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Fife's Travels Down Under....

Just a little something to keep everyone informed of my whereabouts....and how much sickeningly awesome a time I will be having! Oh and message me loads so I can feel popular and loved...or else!!xxx

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

the last of the photos!!

Bye new zealand!!


Saturday, 12 July 2008

Location: Port Douglas, Australia

The sun came out today...for a whole hour...YEY!!!

Tan coming on now white instead of pale blue!! Ha ha ha. Spent most of the day walking, walked the beach first thiong this morning, then I trundled my way round town to the park (takes all of five minutes the town is tiny!) then went for a run on the beach...and now here I am writing this, having eaten a ridiculous amount of fruit and veg (yes I am trying to be healthy) with a background noise of fruit bats fighting in the trees *shudder* haha!

Tomorrow is market day which will be the excitement of the week...hopefully it will be as good as it was last time...and I may purchase some poi if im feeling rich-to help while away the days (A few regrets booking two weeks here am bored...but hey I'm sure I can chill for two weeks in this paradise without losing my mind!!) So far my days have followed the same routine...

8am get up...see if sun shining, if not 1 more hour sleep

9am get up...check blinds for sign of sunshine...if not maybe another hours sleep...

10 am get up, breakfast (healthy sultana bran which i bought and milk before i realised they do free breakfast here...TYPICAL however they only serve full fat milk and i HATE fiull fat milk dont I dad?!!)

10.30am wander down to beach for a walk to the stream and back-approk 4k en totale

11.45am buy sushi for lunch (2xhoney soy tofu or a vegetarian salad roll which is basically salad and avocado sushi style) and a free organic red blood orange juice which is free because they love me and I'm a regular!!

12pm wander down to the park window shopping as I go

12.15pm Lay out towel and listen to groovy music and read a whole book...interspersed with suntan lotioning if sunny, and occasional movement to chase the sun/move out of shade

3pm eat sushi lunch nicely cooled by wrapping in jumper with juice in beach bag

4.30pm slight chill in the air (the park is on a peninsula and gets very windy) so head back to hostel and prepare for run

5.30pm run on the beach

6.15pm die from run on beach

8.30pm recovered from run, showered and ready to consume vast amount of....wait for it......fruit and veg...oh and if i need something carby maybe a piece of raisin toast

10.30pm hit the sack with good book and ipod to drown out noise...or maybe join in with noise and have a beer or two. UGH actually the beer out here is expensive and not as good as nz beer so will stick to cider as vodka/gin too expensive too!

wow...that was fun, I feel like adrian mole!!


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Location: Port Douglas!!!, Australia

Here I am again....still the same old sunny (pleeeeeease stay sunny for the next two weeks) Port Douglas!! Not much has changed...the hostel has though, many improvements so far-although no sign of a tv...aaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Noosa and Brisbane were lovely as expected, weather not so good though! Home in less than three weeks can you believe?!!


Saturday, 05 July 2008

Location: Noosa, Australia

IIIIIIIIIII'm in Noosa....and have been surfing already-its a LITTLE chilly out there but great surf!

Had a VERY lovely time with the aussie rellies-THANKYOU for having me Mr and Mrs Gizzard Hump!@!

Noosa is much the same as I remeber-the hostel is lovely-very bohemian and chilled out-perfect!! Weather is pretty awful though, lots of rainy showers-hopefully Port douglas will be better weather!! I still need a tan!


Friday, 27 June 2008

Location: Paihia, New Zealand

Farrrrr out!!xxx

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Location: Auckland...again!!, New Zealand

Ok...So its raining outside and I have a couple of minutes of my precious time to update you all on my whereabouts!!

After staying Nelson for a night I flew back to Wellington...The flight was lovely, we stayed at about 10000 ft and the skies were so clear you could see for miles!! So beautiful in fact I was in tears nearly the whole flight because I didnt want to leave this gorgeous place! The last night in Nelson was spent catching up with Maggot-my friend from he pub who is also rose's son...was cool to catch up, we had a few beers then I went home to sleep before my ridiculously early flight!!

Wellington was also a one night stopover...It was hard saying good bye to the circle of friends I made there...I wish I had more time here and could have stayed to work for a bit-the city has such a fresh feel about it, it was almost like being in bath-so open and greenery everywhere, with little alleyways and cafe's everywhere. DEFO working out here when qualifed!! The nights out are good though-had a funny encounter with a drunk german guy who was roaming the streets advertising some german anyway he was wandering round with a trombone..which I didnt realise until he blew it loudly just as I walked I sceamed loudly...and was on my own as I was meeting april at the matterhorn(where kiwi dave works) So I received a few prize looks and legged it quickly to the bar-heart a jumping!!

After wellington I arrived in wanganui...not alot to do in this small town on the river-so I went round the musuem...zzzzzzzzzzzz and went to the saturday market!! Next stop hamilton, and new plymouth in one day-I found a friend to drive me so we stopped only briefly in each place to see the oriental gardens, and have a picnic on the beach! And here I am back in auckland!!

Have rented a car so I'm staying in the outskirts in Parnell.its soooo much nicer than the city centre, and full of nice people so I will enjoy my two nights here, then I am making my way up the west coast to see rose before I leave!!

Good on ya!!


Friday, 20 June 2008

Location: Wanganui, New Zealand

I'm too tired to write anymore today im afraid...HECTIC couple of are some spectacular photos though!!!!

Good on ya!


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Location: New Zealand

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Location: Blenheim, New Zealand

Kia Ora!!

Picton is teeny tiny!! Very cute though...nice view from hostel which is on the out skirts. Hostel is amazing actually, brand new, big, clean, huuuuuge bathromms with POWER SHOWERS so it took me no more than ten mins to wash my hair...oh and the water was HOT!! (normally hostel boilers run outta hot water after 5mins and are such a trickle of water it takes about an hour to rinse my hair!) And the best thing about this amazing big clean hostel is that you get TWO pillows...You'll ever realise the luxury of sleeping on two pillows until you go backpacking. Infact I was so comfortable I couldnt sleep!!

So yesterday was spent driving around visiting blenheim and sightseeing the marlborough sounds. took some lovely photos will post the link in a min! Had a huge fright, managed to leave my card in the supermarket (stupidly in the carry basket) without realising, so I got all the way back to picton, and realised 4 hrs later that it was missing...I searched everywhere until I realised I may have left it at New World!! So off I drove with fingers and toes and legs crossed(I can do that safely now I'm in an automatic) thinking how much Mum and Dad would have killed me-Like anyone would hand a card in if they found I gingerly asked the desk if anyone had found a card and there it was...PHEW!!!

Travelling back to Nelson today, via highway 6 (dont get excited, highway in these parts does not mean double lanes, in fact sometimes the roads aren't even sealed!!) On the way back I'll be passing an argussy (no idea on the spelling-you used to fly these dad!)

here's the photos...enjoy!! Oh and Uncle Pete now you're on facebook its easier to see my photos on my page-just click on my name to see my profile, then scroll down and on the left hand side is a link to all my photo albums!!


Monday, 16 June 2008

Location: Picton, New Zealand

WOW I have been a busy little thing...firstly my two nights in Nelson...then I drove to takaka which is close to the upper east side of the abel tasman nat park. Weather not so good so went on a few walks and took a couple of photos.

That night we went to see a maori girl sing at the mussel inn (superb pub!) I was driving, but everyone else got hammered. The girl was amazing singer, ranging from jazz, to soul and r+b ending with some beat boxing(for those oldies who do not know that term its imitating a synthesier using only your voice and hands...) Didnt get much sleep as the french guy in my room got so drunk he decided to throw up in the dorm VERY loudly...YUKKKKK I almost yelled at him to go into the effing bathroom and do it but by that stage the noise made me feel sick and if I talked I probably would have chundered in the dorm too!! So I went and slept on the sofa's as couldnt stand sleeping in a dorm with a puker...or with the stench of thrown up alcohol (mainly a gin smell with a smidgen of beer!!) eurggghhhh.

Next stop Collingwood. Lovely hostel (called somerset due to owner originating from Taunton!) But really not a lot to i went on numerous walks along the Farewell spit and took more photos.

This morning has been a beautiful day weather wise...obviously because its my day to be in a car for 6hrs!! So I took my time going the scenic route from Collingwood to Picton. B-E-A-U-tiful views, see the photos!! Journey took six hours instead of three as kept stopping for photos and coffee everyso often!!

Picton is a cute little village/town harbour. With a glorious view from the quayside. I met up with connie (the kiwi girl who worked at the red lion for a while) she was just visiting family for a couple of weeks as she's living in shet;land at the mo. So funny seeing a freind from home again, v surreal. We're gonna hang out tomorrow and stroll the town!

Leave on wednesday to go bck to nelson for a night, then back to the North Island. The South island is wayyyyy more beautiful that the north, so one of these days I shall have to come back here for a proper exploration!!

Cant wait for the flight back...the airport here is hilarious, the runway is short-barely a mile long and the Q300 took the entire length to slow down to a taxi speed. Also the approach path is right on top of a golf club...I waved at a few golfers on my way in, we were so low to the ground-It cant have been more that 150ft so i wonder how many a/c have been hit by golf balls? there must be a no-strike rule at the club when an a/c flies over as I reckon they are easily reachable (especially on one of my over hit pitching shots I could bring down a 777!!!) ha ha ha.

Far Out!


Friday, 13 June 2008

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

I LOVE Wellington...I am living here when qualified for sure! Night life is awesome, airport flys you to anywhere in NZ for less than $100, theres sea, sun, beaches, beautiful hidden away bays...great surfing/diving. PERFECT!!

So yes, generally enjoying myself...lots of going out, late nights...even basketball at 3am at the local kiddies park(soooo much fun-and the playground is uber cool with extreme monkey bars and g pulling round abouts and even a zip slide!!)

Kiwi Dave fed me roast lamb on suday...yummmme then yesterday we went for a ride around all the little alcoves and beaches you never get to see when your a poor backpacker with no wheels!! So that was a great day out.

So now i'm in Nelson...smallish own, not much to do part from numerous(+costly adventurous sport activities) so I have rented a car and am off to explore the golden bay, tasman bay, abel tasman park, richmond/nelson lakes and picton....all in one week-busyyyyy!

here are some new photos...


Monday, 09 June 2008

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Well WHAT a weekend...Any girls reading this prepare to be jealous...VERY jealous. In fact remove any sharp objects from reach.

Friday night was great fun, we went on a pub crawl consuming numerous cocktails, ending up at the matterhorn bar where kiwi dave works(my friend who I met in port douglas years ago!) So that was good fun, nice crowd at the hostel to hang out with too...

Saturday however has been the best day of my life...started off the evening in an Irish bar watching the match (WELL DONE Ireland what a fight I thought they would get smashed) So after the match we decided to move into a bigger bar that opened late...and guess who came in 10mins after we got there...only the Irish team...ha ha ha what a night that was!! They were plying us with jaegermeister (bleughhhhhh) had such great fun. And forget Johnny Wilkinson, Ronan O'Gara is far better looking!! And Brian O'Driscoll is a legend he's hilarious. Gutted on the lack of camera, although my friend got a few photos i shall have to steal them off her before I go!

So yes there I was rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous! Spent the whole of Sunday in bed nursing a hangover...before going over to kiwi dave's house for sunday roast lamb...yummy!!

Leaving tomorrow to fly to Nelson where i will rent a car for a week and do the top of the south island...should be pretty beautiful I cant wait!


Friday, 06 June 2008

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Capital City!!

Cool city I love it...Nice architecture, nice weather(freeeeeeeezing wind) Nice people too...and lots of things to see and do!

only just arrived so will update when I have done something!! Here is link to new photos.


Thursday, 05 June 2008

Location: Palmerston North, New Zealand

I climbed a mountain yesterday!!!(well it certainly felt like a mountain anyway!!)

Napier turned out to be allright in the end...not much to do if you're trying to save money and dont want to see the aquarium or marine show...But I did go the the lovely ocean spa...a series of outdoor pools and lagoons, including a 25m lap pool. So I swam my 1k and then relaxed afterwards in the boiling hot jacuzzi pool...mmmmmm! Ended up doing that twice!!

There was a very long millenium walkway which stretched along the beach for miles and miles...So I ran a fair part of that until I got bored of the flat terrain(Its so flat they make the path wiggly so you dont fall asleep walking along there!!) Glorius views across hawkes bay though.

I made friends with an EWnglish girl there, and she had a car so yesterday we went sploring outside of Napier! We had such a giggle, first of all we drove to Cape Kidnappers, but the weather was so bad we turned back immediately...(Cape Kid is where a load of ganets are, anbd a lovely long coastal walk....however we found out the ganets we went to see had migrated for the winter!!!) The next stop was a view point on te mata road(see photos to follow soon!) which was pretty mountainous but incredible views at the top...we could see for MILES.

Onwards to a honey factory...I think it was meant for kids, so we ran around like lunatics trying out all the cool things they had about bee keeping...including the "Honey Bar" where you get to try allsorts of different honey...SUGAR RUSHHHHHHHH ha ha. Then we went to the cheese factory which tuned out to just be a shop/cafe so we tried a couple of cheeses and left sharpish!! And then the funniest bit of the day...we went to a zoo! Well I would say it was more of a farm than a zoo...I spent the entire trip in histerics because of the llamas. They crack me up just looking at them!

Had to get up horrendously early and get the bus to palmerston north...which is a tiny town, but has a big uni in it. Not alot to do or see so I reckon I'll be moving on to wellington tomorrow for the RUGBY WEEKEND!!


Monday, 02 June 2008

Location: Napier, New Zealand

Phew...busy couple of days for me! Sorry for the lack of many little time! ha ha

Whakatane was lovely, cute little town on a river mouth. Lovely walks up mountains n stuff, and a mermaid on a rock in the river mouth(see phots!) The hostel was lovely and homely and met some nice people, had a very chilled couple of days going out!

Gisborne was odd...quiet town and the hostel was verrrrrrry strange. It was an ex nunnery, and full of stoner surfers or hispanic people. Had a very strabge couple of days there!! Went to the beach for a run...and nearly killed myself. The sand was soooo soft you sank 4 inches with every step! So I legged it back on the road!!

Just arrived today in Napier which is quite a small town, nice hostel so far however not much to do!! Off to Palmerston north on wednesday, then wellington friday!!

photos to follow soon I promise!


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so Fifette? wots a happenin? are u in Auz with yur favourite aussie rellies? wots wrong withall the other correspondants - slackos! luv Auntie Li pete and linx xxxxxxxxxxx
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meowwwww moewwwwwwwwww..mew mew mew..purrr purrrpurr purrrrrrrrr Harlow! Luv from Your favourite auntie Li (ha ha - none of you can understand cat language)
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Glad you are enjoying yourself. I doubt if you could hit a golf ball 150feet. Harlow is the only cat in the world with an I.Q of -10, he is so thick, he thought a mouse was something connected to a computer. Has New Zealand run out of alcohol yet?. Will you be home for your Mothers/Fathers 50th wedding anniversary. Are you going to see our older sister in Oz before you come back.
Karen is fully fledged now, she finished her two years probation.(sounds as if she has been naughty). Jon moves into his new house 1st August.
Thanks for the bags, try not to use them, they don't have the same value used. Be good.
Response: Ha ha ha...I totally agree harlow is STOOOOOPIDDD but we love him anyways!!


I will be visiting your sister next week actually, my fave ozzie uncle pete is picking me up from the airport after work (see what I did there...your my fave brizzie uncle of course!!)

From Mumsie
Brill photos especially of you up in the air!!
Have sent out the invites for the "do" today, hoping all of them won't come!! If they all accept there will be 43 including us lot! Heaven forbid! Must be mad. Have started off some elderflower champagne this a.m. in a mad panic, thinking no-one will notice the difference after one glass of the real stuff!! Do you think that possible?????
Limping to work tomorrow for 3 hours, I'm a glutton for punishment.
Lossa luv,
From Auntie Li
lovely fotos - lost wot?? did Unc P send a message? on facebook? will have to ask him! havin really weird weather - rain-sun-heat-cold-muggy-humid-dreary cant-dry-the-washin! um! dont know how to send messageon facebook and how to get into ours if there is such a thing? help? will have to have lessons fif when u come!!! hav a gud x
Response: ha ha yes facebook is hard to fathom even for my computer whizz generation!!glad you like the phots took a beaut today look at my profile picture!!xxx
From mili again
OMG!! I just read the O Gara post, OMG I AM SOOO JEALOUS. I looove him, haha did you try out your irish accent on him. Lol, remember us on the bus back in the Bush. Oh dear.
Response: No I dont remeber what were we doing?!! He was twice as beautiful in the flesh (and twice as married dammit) Brian O'Driscoll liked my accent he said I could be irish!!xxx
From mili
Theaaaa, Wellington is good then? Cause I will be there and I will need to know where to go out, Im so excited... but currently bricking it over exams. The first one is on Friday and it's Path - the big kahuna. Ahhh, everyone is going mental here. Wish I was in Wellington!!
Response: Wellington is the best city miles!! its big, but you'd have no idea you were in a city because its all so spaced apart and there's so much room, and greenness!! you'd love it!good luck with the exams sure you'll rock them!xxx
From Auntie Li
to charlies mother only........sending you and you alone an email - rude(not wot a good Jehovah's witness would do?????) but just have to.........(anymore about Harlow and I'll abscond with him to Auz so there.... A Li xxxxx

when do u intend to go to welington 2 thousand and suxty sux???
Response: who knows...hopefully when (and if I ever) qualify!!
From Charlie's Mother
ummm, rather concerned, Charlie has taken his affection for his sister a little too far and has started humping her.......HEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPP, is this normal? I know he is a man and all that but this is WRONG, REALLY WRONG....
Response: aha ha ha
From Harlow's MOTHER
Now listen up all you Harlow stalkers, this is not good for a man to have SO much interest all at once (although I am sure Piers wouldn't agree!!!) HE is MY cat , I rescued him from being drowned, I house trained him, I lent him of my own free will to keep Ellie company and play the tom boy, and despite the fact that Mumsie does buy him cat fud (THANK YOU MUMSIE) he does work for a living catching all those nasty rats and beautiful birdies and baby idy bidy lickle bunny rabbits, just think what your garden would be like without him....
Response: lets not even go there on the keeping ellie company bit...for use of a better word torturing may be the answer!
From Auntie Li
who is ronan ogara?? and he would never fancy an older sister on crutches - sorry but no! pah! harlow couldnt really care who feeds him - he just knows who he loves the most - his auntie Li xx dont you harlow?????? some serious sorting here!!!! finally finished the cot cover complete with pink roses!! how did the lamb go?? i did oddies one again and mucked up again!! but delicious all the same! cu fif xx
Response: He's the delicious number 10 from the irish rugby team!!! yummmmmm
From mumsie
Regarding the Harlow....who does all the feeding, booting out at night, paying for worm pills, plying with expensive lamb hearts (Tesco's finest), and generally giving T.L.C.??? Only ME and what thanks do I get???? Zilch! I'm applying to his owner for extra housekeeping, soonest.
Core....Ronan O'Gara.....I'm jealous. He likes older women I believe so I'm in with a chance should I bump in to him!
Crutches have gone back but should have kept them as in agony at times!
Lossa luv. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: mmmm he had the nicest eyes aswell...but blonde so not my type(recently found out he's married with children...he told me he had a girlfriend liar!!)
From Auntie Li
glad yur goin to south Is! wot match was that? rain here agin but the garden needs it! have nearly made yur bed up fif! It's so huge it takes a week to make it! goin to be boring here for u? You'll have to have a couple o pints with Unc Pete! will not confuse it with my fake beer! Painting the lounge room and hall 2day! stinks but sposed to be eco-friendly! bye Li x
Response: ooo I cant wait!! Match was the all blacks vs Ireland...and this saturday its england vs all blacks in in two minds whether to go or not!!x
From Auntie Li
Oh boy Lest....who's not Jem's favourite unc anymore- settle down Jems and go for that run..........harlow loves me the most so there!!!I'm his favourite auntie - ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so Fif...u can give me the jemsie kiss but only if the horrible statement over Harlow is retracted ok??????????? Miooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww li xx
Response: Ha ha ha I'm not sure how easily forgiven uncle lest will be...
From Jemsie
FIFES CAT, WHADDAMEAN FIFES CAT....HARLOW is MY BOY, MY CAT and he belongs to me ALL of ME. Just wait till we come back to the UK, no more HARLOW for you...
Just cut Dom's hair with the shears...pretty good, tried Charlie's again, not bad but not good either......I think I'll leave Tilly's to the pro's. Trying to motivate myself to go for a run but there are some nasty minstrels in the cupboard teasing me rotten!!
Give Auntie Li and Uncle Pete a big kiss from me. Skype us when you get there. Jxxx
Response: Ha ha will do...knew you'd react!!
From Lester
Don't worry about the snake Fifi, Uncle Pete killed it, along with the Crocodile in the swimming pool. Saw you boy Harlow yesterday, he attacked me again, the little rat. Your room looks tidy, oh, of course you are away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Karen went to Looe for a few days, sunbathing(not tummy ache), the B & B was excellent, she says it's a preety place. They are off to St Ives for two nights, leaving me to look after the cats, I get all the good jobs. Saw your Mum and Dad yesterday for an hour, you mother is like Long John Silver with her crutches, she just needs you on her shoulder to finish the job.
Love Lest Sandra, Jon and Karen.
Response: Well maybe Uncle Lest if you didnt torment the poor cat he wouldnt attack you!!!! (Oh and Jemma wont like the mention of him being my this space for an irate comment from her!!hahaha)

Have got two sick bags for you...emirates and air new zealand...and possibly a Jet star one from when I fly to cairns!! (One has been used-sorry it was a rough flight!!)xxx