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Welcome to Mike and Candice's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us!

Diary Entries

Monday, 14 May 2007

Location: Calgary, Canada

Last weekend was Carmen's bridal shower. I surprised her by flying from Korea to Canada to attend the event. Everyone that knew I was going to be there did a fantastic job of keeping it a surprise -- Carmen was genuinely in shock! Please take a look at some of the pictures from both the shower and the stagette!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Location: Seoul, Korea (South)

This past weekend we enjoyed a wine cruise on the Han River. Getting there was a little tough as we got lost and missed the shuttle bus. We ended up taking a cab to the harbour and getting to the boat in time. The wine was quite free-flowing -- we opted to ignore the samples and stayed with the house wines. It was a great afternoon out with friends!

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Location: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

We've just started this webpage, and we're already a little behind! About a month ago, we spent our spring break at the Nexus Resort just outside of Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. It was beautiful! Can you imagine a 6km stretch of private beach? The resort also had a golf course -- we ended up buying a one-month membership as it was less expensive that paying for four rounds outright.

Golf by morning and cocktails in the afternoon and evening -- sounds like a holiday, right? The only downside about the resort is that they charged resort prices. We probably spent more money than we planned, but ah, the memories.

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Recent Messages

From Carmen
Wow, this is really cool!! I love your pics!
Miss you guys!

From T&B
Hey looks great
good idea

From Jackson Family
good to hear from you guys. I ran into Tracy a couple of days ago and she said that you were heading home in June. When will that be? Geo is off 5,6,7,11,15-19. Hopefully we can get together with you guys. It's been a long time. Take care.
Renee, George and Charlee
Response: Carmen is getting married June 16, so we're tied up until then, but after that we're off for the summer. It will be great to see you guys; we still haven't met Charlee . . .
From Reg Crawford
Do you folks ever work? Candice looks great. Mike...are you alright? You look a little piqued.

Thanks for the compliment, Reg. Work?
From Bryan & Colie
What an awesome idea. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. We will continue to live vicariously through you.
Later. Bryan