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Dave and Amy's Shnappy shnaps

These pages are for all of our family and friends. We hope you enjoy the photos. We have tried to put them in some sort of order for you. Hope you can get some sense of our experiences so far.

From Dave and Amy.

Diary Entries

Saturday, 05 August 2006

Location: Berlin, Germany

Hello all,

Amy and I have left to come home. Hopefully we have timed our run to perfection. A nice warm holiday in the northern hemisphere followed by Summer at home. It hasn't gone unnoticed by some that our return coincides with what looks like a grand final with Collingwood involved. Can't wait.

These latest pictures are a bit of a jumble but I hope you can see what we've been up to for the last few crazy months.

Tomorrow we head for Dresden in the east of Germany. After that we go to Munich and then on to New York. From there we have another 5 weeks in Canada and spend some time in Hawaii before coming home.

We will try to keep up to date with this site as much as possible while travelling.

See you all soonish,

Dave and Amy

Thursday, 01 June 2006

Location: London, England

Well as the song goes we are ' London still'. We are in the last two months of our journey here and have mixed feelings about leaving. Of course we are excited to be coming home to the lucky country and are eager to start a new chapter but we will be a little sad. We never intended to base ourselves in London but it has treated us so well. We have been so lucky with our jobs, met some lovely people and loved, loved, loved travelling off the pound.

The last few months have been especially exciting as we have had lots of guests (Amy's parents, Phoebe's parents and now Dave's parents) so it has been 'all go'. Soon we will have Peta come over and hope to catch up with her also if not here in England, perhaps over in Amsterdam.

We have 6 weeks of school remaining. We will tie up lose ends here then head home via Germany, New York, Canada and Hawaii. If all things go to plan it should nearly be a double Summer, bringing us back home in October... or if Dave has his way back in time to watch Collingwood in the Grand Final!

With love,
Amy and Dave

Saturday, 05 November 2005

Hello all,

This is my first diary entry. I won't be writing too many details on this site. I will try to let our photos do the talking. Feel free to send us a message now and then as I will be checking the site regularly. Either Amy or myself will get back to you as soon as possible. Okay bye.


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Recent Messages

From Mum
Hi Dave and Amy
The photos are wonderful, especially the ones of Hamish and the one of you both jumping in the air with mountains in the background. We are very excited at the prospect of seeing you soon.
I check now every day for photos of Sweden.
lots of love from Mum
Response: Hi Mum,
We miss you too!
Dave leaves in one week today. We'll work on the Swedish pics for you. It is our new favourite capital city.
From kath
I just love this site, keep the photo's coming your doing a great job.
Love Kath
Response: x No problema x
Swedish pics on the way!
From Clare
What a great way to see what the two of you are up too. Such an experience! Are you sure your Dad Amy isn't watching the guys playing cards. Check out the guy looking down from the right side of the photo! Can't wait to see you both. Love Merlino's
Response: Dave thinks you're right on the mark... hee, hee. Where's Wally?
(I mean Bernie?)
From Brett and Janinne
Hey guys love the photo's. Glad to hear you are having such a good time.

Not sure why Amy had to kiss the blarney stone, wouldn't have thought she needed the extra help to talk !!!!!!

Loved the photo of your 'cubby house' flat.

See you soon

Brett and Janinne
Response: Hi Monger family,
see you at St.Anthony's Christmas Carols School Picnic! xx
From Stewy
Hi guys,

Some great pics there! See you soon.

From Moddy
This is so much better than our site. How did you guys get so many awesome photos on here?
Response: thanks mate
From Michael Chandler
Hello (funky unk) + Amy
are you having fun it looks like lt on the photoes o and Dave did you like eating snails Amy did you like the wellies they look nice and warm and pretty so good by love your nephew michael
ps:we all miss you guys.
Response: Hi little man, Dave says the snails were scrum-didli-umptiously salty. I'm glad you think my Wellies are 'pretty'.
From daniel
Dear Amy and Dave,
It was good to see all the places you have been to. I liked the picture of the big waterfall.
Can't wait to see you.

Love Daniel
Response: Hi Daniel,
The waterfall was pretty special... the cliff in the background is supposed to look like a kilt (skirt that Scottish men wear).

See you soon buddy.
From Kristen
Dear Amy and Dave,
I can't believe that you ate snails Dave, thats so gross. I love your wellies Amy. I hope you have a safe trip home.

Love from Kristen
Response: Hi gorgeous,

I'm counting down the sleeps till your birthday! Dave says he can't believe he ate snails either, he got caught up in the moment.

See you when your six! xx
From kath
I loved looking at all your photo's and actually getting a sneek preview of some of the things you guys have been up to, you really are so lucky to be able to have such great adventures. What a way to start your married life. Can't wait to see you both.

Love you lots
Kath xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo
Response: Hi Oofie!
Yeah, it's been one big honeymoon hey. Can't wait to see you soon. Give Jo big hugs and kisses for me on the 26th.
From Melanie
I miss ya both heaps. Glad to see your having so much fun. Love those gumboots Amy, there a keeper.

Response: Not too adventurous? They go alright in Notting Hill. If you give me the thumbs up I might just build the confidence to wear them at home... pity we don't get any rain.
From Jo
Hey Dave and Amy!

I love all the photos - epsecially Hamish and Hamish rubbing his bottom! I can't wait to see you both when you come home. It looks like you are having so much fun but we miss you!
Response: We will see you soon. We loved Hamish too.