other wise i don't think the 20 something doorman would have been complaining!)

A short stopover in Manly saw Kate get friendly with a blue bottle jelly-fish (they're not speaking anymore) before we endured the 14 hour bus ride to Byron Bay. We're now relaxing at a lovely place by the beach and getting used to the impressive coast line. We got some swimming tips from a fantastic ex Bondi Beach lifesaver hippy who had amazing eyes, one green the other blue! The Waves here demand respect and he taught us to body surf properly and how to dig your fingers in to the sand as you dive under the turbulance from the waves looking up until it's all washed over you!

Next on the list is Dolphin Kayaking (i'll try not to fall off this time and will be buying a waterproof camera!) before we head off to Brisbane!

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Hello again,

We have finally gotten round to writing about New Zealand! We have been here for a month in all, and we have seen the sunshine for a total of 3 days in that time...hmmm...

We raced round the North Island in about a week as many things were cancelled due to bad weather (including rafting over the world's highest raftable waterfall!). Those skydives and bungy jumps will just have to wait for next time! We're gutted too, but there it is.

The highlight of the North Island had to be a fantastic 8 hr trek into Mordor which the weather just about allowed us to do. It's called the Tongariro Crossing and since we did it in reverse by mistake it was a pretty difficult hike! We did start to wonder when everyone else was going the opposite way to us and skipping merrily along as it was mainly downhill for them but hey, we Brits like a challenge!

We also managed to get a bit of body-boarding in on a fantastic surf beach but Rik didn't last long as he thought he was so tough he'd choose to get fins (flippers) over a wetsuit. Kate was laughing as the waves were so tiny fins were pointless but he would insist. Needless to say, as Kate paddled around in her lovely warm wetsuit, Rik was running out the water and shivering like a lost child within minutes. He has learned one important lesson from it though...that Katie is always right!

We ended our tour of the North Island with a 4 day stay at our friend Frodo's plush batchelor pad in Wellington which was very, very welcome as he had a guest room, TV, internet, washing machine and best of all, a bath! We sure have missed relaxing in a hot bath since we've been away (almost as much as we've missed curries). We also met up with Naomi and Greg in Wellington and played on the beach with their kids Sam and Abigail for an afternoon which was really lovely.

The final highlight from the North Island (esp for Rik) was a Welly Boot throwing competition, which, unsurprisingly, Rik won by a clear mile...he beamed all day after that. Bless.

Next stop was the South Island. This piece of land is pretty damned amazing, with every drive taking you through breath-taking scenery. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side though so it has rained an awful lot.

We walked along the coast with turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, stayed in the ever popular 'Barry Town' (where our arrival doubled the population) and tramped across a giant glacier (where we got soaked to the skin and nearly became part of the glacier!).

We are now in Queenstown which is their skiing capital and is a really beautiful place, on the edge of a huge lake and surrounded by mountains. Our idea of heaven. We also tried 'luging' here yesterday which was so much fun - see pics!

All in all, New Zealand is a great country with very friendly people and the most amazing old trees, but the weather has dampened things somewhat. We have therefore decided to cut our time in NZ short so we head to Sydney in 2 days!! So excited about that : )

Hope all is well back in Blighty and that the English winter isn't too harsh. Oh, and btw, for those Butlers Courtians amongst you, we have been travelling with one Emily Chissell for the past few days! She recognised me from primary school!

Thursday, 04 January 2007

Location: New Zealand

HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all : )

Not much explanation needed here as the photos pretty much speak for themselves. Christmas on the Cook Islands rocked, and after a tropical storm on Christmas Eve, the weather was fantastic. We snorkelled, kayaked, scootered and scapered...well, after a 5 hour delay which was just awful as we had to spend it eating a free breakfast on the beachfront. It's a hard life.

We are now back on tour, and are up in the north of the North Island, in the Bay of Islands.

More to follow soon...

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Recent Messages

From Lee
Glad to hear you're still having an amazing time. Can't believe we will see you soon to hear all about it in person. Your photos are fab as always. Maybe you can work as journalists when you return!! Miss you lots and am really excited about you guys coming home soon. Enjoy the rest of your adventures and I will try to check in again soon. All my love, Lee xx
Response: Thanks Lee,

We're really looking forward to seeing you guys real soon too! Sadly, Rik can take all the credit for the decent photos!!

Big love to you and KP xxxx
From Gail
Did Kate really manage to stay quiet for three days???!!

Enjoy your last few weeks and looking forward to seeing you both soon,

Response: What do you think?

Course not!! : )

See you soon munchkin.

PS We stayed at the Mutiara last night and watched TV from the bath then put on our dressing gowns and slippers! : )
From Shari & Will
Ahoy-hoy from Cairo Chaps!
Awesome photos dudes - The Osprey could indeed be prize winning. Hope the mozzies lay off (get the DEET out!). Loads of love Shari & Will x
Response: Cheers Guys!

Will get a posting on your site too. Shari and Rik should get together and make photos : )

Keep on having a blast and we'll see you when you return!

From Helen
Hi guys, haven't checked in in a while. because I thought I'd get jealous. And I have! God I want to go travelling again. Thailand sounds amazing. See you in a month or so, missing you guys loads,

Response: Helen!

So good to hear from you : ) Yeah, we're still having a ball. In Cambodia now which is great but sad at the same time with so much poverty and the recent troubles.

We're back mid-may so see you soon!!!

Lots of love to you and M xxxxxxx
From Emma
Hey guys
I've got a lot of catching up to do on your blog. Its nice hearing about what your up to, I thought I'd be too envious to read it. I wish you could bottle it and bring it home!
Have ordered one of the books you recommended, looking forward to reading it. Enjoying work at mo but finding it quite wearing. Lovely and sunny today though, bring on the summer. Lots of Love xxx
Response: Emmsy Baby!

Can't believe you've only just found our website and we're on the homeward stretch! : )

So looking forward to seeing your little face again...we'll be back in May!!

Enjoy the book...

Lots of love to you and Neil xxxx
From Ben W
Hi guys

Just checked out the site for the first time in far too long. The photos are fantastic! My advice? Stay out there! There's no chance of readjusting to the Northern Line after this!!

Hope you're both well and that Kate's behaving herself.

Ben x
Response: Hey Benny!

Have you changed jobs?

You are quite right about the Northern Line (what a horrible thought), and also Kate has most definitely NOT been behaving herself : )

See you soon matey!!

From Ell

Hi my lovelies! Sounds like you're STILL having the most amazing time! Some really great photos which I've just enjoyed looking through.

Things here are good - Wedding plans all coming along nicely...Carrie's due tomorrow, so we're just waiting for the call! Will let you know the outcome! Just too much excitement!!

Lots of love
Response: Smelly!
Wow, can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl : ) Can't believe you're going to be a Missus and an Auntie both within a couple of months...

i'm starting to feel very old...

Really looking forward to catching up when we return in May babe!!

From Mak
Hey Rik,

Your photography is excellent! the photos really are fantastic, you must give me so pointers and tips when you get back, I epecially like the osprey shot.

Hope you guys are well and having a wonderful time.

Response: Hey Mak, glad you like the pics :) We're being spoilt for choice for things to snap at here. Elephant trekking and hill-tribe walking tmrw then on to Cambodia!! C ya soon.
From Kelly Pope
Hey Rik,

I have to say, it looks like you are both having a wicked time.
Loving the photo's, not to sure about the hair and the beard!!!!
Everything looks so beautiful. I'm really jealous.
Continue having a great time and i'll check out the latest photos soon.

Kelly xx
Response: Cheers, Kelly - Thailand ROCKS! I've converted to Buddhism now so there's no going back now ;) x
From Zoe
Guys, come home! Starting to miss you alot now...
It is bloody miserable here. Spring has not sprung at all - it did its usual trick of giving us a few sunny days only to plunge us back into the freezing cold just as we'd all put the wooly jumpers away and got the sunnies out. So of course we all froze. It's like someone's idea of a bloody joke. Anyway, didn't really come on here to moan (but did anyway!), it was my lunch hour and I just wanted to say hi really and send you some Zoe luuuurrrrveee. Hope Thailand is amazing!!! Lots of love, Zoe xxxx
Response: Zoggy Log!

We're feeling the love baby! Yeah, Thailand rocks - we're still up north, gonna take it easy and take some yoga classes and do some cycling and trekking and stuff. The only thing I can say that you're not having to deal with that we are, are the god damned mozzies!! And yesterday a nasty red ant looking thing crawled on my arm and took a big chunk out. You can imagine i'm loving the crawlies!

That aside though, we're loving it and looking forward to Cambodia and then the thai islands before heading home (hopefully nicely tanned!)

Take it easy gorgeous and we will indeed see you soon....

Big love xxxx
From clarey
hey guys,

hope you had a lovely birthday Katie? - pics look wonderful as normal! had a lovely spring day today in Londres... bit of shopping and drinking coffee while people watching, people playing hockey in the park, sun shining etc. and then I got home to a lovely parking ticket from the stupid parking suspensions to replace the victorian water main whihc mean I can't park ANYWHERE despite paying handsomely for the privilege.... AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! bloody westminster!!! apart from that all good here... :-) have a great time in Thailand and see you guys soon xxx
Response: Hey Clarey!
Yes, had a great bday thanks mate. We have just arrived in Chiang Mai and it's fabulous! We will recommend our hostel to you incase you come - double room (with HUGE bed), TV, fridge, bathroom, sit-on balcony and swimming pool and right in the centre! Who could ask for more? Oh, and it's under a tenner a night...

Thailand rocks mate, you'll love it : )

Can't wait to tell you all about it when we return!!

Lots of love kidder xxxxx
From Shari (& Will)
Happy Birthday Kate!! We hope you get to celebrate in style ;-)
love from
shari & will xxx
Response: Thanks Guys! Well done for remembering whilst away on your travels too : )

I spent my bday today snorkelling on the great barrier reef so it was fantastic.

Have a wicked time guys lots of love xxxx
From Kevan
G'day, am really enjoying reading all about what you're getting up to, keep the updates coming.

Enjoy Brisbane; I do have some family there, so if you need anything or just want a washing machine for your shorts and thongs, let me know I’m sure my aunt and cousins would be more than happy to help.

Response: Hey mate!

Thanks for your message, great to hear from you - have you got a new job (saw your new email address?). Really appreciate the offer of accommodating family. In the end we decided to shoot past Brisbane and go straight on to Hervey Bay. We've booked a trip to Fraser Island in a couple of days which we're really looking forward to, fingers crossed for some sun!
Cheers amigo
From Mic
As I'm sure you've been informed, we had snow here last week!! A good covering of the stuff too! I however suffered the much delayed journey into work, and could only read about all the people snowboarding etc on Primrose Hill in the Metro on my long, delayed journey home at the end of my office-bound, work-filled day... Spring is attempting to jump into action, with temperatures rising to 10 degrees and the rain taking the place of the snow.... You gotta love the seasons man, you never know what suitable attire you might be pulling out of your wardrobe rom one day to the next.
It now seems quite ridiculous that you are still travelling, having fun after all this time away... Lucky b*ggers.
Take care anyway, and enjoy it while you can! You've got plenty of 9 - 5'ers to look forward to when you get home... Love and hugs, Mic xxx
Response: Hey Mic!
Cheers for the message, as usual, have been meaning to email you...bad katie.

I was very jealous when I saw all the snow on the news - it was actually a news item over here!

Yeah, not looking forward to getting back to work, that's for sure...

By the time we get back it should be nice and warm again so my tan won't fade...haha

Take it easy mate and I promise to email properly soon!!!

From Lee and K
Fantastic pics as usual - you won't want to ever come home! We are planning our trip now - you have inspired us! That ice tunnel looked cool (ha ha). Where would you recommend? In the meantime we are off to subway...miss you!
Lots of love xxx
Response: Yo yo yo!

Cool! got anywhere on your ideas list? Why don't you go to peru for a week or two and book yourselves on the Inca trail (we recommend check out their website if you're interested. Two weeks would be perfect to do the south of Peru. We're in Byron Bay and have just booked a proper day of surflessons tomorrow. The waves are HUGE and really powerfull, so it will be nice to be with someone who knows the area. Will give you a call from Brisbane to chat :) XXXXX
From Bleedin Fingerz
'ello my lovlies, just reading your page and loving hearing all your little adventures - I'm so bored here!! Me and (mostly) Mike surfing the internet daily for houses in the sun and fantasising about buggering off. How's Australia? Looking foward to hearing your news - I'll write the uncenscored version of events soon in an email (actually sadly there is no hot juicy gossip at all! :( ), in the meantime, lots of love to you! xxxxxxxxxx
Response: Yo!
Cheers for the message - we were beginning to think we had no friends : )
Don't blame you for wanting some sun - although we have plenty here in oz, i've firmly decided that England still has it over the other places i've been for somewhere to live...Oz has loads of sun and surf, but you can't go in it cos you either get stung by jellyfish (as I did the other day) or eaten by sharks! And then there's the small matter of the hole in the ozone layer. Give me Croyde any day! And no beach i've been to in Oz so far matches the natural, rugged beauty of dear old Croyde. Can't wait to get down there with everyone this summer!!

This message goes out to smug Aussies know who you are!

I'll shut up now...
From Naomi
Hi, loved the story of Shivering RiK vs Smug K...i play out a similar game with my other half on regular basis! just a bit of news from me - i'm getting married! to Pad, obviously...he proposed in Rome this weekend. Anyway, better be off to select a ring...take care x
Response: Wow! Congrats mate! How lovely : )

We wil have to drink a toast to you from here until we can do it properly with you when we return. Just don't go getting hitched until I come back...

Lots of love xxx
From deborah
having dinner with mum and dad great to see your pictures and follow all the news

love deborah
Response: Hi Deborah, thanks for your message and good to hear from you!

We are now in Sydney and loving it...sunny days, huge surf and great places to visit - who could ask for more?

See you in a few months!
From Willie, Gillian, Lia
We are enjoying following your movements round the globe. Looks like you're having a great time. The pictures are amazing. Gillian and Willie were at Kenmore Hotel on Loch Tay for Hogmany and Liam stayed at home and partied. Tom was in Cawdor near Inverness. Gillian has been to the Western Isles for four days, and landed on the beach in Barra in a 20 seater plane. Liam has just finished his exams at Aberdeen. Speak to you soon. Have a grerast time. Love Willie, Gillian, Liam and Tom
Response: Hi Guys!

Thanks for the message, it's great to hear what you've been up to. Hope the exams went well Liam and that you're enjoying univeristy life!

We are almost at the end of our NZ leg before we head to Sydney sometime in the next week or so...

Take care, LOL, K & R xxx
From steffi
hi friends,
sorry just a small message, because I'm very ill...since three weeks and I can't write very well. I lied at the hospital for 10 days...I never felt so horrible! Now I'm at home again, but I have to take care and do nothing!!! I can't explain the disease in english, but in latin it's called neuronitis vestibularis. It's something, what impairs or interrupts your sense of balance. It is really a horrible feeling. Now I can walk again and do some things in my house. And visit your homepage to see your wonderful pictures - it is a nice diversion! Hope to hear soon from you! greetings and hugs from germany yours steffi
Response: Hey Steffi!
My God, you poor thing! I hope you're feeling better now? I can imagine that must have been really horrible. Your English is still perfect though, of course : )

Well, take care of yourself and hope you feel back to normal soon...

Lots of love, K & R xxx
From Naomi
Hi, realised my 'roxette' mistake whilst leaving the office that same day and it's taken me this long to get over the shame....Am soooo jealous of the fantastic xmas photos. Slightly more picturesque than downtown Hemel...particularly loved the fish picture as well. take care xx Naomi
Response: Cheers Nai, and Happy New Year! The Cook Islands were fantastic but unofrtunately my tan has been undone by the utter lack of sun in NZ! I haven't seen anything but cloud and rain for what seems like weeks!

Heading to Oz soon to remedy things though...

Take care matie xxx
From Shari
Hey Katie & Rik
Great blog - I've loved reading about your varied adventures and funny stories. We're off soon - 8th Feb and can't wait! We're in that hectic period at the moment with tons to do, but its starting to feel real. Hope the rest of your travels are as much fun
love from shari (& will) xxx
Response: Hey Shari!

Good to hear from you : )
Thanks for the message and you two have a fantastic time in Africa! Can't wait to all meet up and swap sagas : )

Have fun and stay safe.

Lots of love to you both xxxx
From Steve
I really don't know why I keep track of you antics, it upsets me so much a life is begining to lose all meaning. But hey you both enjoy yourself, I'm not jealous (MUCH). In all seriousness, carry onb have the time of your lives


Oh and a belated happy Christmas and New Year It pissed down on New Years Eve
Response: Hey Steve! Happy new year mate. The weather sucks here at the moment too if that makes you feel better! Unfortunatly no pics of a Harley yet, i think i'm going to have to make do with the scooter we rented in the cook islands and the copy of Mafia you did me ;)
From Ewan and Sam
Hey you two!!
We hope you had a really great Festive Season ... probably the likes of which you may never see again! Things have been lively here one way and the other, more details by email if you want! We love and miss you. Continue to enjoy your adventure. With lots of love, E+S ;-) XX
Response: YO yo yo! Lovely to hear from you and thanks for your emails. Loads of love to you both too - can't wait to catch up when we get back and maybe get some photo tips from the pro too :) XXXX ps glad to hear the hedge is growing nicely ;)
From Michaela
Happy new year to you both! I hope you had a good Christmas and enjoyed celebrating the coming of 2007! I'm back at work today (yuk!), and have started the day by thinking how I might possibly be able to go off travelling soon.... Might be more realistic and just start planning a sunny holiday for the not too distant future! Safe travelling. Lots of love, xxx
Response: Cheers Mic and same to you!

My advice would be to get those pennies saved and get on out there!

A nice sunny holiday inn the meantime would be great too though...

I promise to email properly when I can babe. Lots of love xxxx