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Heeyyy everyone who will soon be visiting my page,

For now, I'm just gonna be entering my entries from Florida (a.k.a Disneyworld and hopefully St. Pete's!) but after that I'll enter entries (tee-hee) from Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver....anywhere to everywhere! So, enjoy!

Diary Entries

Friday, 27 February 2009

Location: Timmins, USA

CaliforniaLoverrr here,

I'm STILL in Timmins. Yuck! But, on the upside, it's a snow day! I just had a workout on my Wii Fit, and now I'm watching TV. Well, I'm a little bored typing, so I'm going to go watch some O.C. I'm like 8 episodes away from finishing the series :(


Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Location: Timmins, USA


Here with Michaela, my friend. You may or may not have read her message. Well, that's her. I also have another friend named
Michaela, but that's another story.

Anyways, Michaela is going to tell you about some of her travels.
She has been to Bahamas, Mexico, Florida, Quebec, Miami, Philidalphia, and many other places, like Toronto. She likes to listen to music and also obsess over Twilight and The O.C. She enjoys spending time with her friends, and yelling at my computer. She does not like the smell of hardwood floors.

I'm still in Timmins, phooey. It's so bland here. No colours, except for the colour of snow, which isn't very pretty.

It's snowing outside....yuck. Oh, I feel a word coming on. Wow, that took me a while. Ohhhh well.

Well, we're going to jet.
Hasta La Vista, Babaay.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Location: Timmins, Canada

Hello everyone!

Okay, even though I'm not actually in Florida yet - 16 more days! - I thought, well, I'll write an entry anyway! So, my name is Hannah, and this is my PlanetRanger page! Some basic things about me:

-I have a lot of friends
-I am obsessed with Twilight and The O.C. (ergo the name CaliforniaLoverr)
-I love to dance
-I like the smell of Hardwood floors
-I love thunderstorms
-I feel sad when T.V shows end

So, yeah! I know, I am a little bit weird. Wait, I take it back. I am a lot weird. But still, that's just who I am, and if you can't deal with me, then I truly hope the door doesn't hit you on the way out. (Or maybe I do. You can never tell with me.)


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From Michaela D

Your making me write this message so here you go!.....hi. Hope you have fun on your vacation,

michaela d
Response: Awh, I love you too, Michaela!