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Tom Negus's European Trip 2008-2009

Hello, I am living in Geneva for the next 3 months. During this time I am going to travel with my family to Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany. I hope you enjoy my photo's.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Location: France

in three day we are going back to sydney and we have just come back from france and now we are in geneva. i am so excited about going home and i have enjoyed my 4 month trip lots and i have done so much. tom negus 2009

Tuesday, 09 December 2008

Location: Switzerland

on the tenth of december i will see one of my friends are here in geneva and i am happy.

Monday, 08 December 2008

Location: Switzerland

i am going to ski with my new skies

Friday, 24 October 2008

Location: venice, Switzerland

today i have come back from venice and i have seen not to much but lots of things like a tower that has fallen down suddenly and had to be built back up brick by brick times and a 900 year old palace witch the government live in and he gets elected for life at the age of about 60 or 70. The grand councillor also works there but he is elected for life at the age of about 20. there as one really good restaurant called aqua paza and I had some really good pizza and papa dele sea food pasta .

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Location: Switzerland

we have had a great time so far and have been doing lots of things and i think i have had a great time going on the boat and we have been to france i under 5 minutes and think that is great that we live right on the border because yo can take one step in france and one step geneva

Monday, 01 September 2008

Location: Point Piper, Australia

Today, Tom has registered with Planet Ranger. He is going to fill in this journal about once a week and put a few photo's in as well. We are leaving Australia on October 8th and are planning to go directly to Geneva, Switzerland.

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Recent Messages

From luke
yes I did get your email are you coming in year four
Response: yes

From luke
hi tom sorry bout the word VENICE will you be back in year four this week is so fun we are going to bronty beach today how are you were are you staying
Response: did you get my email and i am very good
From luke
hi tom your trip to venus sounmds great hope you are enjoying it
Response: yes i am enjoying it
From luke hulme
hi tom hope you are having a great school we are learning about the ocean.your pictures are great tom is it cold in venis.
Response: i am having a great time and i now that you are learning about ocean and this how spell venice V E N I C E
From Hery
Hi tom i no the ice cream in itali is good. where did you go on gongala ride by.
Response: in the same place in venice
From jake
hi bro howes it going? Must be fun travelling around around Italy. Did you go on the gondallas in venice?
Response: and yes i have been on a gondalla and i have nearly been back from venice for about 1 month
From tom negus
your welcome
From tom negus
you look cool in all thoses photos
Response: thankyou
From tom negus
hi how are you
Response: good thankyou
From conor
Hi tom once again.I think your in Venice??? mayby not.Your pictures are great.The sea food pasta makes my Mums mouth water (she likes it).

Response: well i am not in venice but the sea food was really good and tell ben when i come back i will take over him in the pool
From Warwick Negus
Tom, it looks like you are having a really good time. Please post lots of photos.
Response: you wish

From Ms Cole
Hi Tom,

I received your email the other day, It sounds like you are having a great time. We are all great in 3C. Tomorrow we are off to the Aquarium and Imax for our new topic "Sharing the Planet" We will post some photos on the portal for you soon.
From Ms Cole :)
Response: and i am getting a tutor and imis every body and tell them that i have just come back from venice and i will send you lots of photos
From Liam Slabber
Dear Tom how u going. How was the trip. Oh and tell me what you`ve been up to
Response: i am going well and the trip has been really fun how are you

From henry
Hi tom have you seen the eifle tower yet ? Wish you luck climbing it.
Response: not yet but soon
From Alexander Antonelli
Cool photos you mus be having a great time. What is the weather like? Hope you have lots of fun from your friend Alexander Antonelli
Response: thanks and it is quite hot and i am having lots of fun
From conr
Hi Tom How is your trip going ? Well if it is good keep it that way or better!!!!
Response: Hi Connor, I am in Venice this week. We went for a ride on a gondola - which is a boat with a man standing on the back !
From Matt mat
I hope your hoilday so far has been good wo ya sorry I have not be sending you messages that often bye bye from Matt matt with a double t OK!! GOD!!! no one understands me!!!
Response: yes so far i have had a great time. How has your holiday gone so far ok talk to later bye.
From Matthew L
Have a graet time in ........ Where are you going again owell. JUST HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!! OK don't worry this won't be the last message I send you.
Response: ok by

From Tom's class - 3C
Hi Tom,
Can't wait to see all of the photos that you are going to post for us and hear about your travels. Have fun
Response: Thanks Everyone