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The many adventures of a broke 20yr old travllin

Y hello so heres another shot at keeping touch with friends and fam for the 2d time around...(my space dident work out too well lol) off to australia and i relaly want the important ppl in my life to be apart of mine even though im like 14hrs ahead of everyone...i started out in banff meeting AMAZING ppl there and to this day i still keep in touch with many and i will ofrever and always and im sure along my future travels the same will happen...ill keep ya posted on all my travels, experiences, embarasasing moments and everything else that comes with meeting ppl in different places

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Location: Hamilton, Canada

well well well....i have exactly 2 weeks left here in canada and heres just a taste of my working my butt off to get to hurst but its gonna be worth on a 1 way ticket and i like that fact...dont it worries me but at the same time it comforts me....either way my last week here i plan on spending time with my bestest friends in the world diana and kelli....whic its dianas bday on the 21st big party for her!!!! and fun times and times to make memories and vidoe captures of our randomness lol either way ill probably write in here just before i take off to leave you with my last thoughts in canada for a plans for tavelling are this....1 year in austrlia....(if i save enough money by summer i want to be in germany for the world cup) and thenfrom there head to britain to do a 2 year work visa with britian and ireland and if i dont save enough money for that bye the summer i plan on chillin in australia for the whole year...thats cool with me too and then going to briatin and irealand for 2 years and then after that go to africa for a 7-8 month volenteer thing...those a very big plans for the next few years so i think it would be cool to see how this all unravels.......lets seee


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