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The Fishers' travels through Europe

Welcome to The Fishers' travel diary. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels through Europe for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us and If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people, we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 16 October 2005

Location: HOME, Australia

Well we have come back to the sunny North Coast ready for summer and more Scuba diving etc.............well maybe!!
The Gov't has proposed an idea to tax everyone who dives ($75 for 3 yrs). This may not sound like a great deal but where will it end. People who like fishing now have a tax, divers are next in line, and where will it end?? Will swimmers, surfers etc be next??

Our waters are the best in the world and are free and should remain that way. If you would like to opose this proposal please go to , open the page SCUBA DIVING FEE, the choose "ONLINE QUICK RESPONSE FORM" and take 30 secs to complete it. Keep our waters free for everyone!!

Thursday, 06 October 2005

Location: Home, Australia

We're back!! We made it in one piece and boy are we glad to be home and off aeroplanes, and driving a nice car again, and eating veges, and being able to ring our friends and families whenever we want, and enjoying sunshine without the humidity (like in Bahrain)...and the list of things we have missed over the past 6 months goes on!

We had an awesome time and are planning the next one...probably a stopover in Thailand or Vietnam, then onto London (as we just didn't get to see enough in 3 days), Spain, Southern France and a white (or at least cold) christmas with our new overseas mum, June, in Scotland (hi June...oh yeah, was meaning to tell about this soon).

Thankyou all for tuning in to our Travels, we REALLY appreciated the contact from home it helped us get through 6 months without all the above creature comforts and you all made us feel loved and missed....aawwww.

We even made it into the Top 5 for a month...wahoo!! (it's the little things). As we are extremely flat broke, those who won tacky souvenirs may have to wait a few weeks before we can afford to send them.

Thanks again for your support, by the way, this web site is absolutely free and extremly easy and user friendly to set up, even if just tripping around Australia for a short holiday! So I highly recommend it, all you have to do is log onto and click on "sign up here", it will then guide you through the easy!! (and they're not even paying me to say this).

Anyway, it 2:30am...apparently a jet lag I might check my emails and try and get back to sleep.

Matt & Tanya signing off for the very last time!! WE'RE HOME, YAY!!

Monday, 03 October 2005

Location: Singapore (airport), Singapore

Well we are halfway home and counting down the miles.

We really hate long flights, but at least we have little screens in front of our seats and a list of programs to choose from!!

Stretching out legs and backs for the next 8 hour leg. See you all soon.

Sunday, 02 October 2005

Location: Bahrain

Well our holiday has come to an end and we are coming home.

The more time we spent in Bahrain, the more we loved it. The people are so happy and friendly, the place has amasing historical buildings and sites, and the shopping is fairly cheap. There are gold and pearl shops selling their stuff at a fraction of Aussie prices, so Tanya is in heaven. The Taxi drivers rip you off, but they do in every country we know.

Now time to reflect:
1. Best Country.......................Swi- tzerland
2. Best City............................P- aris
3. Best Food..........................Bah- rain, Turkey or Belgium
4. Best Shopping....................Bahra- in
5 Best weather & place to live.................AUSTRALIA!!!-

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Location: Manama, Bahrain

Appologies for the very negative enry last time.

Matt is still crook, but we have discovered some of the good things about Bahrain. Would you believe gold is actually extreemly cheap...damn I wish we had some money left!

Hung out in the dingy alleyways of the Souk last night which was fun...full of smells and lights and people. It was very interesting.

We are having a better time here in Bahrain, and have seen a bit more now that we have discovered the buses and the time that everyone closes/opens up shop. 7am-2pm, then again at 7pm-midnight.

Did we mention we are in the top 2 most visited sites!!! Thanks for loggin on!!

Monday, 26 September 2005

Location: Juffair, Bahrain

Arrived in Bahrain after being coughed all over for 6 hours on the flight. Went outside at 8pm to find 32 degree heat, complete with 85% humidity, phew, it's hot here!! Got to our hostel after being ripped off by the taxi driver to find there was no toilet paper, just a hose attached to the toilet and Matt is now sick with the flu!!

Our soul purpose for coming to the middle east was to dive, and if Matt doesn't get better, that might not happen.

Oh yeah, did I mention you can knock on the mattress!! Interesting experience so far. At least they have internet, but would you believe everything is hideously expensive...even more so than England!!

Sunday, 25 September 2005

Location: London, England

We finally got to do all the touristy things but in the end only had less than three days in London which is not enough.

Checked out some fancy hats in the Tower of London, looked at dead people in The British Museum and had a romantic evening with Dave on the London Eye.

Had a great time in London, but sorry we missed the Portabello markets, the Jack the Ripper walking tour and The Maritme Museum at Grenich so I could look at John Harrisons Latitude clock. Next time.

Congratulations to Mark Ohlmus who won the Biggles Mileage comp. We ended up doing 9777 miles on Biggles. Still waiting for an answer to our last quiz question though!!

Next stop, Bahrain...then home!!!!

Friday, 23 September 2005

Location: London, UK

Didn't get a whole lot of sightseeing done today, because...Biggles has left us and gone to a good home - phew!! It was a tough interview process, but his new family have promised to look after him.

We did however, get a free cruise up the Thames (part of the bus sightseeing thing that we did pay for), which was very interesting and of course they knew we were on board and opened the drawbridge on the Tower Bridge (which is apparently rare). We also went to Harrods and bought something...ok, it was only a coke, but we got a bag!...ok, had to ask for it, but we got a bag!!

The London Tower, British Museum and the London Eye (which is just a massive ferris wheel) tomorrow.

Also got to catch up with a buddy from uni...Pete (hasn't changed a bit!!).

The Biggles mileage comp is finished tomorrow. Guesses need to be in by then!!

Thursday, 22 September 2005

Location: London, UK

Guess what we saw yesterday..."Big ben, houses of parliment...big ben, houses of parliment...big ben, houses of parliment...". If you can name the specific movie this quote is from, you will win one genuine crappy souviner!!

Have been for a drive in an open top double decker bus around London, and will see a bit more today and visit the maritime museum (so Tanya can look at a latitude clock), the tower of london tomorrow and the British museum on Saturday. It's a fly-by tour of London, but we'll be back.

Biggles has had his last check up and is running better than when we first bought him!! typical! It'll be sad to see him go, we'll make sure he goes to a good home.

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Location: Gloucester, UK

Went to the cathedral today where apparently some of Harry Potter was filmed. It seems every big Cathedral has a claim to that movie!!

Haven't sold Biggles yet, but he is on Ebay, so the European trip is coming to an end.

Not long now til the holidays, hope you're all counting down the days til we get back!

Monday, 19 September 2005

Location: Gloucester, UK

WE'VE MADE IT!!! We are officially the No.2 most visited site for this month....Thanks guys!! That's made us feel very loved.

At Lisa's (Tanya's friend and ex-house mate from Uni days) in Gloucester and just about to head over to London (Tomorrow!!) to do our last bit of sight seeing. And the sun is out!! Which means our clothes can be washed!! Which means that we can stop turning our undies inside out for those few extra days wear!! Which means we don't smell like hippies anymore!! Yay!

Went to Avebury yesterday with Lisa for a picnic and to look at one of the biggest (in area) stone circles in the country. We hung with the hippies (who were laying with their eyes closed, pressed up against the huge stones?? Looked like fun, so we gave it a go...don't think it's done anything??) and then walked through a burial "barrow", which is a long chamber made of stone, covered to make it look like a hill. There's heaps of them in the paddocks around the stone circles.

Had a lovely day, it's also been nice to have a bit of detox after our visit with Suzanne (might take a while to get over)!

Cool...we made it into the top 5!!

Just about to drive Biggles back to London, so the "Biggles mileage comp" will be closing on Friday. Get your entries in soon.

Saturday, 17 September 2005

Location: Bristol, UK

Suzanne is a bad influence!!! She wanted us to experience the true english lifestyle....which is losts of visits to cute and cosy pubs.

Off to Bristol today, then onto Gloucester, London and then home.

Biggles is nearly gone, so the "Biggles Mileage" comp is coming to an end, so we are expecting guesses soon.

Trivia question: Which member of the royal family came to Bath when she was 12, was made fun of for having fat ankles and never came back! (This might be one you have to guess!!)

Friday, 16 September 2005

Location: Bath

Well Biggles is back from his check up at the docotrs and is purring like a kitten!

Went out with Suz and Toby last night, and were quite impressed that their friends were having a party on a school night (we figured so that people wouldn't stay long...good try)...actually, we party crashed their friends party which was quiet and civilised until us 4 (and Andy) turned up!! We were having a great time and then we were all siting around at whatever time it was and realised the only people left in the room were us 4 and the people who actually lived in the house - even Andy went home!! Oops!!

Have seen all the touristy things in bath which is a gorgeous city, even found out Governor Phillip is half buried inside and outside the door of the church as there is speculation over his death (ie suicide or murder).

Off to Bristol tomorrow then onto Gloucester to visit Lis (Tanya's house mate from uni days).

Thursday, 15 September 2005

Location: Bath, UK

Made it to Bath after a quick visit to Stonehenge. Nice place, and all the bus loads of tourists think so aswell!! (Ok, so we didn't arrive in a bus, but we were also tourists).

Got to Suzanne's place and went out to the pub, one of the hundreds in this city...they have their priorities in order!! It's been lovely to talk to normal people and be greeted by such awesome hospitality!! Matts caught up on the central coast goss, and Toby (Suzanne's fiance) has bagged us out about the cricket. Oh well, let them have their moment!!

Gorgeous place, will have a look today dispite the rain...isn't that just normal around here?? Then off to crash some guys party tonight. They're French so we'll be taking some Aussie wine, as we know the French love our wine sooo much!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Location: Brighton, UK

Well we made it back to England, the land of rain, free & clean toilets and where everything is 4 times more expensive than everywhere else!!

Brighton is interesting, pebbly beaches and two piers: one with amusement rides on it (of which Matt conned me into going on - I ended up feeling like spewing and Matt spent the evening rubbing his lower back...ooops! Us poor oldies!!) and the other pier is in the sea!! It was apparently burned down..twice in the same day, last year. But this apparently is a good thing because it was very deteriorated and very dangerous???

Anyway, did the fish & chips thing, wandered along the sea side and went back to the camp ground picking wild blackberries from the park opposite. Aaah, clean showers and toilets...oh how I've missed thee!!

Sunday, 11 September 2005

Location: Boulogne, France

We're at Boulogne ready to catch that 50 minute ferry tomorrow and here to great us for our return to England was that lovely weather they always seem to have...the rain!! (wish they would share it around the greedy bugggars).

Biggles is on the site ready to sell which is making us a little sad as he has become a third family member. Not long now til we return. Thanks for the messages, keep them coming as we are feeling a little homesick now and appreciate messages from home.

Friday, 09 September 2005

Location: Brugge, Belgium

Our advice: bypass Brussels and head straight for Brugge!!

What a beautiful city, but also packed with tourists. Plenty to see - like a supposed vial of Christs blood, which is not looking very healthy, and plenty to do like climb 366 spiral steps to be deafened at the top by over 40 Carillon bells.

We have eaten out at a resturant (yes a real resturant!!) each day - 3 courses for only $12 (and awesome steak at that!!), sampled the local beer, waffles and chocolate. We also did the boat canal cruise on our 5th Anniversary...aaaawwww!!!!

No one has answered our last trivia question yet, and don't forget the "Biggles Mileage" comp. We will not post your response on the site until he is sold (if you are concerned about that!).

Ignore the Biggles photo page to be on soon, it's for potential buyers. Keep up the messages!

Thursday, 08 September 2005

Location: Brugge, Belgium

Made it to the land of waffles and chocolate, which we will be of course indulging in the same time!!

New quiz question:

Name the song and artist which features buying bread from a muscle man in this country.

Will update tomorrow.

A special hello to Jenny-Poo, Happy Birthday munchkin!!

Monday, 05 September 2005

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Well, that was an interesting place!!

Despite all the drugs, which are not legal by the way, only "tolerated", we experienced the Red Light District at night which was

Couldn't get over the rows of glass doorways with a red neon lights and semi-naked girls on display. It gave window shopping a whole new meaning.

We did do other stuff, like visit the Anne Frank Museum, watched Tanya drewl over diamonds being polished, open-air photography exhibition, and just wandered the streets (oh, yeah, and visited the sex museum, just to make sure we know what to do??)

Back in Biggles and on our way to Belgium.

Thursday, 01 September 2005

Location: Aachen, Germany

Still in germany but the good news is....Biggles is nearly fixed!!

Not enjoying staying in Youth Hostels, although the one we are in at the moment is pretty flash and even has an ensuit (a wheelchair bathroom, so Matt has re-enacted all the possible uses for all those bars after a big night on the German beer!!). It's more than double the cost of camping(usually) to stay in hostels, and we can't cook!

Off to soak in the thermal springs today and then head to "the Dam" tomorrow (Amsterdam, the city that never sleeps). Hopefully to look at Anne Franks house, although neither of us read the book, and of course the red light district to look at the freaks.

We still have the last quiz question unanswered, and don't forget the biggles mileage comp.

And it's Ashleys birthday today....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Location: Berlin, Germany

We did the most fantastic walking tour yesterday. It of course covered all the historical monuments and buildings from the 1700s through the war years and post war years, including a small stretch of the Berlin wall that is left, Checkpoint Charlie, The Jewish Memorial ground, The Brandonberg Gate, Parliment and the site of Hitlers bunker where he killed himself (there's now a gay bar and Jewish school playground on top! HA HA )

Berlin is a wonderful city, heaps to see and heaps to do and we had a history university student show us around for free so we now know where to eat, drink and use free toilets and internet (which we have done all!!).

Next question: (this ones a hard one!)

Who designed the Jewish Memorial grounds?? (Good luck!!)

Hopefully Biggles will be fixed soon, and the van-of-love will be rockin' once more!!

Friday, 26 August 2005

Location: Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Damn I wish we could speak Czech!!

Cought the train out to Kutna Hora today with intentions of spending the day looking around the old silver mining town. Was told we would have to change trains at Kolin to get there. Stopped at a very small station for 2 seconds and we saw a sign outside saying Kolin (we thought it would be a bigger place, but got off anyway).

The bigger sign that said some other stop was bent around, the sign to Kolin actually said; Kolin, this direction. So we were stuck for an hour on a train platform that didn't even come with a town, just some tumbleweed rolling down the track (ok, maybe not the tumbleweed). Then had to wait two hours for the conncecting train.

Because we had wasted so much time, we weren't able to see the town, just the church....and what an interesting church it was!! There were human bone sculptures/decorations inside from an estimated 40000 people!! It was really interesting, make sure you check the pics.

Off to Berlin next. Our next crappy souvenir trivia question is:

What was the name given to the checkpoint on the wall that divided east from west in Berlin??

Also, don't forget our biggles mileage comp.

Oh, and one more thing, we have decided to try for the top 5 sites visited for the month, but we need 14 visits per day from 14 different computers, so make sure you try to look at our site once a day in the next month!!

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From Christine & Simon
Hey guys,

Christine and Simon here - the ones that were going to buy Biggles but after hours of umming and arring decided that the wiggly gear stick was just a little too troublesome. We've looked at dozens of campers since and it's been very hard to find one with Biggle's charisma and homely feel. We're pleased to read that he's gone to a good home.

Good to see you made it back in one piece. Thanks for the amusing travel notes and anecdotes, they've got us excited about our own travels which are taking place in 4 weeks and 5 days (not that we're counting!)
Response: Good on you!! Have a ball and hope you ended up finding a van.
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miss if u ever check ur stuff again then i say hi cause i'm goin away 2 North stradbroke island so envi mi not realy so wats up the sky yeah i kno u don't hav 2 tell mi twice kk bi from m
Response: I know you had a ball since you are now back. Emily, you've been using a mobile phone too much. As long as it isn't in my lessons!
From Jai
Good to hear you are both back safely. Excellent site. Drop me an email once you have settled back in and would love to catch up.
xxx Jai
Response: will do.
From Justine and Tony
Hello Matt and Tanya,
We stumbled across your website when we were searching for campervans for sale.Although Biggles was sold we kept coming back to your website just to read your diary entries and look at your photos. We are an Australian couple (I am also a teacher), working in London and looking forward to our big European travel starting in March. You have inspired us with the places you have visited and we just wanted to say thanks! Glad that you are safety back in Australia. I agree with you - Australia is the BEST place to live!!!!!!!
Response: COOL, THANKS!!! This website was free, so if you join up let us know and we'll check it out!! Europe IS a brilliant place to visit (especially in a camper) but there's no place like home!
From bird
ill see you at school tomorrow
i cant wait to see you and have a chat
Response: What about Me???.........Matt
From tiff
Great to see you guys made it home safe. been thinking of you and can't wait to see you guys.
Response: See ya soon!!
From Lauren
Hey guys,

Love the site (and fab pics!) - really interesting to see all the places you've visited! Glad you got to Bahrain ok but sorry you didn't get to dive; have a safe trip home.

Was great to meet you both,

Lauren (Lisa's housemate in Gloucester)
Response: Hey Lauren!! Hows Beatrix?? Had a great time in Bahrain...wisker kisses to B.
From Brian and Jane
Hi Matt and tanya,
This will probably be my last message to you on the planet ranger site, We have enjoyed following your trip with great enthusiasm and have really enjoyed all your diary entries and photos, It will leave a big hole when i go online now, as i have got so used to going to the site to catch up on the latest exploits. I still have my neice over there she will be there 'til May and she also has a [planet ranger site..Hope you have a great trip home and a fun week sorting everything out and then back to school.
Love to you both, take care will be in touch,
Love Jane and Brian
Response: What is her site so we can check it out. We have our Bahrain photos on today, so make sure you check out those before you log off.
From birdo
i didnt know i played soccor as well. Although i found out pretty quickly.
Anyway i cant belive that you coming home!
i mean i miss you guys and all. You seem so close, and i love seeing and hearing your awsome adventures.
Anyway i guess we get to catch up and have a PARTY.
SEE you guys soon BIRDOxxxx
Response: Sounds good, we'll be there and bring the music.
From cousin Carol
Hey guys nice to see you make the top 5, have been enjoying your travels, love carol
Response: Not just the top 5...Number 2!! Thanks for logging on. How's the business of saving lives in Sydney?? Want to move up to the North Coast yet??
From birdo
timbos party is on this weekend will have a jam for you guys. Play on the drums, just come back from playing soccor in the masters we came fourth man am i sore. Any way holidays are here how cool. Not much is happening only having a ball around the north coast.
Yeahhhhhhhhhh Hahhhhhhhhhhh.
Oh yeah keep having a great time how is the weather at the moment. its rainging in graftas at the moment.
Response: Oh maaaaan, I love Tims parties!! Didn't know you played soccer!?? See you when I get home (the last weekend of the holidays).
From Sellly
Sorry Matt!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what I was thinking. Let me try this again... Fab photos Matt! Not long now until you're back in the boring routine of work!
Response: Hey!! I took some, like the Amsterdam canal and street shots, and others. Although I have to pry the camera out of Matts hand mostly...or reach for his pocket and take the camera instead.
From Selly
Fab photos Tanya, you've done well!!!
Response: What do mean TANYA!!!!??? She's in most of them, who do you think took the photo??
From mitch
lol the undies thing is gross miss we got your post card aswell!!!
Response: Sometimes you have to do what ya gotta do!
From mitch robinson
hey miss looks like your haveing a ball.
skool is crap with out ya hope to see u back soon.
europe seems falry sik hope your haven fun and dident buy to many drugs in amsterdanm hehe
mr o'rhiley has left and we have some new chiky till u come back
cya soon mitch.
Response: Hang out til wasn't you who made him leave was it??
From suz
What do you mean you need to detox - I need to detox!!!!

And by the way, if I'd known you were turning your undies inside out I wouldn't have let you in the flat...... I just thought it was Toby's shoes!
Response: Well, even though his shoes were OUTSIDE the flat, it was still pretty bad...and quite frankly, we prefer our smell to his!
Hope you're recovering ok.
From Bumski
Queen Victoria is the one with the PHAT Ankles...heh...
Response: Way to go Bum. We'll make yours an extra crappy..........oops I mean 'special' prize.
From cb
i can't believe u have time 2 hook up 2 email & write .u r on holidays u no!& not 4 much longer.Get ur priorities rite.Skool is improving as i'm settling in.Still working 2 hard.not sure about next year as the hed gi is hard 2 find & harder 2 get 2 make a decision.fri pm with 1 2 go.beach weather is just warming up .shood b a good u mis ur dog?U seriously put quiz s in ur email???
Response: You have been using your phone too often...stick to numbers! (yes we miss Millie very much)
From Tanya
Tried to get a jar of energy for you mum, but they don't let you past a certain roped off circle, within 50m or so. Oh well.
From Selly
Hey there, just noticed you went to Brugge. I loved it there even though I got food poisoning on the mussels...

By the way happy anniversary for last week!

Looks like you had a lot of fun in Amsterdam. How naughty did you guys get or do I want to know????
Response: We didn't even try the mussels!! I guess with the Belgium beerhouse place that you put us onto, it wasn't that much of a novelty. As for Amsterdam...we are respectable members of the community, we don't do naughty stuff. Can't wait to catch up when we get back into Sydney.
From Cath
From a major Biggles lover and one who has feasted and tasted at his table - give him a big kiss goodbye from us. I hope his next home is just as loving - or are Bundy drinkers!
Response: We do too. There will be an interview process to make sure he goes to a loving home!! As for the bundy drinkers...I think the holders are for wine only??
From bird
you got the fist one.
its nothing!
the poor have nothing,
the rich need nothing,
and if you ate nothing you would die.
you go girl.
Response: Very good Bird!! Love it!
From Bloof
Only 3 weeks 2 go! Poor biggles - however will he cope without the snot being ripped out of him (we know how you drive Matt!). This dairy has been perfect - can you print it all out when you return, or have you kept a traditional "paper diary".
Cheers and look forward to a heap of photo's and stories when U return.
PS. got the Men @ work thing too - just too slow at checking the site (dam- no special tacky pressie!!)
Response: Biggles is a gentleman!! Matt hasn't been allowed to drive as fast as he does at home! (although he did creep up to 120 on the autobahns!!)
From bumski
James Ingo Freed is the guy that designed the Jewish Momorial ground...aww gotta get back to the books..noooooooo
Love bindi xoxo
Response: Keep studying bum, that one has been answered.
From Steve & Kristie
Another download for some good toilet reading. The answer to your last trivia question is "Land down under" by men at work.. We get a prize "very exciting"! All is well on the western front. Thanks for the post cards and yes i am aware you like weddings Tan but don't expect one for a little while.

Steve & Kristie
Response: Well you were beaten by 1 hour, but Cath already has one so you get the tacky prize!! Good work!!