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if your looking at this page you should know my stats already, if you dont your not my mate so bugger off!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 16 August 2006

what can I say... Contiki was freaking awesome!!!

after a (mostly) boring few days in utah my contiki tour & the couple nights in vegas beforehand where like a big slap in the face!

didnt actually get to my hole of a hotel in vegas till after midnight so I just crashed, ended up sleeping till like 2 in the arvo the next day I was that stuffed! as the shuttle driver told me 'they dont call it america's best value inn for nothing...' this place was seriously low rent, it just looked scummy. found out the next day some of the girls on the tour even had to swap rooms cos there was blood on their sheets!

after my late wake up I headed out solo to scope out the casinos, blew through New York, New York before stopping at the Rainforest Restaurant in MGM Grande where I was silly enough to try the bbq beef wrap with 'chips'. thing had me sick as a dog only half way through & the bloody 'chips' where actually deep fried potatoe chips, crazy friggin yanks... so I retreated back to my filthy hotel to recover, managed to get a hold of the tour manager (matt) though & scored a spot on their excursion that night so wasnt all lost!

so that night I joined my 'soon to be tour-mates' watching 'splash' a show about vegas's history. nothing stunning but couldnt go to vegas & not see a show, plus it was topless so...
after we decided to grab some tea at ESPN zone, a bar in New York, New York. everyone else ended up cabbing it but me, steve & nsw craig decided to walk the strip which took us the guts of an hour so we were definately ready for drinks once we got there! powered through my first american steak (bloody good too!) then most of the group headed into coyote ugly. was a good first night though, bar was pretty sweet & had all the girls dancing on the bar all night & i got to know vicco craig, whos a legend by the way, & the italian girls.

next morning i was offically on the tour & we where off by 7:45! got delayed for close to 3hrs though as there'd been a huge double fatality on the state line, minivans cant do shit against semis... this would prove to be the first of 4 crashes we saw today, infact we witnessed the other 3 & only narrowly missed the last one (read may have caused it...) we also watched 'final destination 2' which involved a lot of people dying horribly, some in car crashes, which kinda freaked a few people out!

finally pulled into bass lake around 8pm after what was a mammoth day of driving & got into relax/drink mode. matt had organized a pizza party with a beach theme so we got our rooms sorted then got stuck in.
jeff, one of the american twins, got a game of 'beer pong' started & after that we were hooked. ripper of a drinking game, you set up 10 cups at each end like bowling pins & half fill em with beer then take it in turns trying to throw a ping pong ball into the cups at the opposite end, basic idea is any cups you get the ball in the other guy has to scull. look it up, its a sick game!

after securities 8th or 9th visit matt wrapped the party up around 1ish so a bunch of us just started going from one cabin to the next, staying at each till the whinging roommates kicked us out. called it quits about 4 in anticipation of a big day at yosemite that had us on the bus at 7am...

anyways this is huge so im wrappin it up, will post more soon.

Thursday, 27 July 2006

Location: provo, USA

as boring as utah is its been a pretty eventful trip so far!

Flight over was pretty dull except that lleyton hewitt & bec cartwright were on the same flight, they were up the pointy end but bec kept coming into economy to talk to the entourage & i totally jammed her in the ribs with my elbow as she walked past, im so in! SCORE!!! dad also got me the wrong contact stuff & it just about set my eyes on fire, thanks dad, so that kept me on my toes!

Lone guy travelling with huge wooden crates so of course customs pulled me up at LAX! from the whole flight was just some business man, me & some other guy declaring his pair of high powered rifles that got pulled up. then after wasting 40minutes explaining they weren't WMD's they went & changed my connecting flight which then got delayed, the story goes on...

been pretty quiet most days & nights, plus we've had to go to heaps of lectures & stuff. the monash models absolutley KILLED the opposition 2! Koreans didnt make models & the other two looked pretty craptacular, photos dont do them justice! not looking like they're making a full scale version now though, apparantly they do that every other year.

actually managed to find/create a party last night too, after the presentations & dinner scott, the swedes (marcus & daniel), richo (my lecturer) & me headed out to find a sports bar after some pre drinks at the hotel. stumbled onto a place with a pretty cool live band so went & listened to the rest of the set. afterwards started talking to the band, turns out their from detroit, & decided to grab some slabs & party on their bus, an old school bus painted black. then some local chick got us into the pool area at some of the uni housing where we freaked out the norms with our drinking, smoking & swearing. security kicked us out after 30min... Then we took the band back to scottys hotel where they went all rockstar on us & threw all the furniture in the pool & we just sat around talking shit & drinking beer till 3am. by the way budwiser tastes like crap.

anyways gotta cruise got a big dinner in Salt lake tonight at some mormon temple before listening to the quoir, its gonna be awesome...


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