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Welcome to Tom and Libby's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Location: Qld and NSW, Australia

Zoe and Meg are in Australia and there is much doting going on. These photos may explain why.

Sunday, 04 November 2007

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

We're not in Edinburgh, but the photos of baby Meg have come from there. Zoe has had a few problems but everything seems to be getting better.

Friday, 02 November 2007

Location: Gulmarrad, Australia

Lilies and other garden shots

Saturday, 06 October 2007

Location: Brooms Head, Australia

We rented a lovely house at Brooms Head (our beach) for a week. Here are some photos.

Sunday, 02 September 2007

Location: Woody head, Australia

There is a long stretch of undeveloped coastland near us which has been declared a national park and is run by National Parks and Wildlife. There is a camping ground with some cabins and an ammenities block and when my kids pressured me to take them on an excursion, it seemed like the logical location.
We had never been there and I needed to know the lie of the land so that I can plan the 2 days activities, so we went to have a look.
It was a beautiful late winter's day and it is a glorious and fascinating place.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Location: Gulmarrad, Australia

So long since I wrote a diary entry. Just thought there needed to be one here so that you realise that I have indeed updated some random photos of some of the things going on at home.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Location: Gulmarrad, Australia

On 24th of May, Tom drove home from the High School via Maclean and when he got into the garage, he thought he could hear a kitten crying but couldn't find it. The next morning we could both hear the crying in the garage and after much searching, we looked under the bonnet of the Suburu and found a small, frightened and very thirsty calico kitten.
We weren't able to find it's owners and so we have kept it and called it 'Billi' which is Hindi for cat. The Irish and the Scots believe that if a tortoiseshell or calico stray chooses to come to your home, it is a good omen. I think it came here rather accidently but here's hoping.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Location: Gulmarrad, Australia

A twighlight shot of more kangaroos, slightly blurred as the father was looking more than a bit curious, and my nervousness must have made the camera shake. Also the first 2 of our eggplant/aubergines. They are magnificent looking.

Sunday, 08 April 2007

Location: Maclean, Australia

Easter Weekend. Visitors, including the usual kangaroos, and the Maclean Highland Gathering, a Scottish get-together in Maclean, our nearest town, which is known as the Scottish town in Australia. Photos taken specifically for Zoe and her man, Ped.

Saturday, 03 March 2007

Location: Gulmarrad, Australia

The chickens arrived recently. They have settled in well and are eating and drinking too well. These were a Christmas gift from Peter and Anne-France. We have 9 in all and I promised them some photos, but you are welcome to view Anne-France and Peter, the first chooks to be named.

Monday, 25 December 2006

Location: London to Cape Town

And so the adventure starts to draw to a close as these next 2 blogs show. Thanks for reading and thanks for the great feedback. We have shown most of the best bits of the year and saved you the worst.

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Location: Paris Part 1, France

And so to Paris. A great train trip to the Gare du Nord, about 1 km from our Paris Hotel, in the heart of Pigalle, a schizophrenic area which incorporates the "Grands Magasins" (Department Stores) as well as strip joints.

Saturday, 09 December 2006

Location: Lake District, UK

We met up with Zoe and her friend Peter (Ped). The weather was awful but it was still possible to recognise the beauty of the area.

Saturday, 18 November 2006

Location: London, UK

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny, cold autumn day and we went to visit Archie, Tom's great nephew born last week to Katie and Toby. He is a gorgeous baby!
That evening we went to Walthamstow dogs with some of Tom's staff. There was a very festive atmosphere but I was mesmerised by the food everyone was eating which looked like a Jamie Oliver nightmare! We managed to not pick one winner in 10 races even though there were only 6 runners in each race which must be something of a record!

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Location: London, UK

On Wednesday night, George's accountancy firm celebrated 20 years by booking out a restaurant, Frankie's (named after Frankie Detorri) in Knightsbridge and George and his partner, Tim, played with their band, Dicky Hart and the Pacemakers to entertain their clients and staff and a few ring ins like us. It was a great night!
We took the opportunity to go to the Holbein exhibition at the Tate Britain beforehand but we found it a bit flat after Velazquez.

Saturday, 11 November 2006

Location: London, UK

We've had a huge weekend! On Friday we went to a Paul Simon concert at Wembley Arena. We had fabulous seats and for the first time ever at a music concert, a perfect view of the stage. The backing group was fantastic and I, Libby, found it a great thrill to be seeing a musician whose music was the first I personally embraced at about age 15.
On Saturday we went to Twickenham for a rugby match between England and Argentina. It was a dreadfully scrappy game with not much skill displayed by either side but it was great to be there anyway. Tom's brother George, knows all the ropes and showed us where to eat and drink and how to avoid the crowds.
On Sunday Zoe and and her friend, Skye, came to lunch at George and Vicki's and we all worked up an appetite beforehand with a long walk in Richmond park.
The photo page is a bit strange and you have to scroll right down to see it because the first photo takes up a lot of room and has pushed the others down.

Wednesday, 08 November 2006

Location: London, UK

I had been communicating with Meg about painting and she said her favourite artist was Velazquez so when an exhibition of his came to London we made sure we saw it. It was brilliant and the gallery is lovely at night. After viewing the exhibition, we had a drink in the main foyer where there was a chamber orchestra playing. We then went to Suze's which is becoming a habit but the food is lovely and the service very friendly.

Tuesday, 07 November 2006

Location: London, UK

Things have been relatively quiet since we got back from Brighton. It has got really cold but fortunately it is still clear and sunny and yesterday was quite mild.
On Saturday we went to do our usual market shop and were delighted to discover another French add on. At least I was delighted until Tom bought some cheeses for this weekend at George and Vicki's that are stinking out the entire flat! We spalshed out and got some French pastries, -( they bring a portable oven with them) had a very indulgent lunch and watched the rugby.
It all starts again this weekend with a Paul Simon concert on Friday followed by Argentina V England at Twickenham on Saturday.
Zoe is down for the weekend and on Sunday we are doing lunch at George's with her and her friend, Skye.

Saturday, 28 October 2006

Location: Brighton and Seaford, UK

Immediately after getting back from Barcelona, we went to Brighton and stayed with Tom's cousin, Polly. The Saturday was a grey and gloomy day but it somehow suited the rather garish pier and pavilion. Polly showed us all the places of interest, including the very grand Grand Hotel where Maggie Thatcher was nearly bombed. We were magnificently fed by Polly and her partner Mike who stayed home and slaved over the meal while we went sight seeing! On the Sunday which dawned bright and sunny and turned into a magnificent autumn day, there was a gathering of the Fairbairns clan with most of Tom's maternal first cousins in attendance. We went to Seaford where his grandmother had lived and walked over the lovely cliffs to a pub, The Golden Galleon, where we had lunch. I had no idea how beautiful the area was and was delighted by its charm. It was a really lovely day and Beth seemed to enjoy it even though she must have been overwhelmed by so many once removed cousins!

Thursday, 26 October 2006

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona was a bit of a disappointment and our experience was not improved by having the camera stolen. The weather was lovely but we found the Spanish service rude and off hand and I thought the Gaudi architecture was hideous. Montserrat was quite spectacular and when we arrived, there was a brass band playing Waltzing Matilda - no kidding! They were the Longridge band from Lancashire and we don't know how or why they got the gig.

Friday, 20 October 2006

Location: London, UK

After a couple of days' rest, well at least not tearing at a break neck speed around London, we realised it was Di's last day. Tomo had the day off because it was a pupil free day and he went to visit his mother because we are off to Barcelona on Sunday. Di and I had a slow start but we got our shopping legs and hit Oxford Street and got some lovely things for the grandchildren. We met up with Tom and then stumbled upon Carnaby Street which excited Di no end. It conjured up the sixties and all things from our youth. We had a final dinner at Suze's where we had another beautiful meal served by sweet faced and friendly New Zealanders.

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Location: London, UK

We finished the Bus Tour and did a big shop at Walthamstow markets where we got some good bargains. It was supposed to rain but it didn't and again we can't believe our luck with the weather.

Monday, 16 October 2006

Location: London, UK

After the graveyard visit, we finally did the Big London Bus Tour. We thought we knew a thing or two about London but we discovered much, much more.
We were taken all over London and Westminster and discovered many things for example we had been tripping over Cleopatra's needle for several days before it was pointed out to us. Diane summoned up the horses again this time pulling a smaller carriage with a pillion rider. We probably are going to post the first picture ever on a blog of The Builder; a statue dedicated to all the building site workers who have lost their lives in London unveiled on 11th October, 2006 by the Lord Mayor. We got snap happy and took some great as well as dreadful photos and there were many missed opportunities when the bus took off with a jolt. There were so many fabulous sights and iconic London landmarks - it was mind boggling. We actually did the tour over two days because the tickets are valid for 24 hours but we were and still are a bit confused about what was what and where.

Monday, 16 October 2006

Location: Harefield, UK

I (Di) slept in this morning and Lib went for a run in her
park - she returned with rosy cheeks and sparkling
eyes to tell me she’d seen the most beautiful sunrise
and that it was going to be a wonderful day. We
packed our lunch and set off for Harefield to visit
Arthur Vincent Farthing my great uncle who died in
England at the age of 19 during the First World War.
The trip was trouble free with unusually timed
perfect connections and the bus dropped us off at the
closest stop to the Cemetery. We walked through the
lovely avenue of autumn trees at the end of which is
the Harefield Church and cemetery, a lovely peaceful
and rather secluded place. Lib sent me off to find
Arthur and to the right of the church there is a
beautifully tended section of war graves dedicated to
Australian Soldiers. Just to walk among them was an
honour knowing the sacrifices they made at such a
young age – Our Anzacs. I made my way up the hill
reading the names as I went – past the lovely gum tree
which is starting to grow strong, past the Australian
flag and there it was – Arthur’s gravestone. I felt
like he was saying “well it’s about time” I left some
flowers and we had lunch on a lovely bench beside his
resting place and left reluctantly. I remember saying
to Lib
“I wonder what the person tending the place thinks
that in less than two months two bunches of flowers
have suddenly appeared on Arthur’s grave.” Gone but
not forgotten.

Sunday, 15 October 2006

Location: Bath, UK

We did a bus tour of Bath and did an extensive tour of the Roman baths which are extraordinary but they can keep their therapeutic waters! The parks and gardens are magnificent!

Saturday, 14 October 2006

Location: Wiltshire, UK

Diane is going to do the entries for the weekend.
That was the intention 2 days ago before the server crashed and now Di has crashed temporarily with exhaustion. Anyway she wants to record the magical day when we went to Harefield. Di had wanted to see Stonehenge but it is only opened between 8-10 am at this time of the year and it would have been awkward so we opted for a lesser stone circle site at Avebury. The countryside is absolutely superb at the moment and I can't work out which is my favourite; spring or autumn.

Thursday, 12 October 2006

Location: London, UK

We finally got to St Paul's and were both knocked out by its magnificence. We have decided to go to a service there to hear the boy choir in the wonderful acoustics. We didn't climb the steps to the dome because Di couldn't face the steps and I couldn't face the claustrophobia so we just sat a while, trying to take in the enormity of the extraordinary architecture and decoration. I had become quite blaze about cathedrals but this is the mother of them all! We ate our lunch on the steps in the sun and wondered how many albums we would end up in.
From there, we walked to Black Friars and caught the tube to Green Park to locate the Curzon cinema in Mayfair. We found it without any trouble but were very early so we walked around the very pretty and quaint arcades and alley ways of Mayfair and had a drink in a cute little pub, called 'Ye Grapes'. I think we were rather conspicuously, not 'one of the set'!
We saw the film 'The Queen' and were impressed by the acting and intrigued by the spin the director put on it.
We did a quick whirl up Oxford St but didn't have time to really investigate it before it was time to meet Tom at Suze's, a New Zealand restaurant we have been to before. The food was excellent!
Then it was off to 'Dancing in the Streets' which was fun but a bit disappointing. The performances seemed a bit flat to me and 'Stevie Wonder' just didn't work but probably no one should try to emulate him.
Tomorrow is a day of rest!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Location: London, UK

We were going to go to St Pauls but the weather was very iffy so we opted for Buckingam Palace which is on the same tube line as us. As we came out of Green Park across the road from the palace, there was a parade of horse guards right before us! I dropped everything and started taking photos and wondered if Diane has some royal blood because she not only charms the weather but seems to be able to summon the horse guards at will. That is the second time we have caught sight of them by accident since she has been here. Nor did it end there because later when we were in the Royal Mews, a pair of greys were being hitched to a carriage by two top hatted gentleman and later while we were having lunch in a cafe over the road, they trotted right past. We found out later that there was an investiture at the palace, hence all the unusual activity.
Di loved the Queen's gallery with the magnificent paintings and amazing furniture.
It absolutely poured with rain and as usual the London gutters couldn't cope. I was punished for my impatience with getting from place to place when I charged out of the Mews shop to cross the street and was soaked when a car drove past and covered me with a wall of water. Di, who can't keep up with me and who can barely walk today because of all the stairs yesterday, stayed perfectly dry.
Diane said this evening "You are the same birthday as my Nan and that explains a lot!"

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Location: London, UK

We are becoming seasoned London travellers, hopping on and off busses and trains! Yesterday it was the Tower followed by a Thames cruise and finally a Thai meal at the Billy. It was all wonderfully awe inspiring and Di seems to have bullied her feet into some kind of acceptance.
The weather has been uncommonly kind and I think Di is charmed. Yesterday we ended up in tee shirts and it was beautiful on the Thames where we had the window wide open.

Monday, 09 October 2006

Location: Windsor, UK

Di and I set off for Windsor and managed to take a very round about route that took over 2 hours but it was worth it. The castle and palace are superb! Queen Mary's dolls house is extraordinary and the state rooms are magnificently opulent; decadent actually! There are treasures ripped off from the colonies like the wonderful gold Tipoo Tiger which they unashamedly boast about pilfering. The St George chapel is also wonderful but I'm palaced, chapeled, minstered, abbeyed out! The most beautiful sight all day was the autumn trees from the castle battlements. Di might not agree but she's too footsore to argue!

Sunday, 08 October 2006

Location: London, UK

We went to the Royal Hospital Chapel with Bet and Di was overwhelmed by the Christopher Wren architecture and the beautiful choir. We then had lunch with Tom's cousin, Suzanne, his aunt and Bet at Suzanne's flat in Albert Bridge Road. We then went to Kensington Palace and walked through Hyde Park and had a drink at the Duke of Marlborough. Di has blisters on her feet but is ignoring them!

Saturday, 07 October 2006

Location: Kew and Hampton Court, UK

This was the first day of our 6 day London passes so we had our running shoes on! We caught an overland train to Gospel Oak and changed for Kew Gardens. From there we went on to Hampton Court Palace.

Friday, 06 October 2006

Location: Billy Elliot, UK

Big night - Dinner at Goya's with Tom's cousin Jill and Di followed by Billy Elliot the No. 1 Stage show in London, and rightly so

Thursday, 05 October 2006

Location: London, UK

Di arrived on Tuesday and we kept her awake until 10 pm that night when she fell into a coma having not slept for the entire flight. I had her up at 6 am the next morning because I had to get Betty to Chelsea Hospial to have a mole removed. We dropped Bet at the hospital and left her in the hands of a dear little Australian nurse who promised to call my mobile in time for us to get back to take delivery of Bet. We headed up Fulham Rd and looked at all the very expensive shops. I found a beautiful skirt in a charity shop and because Di was there to encourage me, I bought it. We have not lost our knack for picking the best quality because when we got home I discovered on a well hidden label that it is pure silk and Italian made. We had our packed lunch in a pretty little park and got back to the hospital just as the mobile rang.
After we'd dropped Bet back home, we set out to find Harrod's on foot. We had a map printed that Didi called the 'ant' map and we found Harrod's without a problem. We did the kids section, food halls, shoes and Christmas World. By this stage Di was so foot weary she could hardly raise a trot and we headed home via the underground.
The following day, Thursday, we went to Victoria and Albert Museum. I had never been there and we discovered it together. We haven't picked our jaws off the floor yet. It was truly wondrous and we were there for about 4 hours. We chose the right day to go to a museum because the lovely weather we'd been having turned sour.

Saturday, 30 September 2006

Location: London, UK

Sabine and Walter came over from Germany. They stayed with Richard and Sue and we had a great day out in London. Leicester Square, Covent Gardens, China Town and Soho followed by a jazz night.

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From IT Class
Sup Meakin. Hows your little tour going. Its the boys from southgate school.
Response: Sorry, haven't been looking at the messages lately. It's great to be home but even better to be up and watching England vs Australia in the cricket. Work hard and say g'day to everyone
From jan green
Delighted to hear of all your travels and enjoy them very much...hope you had a very happy christmas and 2007 ..Have just started to have some decent rain after 7 to 5 years so hope it keeps coming this year love ..jan
Response: Yes, there was a program on the BBC about Bourke and the drought and the effect that it is having on the community. We will pray that you get some sustained follow-up rain soon. We have only just started to look at our photos of leaving London and our time in Cape Town, and will post our final blogs today. Happy New Year to you and yours,
Tom and Libby
From Didi
Just did a walk back through memory lane thanks to this amazing travel blog - brought it all back what a wonderful time we had together - Lib what memories we made for our old age - Not long to see you back in Aus
Love you
Response: Hey Di,
I've just been out in the freezing cold to do a market shop. Tom has a new great nephew born in the early hours of Thursday morning. His birthday won't be hard to remember 9/11!
Yes won't we have fun! But I intend to do some more living it up with you before I'm ready to just remember!
Love Lib
From Grahame Bruce Forbes
Les doing fine. Having the problem with the catheter which she calls her puppy. Managing to pee some and then drain some more still. Starting to get the ratio right. Missed out on major Melbourne Cup wins as we spent the day cruising the Ryman Ward of Mater and following Ch 7. Still on track for return home as per schedule. Had some strange deposition from the sky for a couple of days and some optimism returns. Nice to know you have/are been a part of the 1 in 1000 year drought. Can't win the Rugby, lose the league to GB, the Cup goes to Japan and the Irish want to rebel again. At least Adam and the cricketers had a victory.
Response: Hi Bruce,
Great to hear that Les is coping although I commiserate about the beastly catheter! We got up to listen to the cup and we had money on Pop Rock because Ben McNaughtan said foreign jockies didn't know our tracks- oh well almost!
Keep the rain coming. Love to you both.
From The Tonks Family
Still looks like you are having a fantastic time despite the camera.I am glad to see that it hasn't stopped the photos. We had a travel stop at MacLean on the way home from Queensland in the October Holidays and we wondered when (if ever) you are coming home. The weather is warming up beautifully here. I guess your toes are starting to get cold again.
Bronwyn Abbott and Col Andrews are getting married in a week or so in Wentworth.

Take it easy
The Tonkses
Response: Dear Tonks,
Thanks for that. Hope you and the boys are well. We will be home in early January so you will have a bed at our place when you are next passing by. Yes it has got really cold this week and the picnic is over. I was only thinking about Lee and Harry yesterday and wondering how they are going. Are you going to the wedding and if so please give them all our love.
Cheers Tom and Lib
From Mary
Dear Two,
I actually heard a first hand account on the radio in the wee hours this very day of the weather in Britain changing for the worse and groaned for you in my boots. Poor babies! The weather here is weird to say the least.
Not TOO long til I see you.
Despite your early trials, I'm thrilled that you went. Catching up with your family must have been a boon for you Tommo.
When are you going to see Zoze next? She must be cold.
I simply love this planet ranger. It's a tremendous travelogue. I'm arriving earlier and earlier at school just to go over my favourite pictures and dream of England. What memories you've evoked in me!
Bye now, Mary. x
Response: Dear Mary,
We think Zoz is coming down the weekend after next and then we are going to meet up with her in the Lake District in December. Yes it has turned cold but at least it is still sunny - it's the gloom I really can't bear.
Love Lib
From Mary
Dear Lib and Tom,
What a shame about Spain. Mind you, the Spanish must be pretty fed up with the hoards of yobbo Brits they get all year round! There's a funny skit about it, performed by someone I can't remember.
I stayed in the Old Ship Inn in Brighton the first year I went to Britain. I was devastated by the stony grey beach and Christopher pretended that he was going to push me off one of those spectacular
cliffs! Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time wandering the countryside, visiting the enchanting pubs and going to his friends' place for roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. We drove down and back on the old A road. It was marvellous.
The pictures are great. It's such a good site. Terrible about the camera!
Love, Mary. x
Response: Dear Mare,
It was a Monty Python skit and yes you are right. I don't think our experience is necessarily typical and part of the trouble was our fault because our hotel was too far from the centre. Winter has thrown down the gauntlet here.
Love Lib and Tom
From Di
Brighton looks wonderful - I'm missing you both very much - Our three weeks starting to feel like a dream - thank God I've got the good old Planet to look back on - Can't wait to have you both, two or three hours up the road. See you in the New Year - Thanks for one of the best times of my life.
Love Di
Response: Dear Di,
I miss you too and today particularly, I have hankered for a companion. We are going to the Manet to Picasso exhibition at the National Gallery tomorrow night where I hope to see some of Picasso's later work after the disappointment of his museum in Barcelona.
Love Lib
From Mary
Dear Lib and Tom,
What a whirlwind you've had in the last weeks! You're in need of a rest. I hope Barcelona is terrific. Your latest pictures are delightful, Love, Mary.
Response: Camera stolen. Not as good as expected. Back to London tomorrow and then off to Brighton on Saturday. Phew!
From Lynno
Great to hear you're totally immersing yourselves
Response: Hey Lyno,
What about a letter?!
Love Lib
From Les
Dear Three
It has been a most spectacular and entertaining coupe of weeks. Who said nearing sixty would be weary? The sentamentality of visiting your ancestry is, I know, overwhelming, Di. Sal and I journeyed across Ireland to Donegal and I remember standing on Donegal Bay with our distant rellies there and envisaging them watching the ship take their loved ones out through the horizon, knowing they would never see them again. I wondered how they coped. I haven't been to any of South England yet. Love Les
Dear Les,
We were just congratulating ourselves about how much stamina we still have at nearly 60! Today we are housekeeping before meeting Tom for a curry at Cockfosters because he has a parent meeting this evening and there is an excellent curry restaurant there.
From Julie Plante
Hi Di, Libby and Tom.
I am really missing you now Di, so hurry home and I can't wait to hear all your wonderful stories. Thank you Libby and Tom for looking after my big sister, I know she will have memories she will treasure for the rest of her life. I had a tear or two when I saw the photos of our great uncle's war grave. What a beautiful peaceful resting place.
Enjoy the last few days of your trip Di. See you Monday. lots of love from Julie
Response: Dear Julie,
Lovely to hear from you! I can imagine how much you are missing Di as I will miss her when she goes. We have had an absolutely wonderful time and have stored some great join memories to natter about in our dotage.
Love Libby
From Mary
I didn't have enough room to go further on my last message! I enjoyed looking at Bath again. Disappointed you didn't make Bath and Wells Cathedral though. Gosh, you must all be worn out! Ta for your comforting wee message Tom. I'm loving the photos. How on earth do you all manage to look so young and gorgeous? Wish to HEAVEN I were there!
All my love, Mary. xx
Response: Dear Mary,
Glad you are enjoying the photos. We are a bit exhausted but the excitement has kept us going.
Love Lib, Di and Tom
From Mary
Thanks so much for your beautifully written accounts Di-de. I was touched by your visit to Arthur. The tender of graves has probably got on -going stories about all his residents. He was tickled to death I bet. I wonder if he keeps a journal of his people?
Response: It was the most beautiful day and the trees were stunning!
From Mary
Can't WAIT for the Bath episode.
Have fun composing Di. Thank goodness I can get to this site. My home computer will be installed soon I hope.
All my love to you three!
Mary. xx
Response: Well done, Mare. The server is down at home so they can't upload anything at the moment. Very inconvenient. I'm just checking this from school. Must go
Love Tom
From Mary
Oh what wonderful photos!! Di-de, I LOVE you and David. It's made me so nostalgic. Dearest Girl, don't let Lib KILL you. I'm going to pour over the pictures again. Enjoy everything, my people,
Love, Mary xxx
Response: Great to hear from you Mare! Watch for the Bath update soon!
Love Di and Lib
From Les
Sal and I visited St Paul's in 2004. We went in to Evensong and before it had finished we were were done with monotone singing and left. As we passed the last pew, we realised we were leaving as the collection was to be taken! Oops! But we continued on, nevertheless.
Response: Thanks for the warning! Time is too short to waste!
Just back from Bath.
Love Lib
From Les
Phew!! Feet up, mother Brown!!It must be time for some washing!!
Love Les
Response: One more day of the marathon and then we can draw breath! We got London passes that entitled us to 6 days of free entry to lots and lots of things but it has taken its toll. Not so much for me because I seem to have become quite manic in the past year and do everything at 100 mph but Di has suffered from sore feet and stiff thighs from all the stairs.
I could probably almost keep up with you now Les!
Love Lib
From Les
Dear Lib
Picked up acopy of highway proposal on the way. Note that it does not greatly deviate from present road around your way. You should be pleased I imagine. Deviation is from Tyndale to south of Grafton airport.
Love Les
Response: Thanks Les,
The secretary at school let me know! We continue to have a great time!
Love Lib
From Sabine
Hi there,
just came back from Lachendorf and found the pictures - they are very good.
It was so nice to be with you - soon again, we hope.
Love from Walter
Response: Hi you two,
Yes it was a lovely time! Bali soon!
Love Lib and Tom
From Lesley Forbes
Dear Lib, Di and Tom
I have just got home from Brisbane THRASS Conference via the Grand Final in Melbourne so have the last weekdays of hols to make the best of. On Saturday evening I dropped Pete and Lorian at the airport for their European 3 weeks. They will be at Sal's in Gresford by Wednesday night.
I have loved catching up with your visit, Di. We went to Hampton Court with Lib and Tom on a very hot summer's day. I feel there would have been a greater element of enjoyment with the cooler weather, even though Bruce and I loved it. Sal and I went to the V&A Museum in 2004. I was overwhelmed by the international plunder that was evidenced by the exhibits, especially those from the Middle East and India. I guess because that was the branch of history I did at Uni I was all the more fascinated. I hope you can get to see Sal and Mike and Elwyn while Pete and Lorian are there. P&L will be back in Brisbane by 28 Oct. CAn't wait to see what the remainder of your six day pass yields!
Love Les
Response: Dear Les,
Great to hear from you! We are exhausted with the intensive tourist program but having a ball. Yesterday was another marathon which we will post tonight.
Love Lib
From julie plante
Hello Libby, Tom and Di.
Great to see your photos and hear all your news. I just know you will be having a ball together. Give my love to Di.
lots of love from Julie
Response: Hi Julie,
We are having a ball! We've just done 'Walfamstow' markets in the pouring rain and we are off to a Spanish restaurant tonight followed by the Billy Elliot live stage show.
Love Lib and Di
From lesley
Hi Lib and Tom
I'm at Sal's with Bet too after Swans lost by a point but Broncos won. Bet and I saw Dad today and he was lucid for most of the day. Bruce and I were in Gladstone 23 Sept for Suzie's wedding then Melbourne for Swans and I have flown back to Brisbane for a THRASS conference beginning 4 Oct. Can't help wonderng when Di will be in England. Please let me know. It will be wonderful for both of you to have that time to share. Sal and Mike are preparing for Aussie migration before the year is out I believe. (but believe it when we see it). Pete and Lorian will be with them in Wales 11 Oct. Hope you, Tom and Di can join with them while Pete and Lorian are there. That would be super. Love Les
Response: Dear Les,
Di is on the plane and arrives here tomorrow at 12.30. We will have a great time!
Give my love to all the family.
Love Lib
From Julie Plante(Farthin
Hi Lib, trying to contact you re Diane's mobile no. The email address Di left me must be incorrect . Can you email me at the above address and I will forward her mobile no. She is so excited about her trip. love Julie
Response: Hi Julie,
I'm excited too! I'll email you our email now.
Watch this space for pics of Di and I hitting the town!
Love Lib
From zoe
Was just having a good look at your good ol web site. 40 hits a week, your guys are famous. I was also noticing that there are only a few shots of me and they are pretty horendous. Good excuse to have a photo shoot together. You know how vain i am, we will have to meet up soon, I miss you.
Response: We miss you too Zoz! Scotland or the lakes district? Your choice.
Love Mum