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UK & Ireland trip 2010

It's that time of our lives again, we go see the kids and families in the UK and this time we have a very special event to celebrate, our friends, Nick and Liz wedding.

Diary Entries

Friday, 17 September 2010

Location: Narre Warren, Australia

After spending a comfy night in London, it was time to bid UK goodbye for a few years.
Arrived at Heathrow at 9am & arrived home in Narre Warren by 10pm the following day. Long trip but worth the wait.
Back to work on Monday :-(

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Location: Eastleigh, England

Today is our last day in Hampshire as we are staying close to the airport tonight in readiness to fly out at noon. We will miss everyone over here but hopefully they will start to come over to us & have a holiday there.

For all the friends and family we only got chance to see once or for a short time, it was great of the little time we had to share but please try & keep in touch more often this time (via Skype, Facebook etc).

Thank you to all of you for making our holiday so great, just a shame it has to end and we have to go back to work on Monday. :-(

We love you all and will catch up on Skype very soon xxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Location: Guildford & Woking, England

After collecting Marion & Gerald at noon, we headed to Woking to pay our respects to Sean's grandparents in the Woking Crematorium. We then met up with a second cousin of mine that I had never meet before Anita. Meeting her at Gordan and Ada's grave side at Guildford cemetery before going for lunch where Ada use to work.

We came back to Southampton spent a bit longer with Marion & Gerald before picking up Sean's kids and having our last meal with the kids, Marion & Gerald, Liz, Nick, Kim and Darren. It was really sad to say good bye to the kids but know we will see them again soon enough and we can always stay in touch via Skype or the internet.

Shannen & Liam would love to come over for a holiday before deciding if they would like to stay with us. Time will tell what will happen.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Location: England

Went to see my Aunt Roma (dad sister) in Portsmouth, we spent about two hour with her and had a good catch up. Just a shame we couldn't stay even longer.
After visiting Roma we decided to check out the Spinnaker Tower. It was being built whilst we still lived here but we never worried about checking it out until we became tourist ourselves. Just a shame it was overcast weather instead of a lovely summer day as we could of seen more further afield.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Location: Eastleigh, England

Back into reality a little, Kim was back to work were Nick and Liz had a day off to recoup from their wedding.
Sean & I went into Southampton & then saw Marion & Gerald plus Darren, coming back home to chill out for the night.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Location: Ireland

Ah last . . . . . the 4 days in Ireland has come to an end.
We got up at leisure and headed to the Pontoon Bridge Hotel were the bridal party stayed. Took the hire cars back at the airport before getting back onto the plane to home back to UK.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Location: County Mayo, Ireland

Day after the big event & there were a few sore heads. Darren, Emma, Thomas, Sean & I went for a lovely country drive to Kylemore Abbey while others either went home or tried to recover from the day before.
The hour & half drive was lovely as was the walk about the grounds of the Abbey & Goth Church
Kylemore Abbey was built in 1860's by the Henry family, he became a gambler & sold it to a friend. It was later turned into a few other things before becoming the Abbey as we know it today.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Location: Pontoon, Ireland

Hip, hip, hurray,. . . . . the big day as finally come and Nick & Liz are getting Married.
Congratulations to the happy couple, may your life together be full of laughter, good times and many , many years of love and joy.
The day started off wet but by 11am to sun started to come out which stayed with us the rest of the day, no one could of asked for as better day.
Loads of drinking & having fun was had by all (if you didn't enjoy yourself you must of be dead).
We hope you enjoy the pic's as much as we did taking them

Thursday, 09 September 2010

Location: Galway, Ireland

After a lovely full Irish breakfast, Liz, Nick, Sean & Tizzy plus Sean and I went into Galway to have a look around and to pick up the wedding cake.
We walked around Galway and on the way back stopped off at Claregalway Franciscan Friary.
Back to Pontoon before going off to Ballina for a lovely Chinese meal with everyone.

Wednesday, 08 September 2010

Location: Pontoon, Ireland

Arrived In Ireland safe and well and looking forward to a great four days as well as my mates wedding. Having dinner tonight with 12 ppl so bring on the Grog

Monday, 06 September 2010

Location: Torquay, UK

Back Home from Torquay
I won the Golf tournament and retained the trophy.
Great Stag Weekend and the girls seem pretty chilled out

Sunday, 05 September 2010

Location: Torquay, UK

Played Golf today and won the Torquay Cup
Had a great meal called Neptunes Feast as well as a 20 oz Steak greedy bastrd
Debs had a 10oz sirloin and was very full
Top Day looking forward to a good nights sleep

Saturday, 04 September 2010

Location: Torquay, UK

Arrived in Torquay today.
Mine and Debs 5 th wedding anniversary but im spending it with my mate for his stag do . bring on the booze kebabs and the torquay sunshine....
Cant believe its been 5 years already wow where has the time gone. but still love the same maybe even more but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont tell her.....hahahahah

Friday, 03 September 2010

Location: Bournemouth, UK

Spent the day in Bournemouth as we had to go and pick up hardrive which we left by accident. So took kids down to the baeach and had a great time. Debs and i did not swim as we were still a bit ill from the damn flu. But kids soldiered on and had a great time

Thursday, 02 September 2010

Location: Durley, UK

Slept in this morning as going to Vic's (Rose partner) Funeral today so nothing really happened.
We caught up with some of Deb's relo's at the funeral which was held at Durley Church where Vic as buried then to Durley Hall for the wake.

Wednesday, 01 September 2010

Location: Thorpe Park, UK

What a day . . . . . picked the kids up at 8.30am to go to Thorpe Park (theme park), all were excited about the day even the older kids.
Daniel was surprising good for the day and we didn't have a repeat event of Legoland two years ago.

We were quite surprised Deb didn't take that many photo's as she did at Legoland.

Rides were fun and the kids got real wet, as usual food cost a bomb but what theme park does not charge extortionate rates.

Shannen got scared in the Saw attraction and started to cry ."BIG SISSY"

Got a few attractions done but not enough time as ques took up the time. What is it with this country and ques......

Took kids to dinner and then dropped them off.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Location: England

After spending a top weekend with Mandy & Richard it was time to head back to Eastleigh for a few days & see the kids again.
Thank you Mandy & Richard for a top weekend and drinking sess on Saturday night.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Location: Bournemouth, England

After Mandy's two girls (Jaymeeleigh & SammeeJo) came home from spending the night at their sister's place (so we could all go out on the bevies last night) before we all spent the day in Bournemouth. We had a lovely carvery lunch at Toby Carvery then into Bournemouth town center & the pier, coming back for Jaymeeleigh & SammeeJo to go to bed, leaving the adults to play Wii games for the rest of the night.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Location: UK

Deb not feeling that great today as think she is getting a cold :-(

On the move again to Bournemouth for the long weekend, will spend some time with a few mates & hopefully have a few bevies.

Arrived in Bournemouth safe & well. Went to the Quay area in Poole for drinks with friends, had a great night but couldn't get Deb's drunk, yet again. I think Sean is finally giving up as had doubles near all night as well as a couple of double doubles (if that makes sense = 4 shots in the one glass) & still nothing. At least everyone had a top night.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Location: UK

Just a short and sweet note. Arrived in Milton Keynes after spending a few days with Marion and Gerald. Hotel ok so gonna chill out....

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Location: UK

Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain..............................................

I made a roast for Marion and The gang. All we heard was yum yum yum yum yum.... cleaned the plates good chow

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Location: UK

Said goodbye to the folks went down to Lincoln to see Marion and Gerald for a few days. Fell in love with the dog Bonnie and made a new friend. Had a nice pub meal.

Settled in for evening..

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Location: UK

Went to Hadrian s wall today and stopped at Chester's Fort. Great scenery lots of sheep grass bricks and frigging tourists. Very educational though. Lifetime membership for two to join Heritage society 1400 pounds.wt f!!!!!
Had Dinner at Chiquitoes a Mexican restaurant . Average food but pricy

Monday, 23 August 2010

Location: UK

Book a hotel in Hartlepool (Best Western Grand Hotel, not recommended) 20 miles from my folks so we got to see more of the country. Had a superb lunch at Cross Butts pub where the food was to die for. Great company, great food and great location made it a good day out unfortunately it rained.

Went to Scarborough to the Aquarium and saw some weird and wonderful species.

A great Day above all

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Location: Middlesborough, UK

Arrived in Middlesbrough today to stay with my folks. After a 6 hr road trip was looking forward to a good night sleep. Unlikely as the bed broke beneath Debs and me (laughed our heads off for about half hour). Damn Ikea rip offs. So booking into a hotel for the next two nights. Was good seeing my folks again

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Location: Southampton, England

After a little bit of a sleep in we went into Southampton to get a refund sorted for a variety store took out two lots of the same amount out of or account be mistake. They gave us a 10 pound voucher from them as a good will gesture. Nice one

Picked the kids up at 1pm & went out for lunch & a movie. We saw The AirBender, as the movie had a malfunction we ended getting other movie vouchers to see it again or view something else at our convenience.

Back to Nick & Liz for dinner, chilled a bit plus did some washing in readiness to go north for eight days.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Location: England

Went & saw Coral, (Deb's aunt) then took the kids to Fleming Park in Eastleigh. Didn't have the kids for very long as went out for Liz hen night.

Nick went out with his work mates for a curry in Southampton, whilst the ladies went to Gunwharf Quay in Portsmouth. Not a bad night but no one really got drunk so a little quiet.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Location: Isle of Wight, England

Today was a very long day with the kids as picked them up at 7.45am. We took the ferry over to IOW & went to Blackgang Chine for the day. We all had a great day with no one getting hurt or lost. Came back about 5.30pm & took the kids out for dinner before taking them home around 8pm.

Sean had a day of loosing things, first it was his clip-on sunglasses then nearly lost his jumper, just lucky a lady told him he dropped it. Swear he would of lost his head if it wasn't attached today.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Location: England

Didn't have the kids for that long today, so went Roller skating for a few hours, watched Sean fall on his arse then once they all had enough went & brought the rest of their school things, uniforms, stationary etc

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Location: Eastleigh, England

Took a drive to see an old mate of ours

Monday, 16 August 2010

Location: England

Took the kids to the movies & saw Toy Story 2 plus out for lunch. Came back to NIck & Liz's for a quiet night

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Location: Eastleigh, England

Had a day of rest from kids & touring, ended up doing the washing & chilling out for the day.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Location: Romsey and Eastleigh, UK

What a day

Picked up kids and glad to see traffic ain't changed grrrrrrrrrrrrrr........
We went to Romsey Rapids which is a pool fitness place. Went on the flume which was pretty fast. Daniel chickened out right at the top so the poor sod had to walk all the way down again. he said it was to high must have my fear of heights then.... Debs got told off for taking photos so she had to get authorization...naughty naughty. The pool temp was about 29 degrees which was just nice. I sat in the jacuzzi for a bit and it helped with the back and leg pain i have been having for a while now.I feel so much better. Kids loved it might go again 16 quid for a family ticket so not to bad.

We then went to the Eastleigh Carnival and had a great time bumper cars and the twister and all other rides . got some great pictures and the kids have had a great time so far . So enjoy the pics

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Location: Marwell Zoo, UK

Marwell Zoo was our destination today with the kids
It was a great day out filled with joy and laughter and disappointment. Good to see the Uk has not changed in price hikes. Its getting damn expensive especially for families. We had a look at the outback exhibition and boy what a let down looked nothing like back home. Daniel the youngest child had to have first aid due to him running and falling and scrapping his legs mmmmmmmmmmm nice.... not, poor old chap was wincing every time he walked. Shannen had her face painted and the boys had airbrush Tattoos. Lots of walking around and loads of animals to look at. Debs loved her Tigers and leopards she was in her element.

After Marwell we went and dropped kids off at their house and had a lovely dinner at The Dolphin Pub in Botley with Marion Gerald and Rob.
Hope ya like the pics

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Location: England

Gday All

What a day

Saw Sean's kids today and he seems a diffent bloke ie he has missed them so much. Good to see him smiling. Went and saw Marion and Gerald oooooooohhhhh happy days. Loving Sean all round. Sean Went to the movies with the kids and watched Cats and Dogs and Debs stayed at Marion's as catch up and Sean wants to spend as much time with his children as much as possible.

Later in the day went out to dinner at The Cricketers Pub where it was a great knosh up. It was a great ending to the day until Sean's Ex Wife Threatened to phone the police cause the kids had not been bought back at the right time. She so has it in for him not wanting to have a life and seeing his kids. Hopefully kids will see what type of person she really is.
Went home and a few more drinks and a looking forward to a really good sleep.... dream of happy days and to plan our next excursion.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Location: England

Happy birthday Sean,
After having a top breeky at the Hotel we got our sim card organized for our UK mobile number (+447552419281) as Sean phone wouldn't accept the credit we couldn't call anyone until seeing a guy a the Vodafone shop to help fix it.
We went back to the hotel & collected our bags to catch the train to Southampton. We are never going to complain about the train fares in Aust again as we were charged $GBP63 one way.
Picked up the rental car & headed to our Nick & Liz place, our home for part of our holidays. Picked up the kids & had a top dinner at The Mill House with the kids, Nick, Liz & Darren.

Monday, 09 August 2010

Location: England

Hi everyone,
We have arrived save & well. The flight was the usual but arrived an hour early, going through customs & passport check was a breeze. Didn't have as many questions this time round.
There was a slight mishap with the car that was to meet us as they told the driver the wrong terminal, leaving us to wait up to 2 hours. Not something we wanted when we first arrived.
Got to the hotel which was nice apart from the bathroom, all I'll say is, "re-tiling the last three rows would be advantageous". The rest of the hotel was great as was the staff.
Had a look around the neighborhood & had dinner before retiring for the night.

Saturday, 07 August 2010

Location: Australia

Hi everyone, just one more sleep and we fly off into the night sky heading to (hopefully) sunny England. Yippy!!
Don't forget to leave messages on here instead of our hotmail accounts as probably wont access the hotmail account as often.
Hope you enjoy the site as much as we will hopefully enjoy our holi's.
Catch soon
Deb's & Sean :-) xxx

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Only 12 more sleeps and we will be in the air heading to UK. Still have a few things to sort out & finalise a couple of dates (they say planing is a wonderful thing :-/, not sure about that sometimes).
Lets hope the flight is quick and painless & Sean can sleep on the way this time. Me . . . . I can sleep anywhere so long as I am tired he! he!

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From Jenni & Ray
Hi folks, we hadn't been to your web site for over a week as we have been having some drama here.
Jenni had a big health scare we thought that she had a stroke, but after an overnight in hospital and numerous test including a MRI she has been cleared of that possibility.
Things are getting back to normal thank goodness, it has shaken us both as you can imagine.
You have taken some very good photos Deb, don't forget to get one of Roma when you see her.
Enjoy the wedding and the rest of your stay in Ireland.
Love to you both
Response: Hi guys,
Sorry to hear about the health scare with Jenni and hope everything is going well now.
We haven't had chance to see Roma yet, but did try to phone today but no answer, will keep trying though & will get a recent photo of her if we get chance to see her as only really got two more days free (Tues & Thur).
The wedding was fantastic & Ireland was lovely as always.
Will catch up again soon. love to you both Deb's & Sean xxx
From Ray & Jenni
Hi sounds as if you are doing your bit for the economy, all that grog you put away you put me in the shade.
You don't mention any walks in the country or tours of historic houses. You will come around to that one day I hope.
Meanwhile enjoy yourselves and take notice of your jealous uncle.
Love to you both
Response: Hi ya,
We normally do historical buildings/places but for some reason this time round we haven't done so. Although we have done a far bit to date. We looked at getting a historical pass for all the heritage sites in the UK but ended up costing way too much for a life time pass & didn't think we would get our moneys worth from a visitor pass. love to you both too xx :)
From Ray & Jenni
Hi you guys are making us feel tired trying to keep up with you, you sure don't waste any time.
Did you get my message about voting in the Federal election?
Glad to see that you are having such a good time.
Love Jenni & Ray
Response: Yeah, we are in the second half of the trip which is more busier than the first.
Not had too many places to be able to use the internet but will try & keep up with things.
Marion & Gerald sends their love too. Will hopefully see Roma near the end of the trip.
Have Vic's funeral on Thursday, so will see the Barnes clan. Dear say me being there may cause some friction but will be down the back & will try & stay outta her way.
Love Deb's & Sean xx
From Ray & Jenni
Hi again I sorted that problem copying those DVD's
I had a thought that if either of you are on the electoral roll and have not voted in the Federal election before you left you will have to cast your vote over there or cop a fine.
Response: Hi ya, I am on the roll but I hopefully sorted it before we left. I didn't hear back from them about changing our address nor being overseas at the time. If all else fails will produce our flight details & fax receipt I sent off to them.
From Ray & Jenni
Glad you are having quality with you kids Sean pity that your ex is such a cow, at least your'e not still married to her.
Don't forget to give Marion & Gerald our love. Also Roma if you get to see her.
We enjoyed the photos of the zoo, keep them coming. Love Jenni & Ray
From Jenni & Ray
Hi just to let you know we will be following you, so have a wonderful trip and if you can't behave yourselves I want to hear about it.
Stay safe Love Jenni & Ray

Us behave never... bring on the teenage revolution hahahahahahaha. thanks for the best wishes and keep on reading. will upload pics as soon as we can