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The Randolph's 20-day adventure!

Vermont, here we come! We will be leaving on Saturday, June 21, for our road trip to New England for Justin (nephew) & Rachel's wedding. Mike's mom, Charlotte, will be going with us too. On the way up, our only firm plans consist of stopping at Graceland while in Memphis, seeing an old friend from our college days while in West Virginia, and seeing Mike's uncle & his family in Mass. After the wedding we'll head up to Canada & visit Montreal, Ottawa, & Toronto (Niagra Falls) before we wind our way back down with a stop in Columbus, OH, to see another friend from our younger days :-) We are definitely following the "take your time" motto and are looking forward to stopping at interesting sites along the way. We'll try to update every day or so, so please check in with us and leave a message!!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Location: San Antonio, USA

Sum up entry coming soon.

Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Location: Ohio to Missouri then to TX!!, USA

Yee haw, we're back in Texas and are currently enjoying the home of Mike's brother, David, and his family in Highland Village (outside of Ft. Worth). It is SO nice to not be in a hotel.

Yesterday we left Columbus and headed west to St. Louis. Mike was channelling his inner "Clark Griswald" and his original plan was for us to just stop for a few minutes at the Gateway Arch so we could take a few pictures & then move on. Braden & I made it clear that we wanted to go up, but were (grudgingly) going along with Clark's plan :-) Betty (GPS) tried to get us to the arch, but we had to keep turning around as the road she really wanted us to go on was still flooded! For those unfamiliar with the geography, St. Louis sits on the banks of the Mississippi River, & the Gateway Arch is literally just over 100 yards from the river. Anyhoo, we had to mute Betty and find our own way to the arch & we all went into the visitor's center (potty break) and by the time the kids & I came out into the lobby, Mike had surprised us by buying tickets to take the tram to the top of the arch. Yippee! I had been when I was in the 9th grade & was so excited for the kids to experience it as I clearly remember that visit to this day! Mike and Charlotte opted out of the trip to the top & chose to take pics and view the Westward Expansion Museum instead. You ride to the top of the arch in this little tiny pod-like thing that seats five. It's not for the claustrophobic! Braden & Mallory were both super excited and really enjoyed the view from the top! If you look at the pics that Mike posted, you'll see one of the kids with a sign behind it indicating that we were 630 feet up! It was amazing :-) If you're ever in the St. Louis area, you really need to go. The whole thing is a National Monument (go park rangers!) which means the fees are quite low. It was only $10 for me and $3 for each of the kids. Braden's comment was, "wow, this is cheaper than a movie and way better!" It was quite something to see just how swollen the Mississippi still is, yikes. In one of the pics from the top of the arch you can see where the river is still covering a road (the one Betty wanted us to take!) and there are men down there using fire hoses to spray off the mud from the bits of road that had become visible.

Mike was a road warrior yesterday and we didn't stop for the night until we got to Springfield, Missouri. Pretty town (actually, the 3rd largest city in Missouri) in the Ozarks. I didn't realize that they are the oldest mountain range in the U.S.!

Today we had lots of rain as we drove through Oklahoma. We made it to David & Suzanna's around 4:00 this afternoon. It has been great for the kids as they've been able to play with their cousin, Julia, and just burn off some energy!

We're looking forward to returning home tomorrow! This has been a great adventure and we know that it has been a trip that we will all cherish and remember! Family bonding, ahh, nothing like it :-)

See you soon!

Monday, 07 July 2008

Location: Grove City, Ohio, USA

Tonight marks our 17th night away from home! Wowsers!

We left Toronto without any problems yesterday morning (read: I remembered the passports) and enjoyed our final drive through Canada as we headed towards Buffalo, NY. If you remember from my description of our journey into Quebec, Canada, we had only one car in front of us & there was only one customs agent on duty (it was in the middle of nowhere!). Well, no such luck yesterday! We crossed the Friendship Bridge, which is on the southeastern tip of Ontario (by Lake Erie). There were probably 10-12 lanes open, but even with that it took upwards of 45 minutes to get through! Our customs / border agents are very diligent in their duties as a few of the vehicles in front of us were subjected to pretty thorough inspections. You'll be glad to know that we had no problems getting through :-)

Our destination yesterday was Grove City, Ohio, which is a suburb just south of Columbus. We made it by early evening and had only been in the hotel parking lot for a few minutes when our good friend, Bryce, showed up with her beautiful 17-month old daughter, Brenna, and 3 of her 4 nephews. What a special welcome party!! We had a great time catching up with Bryce (we worked with her at that camp in New York during college & she was one of my bridesmaids) last night.

Today we slept in (yippee) as Bryce had to work until 11:30. Once we were able to hook up, we went to this cool ice-cream factory called Graeters. We're talking old-school methods of ice cream making here! They even pack the pints by hand, and they use the "French Pot Process" to make the ice cream. Basically, when new refrigeration techniques came into play, most manufacturers took advantage of these new techniques that allowed them to make more ice cream at a time (and whip more air into the mix) and freeze it at a faster rate. Not Graeters though, they make only 2 gallons at a time and boy is it creamy! We got to see the whole process and Braden read all of the signs to us. I was afraid Mike was going to start licking the windows since he wouldn't be able to actually eat the ice cream (that unfortunate dairy allergy, sigh), but he kept himself together and was delighted to find that they had a variety of non-dairy, fruit sorbets! We had a great time there & the kids enjoyed playing in the kid area after our ice cream :-) Be sure to check out the pics! Here's the website for Graeters, maybe you can find it in your area (and for all of the Bluebell loyalists out there, I'd have to say this was creamier!).

After that it was nap time for the girls (Mallory and Brenna), so we went back to the hotel while Bryce headed home. Mallory had fallen asleep on the way back so I had great hopes for a nap of my own once we got back! However, Mallory was apparently refreshed after a 10-minute power nap in the car and was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by the time we got up to the hotel room. Drats.

One more great dinner with Bryce & Brenna with lots of great conversation and reminiscing about the good ole' days! It sure is great to reconnect with old friends :-) Good friends are such blessings in our lives!!

We head out early tomorrow and plan to make a quick stop in St. Louis to see the arch. Not sure where we'll stop for the night, but it'll be somewhere between St. Louis and Ft. Worth as we'll stay with Mike's brother there on Wednesday night.

Looking forward to seeing all of our San Antonio friends & family soon!

Saturday, 05 July 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada

Ahh, our last full day in Canada! Bummer, eh?

Today was a bit on the lazy side as we all slept in and took our time getting ready. Our trip to Niagara Falls wore us all out! We walked down to the harbor today and enjoyed a nice stroll along the boardwalk, followed by a boat cruise of the harbor and some of the small islands just off of the coastline. Apparently there are a slew of islands in Lake Ontario! The boat ride was nice and we got to see some really beautiful views of Toronto and of course the lake itself. Lots of fancy shmancy yachts about today :-) Unfortunately, you guys won't be able to see any of those views until tomorrow, hopefully, as Mike forgot the memory card for the camera today & doesn't have the cable to upload directly from the camera itself. Stay tuned for those as he'll upload from his mom's camera tomorrow :-)

We had wanted to go to the top of the CN Tower today (taller than the Space Needle in Seattle), but the wait was 2 hours! Crazy. I had a fleeting image of what it would be like to wait with an already tired 4-yr-old, and I quickly said, "no thanks!" It was a pretty day, so we enjoyed the area for a bit more and then Mallory, Charlotte & I took a cab back to the hotel while Mike and Braden walked around for a bit more.

Lazy afternoon of naps & hanging out, followed by dinner at this great restaurant (we ate there last night too). We sat at their sidewalk "cafe" type seating area, very nice :-) Toronto really is a beautiful city and it seems so clean, not any of the mysterious and sometimes choking smells that go along with other big cities!

Tomorrow we head to Columbus, Ohio, to see another friend from our Camp Jened days.

Friday, 04 July 2008

Location: Niagara Falls, Canada

Before I tell you about our day in Niagara Falls, let me share a bit about our trip from Montreal to Toronto. This will be a long one, so feel free to get up and stretch as needed :-)

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you woke up and knew that there was something you were supposed to do that day that was important, but couldn't quite put your finger on it? Well, I had that feeling on Thursday morning as we were packing & getting ready to leave. I suppose I was a bit cocky in that I was SURE I would remember whatever it was so I didn't bother to ask Mike if I was forgetting something. Mike got us loaded up (luckily in the underground garage as it was pouring) and we gave good ole' Betty (GPS) our coordinates & off we went. We had decided to skip Ottawa as it was raining, so the plan was to just get to Toronto. As we were leaving Montreal I remembered what it was that had been lingering on the surface of my consciousness..."don't forget to get the passports out of the hotel safe!" Oops. Luckily we were only about 15 minutes away from the hotel (bright side, right?), rather than all the way to Toronto! Sigh. As we headed back to the hotel, Mallory kept saying, "we've been here already," gee, thanks for making that oh-so-clear Mals!!! Nothing like a 4-yr-old to keep you in your place :-)

We made it to Toronto without further incidents & shortly after arriving Mike suggested that we take a bus tour to Niagara rather than drive ourselves. Good idea! The tour bus picked us up at our hotel and we had about an hour & a half drive to Niagara Falls. Our driver/guide was great & talked a lot about the different things we saw along the way.

Our tour included a buffet lunch at the Falls View Restaurant (13th floor of the Sheraton, glorious views), a boat ride on the Maid of the Mist, a stop at Tabletop Rock, then the Whirpool, and finally a winery.

The lunch was great & we sat with Ian, a gentleman from Australia who was on a long "walk-about." He has been traveling through the western U.S. & Canada for the past few weeks. Very interesting guy! The buffet had all sorts of fancy stuff, including a really good crab salad (yes Mom, I ate some), and lots of fruits & great deserts. That restaurant apparently serves 600 buffets during the lunch hours, crazy!

Next was the Maid on the Mist boat ride, which takes you right up to the Horseshoe Falls (Canadian side). The line was forever long as the 4th of July weekend is apparently the busiest all year! Our tour guide had told us to stand on the right side of the boat as we'd get the best view of the Horseshoe Falls when the boat turned to the left to turn around. Got it. We got on the boat, rushed up to the top deck (only two decks), found a spot by the rail & donned our blue "Maid of the Mist" ponchos. As we passed the American Falls, we felt a bit of the mist, but nothing much. Then came the left turn so that we were facing the Horseshoe Falls. Holy moly! Our guide had told us it would be more like a garden hose than a mist, but it was more like a fire hose! We got soaked! It seemed like the boat just sat there in idle mode as we kept getting sprayed, and sprayed, and sprayed! Mike said he could hear me laughing the whole time, along with the guy who was standing on the other side of him. It was just a never ending deluge of water! Thank goodness for the ponchos, but even with those we all had wet hair, wet faces & wet feet :-) It was great!

Next it was to Tabletop Rock which is a huge area next to the top of the Horseshoe Falls. Some great views from there & more of the mist! That area was packed & of course there were loads of tourist shops. After that we went to an area down river from the falls known as the Whirlpool. It's where the rapids about 100 feet (a gradual slope, not a steep drop) and then there is a bend in the gorge and the rapids create this huge whirlpool. That was just a short 15 minute stop to look down at the whirlpool. They have a walking tour that takes you down by the rapids and even a crazy boat ride (no thanks), but those were for folks with more time to kill. Not sure I would want to walk near those rapids with young kids!

Mallory fell asleep after that stop so she missed our drive through the charming town of Niagara-on-the-Lake & the final stop at the winery. The winery (can't think of the name), is well known for its ice wine & Mike said it was delicious. Very sweet & definitely a dessert type! He bought a bottle so I will look forward to trying it when we get home.

We got back to the hotel at about 8:00 and walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner. We sat outside & enjoyed a great meal and wonderful views of the city. Charlotte really fell in love with downtown Toronto during our meal as the atmosphere is quite charming!

Okay, that's it (finally, I know!)

Thursday, 03 July 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada

Moving day to Toronto today. We were all tired from long days in Montreal, walking, and staying up late at the Jazz Fest., so we just stayed in and relax. Mike took an hour walk shooting pictures in Toronto, check out the "Art Pictures," some nice shots there!
Tomorrow on the 4th of July, we are going on a tour of (for John Hill) some nearby waterfall....something called Niagara! Lots of pictures to follow.

Wednesday, 02 July 2008

Location: Montreal, day 2, Canada

Have I mentioned that I am not a fan of laptops? They are too touchy, one false tap and zap, everything you just typed for the last 30 minutes disappears like that! Good thing Mike is asleep or I'd be getting a brief lecture on the "awesomeness" of this MacBook Pro & how I just need to practice! Blah, blah. I miss our nice, big, friendly iMac at home with it's separate keyboard & mouse. Sigh.

Okay, so, aside from some technical difficulties, Montreal has been great. I really did just spend about 30 minutes telling you guys about our day yesterday & now those words are floating somewhere in cyberspace. So, rather than retype everything I will give you a summary! Here it is:

*** Never mind! It turns out that the entry floated around a while but ultimately posted, which is strange as I never clicked the "post entry" button. Sigh.***

Now for today. We all awoke to a strange beeping noise a little after 8 a.m. I thought it was Charlotte's alarm & wondered why it wouldn't shut off. Turns out it was the fire alarm. Ugh. We had to evacuate the building!! No kidding. Ever wonder what you would grab in an emergency? Mallory grabbed Ellie (no surprise), Braden grabbed Oxford (his bear), Charlotte & I both grabbed our purses & I also grabbed Mallory's bag-o-medicine & Mike grabbed his flip flops. The firefighters were there already when we got outside & all of the other guests seemed relatively calm as there didn't appear to be any smoke. Turns out it was a false alarm! Phew. What a way to start the day. You can be sure we'll always check the evacuation plan when we get into a hotel from now on!

We went back down to Old Montreal this morning and visited the "Basilique Notre-Dame." Wow. I had been before in the early 90's but had forgotten how truly beautiful that place is. Be sure to look at the pictures Mike posted. The attention to detail was breathtaking. Every little nook & cranny was crafted with care and beauty. With all of the leaps & bounds we've made ("progress" that is), it seems that as we rush to get things done we have forgotten how to make things beautiful. Sigh.

A couple of subway rides later, we ended up at Olympic Park, the site of the '76 Olympics (summer). We spent the afternoon at the Biodome, which consists of 4 different ecosystems. Wow! It was amazing. Everyone had a great time there & Mike & Charlotte both were constantly snapping pictures. Check out the website,

Tomorrow we head to Ottawa & then on to Toronto.

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From Charlotte
What a wonderful reminder of the highlights of the trip! Love your photo of just a section of the Arch!
Response: Glad you found the site, sorry I (Mike) forgot to send the link! What a great trip.
From David Mayer


What the heck, just eat the ice cream. You're staying in a hotel. HA!

I guess y'all are back in Texas by now.

See ya!
Response: We are in Dallas so Last night was our last in a hotel!!!!!!!!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
From Uncle Norman
Thanks so much for letting us enjoy your trip with you, through descriptions and photos. We appreciate your efforts.
With our love.
From Caty M.
Hey guys! this is really cool that ya'll get to do this, Kids, keep these memories forever i know i did when we went and i learned so much. I hope ya'll are having fun! Keep Safe
<3 love Caty
From life group
Hey Guys!

We love the art pics... We hope you all are having a great time. It looks like you are. We miss you all. But we know you will be back soon.

Sue says to read Eph. 1. We are studying Eph. starting next Sunday...

Lots of Love! Peace out! Yo!

The Groupies!
Response: will do, but only have a King James version, so I can't understand the words...
From life group
Hey Guys!

We love the art pics... We hope you all are having a great time. It looks like you are. We miss you all. But we know you will be back soon.

Sue says to read Eph. 1. We are studying Eph. starting next Sunday...

Lots of Love! Peace out! Yo!

The Groupies!
Response: This message came through twice, so now it's my turn to answer (Deb). We miss you guys too! Thanks for the prayer request e-mails Todd! We will be sure to read Eph. 1 & can't wait to see everyone on Sunday :-)
From Karen
Love that basilica! And everything else. What a great trip and you still have all the way back to see more. Thanks for all the hard work on this techno-journal.
Yeah, Notre Dame was so amazing! We'll be back home on Thursday :-)
From from Nathan & Laura
Enjoyed your photos from North of the border! Looks like an awesome adventure. Please, STOP reading your work e-mails! I want to hear more about the JazzFest. See you when you head south.
Hah, so I'm slightly compulsive about checking e-mail :-) See ya soon!
From Wendy and Scotty
Looks like you all are having a great time! We are having fun traveling with you through the pictures and stories! Deb, we are really impressed that you have the energy to do this at the end of the day. See you when you get back to Texas, W & S
Response: Thanks for the compliment! Deb is enjoying the quiet time at the end of the evening, this blog prolongs that time.
From Mom
Hi Ya'll -- What an adventure! We need to make our plans for coming to TX. David needs to take a couple of days off and have the girls before they go to Little River. So we are thinking about heading down there shortly after you get home. Is that alright? Let us know.
Response: Yep, we're definitely having an adventure! Sure, make your plans to come down whenever. We'll be getting back late on the 10th. Just got into Toronto! We'll go on a day tour to Niagra Falls tomorrow :-) Fun!!!
From David Mayer

French Jazz!!! Where can I sign up? I'm enjoying the blog and the pictures! Keep it coming.

Oh yeah! We finally got some rain down here. Since y'all are in Canada, I'll convert to metrics. We got 2.5 centimeters.

Hey Mike, here's some French I learned in the 70s. Try it out on the locals...voulez vou c'sais avec moi (sp?) I think it means, where's the closest IHOP?

Drive carefully and watch for moose
Response: Just guessing, by the abundance of local "Adult" shops, that phrase would be well received. No moose yet, but we did see some bald eagles!
From Mom
Forgot to tell you - they are closing many Starbucks throughout the country - effective immediately, so drink up while you have a chance. Love ya'll, love the pix and the advertures. Kids look like they are having a great time.
I had heard that there would be some closures. Sigh. As long as the ones in the Super Targets survive, I will be happy :-)
From bryce
oh during your travel thru WV you had to see a sign to Alderson Broaddus College, that is where I went. And Fairmont is where John went, I'm sure he gave you some triva about that. : )
Response: We did, he did, and Deb almost screamed: "Hey thats where..."
From bryce
It sounds like you guys are having a blast. What great memories and so much fun everyone. I love the pictures, brought back memories of camp and going to Montreal. Deb, is your French any better? : ) Hope you are having a wonderful time and I look forward to hearing more about it and hopefully seeing you soon. I love ya
Response: We will see you in just a few days!
From Dad
Just noticed that the map at the top of this page includes Goose Bay. Been there. (On my way to/from Greenland.) Have also been on the ground in Newfoundland (St. Johns). Keep them pictures coming!
Cool. You were such a jet-setter Dad!
From Cindy and Trent
Hi Randolph Family!
Trenton and I enjoyed looking at your pictures of your trip! It looks like you're having lots of fun and the scenery is beautiful. I am impressed with your blogging! I think we're going to head out on the 10th for a driving trip to Michigan. Our house is for sale and it is time to have some fun with the children in the car for 28 hours! I look forward to seeing the green and the great lakes of Michigan!
Continue to be safe and have fun. I hope we can connect when we all return home-
Response: Wow, so you guys did put your house up for sale. You go girl! Yeah, the trip has been amazing so far :-) Hope you guys have a great trip to Michigan & that your travels will be safe!!
From Sue
OMGosh--Vermont is so beautiful! What's all that green stuff? We only have brown stuff here in SA :o) I was looking at the pics & thinking what cool memories y'all are making. Les bontemp roullez...
Response: Yeah, we had forgotten what that green stuff was too! It was actually so humid there that the carpet in the house always had a slightly damp feel to it!
From connie pritchard
Sounds like you all are having the time of your lives. George and Hayden are in Pittsburgh this weekend for a hockey tryout but, thought I should let you know that the Diablos are after him. What a time if he ends up in San Antonio ?????? Have a great day and ENJOY !!!!!
Response: Well, if he decides on SA, he has a billet home if needed!
From Courtney
Is it just me... or is the fence that keeps the "son of sam" in very small? Seems they need a 20 ft. high wall like they have in Huntsville! Yikes!
It is so fun to check your progress every day! Keep blogging and having fun!
Response: Well, the dog told him to not to try to get out, so thoes fences are enough!
From David Mayer
Hey, I looked through all of the pictures... they're great!

Y'all have fun!
From Linda Fisher
NO WAY! I just checked your pics--the pic of you entering Connecticut shows a city limits sign for Danbury--that's my Mom's home town--those are some of my cousins in the truck near you!!!!!
Response: NO WAY!
From Karen
Wow! What an incredible adventure! Thanks for the update and the great photos. Ah the beauty of technology!
Ya'll be safe. Love & peace
Didn't get to Stowe, VT. Maybe next time! Vermont was so beautiful!
From Linda Fisher
Gee, imagine that--no on-off switch for Mallory and there being a disagreement regarding the atlas! We are in the "deep" south--isn't the green a sight to behold? Soak it in, huh, so we can remember it when we all get home. Enjoy the wedding, the family, and the time. We spent the day and night in New Orleans--rode the streetcar but didn't find Stella...lots of love to all! LINDA
From Susann
Wow!!! What a trip! Didn't know ya'll were going so far. It looks and sounds like everyone is having a good time. Thanks for including me on the list of friends. I'll keep checking in. Bee Safe and Have a good time! Susann
We'll "bee" safe (hah!), thanks for your sweet words! Remind me to tell you about Mike's aunt & uncle from California who raise honeybees & produce their own honey! We shared a house w/them in Vermont!
From Uncle Norman
Hi Folks, It was a real treat having you all here for a visit. We truly enjoyed Mallory's and Braden's inquisitive natures and wonderful dispositions. Getting to learn of what's going on in everyones lives was fun..
Response: And thanks again for the great BBQ!