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The epics of The epic.

This is a coverage of my world travels and adventures, starting with Japan.

Diary Entries

Friday, 08 September 2006

Location: chicago, USA

went with my 5 freinds from japan to the "who came to serve" battle in downtown chicago. the venue was really hot and we all messed up in the battle, but i think we took our prelim battle. unfortunatly my freinds plane left the next day out of detroit so we couldnt stay the next day for the main battles

Tuesday, 05 September 2006

Location: toronto/niagara, Canada

went to toronto with 5 of my freinds from japan to go break with dyzee, puzzles, and frost. it was dope practicin with them and i learned a lott. the next day we all went to niagara falls and hit up the casino there too. good times

Saturday, 05 August 2006

Location: Toronto, Canada

Went to Toronto with my gf for my birthday. once we arrived we went to the toronto islands, and went to the nude beach there. 99% of the people were guys and i think most of them were gay so it was a really bad idea to go. kinda gross.. after seeing the islands, we went back to mainland and walked along the harbor. after eating lunch, we went to the CN tower, then to chinatown and back to the hotel. we tried to do some shopping on the 5th but were tired from walking so much so eventually left.

Monday, 29 May 2006

Location: Japan

yesterday? 2 days ago? (the 28th japan time), i had my last full day of fun in japan. started by goin to meet up with my freind keiko, and some american freinds, john, andrew, and phil. we all went to a okonomiyaki place, were extremely loud and proboly pissed off every waiter there. fortunatly, unlike america, japanese people are too shy to yell at us so nobody said anything haha.after that, we went to the horse races n did some betting. i bet on a horse called "taro attack"...and it came in last place haha. the odds of winning were 200/1. wish i would have read that before i randomly bet thinking that the name was cool hah. after the horse races, parted with my freinds and headed off to dinner with the host family one last time. and what do you know, they decided to have okonomiyaki for dinner too haha. at the restraunt they gave me some presents, then at night i said my goodbyes and headed to my freind Ise's house around midnight after packing. once i got to my freinds house in shiga, we all went to karaoke for a while, then i heard we were gonna wake up at 5 am to go fishing(it was already 3), but of course when 5 rolled around we were all too tired to go out on a boat so we slept in. at 10, i met with my freind taka who recently studied abroad here n just went back to japan. then after eating breakfast with him, i rushed back to the host familys place while they were all out at school and what not, and i hurredly packed my stuff and headed for the airport. i forgot my shampoo thooooo!!!! hah. catched my flight, it was sooo long, but i made it. when i got to texas, i found out my flight to michigan was delayed, but they let me take a flight to milwaukee and then a connector flight to michigan to save time. i decided to do that, and made it here at 11:30pm, as opposed to 1am. unfortunatly however, my luggage was still on the 1am flight, so i was unable to get it. i hope they will call me about my luggage at some point. all of my clothes and everything are in it. anyways, i made it back safe, and really wish i was back in japan again. time to start savin money all over again.

Saturday, 27 May 2006

Location: kyoto and shiga, Japan

Yesterday i went and saw V For Vendetta, and it wasnt as good as i thought it would be. i have how expensive theatres in japan are, when i went to see Da Vinci code, it was 18 dollars!!! crazy.. after that, i finally got to eat at shakeys pizza. i love that place, all you can eat pizza. and they got crazy toppings too like corn and tuna n such. still good tho. after that, i met up with shingo and his freind, and we did a lil drinkin and headed to the NUJABES concert. the concert was from 9pm to 5am, and the club it was at was jampacked. it was sooooo hot in there too. i was drinking, dancing, had no water, and there was so many people, i thought i was gonna die haha. the concert was really good tho, and i got to meet NUJABES himself( his real name is Seba. Jun, NUJABES spelled backwards haha).after that, i took the 5am train home and went to bed at 6am. then, i had to meet up with some of my freinds for lunch, so i woke up at 1, headed back to downtown kyoto and had some yaki-tori(bbq chicken) for some reason i cant get enough of chicken hearts. they taste goood mmmmmm haha. after eatin there, i headed to shiga with andrew, my ol roomate, and then met up with my breakdancin freinds. got one last practice in, then headed back home. ahhhh, tomorrow is my last full day here, i really do not want to go back to america at all. not looking forward to it whatsoever. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Thursday, 25 May 2006

Location: shiga, Japan

finally had the big 25th aniversery ceremony for the program i was in. before the fextivities, i met up with my freind and we went to go see the devinci code. yea it was a so-so movie. after that we went to the big michigan boat program party, n there was about 200 people there. there was free drinks and free food so it was pretty cool. the speaches n stuff were kinda boring, but its a necessity i guess. after the party ended, i went out for food with some freinds, and realized that i missed the last train. i talked to the current supervisor of the michigan boat program(who was in the program my year as well) and he let me sleep at his apartment. it was really weird sleeping at the apartment again since i lived there for 9 months before. it felt as if i had never left heh. actually, after talkin to some of my other american freinds, they too said that after coming to japan it felt like they never left at all, and that the last year n a half in michigan was just like a dream or something. weird.

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Location: kyoto, Japan

today i went back to ritsumeikan college again to visit a few of my freinds there. i went with ryuma and his freind, then i met up with sachi, sawa, and bobby, and we all chilled for a while. while there, me and ryuma were messin around doing handstands and stuff, and my dumbass forgot that my digital camera was in my pocket, so when i was hopping on my hands it fell out of my pocket and broke. i have a feeling it will proboly be around 300 dollars to fix, so its proboly not worth fixing. damnnn, its the 3rd time i broke it!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! anyways, after that, me n the host family n some freinds went out to eat, then i went to capoeira class for the last time. i made a bunch of freinds there so it was sad bein there for the last time. hopefully i can come back again and practice with them all again. anyways, tomorrow is the 25th aniversery party for my work, the main reason i came here. it actually kinda seems like it will be boring, but oh well haha.

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Location: kyoto, Japan

today i finally met up with some of my american freinds that i used to work with wen i lived here 2 years ago. us and my freind keita and my old boss iio-san all went to monkey park in arashiyama, kyoto first today. at monkey park we got to feed monkeys, throw rocks at em, and i was breakdance fightin with some of em too. those monkeys are crazy scary if u piss em off though haha. luckily i made sure to take plenty of video and pictures of it all.after that, we went to kiomizu temple, and i got flocked by waves and waves of middle school students and they kept askin me to take a picture with them. those japanese school girls sure love foriegners haha. there was this one guy too, that loved me for some reason and gave me his bus pass as a souvinere haha. also, there was these 3 chicks we ran into twice and they kept askin to take pictures with them and stuff, ah its like bein like a celebrity when im over here haha. i love it. after seein the temple, we walked forever all around downtown kyoto lookin for stuff to do. we also met up with a girl we all used to work with, noriko, and visited her at work. after that, we all went to do some "purikura" which is like wallet sized photo booths that is real popular among the japanese youngings. anyways, they had a costume one, and somehow we manged to talk the person in charge into letting us put on the woman uniforms, so we got pictures of me and iio-san wearing traditional china dresses, and my freind keita wearing a chearleaders outfit haha. then, we all went to eat at an italian restraunt and i got to have some pasta in a squid ink sauce. that stuff was soooo good, but it stained my teeth and tounge black sooo badly hahaha. after that we were pretty much tuckered out so we walked our way back to my freinds hotel room. its some crazy hotel where the rooms are $400 a night, but luckily my freind works for a hotel so he managed to get the room for $90. there is 5 people stayin in this 2 bed room, but im gonna try n squeeze in too for the night just cuz its a long walk back to where im usually stayin at. ahhh, less than a week till i go back to the US. dun wanna go...

Monday, 22 May 2006

Location: osaka and shiga, Japan

so yesterday i went to the uk championship prelim battle in osaka, and finally got to meet my boy golf there. his crew, sex men, actually ended up winning too. i also met up with a few of my freinds at the battle also. after the battle was over, i went around downtown osaka and rode that huge ferriswheel thing in the middle of umeda. after getting home around midnight, i still wanted to have more fun, so i called up my freind issei in shiga and headed over to his place. when i got to the train station to meet him, i found a bunch of breakdancers there so decided to dance with them while i waited for issei to pick me up. i was already really tired from dancin all day at the battle, but i still managed to dance a little bit. after issei finally came to pick me up, me him and his girlfreind all went out to karaoke until like 3amish. then, today, the 3 of us went fishing with some ghetto rigged fishingpoles that we bought from the dollar store. i thought there was no way in hell that we could fish with string attached to a pole, but some how we managed to catch like 30 fish in 2 hours between the 3 of us haha. after fishing, i came over to my old boss from the michigan boat, Iio-san`s house and met his family. we all went bowling after dinner, and now im about to go to sleep cuz i gotta wake up early for another day of crazyness tomorrow.

Saturday, 20 May 2006

Location: shiga, Japan

today i slept most of the day, luckily i wasnt hung over from the night before though hah. i went to shiga at about 4 and thought id try n meet up with my freind from africa at his shop in the mall, and of course he wasnt there again haha, dunno if ill be seein him this time around. after that, i went to the food court and happened to run into my ex host family there by chance. luckily they treated me to lunch too so i made out good cuz i got free food n got to see them one last time haha. after that, i went to breakdance practice, and turns out only one other guy, kishi, turned up. the 2 of us worked on back flips n such till we got tuckered out, then we met up with my freind nobuo and the 3 of us went out to eat. why is food in japan so damn expensiveeee grr. oh well. after that, nothin else to do so i jus came back home. it was a pretty normal day. tomorrow there is a breakdance battle in osaka but im feelin lazy n dunno if i will go, we will see what tomorrow brings.

Friday, 19 May 2006

Location: kyoto, Japan

yesterday i went to see the host kids hip hop dance class, then at the end of the class, the hiphop teacher made me do a breakdance showcase for the class haha. usually a set is like 30 seconds long when i break, but they kept cheerin me on n made me break for like 2 minutes straight and i almost died. its like goin on a full sprint for 2 minutes haha. after that, me, the host mom, my freind, and a bunch of veteranarians that i never met before all went out to a korean style bbq place for some dinner. after chillin there for quite some time, i dropped my freind off at the train station, then me n the vets all went out for some drinkin and singing at a karaoke bar. im sooo bad at singing haha. i ended up singing 2 english songs, then trying to sing a song in japanese. i still read japanese really slow, and the japanese song i was singing was kinda fast so i couldnt keep up with it haha. i think im gonna just stick to dancing from now on

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Location: shiga and kyoto, Japan

so yea its been crazy lately. after seein my old host family on tuesday night, i spent the night there n the next day i babysat kenta while the other kids were at school and the parents were working. after that, i went to downtown kyoto and hung out with my freind sachi until it was time for me to go to capoeira. after capoeira class, i came home, and when i tried to go in the door i realized that my host mother accidentally used the chain lock so i wasnt able to get in the house. i tried the buzzer and i tried callin her phone but there was no answer. finally i decided to call my freind to pick me up, but he wasnt able to cuz he had to wake up at 6am and it was already midnight. so he ended up calling his freinds that i never met before, and they drove an hour to come pick me up at the trainstation. on top of that, my cell battery died so i didnt know if they would come pick me up or not, i just waited at the station till 2am and they finally came. luckily i was easy for them to spot since i was the only white guy in site haha.went back to there house n chilled for a while, went to sleep at about 4, then we all went out to eat the next day. after finally comin back home on thursday, before i got a chance to take a nap, i was quickly invited to go out to eat with the host family so i had no time to relax. when i was eating with them, my host mothers freind who i met the previous week, called me up to have dinner with him. so right after i finished eating dinner at the restraunt, he came and picked me up and we went to another restraunt to eat and i had my 2nd dinner back to back haha. my host mothers freind, yasu, was really cool. he is a 40yr old surfer that used to breakdance, and he knows like everyone and all the hot spots in kyoto. after we ate, he took me downtown to do some bar hopping. neither of us drank alchohol so it was really funny to go from bar to bar and drink juice hah. first we went to a bar where there was a bunch of guys around there 40s n 50s that were still into the olllld school hiphop. it was pretty cool to see that kinda scene is still alive within the older generation. after that, yasu tried to convince me to go to a place where u can recieve pleasure for a price hahaha, but i decided to kindly turn him down. for some reason he was persistant on finding a girl for me to talk to, so he took me to a hostess bar after that. i had never been to one before so i didnt know what to expect. they dont have em in the US, but there is quite a few in japan. basically its jus like goin to a restraunt/bar kinda place, but you pay really hot girls to come and talk to you and join you while you chill. i guess he was a regular cuz everyone knew him, n he seemed rather popular with the ladies. after paying to talk to hot chicks (dunno the purpose cuz its not like i would ever be able to date em hahaha), yasu took me to another bar and there was a guy from isreal that was a bartender there. he was pretty cool n i was talkin to him for a while, then at about 3am me n yasu finally came back home. that guy is crazy nice cuz he treated me for everything yesterday night, and japan is crazy expensive, expecially the hostess bar. he had to have dropped at least 150 or 200 dollars just on me alone last night. it was really fun tho. goooood timeeessss

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Location: shiga, Japan

well, today i finally got to meet up with my host family from 2 years ago. the kids have grown quite a bit, and the youngest one, kenta can actually speak now. when i saw him before he was only 1 so he couldnt say a thing in japanese. its so weird talking to him now haha. i just played with the kids and ate dinner with the family today, nothing big and exciting but it was great to see that they are all still doing well.

Monday, 15 May 2006

Location: fukui, Japan

lets see, yesterday i was woke up real early by my host mom to go to a festival to see ryuma and a bunch of people wearin robes carry a huge shrine down the street haha. after that, we took the kids to ride some horses, but it was kinda weird cuz there was no grass in site, so we were ridin a horse right next to cars drivin by n stuff. then, after that, i went to capoeira class for 2 hours, then headed over to my freind isseis house. after i got there, we ended up going to the onsen again, but there wasnt any yakuza there that time. after stayin the night at his house, me him and his gf all went to the sea of japan in fukui-ken today. the water was too cold to swim in and it was kinda cloudy so it wasnt that good of a beach experience, but at least i finally got to go to the beach heh. once we got back, we had a bbq, then ended up goin to the onsen again. its kinda akward goin to the onsen, cuz all japanese guys like to look at my junk for some reason. guess they dont get many chances to see an american splendor like what i behold hahaha.

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