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Have you ever been sat at you desk looking out of the window wishing you were somehwhere else? Or booked a holiday months in advance and then by the time you wait for the holiday to arive you realy would prefer to go somewhere else? This has happened to me and so to spice things up and give me somehthing to do other than work at my desk I have created a new way of taking holidays. Book a set period off work in advance than save like a nutter without actualy booking a holiday. Then in the build up to your break, take time to scan the net for a holiday and book exactly where you think you may like to go tomorrow. Book your flights on the net and go. You will be that excited, have the time of your life and probably end up somewhere you never would have booked had you have gone and sat in a travel agents for 3 hours 6 months before you actualy wanted to go.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 07 August 2005

Location: Newquay, UK

Today we returned home from a week of hardcore party action in the surf captial of the UK.

It was decided a few weeks ago that we (me, guv, chris, tom and Jono) would make the 6 hour journey down to Newquay, Cornwall (the home of the badger) for a weeks camping and excessive drinking.

The week was laugh after laugh after laugh; copious amounts of booze was consumed by all and a throughly good lads week away went down a hit with everyone.

A written account of the weeks events is floating around some where in the west midlands and if anyone finds it... ITS ALL LIES, LIES, lIES I TELL YOU!!!

There will be a photo diary to follow as soon as Jono zips the bloody file and sends it over to me which i think you will all find greater illustrates the finr details and activities of the holiday.

Comments are all welcome and any one who has any sugestions for the next 4 day excursion due to take place some time in October (probably) would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, 03 July 2005

Location: St Tropez, France

Hi, I'v just got back from a week in St. Tropez rubbing shoulders with the stars, meeting cool new people, enjoying the sun and taking part in some exciting sporting activities.

I was sat at my desk 2 weeks ago with a weeks holiday on the horizon and some cash in the bank when I had the burning desire to do something adventurous.

I browesed the net for adventure holidays in Europe and droped on with "" This husband and wife partnership offering adventure holidays in the gulf of St. Tropez. The site was very helpfull and contact was very easy.
The next questions was: so how do i get there?
I managed to get some cheap flights to nice from ""

The day came around and I jumped on the plane. I was picked up by Leicester at the airport, and got ferried across the St.Tropez.

The accomodation was excellent, the range of activities were vast. The setting was realy nice and the week in all was excellent. (see photos)

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Recent Messages

From claire
hey! im one of tims mates online and i just gotta say dis site is very impressive it is the ultimate in recordin a good holz u shud make a business outta it! lol anyways wish my holidays looked as kool as urs does take care y'all anyways. and Tim u is looking very hot hun mwah xxxx
Response: hahaha thank you :) I'l pay you later ;) It realy was a cool time and the holiday was awsom! It couldnt of taken place without the other guys though :) just keep stoping buy to see where I go to yet. I have no idea myself yet :)
From vikki
cant afford a holiday :(
Response: unlucky :) thanks for the message though :)
From Richard
Why wasn't I invited??
Response: I did ask but you waned to spend the week with some sheep!!! Book the time of for the October trip.
From Christoffe
Hi ho men. Cheers for a klassic holiday, and bravo to tim for creating this superbly descriptive and revealing website. I'm still nakered from last weeks festivities and my bollocks still cain. ANyhow, catch u all at friday nights partay probably!
Response: Yup, I need to get in touch with the chimp to sort that all out, he isnt picking up any calls!!! I'l sort it out though and let you know :D Tim
From Guv
Newquay Baby! Well if there's a few things I've learned, it's the mating call of the British Seagull, Bears beat Rhinos hands down! And a Surf Lodge is the port of call next year (with loads of girls in it preferably).
Response: I concur!
From Serena
oh my god you guys are so fit, i wish i'd of been in Newquay last week - its just so unfair, except for the dude with the fuzzy hair, whats going on there? Hasnt anyone told him that night fever was in the 70s?
Response: hahaha. Thanks very much :) we had an awsom time just gutted we had to come back. Do you have a travel site? WB
From Jono
Well what can i say... im so ill it must have been worth it!
Response: Jono you star. All I can recomend is you eat as much fiber as possible ;)
From D J Simes
Quality photos dude. you are soooo coool and rad wake board dude!!!
Response: Simon you nutter :)