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Byron and Jamey's TLC

Welcome to our TLC travel page. Jamey and I will be heading to Thailand and meeting up with Chris early on on Koh Phangan. After that, the world's our oyster, so sit back and enjoy wishing you were with us!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Location: UK

Jamey; Hi everyone,
For everyone that doesn’t already know, Byron and I have completed our trip through Cambodia, and travelled back to Kanchanaburi, where we went on a motorbike ride to the Burma boarder, which we knew was closed, and stayed on a floating bungalow. The bike ride there was long and difficult with a broken down motorbike, and lots of rain. But we managed to keep up with our schedule.

Zooming back 250kms, stopping at the hot springs for lunch, then onto a minibus back to Bangkok for 2 hours, then a taxi ride to the airport, where Byron and I bid each other fair well and Good Luck!

Miss ya Bro!

Catch up again in 10 months, April 09 in Thailand for the Water Festival and Full moon Party!

So Byron is temporarily in Tassie, b4 he travels off to another ski season, which as anyone would know, he's like a little kid at Christmas, and can't wait to get there.

I'm now living in London, seen all the sites with-in 12 hours, got myself settled, and dived into the partying with my friend Jason and Jenny.
Then with Mikkie and Friends for the following 2 days.

I've been relaxing for the past 2 days, getting ready for the Job Hunting today!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Location: Siem Reap., Cambodia


Hey all, only a few days left now. Currently we're spending our last day in Siem Reap, after seeing the temples of Angkor for the last two days.

Been hanging out with a couple of Aussie blokes we originally met at the start of our trip, which has been a lot of fun. Cambodia is a beautiful place with a dark history, as evidenced by the Killing fields, Tuo Sleng and many other atrocities which have occurred here.

Anyway, off to Bangkok tomorrow and we'll be spending our last few days in Kanchanaburi, maybe do a day trip up to Burma.

It's been fun, so I'll put a few more pics up when we're in Kanchanaburi.

Have fun.


Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Finally put all those pics I've been meaning to put up. After losing my camera I only had Jamey's to deal with and it just isn't the same. However, I bought a brand new one today, same model, so all is right with the world again (thanks mum...).

Just arrived back in Bangkok again this morning. Only feels like yesterday that we were here. We're flying to Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia for those who don't know, tomorrow afternoon. Got to meet a couple of Aussie blokes we met at the start of the trip there and see the Killing fields, S21, fire a few guns, etc, before moving on to Angkor Wat. Then we'll be heading to Kanchanaburi to catch up with a few Thai friends we've made before we fly our separate ways. Not long to go now.

Have fun.


Saturday, 17 May 2008

Location: Thailand

22nd March 4 days Thailand - Bangkok 25th March

25th March 7 days Thailand - Kanchanaburi 31st March

1st April 12 days Thailand - ko samui 12th April

13th April 10 days Thailand - ko phan-gan 23rd April (Meet Chris)

24th April 2 days Thailand - Bangkok 25th April

26th April 3 days Laos - Don Det 29th April

30th April 3 days Laos - Vientiane 3rd May

3rd May 1 week Laos - Vang Vieng 10th May

10th May 3 days Laos - Luang Pragbang 13th May

14th May 4 days Thailand - Chiang Mai 18th May

19th May 3 days Thailand - Bangkok 21st May

21st May 4 days Cambodia - Phnom penh 25th May

25th May 3 days Cambodia - Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) 28th May

28th May 1 days Cambodia - Poipet 29th May

30th May 4 days Thailand - Kanchanaburi 4th June
Side trip to Burma Boarder
4th June 0 days Thailand - Bangkok 4th June

6th June Australia - Melbourne/Launceston

6th June UK - London

20th May UK - Somewhere

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand


Well, finally we've left Laos and have made it back into Thailand, Chiang Mai to be specific, after 21 hours of transit. Not the most comfortable experience but nothing that a few beer Chang's can't fix.

I'd have posted a few more pictures by now but sadly I lost my camera in the Nam Song river whilst tubing in Vang Vieng. I offered some local guys $100 to find it, which one did, but he demanded $500 to return it. Well, the camera's not even worth $500, so needless to say, I declined the offer. Once I get around to shrinking some of Jamey's photos I'll post a whole bunch so you can all see what we've actually been up to.

Anyway, we're here until saturday then heading back to Bangkok for the third time to see Genevieve off, then Jamey and I'll be making a rushed trip into Cambodia to see Angkor Wat, the killing fields and, if we have time, catch up with a couple of Aussie blokes we met at the start of the trip. Not long to go now!

Have fun.


Sunday, 11 May 2008

Location: Luang Prabang, Laos


Currently we're in Luang Prabang, arrived yesterday afternoon.

Very pretty place, we met 3 Israeli girls on a kayaking tour a few days before we left Vang Vieng, so we've been spending some time with them, apart from Genevieve who's been a bit sick of late.

The girls headed up north for a night and Jamey went with them so Gen and I are staying around in Luang Prabang to have a bit of a gander at the sites, eat food, play pool, go bowling, etc... Went to the night market last night and did splurge on some clothes a bit though. You can buy anything from beer Lao shirts, so machetes, so opium pipes and fluffy slippers for your baby. Some pretty interesting stuff there and all pretty cheap too.

Anyway, only a couple of more days left in Laos before we cross the border into Thailand and head to Chiang Mai. 21 hour bus ride, can't wait...

Have fun.


Sunday, 04 May 2008

Location: Vang Vieng, Laos


Just a quick hello from Vang Vieng. We ended up staying 3 nights in Vientiane, which whilst it's a lovely place, it's not exactly very happening. We arrived in Vang Vieng and unlike Vientiane, accommodation is cheap and actually easy to find, which is nice. Arrived in Vientiane at 7am and couldn't get a place until after 10am, so we did feel sorry for all those guys that arrived in the afternoon as only the expensive places would've been available.

Vang Vieng is quite a small town but the surrounding countryside is quite spectacular. In the distance to the west, across the river, you can see the huge limestone mountains, or Karsts as they're called, rising up high above the town. Makes for some grat scenery and photos.

Anyway, we'll probably do our tubing today, the power's been off all morning but it's finally come back on so I thought I'd nip down here and post this update.

Have fun


Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Location: Pakse, Laos


Ok, I stopped being lazy and uploaded a few pages of pics from Koh Phangan and the last couple of days here. We went to see freshwater dolphins yesterday, less than 12 left in this part of the world, and also saw the largest waterfall in southeast Asia 'by volume', which was a pretty impressive sight. Also, it was quite rustic staying in a place with no electricity during the day (generators at night only) and just riding around the Mekong, as well as enjoying the occasional Beer Lao... I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, we're on the road again and are awaiting the night bus to Vientiane, where we'll probably spend 2 nights before heading up to Vang Vieng to go tubing. I will post pics more regularly from now on, when I get around to re-sizing them that is...

Have fun.


Sunday, 27 April 2008

Location: Don Dhet, Laos


Currently we're in southern Laos, on an island called Don Dhet, which is part of the 4,000 islands in the Mekong in southern Laos. Spent a day and a half travelling here. Partly by night train, partly by air-conditioned coach, party by tuk-tuk, then saengthaew (a ute with 2 benches, walls and a roof), then longtail boat. Quite an effort!

So we're here to see freshwater dolphins, of which there are less than a dozen left in these parts. Also, the biggest waterfall in southeast Asia is also here, so that'll be pretty good to see.

So tomorrow I'll be lazy with pics no longer and actually update you guys visually with what we've actually been doing, just need to re-size them on the laptop so it doesn't take me 4 hours. Thank god Jamey brought that thing...

Have fun


Thursday, 24 April 2008


Hey all, just a quickie to let you all know that we've arrived safely in Bangkok. Actually had a sleeper train this time, so it was a LOT better than the trip to Koh Samui. We'll be here for one night, then we're heading east to the south of Laos, where we'll spend the next 3 or so weeks travelling up through there, then back down Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. We were going to go to Cambodia first but it seems as though all of us would like to see Laos first. Jamey and I are easy because we're going to see both but Genevieve, who's been with us since Koh Phangan, has already been there and Chris would prefer Laos too, so a bit of a change of plans.

Anyway, I'll put up some full-moon photos either today or tomorrow. Gotta get my camera sorted out, as I think there's some water behind the lens...

Have fun!


Friday, 18 April 2008

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand


Finally uploaded some more pics. Nothing too special, it's just that Jamey decided to off-load all my other photos onto his laptop, so I don't have access to the earlier ones I took. Oh well, such is life...

Been diving a couple of times, as you can see by the underwater photos. Beautiful spot for it, fish and coral are everywhere, so it's quite amazing.

Just been doing the usual, hanging out on the beaches, exploring the island and having a few beers. I hope all you people who are stuck at work are reading this...

Anyway, full-moon's in a couple of nights so the next round of pics I put up will be from there, so enjoy!


Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Location: Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand


Hey all, just letting you know that we've finally caught up with Chris, albeit a day late... We're on Koh Pha-Ngan. Roads are pretty average to ride on but they're all part of the fun I suppose.

I'll update with some new photos in a day or so, we've got our new cameras now, courtesy of Chris, so the quality will be a lot better, plus some pretty awesome underwater shots we took yesterday.

Anyway, take care and I'll update soon with more pics.


Friday, 11 April 2008

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand


Well, I've finally stopped being lazy and decided to update the site. Truth to be known is that I haven't really had a chance these past few days. We've moved from Chaweng beach and are now on the southeastern part of the island at a place called Hat Lamai. I must say, it's actually nice to have a beach you can actually swim in, unlike Chaweng which feels like a kiddies wading pool..
We finally caught up with Charlie again, even if he did arrive about 3 days later than he said he would. Done a lot of walking up to waterfalls these past couple of days and I swear I've sweated off about 10 kilos. Who needs a sauna, eh?
Finally went and saw a Muay Thai fight, although we weren't all that impressed with it. Having said that, it is only a regional centre and we did get cheap ringside seats, due to Charlie making friends with the bloke who sold us the tickets. I'm keen to see the best in Bangkok before I pass judgement though, as apparently the fights there are very good.
Had a bit of a night out after that, where I was luckily enough to get a lift back to the hostel on Charlie's bike with a Swedish girl driving it, who just happened to be staying next door to our accommodation, which is about a half-hour motorcycle ride from Chaweng where we all went out. How lucky is that? Plus she'd just been in Tasmania a couple of weeks beforehand. Pretty random.
Anyway, only one more day left on Koh Samui after today before we head off to Koh Phan-gan to gear up for the full-moon party (no, not that sort of gear). Haven't heard from Chris yet so hopefully he'll actually make it there, plus we're also meeting a couple of locals we met at Kanchanaburi, as well as Charlie coming across with us for a few days. Starting to build up a bit of an entourage!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos and I'll update some more when we get to Koh Phan-gan.

Have fun.


Saturday, 05 April 2008


Got some new photos up. Haven't been doing heaps. Went for a ride around the whole island yesterday, which was fairly hectic, considering what the other traffic is like. We went to visit a waterfall in the middle of the island where the highest point is and going up was a fair bit of a struggle! It was so steep in some places that we couldn't make it up with 2 of us on the bike! Great views over the western part of the island though.

Our mate Charlie, whom we met in Kanchanaburi, is meeting up with us tomorrow so we'll probably get up to a bit more action then.

Have fun.

Wednesday, 02 April 2008

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand


Well, after 14 hours or so in transit, we've finally reached Koh Samui. Pretty nice here, and hot, but that goes with the territory I suppose. Not much on the agenda for the time being, just going to spend a couple of weeks ehre while we wait for Chris to turn up. other than that, it's just going to be a bit of a lazy time just swimming, drinking and eating, so I'll update when something more interesting happens.

Monday, 31 March 2008

Location: Kanchanaburi, Thailand


Well we're finally leaving Kanchanaburi. Our overnight trip turned into a week long stay but that's all good as we've had a great time here. We've met new friends and plan on catching up with a few of them throughout our travels. I felt a bit sorry for this American bloke we met because he only arrived 2 days ago and met us all and now everyone we've been spending time with here has left today, so he's all on his own again. Just bad timing I suppose.

Anyway, we're catching the night train to Surat Thani to catch the boat to Koh Samui tomorrow morning so I'll update you all a bit more in a couple of days or so.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Location: Kanchanaburi, Thailand


Well we've finally bothered to take, and upload, some pictures for you guys to see. We've been here in Kanchanaburi since tuesday and have had a fairly full-on schedul every day. Started off by going to the tiger temple on the afternoon we arrived, then went kayaking the next day. Headed out to dinner with some fellow travellers we met whilst kayaking (Charlie and Nika), then back up again the following morning for elephant riding and to visit the Erawan waterfalls.
Went out for some drinks with Charlie which ended up being a blinder at a local bar, getting drunk with some people from the area, as well as some travellers we met on the night. The buckets were free-flowing I can tell you. Hired a scooter yesterday and rode that around most of the afternoon before crashing pretty early after dinner last night. Phew!
No plans for today so it's good to finally get a chance to report on what we've being doing and just to let everyone know that we're still alive. We're thinking of moving on tomorrow but don't really have the faintest idea of where to, so we may just hang here for another day before we decide on anything. It's certainly nice to get a chance to relax after a pretty full-on past few days.

Anyway, it's time to head off and find something to do, which isn't all that difficult around here, so I'll update again in a day or 2.

Have fun!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


By the way, if anyone wants to contact us via phone, the number is; +66 80615 9983.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Location: Central Bangkok, Thailand

Jamey; We caught a taxi into Bangkok central, walked around massive shopping centres, but I forgot my camera, so no photos (unfortunatly). Caught a Tuk-Tuk (that's an experience) back to the Guest House.

Going on a 2 day tour (elephant ride and see tigers at a temple, leaving at 9.30am(12:30pm your time))
Get back and then I think we're traveling down to Koh Chang to do some diving.

Spent around 6,000 baht each so far, around $250AUD each.

So not too bad.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Byron; Well, after a couple of days just lounging around, eating, drinking and exploring the surrounds of Khaosan road, it's finally time to brave the local taxi drivers or tuk-tuks and head into the city. We'll start taking some photos and uploading them so you all can actually see what's it's like so they'll be up in the next day or so.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Jamey; Made it safely to thailand, got here, jumped on a bus to khaosan road.
Slept for about 5 hours, went out for a walk, had a couple of local beers.
Went for another walk to find something to eat, Buddy Beer (restraunt) was nice. Curry was a bit hot but bloody nice! Drank more beers, came back to the backpackers (which is awsome btw), Played Pool, and drank a couple more beers, then onto the internet!

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Recent Messages

From Don Mcintosh
Hey Jamie,

Got your SMS looks like you are having the time of your life..funny how things work out.

You go girl...keep in touch.
Response: Jamey;Hey Don!

Great to hear from you! Yeah, travelling around, meeting lots of new people, partying, ect! Is loads of fun!

Will upload some more photos soon, I hope.
From georgie
Take care love hope no more cyclones in Burma.

Tell Jamey that I heard on the news tonight that 60% of Aussies are "fleeing" London because of job shortages, and returning home. xo
Response: Jamey; Eek! Dont tell me that! But I have heard on the news here about job shortages! Hopefully in my field, there is a high turn over, so I hope I wont have any trouble getting one. Cheers,
From Lance
You have massage???
Response: Jamey; We had a tour to Kanachaburi, which included a massage each! It was verrry good.. especially after the long day we had.
From Mr. WA
Hello Gents (and tag alongs).
It's good to see you're giving the ol' liver a good work out, it is "nice". However, what is the national sport in Laos?... Golf? Baseball? Basketball?
At any rate you should go catch some of the action. That would also be "nice"! Also have you tried your hand at fishing, maybe for one of the dolphins, i hear there are only a dozen left, just think about that sucker sitting above the fire place. NICE.
Continue the dream.
p.s. How do the buckets taste over there?
Response: Byron;

Ah, the buckets are fine and they only cost around $3. Have a couple and you'll be pretty gone.

National sport in Laos? Doing absolutely nothing all day, I should move here! Can't say we tried fishing for dolphins though, may be a bit hard to get through customs.
From Dan Reeve
Hey Guys,
Great to see you have made it into Laos. I'm sure you are loving how cheap everything is there! Can't wait to see some of your pictures.
Response: Byron;

Yeah I finally stopped being so lazy and put a few pics up there. The thing I hate about Laos is carrying around a ridiculous amount of money but I'm really enjoying the place. Oh and there's quite a few more ATM's now than when you came here, thank god...
From Dax
Man those pics from Koh Phangan look awesome.
Sounds like you area having a top time, hope Phuket is good for you coming up.
Enjoy, thankfully i wasn't at the office when i looked at the pics - i would have been very jealous
Response: Byron;

Hey good to hear from you. We'll upload more pics, esp. fullmoon party when we get to Bangkok. Looks like we'll be giving Phuket a miss this time around, as we're pretty keen to get to Laos as soon as possible. Can't wait!
From Camo
Hey Jamey & Byron
Finally checked out your site and love it. What a great way to keep every one up to date and green with envy. Looks and sounds like you guys are having a ball. All is good back here in Briz. Sharon and I have bought a brand new place, 3 bedroom town house, move in in june. Your guest room is upstairs with a view and pool nearby. Have a great time and stay healthy boys. talk soon. Camo
Response: Jamey;

Having a great time, full-moon party tonight. Went to a cross-dressing pool party the other night, pics of me in my bikini will be up soon...
From Maverick
[Jamey] Vodafone called to say that your phone number change has been completed. Tried phoning you but withoug any luck.
Response: Jamey;

Doesn't work here in Koh Phangan, so I'll try it in Bangkok.
From Georgie
Hi love
Glad to hear you're still safe and sound. Sorry I missed you on messenger the other night and only by 10 mins. or so. Look forward to the photos from your new camera. What brand is it? Take care. Luv ya
Response: Byron;

It's an Olympus. Chris, Jamey and I all have the same camera. We went diving the other day and took some underwater shots around a coral reef and I'm heading back there today. I'll upload the shots probably tomorrow if I'm not hungover...
From georgie's friend tri
Byron, heard you are off to laos too. I rode elephants there in Luang Prabang so hope you guys visit there too. River boats along the mekong very relaxing
Im travelling to europe in 10 days time and have a planetranger page called 'flying cowboy'
Response: Byron;

Yep, we'll be heading to Laos straight after here, will probably spend a couple of nights in Bangkok to catch up with a few locals we met along the way. Looking forward to tubing in Vang Viene!
From Georgie
some good compositions in some of the photos Byron, keep up the good work. Try not to cut the tops of peoples heads off, easier to do when sober. I'll make an artist out of you yet, but you're doing pretty good on your own. I can see some ideas for my own work.
Keep safe. xoxo Mum
Response: Byron;

Probably Jamey taking the photos then. He prefers it if I take them. I'll make sure to pass on your tips.
From Tamzin
hey Jamey [and Byron]

looks like you are having a great time. keep up with the photo's. The tigers were great. I bet that beats seeing them in Dreamworld. Make sure you take your cameras when you get to the full moon party place. that will be awesome. Pls look after each other there as i have heard some stories about the locals.

Have a beer for me.
Response: Byron and I cannot wait to get our new camera's from my friend we are catching up for the full moon party with! There will be lots of photos no doubt. Byron wants to do the dive course. But Is too much of a cheap skate and cannot afford it... oh well..
Hope your having plenty of fun at work! he he.
From Deborah (Jamey's Mum
Hey there Jamey,
Good to see you are having a good time and having a rest from work. Love all the photo's. I must of just missed your phone call.....I was out with friends eating at a Thai Restaurant. Have done the last 2 Sunday nights. Thinking of you. Love Mum xxxxx
Response: Byron and I have been eating thai food for the past 2 weeks, He he. Good to see your checking out the website and photos. Just laying back and relaxing on the beach, its fantastic.
From carol@tas
Hey great cat pics. glad you having fun dont forget to duck if you go ping pong you sound as if you are getting a lot done go for it all stay safe
Response: Hey Mum,

Having a top time, traveling around with Byron and Not having to work! Best thing is it is cheap as!
Probably a little cheaper then sitting around the house all day on the internet..
It's good to see everyone checking in on us!

From Lance
Have you had any Thai Lovin Yet ;)

I GIve you Massage
Response: Hey Buddy, There is lots of Thai lovin :P just dont tell my Girl Friend In Kanchaburi :P ha ha.
When are you going to come over here and get some of your own thai lovin? It's wikid cheap here!
From The Manor
Nice to hear it is so hot - wish we were there as it's been snowing here.!!!!!!!!!!
Response: Byron;

Yeah I had a look at the webcam. 90+kph winds too I hear? Should be in for a great season I hope so I'll lap up the warm weather while we're here.
From Mr. WA
Well well well, looks like Byron has a lap full of girlie, go get em tiger! We all want a good viewing of the locals and vistors on Byrons lap so keep up the good work! I vote u all go and watch a game of ping pong, straight away after reading this, because they are the best players in the world! Plus, u need to fire some guns, and not to mention some photo's after 3 or 4 buckets.
OK, i'll stop being annoying now, keep it REAL.
Response: Byron;

yeah, everytime we get on the buckets, the photos get forgotten. Had a blinder the otehr night when we were making our own. Just wandered down the beach, picking up an entourage as we went, was great fun. We'll probably make it to a show when we get back to Bangkok but I'm pretty keen to see a Muay Thai fight while we're here.
From Dan Reeve
Hey Byron,
I guess you can see now how you just spend days and days in the one place when you only meant to go for a day or two. Your travel plans look great. I really recommend a must see in Laos - Luang Prabang. The entire town is a Unesco world heratige site and there are some cool waterfalls there. You can really see the French colonial style here and the food is great. By the looks of it though you have a pretty packed schedule though so you might have to go there another time. Don't underestimate how much time you will want to spend in Laos when you are there. Beer Lao is in my opinion the best you will have on your travels and everything is very cheap.
Enjoy exploring the world my friend!
Response: Byron; Yeah we've certainly realised how easy it is to pass time here but that's ok, I guess that's what holidays are all about. We have that schedule we've posted but we're not really sticking to it that much and it'll get updated as we move through the place. On Koh Samui now as Hat Chewang. Very touristy but still pretty nice.
From Luke
Ahoy there brotherman, so stoaked to hear that you are having a ball. I am off next weekend to work in an Aboriginal community called Aurukun. It is near Weipa up Cape York. Check it out on the net if you get a chance. I love you bro and I look forward to hearing more of your adventure. Kiran sends her love to, so keep on keeping it creamy...
Response: Hey Bro, Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! Dont suppose you got any where with selling my car? Hi Kiran! How long is she in Australia this time? I hope its awhile! Send me some photos once you get to Aurukun. Peace out Brothaman
From georgie
nice pics love, keep em coming. Trish has got her planetranger site now even though she doesn't leave for weeks. Has already put some local pics up. her site is xoxo
Response: Byron;

Cool, I'll be sure to check it out.
From Liz Norrstrom
Hi Byron'
Liz here (Amy's mum) - I'm on the 'phone to your mum right now (10.45pm ish here). I hear you're having a great time over there - sounds good, I know Amy enjoyed it when she was over there. Just don't fall in the water, like her friend did! Guess what? I have met this fun guy from Launie. He is 45 and has a degree in zoology. He is working part time as a tour guide, taking foreign tourists to Cradle Mountain. He has also biked half way around Europe, and is in the process of setting up a Tasmanian business selling and promoting everything Tasmanian, via a website. Anyway, he is a lot of fun. We are going out to dinner next week with Amy and Daniel (Blades - do you know him? Muso, in a band called Hindrum. Did you know she is going out with him?). Must go as it's late - have heaps of fun!! Love Liz :)
Response: Byron; Hi Liz. I don't know about falling in the water but we've been wet more than a few times, elephant bathing, kayaking and swimming up around the Erawan waterfalls, which has been fantastic.

Did hear about Amy and Daniel, hope they're woking out well as Daniel sounds like a really nice guy.
From Dax
Hey Byron and Co. Hope you have a great trip! Seems as though you've got the travel bug mate!! Look forward to hearing more stories and seeing the pics mate - no colds this time hey!
Response: Byron; No we're pretty good at the moment actually. I'm pleasantly surprised that we haven't been sick at all, so hopefully that lasts a lot longer. Nice not to be running to the toilet every 5 minutes like in S.A...
From Mr. Wa
How u doin my boys of the north! Tell me, is the beer smooth on the palate, does it hit that special place in your hearts? More to the point, have u seen any good games of 'ping pong' yet? If not then why not no. 1, but moreover, when in Rome, no. 2! Keep it real! WA
Response: Byron; Nah, haven't seen a 'show' yet. All the other travellers we've met have said that you must see one, girls included, so maybe we'll get around to it at some point.

It is nice paying onlu a bit over a dollar for a longneck and the beer's pretty damn good too. The buckets the otehr night we're even better...
From Dan Reeve
Hey mate,

Hope your loving it over there! Khaosan road is a bit of fun and you can waste many a day just lazying around metting people drinking beer etc.

If you want to go shopping I suggest MBK and the centres around there. I used to walk to the river from Khaosan where I would jump on a ferry which is a great way to see the river and some of the temples etc on its banks. Then get off on the stop with the skytrain and take the skytrain to MBK. The skytrain is great because it has aircon and is quick. This way you avoid choking to death on smog in the back of a tuk-tuk.

Anyway make the most of it. Wish I was there with you. Drink a Chang for me!
Response: Byron; Yes, many a beer Chang has been drunk already. Did pay a visit to MBK and the Siam centre, then argued wit taxi and tuk-tuk drivers for the fare on the way back. Was happy that the tuk-tuk actually didn't take us via and shops and took us straight to Khaosan, which was a nice surprise.
From Georgie
Hey Byron Trish also wants to know how to upload photos to your site as she is heading of to Italy and France soon for about 6 weeks. And tell Glenn you have more important tnings to do and so has he, such a fixing my computer. It's got trojans and worms, not as dangerous as human viruses, if you know what I mean. xoxo
Response: Byron; Hey, it's actually a different Glen so no need to get on his case...

Umm, Trish will have to either start her own site, or send her photos to me if she wants them uploaded. Don't know why she'd want to display them on our travel page though???