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Tizzles Big Adventure

(needs to be sung to the theme of Believe it or Not by Joey Scarbury - AKA Greatest American Hero Theme song)

Look at what's happened to me,
I can't believe it myself.

Suddenly I'm travelling the world,
thought it would be somebody else.

Believe it or not,I'm on my OE.
I never thought I could feel so free-.

Flying away on 747. Who could it be?
Believe it or not it's just me...

Love and miss you all

Diary Entries

Sunday, 05 March 2006

Location: Cardiff, Wales

Megabus SUCK ASS!

Well where should I start? First we missed the bus to get to Cardiff (by like 1 minute) we were right there and the barstard bus driver would not let us on. Even though he was arguing with us for like 5 minutes! Ass! Never mind we got there in the end! We ending up going with National Express they were much better (more comfy seats which is a plus esp on a 3 hour bus trip).

We ended up getting to Cardiff at about 3pm headed straight to the Hostel first to drop off our stuff and then moved on to millennium Stadium to get the 2nd half of the London Wasps V Leister Tigers game (Wasps won). We also got the full 2nd game where Bath Rugby lost against the Scarlets. What we saw of both games were pretty good.

The Stadium is huge too...we were so high up but it was great cos we could see the whole pitch.

After the games we headed off to the Walkabout to meet up with Phil and his brother John. Snakebites all round it was...we ended up staying there for a few hours, talking, dancing and drinking multiple Snakies...(well I stopped at 3).

It was so good to get out of London even though it was only for the night. It was great fun and would definitely go back to Cardiff again. Although I don't think it will be with Megabus.

Back in London now and back to reality.

Next even coming up is Jess's birthday (15th March) we are having a party on the 7th to celebrate her birthday and St Paddys Day. Should be a very big night out.

Wednesday, 01 March 2006

Location: Surrey, London, UK

Well finally I have caught up to the correct dates :)

I am now all moved into my new flat with my Kiwi friend Jess and two South Africans (Shaun and Lara). Its going really well so far and its so much better than living with those two Spanish biarchs (not saying that all spanish are horrible..just these two are).

We went to 'The Church' ( on Sunday and had a blast. Not what I expected. I mean it was. I knew about the strippers and all that but I was told it would be much worse. After the church we made our way to the Redback i Acton Town (took us two hours cos the wonders that we call the London Underground were suspended in parts - the main part of where we wanted to go).

This week has been pretty quiet so far. Work is coming along nicely, Im settling into the flat nicely and this weekend there are a few of us going to Cardiff for the Pwergen Semi Finals. Cant remember who is playing except for the Wasps...dont know why I only remember them.

Should be a good day/night there. Will take photos and post them once I have time. Will also write up about it when we get back also.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the nice hot weather back home while we over here in Londontown are freezing our arses off. Its been said that we are expecting snow again this week.

Until next time.

I gotta fly like a frizbee


Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Location: London, UK


Hope you have a great day :)

Just to let you know I am moving flats in a couple of weeks
My new address as of 25th Feb 2006 will be

7 Martin Way

phone number is 0208 715 3655

Monday, 06 February 2006

Location: London, England, UK


Well what a day we had on Saturday. It was mad! I loved every minute of it.Started drinking at 10.30am and finished at about 10.30pm throwing up in the middle of Picaddilly Circus - it wasnt pretty I tell ya...but I had so much fun. I havent had a good day/nite out like that in agers. I bumbed into so many people from Primary school to people I have met here...

We started off at Paddington and slowly made our way around the Circle Line so we could be at Westminster for 4pm to see the massive Haka performed outside Westminster Abbey. Evern though we were there before 4pm we still missed the Haka - we were back too far and I was way to short to see it. Then we lost everyone so after the Haka I asked some nice man to hoist me up on to a lamp post so I could see out over the 3000 odd kiwis that were there to find my friends. I didnt have much luck so I got on my cell phone to try them that way. But since about 1000 others were doing the same thing the lines were jammed! I did after about 10 minutes get through and find Jess...but it was a mission.

After the Westminster we managed to find a few people that we started the day with and headed towards Temple to try out the walkabout...but again since about 1000 other people had the same idea we couldnt get in so we hoofed it back one stop and tried the bars around there....It was great we ended up staying there for quiet a bit before heading off again to what was going to be my last stop....

Over all I had a GREAT day and I so can not wait for next years...

Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Location: London, UK

Okay so I dont know what I have got myself into for this weekend to celebrate Waitangi Day but take a look at this link and you will get some idea of what I will be doubt there will be some drunken (edited) photos as well as some (edited) update of what went on

Monday, 30 January 2006

Location: Venice, Italy

Well today I got up around 10.30 had a shower in my postage stamp sized shower I swear if I was any bigger I wouldnt of fitted as its so dam small.

I basically just walked around the city again and took a few different turns to what i had the last couple of days. I still ended up in the same place as I had the other times but still it was good to get there from another way.

Its been an experience coming here let me tell you. I would come back again but I dont htink it would be for a while. And it certainly wouldnt be alone.

I went to the airport at about 5.30 to get my flight (it wasnt leaving til 10.45pm but i was a bit of Venice at that stage and I really didnt want to cart my suitcase around with me for another 2 hours). So I got on the bus back to Treviso Airport and arrived there at about 6.30. I basically just sat around the airport and finally finished another one of my books (Im now up to 8 books - a pretty good effort for me I think)

It was finally time to line up and check it. It took awhile as there was some Gimp that had like 5 bags for himself and he was aguring with the check-in chick. Bloody Italians! It came to my turn and the lady said that I had to have my bag security check I was okay with this as the customs guy was HOT...I swear to god when he spoke and then bent down to pick up my bag I had to think to myself pretty quicky 'close your mouth and stop drooling' I definately think the accent helped! WOAH shame I couldnt take a photo.

Anyway ...
I would have to say that I think if you're on your own then two days and two night here is plenty as well all you do is walk around and see it gets kinda lonely when all you see as well is couples getting all romantic and blah blah blah... (Note to time come to Venice with someone - preferably a guy).

But overall I did have a good time and the next time someone asks me if they want to borrow my lips gloass and then asks where I got it from I can say 'Oh I got that when I went to Venice...Thats in Italy you know'

Anyway I dont think there will be any trips for another couple of months. I want to save up and go to Prague for watch this space

Sunday, 29 January 2006

Location: Venice, Italy

Bus trip from Hotel in Treviso to Train station (treviso): €2.00
Boat ride from Train Station (venice) to hotel: €5.00
Glelato in St Marks Square: €2.00
Getting taken out by a flock of Pigeons in St Mark's square: Priceless

Well Im here...Im in the city surround by water, in the place where if you want to cross the street you better have a life jacket on or you might drown.

I arrived in Treviso on Friday nite and spent the night there before heading to Venice yesterday by train. It was a bit of a mission to get here but I got her in the end safe and sound. Even after missing my stop for the train station. Lucky I could get another bus 10 mins later.

I arrived in Venice at about 1pm yesterday afternoon, I checked in to my hostel only to be told that oh sorry we dont have a room for you, even though I had booked it like a month ago! Luckily there was another hotel just around the corner where they put my up in (they paid too thank god).

Yesterday I basically just walked around everywhere and got my bearings as its so dam cofusing with all the little walkways...its great though. My hotel/Hostel is situated between St Marks Square & the Rialto its pretty perfect for getting around the place. (but Im a bit over walking over the Rialto Bridge now...I've already done it like 20 million times)

I am yet to go on a gondola but looking at it..going on one alone and having to pay like 65 Euro doesnt really appeal. I think I will just stick to the public transport, thanks anyway Gondola Men :)

I still get to go on the Grande Canal though and for like 60 Euro cheaper so hey might as well just stick to the pubic transport..and I see basically the same things that you would on a Gondola.

Today I went up the old churchy thingy thats in St Marks Square (when I get the correct name I will put it in - Sorry people). I took some photos and have manged to actually ask people to take photos with me in them so you wont just see building and bridges you will also see Moi (I know thats French but hey French-Italian same same).

I also when over to Lido and had a brief look around but considering I had no map, no idea and saw people that looked like they were in the Mafia I left pretty soon after getting there. I did buy some nice Pasta sauce and Spagehetti to take back to London with me and have a bit of a cook up when I get there. YUM YUM can not wait.

I think tonight I will brave it and go out to dinner on my own and have a nice BIG Italian meal, suprisingly I havent actually eaten much at all since I have been here. I have mainly just been thirsty all the time. I think its all the walking. Hey at least with all this walking around I am getting rid of the ASS i gained since leaving NZ (well it wont go totally but hey its a start.. and since I dont do much exercise at all apart from walking from my house to the tube station each morning and then back again at night). andyway Im sidetracking...back to Venice

Not to sure what I will do tomorrow...I think I will treat myself and do a little bit of shopping...

Havent really done much else execopt sit in St Marks Sqaure having some Gelato and people watching.

Until then

take care
(Pics to come soon)

Miss and love you all

Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Location: London, UK

Of to Venice on Friday. I can not wait. Even though I am going alone. I will know I will have a blast. Looked on the weather forcast though and they are expecting snow on friday...oh dear I better go get some thermals.

I hope all is well back home. Miss you all...will write about my Italian avneture when I return


Tuesday, 03 January 2006

Location: London, UK


Welcome to 2006. I hope that 2005 ended well and that 2006 will bring all the happiness you want.

I had a huge New Years...started off by celebrating the New Zealand New Years and ended by celebrating the UK New Years. 13 hours of solid drinking...Good effort I think.

Was a great night. Met some cool people. Missed out on the fireworks display but Im sure there'll be plenty more to see while I am over here.

I hope you are all good and not missing me too much. I will be going into hermit mode now until I go to Venice in a few weeks. I can not wait for that.

Until then be safe, be good and talk soon

Tizz Mizz Out!

Tuesday, 27 December 2005

Location: London, UK

Hey there folks

I hope you all had a very Merry Xmas. I did thanks to my very good friend Cath and her husband.

We just chilled out and had a very mnice relaxing couple of days...We didnt get a White Xmas Day but it did snow today...I was so cool to actually for once see the snow falling..I have never seen it actually fall before..Well not that I can remember anyway.

I cant wait for it to snow some more. Watch this space


Friday, 09 December 2005

Location: Canary Wharf, London (work), UK

Long way from home,
Lost by an echo
I’d never have known.

I’ve got pictures to prove I was there,
But you don’t care.

Here’s me overseas,
Across the pond by the Dover peaks.
I’ve smuggled myself into new nationalities,
You think you’d be proud of me.

There’s room to believe,
Out of sight,
Out of mind,
Out of reach.

Start over
Is no way to begin.
Long way from home,
Lost by an echo
I’d never have known.

I’ve got pictures to prove I was there,
But you don’t care.

There’s room to believe,
Out of sight,
Out of mind,
Out of reach.

Start over
Start over
Is no way to begin.

There’s room to believe,
Out of sight,
Out of mind,
Out of reach.

Start over
Start over
Is no way to begin.
No way to begin.
Way to begin.

"Out Of Reach" The Get Up Kids

Monday, 05 December 2005

Location: Brugge, Belgium

Bruges was amazing. So nice. It would of been much better if it wasn’t raining and we hadn't been delayed at Dover for two hours. And esp. since we all had gotten up at like 5am to get to the bus and leave by 7am. But we finally made it over the crossing and into Calais and over the boarder to Belgium.

We were a bit disappointed as we didn’t get to go to Brussels as we just didn’t have time to due to the delay. In the end we were glad we didn’t as if we had we wouldn’t of gotten into Bruges until about 10.30-11pm at night. Instead we got there at about 4pm and got to the Hostel before heading out and making our way into town to have a look around and get something to eat. First stop was this little store that had the best Waffles...the smell coming from it was just divine. Too good to just pass it by really.

After we met up with the kiwis and Aussies that we met on the ride down we headed off to dinner where we all got a 3 course meal and drinks for like €35.00 it was so nice. I got a Rib Eye Steak and it was divine. And for my entrée I got a Shrimp Croquettes (Sp) was so good and for dessert we got a Baileys Ice Cream with Belgian chocolate on top (of course) and vanilla custard as well.

I also tried this really nice Cherry flavoured beer and it was so easy to drink...too easy in fact (esp since it was so cheap as well).

After dinner we headed off to one of the local pubs and it was pretty good but most of us were pretty tired after the early start and long trip down so we headed back to the Hostel at about 10.30

Next morning (yesterday) we got up at about 7.30 to go have a shower and have breakfast before heading back into town to start our Chocolate purchases and boy was it hard to choose so I just brought everything pretty much. There were so many little shops and they all looked so good, but we found the ones we liked the best and stuck with those.

We also walked up (and down) the 366 stairs to the top of the bell tower in the middle of the city that was hard freaking work but it worked off the crap we had been eating and also gave us a good work out...which I so desperately needed. There were some amazing views of Bruges up there and yes I took a few snaps...will email them out when I get the chance...

After our walk up it started to rain again and most of us didn’t really think that it would rain while we were there we just thought about the coldness mainly. So we all hunted around for the cheapest place to get an umbrella. I think we brought the place out.

We continued to look around the city until about 3 when we had to make our way back to the hostel for our 4pm (Bruges time) departure to London. We again we had to sit on a cramped up bus for an hour or so before going through customs control at Calais and boarding the ferry across to Dover again! This ride was much smoother and on time. We finally made it back to Victoria station in London at about 10.15 (London time) exchanged emails and number with the Aussies and Kiwis I met and headed off home...

It was a great weekend apart from the weather...and if everything went according to plan and nothing go wrong then we would have some funny stories to tell...and it would just be boring. so Im glad for the delays and the running out of chicken on the ferry just before I got there...

The Kiwis (Jess & Clint) and the Aussies (Rose - her two kids Joel and Jordan, Nickey and a few others) and we have made plans to catch up again soon...Jess, Nickey and I are doing this Pub Crawl in a couple of weeks and it’s the streets off the monopoly board...(The UK version obviously) so that should be fun. it starts at like 10am....will have to drink lots of water in between otherwise I will be sh*tfaced by 1pm.

Anyway people that’s my trip to was great.

What I loved about Brugge
- The people
- they are so nice
- The chocolate and Waffles
- the Beer (that Kriek cherry beer is great)
- The architecture
- The food (it was all good)
- did I mention the Beer?

What I didn’t like
- The rain

Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Location: London, UK

Well still in Londontown

Its getting colder over here. No snow yet but its coming.

Off to Brussels & Bruges for the weekend. Just over night. For the XMas markets so I can not wait. Again I am going with the flatties. It should be good.

Anyway I just thought I would write a quick little entry to say hi and that I am missing everyone. I will write more when I get back from Belgium.

Also I still need to update my entries from America.

Take care

TIZZ MIZZ signing out

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