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Sunday, 06 April 2008

Location: hue, Vietnam

hey, its been a while since i wrote anything on here.finding the time to get on the internet is last time i wrote anything i was in sihanoukville in cambodia,had a fun time there, bit of a party town really, will be like thailand in a few years im sure. from there we went to phnom penh for 3 days, quite a shitty place to be honest, never seen such a dirty city, and many mopeds. we did some exploring, saw some temples, and then we went to the S21 jail from the pol pot era, was an eary sad place as only 11 peopel ever came out alive from there, around 3000 were tortured in the most horrific ways possible.we went from there to thye killing fields where we saw the mass graves where many thousand upon thousand were murdered and burried alive, was a very emotional day to see a very sad and shocking part of cambodian history,whcih only occured in the last 40 years. after phnom penh we took an 8 hour bus journey to saigon in vietnam. on the way our bus hit a cow whcih was weird, but quite normal apparently. once in saigon we had a free day befroe meetiong our new tour leader for the vietnam leg of the trip. we decided to chill out and go to a waterpark which was awesome, until i really badly buggered up my shoulder on a zip line, i dunno what i have done but its still not feeling good.we later met our new leader and new group memeber and went out on the piss. we had another 3 days in saigon to see the war remnents museum from the vietnam war, which was interesting and horrific in the photography of agent orange victims.we then visited the viet con tunnels at cui chi where we went down into the tiny tunnels, they were so cramped and hot it was very claustraphobic.we also got the chance to fire ak47s which was weird.we then went to the mekong delta for a boat trip and tour round the islands in the delta to see the various craft places and farms. when we got back to saigon we had a local dinner of scorpions, crickets and crocodile. was very weird but now i can say ive eaten scorpion, tarrantula, crickets, crocodile, ostrich and drank snake wine. we had final half day in saigon befroe heading to get our nite train up to nah trang.i will rite more soon. take care

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Location: sihanoukville, Cambodia

hey all
sorry i havent beeen in touch, the mobile network in cambodia is pretty non existent, even in the cities, and this is the first time ive had time to get on a computrer in a week.havin a really cool time, still in cambodia, its a strange place, it is soo poverty stricken its horrible, then you travelo out and thgere this beutiful counf\rtyside, and the beach where we are at the moment is beautiful,yesterday we charteder a boat whcih took us to an empty island and we had our own private beach.was really wouldnt beleive how cheap everything can get lunch, dinner, and get pissed on 5 quid a day!we have therefore been getting pissed, everynite!they do these crazy dribnks called the mekong bucket, which is half a bottle of whisky with red bull and coke, which costs one pound. they get you very drunk.

have seen some amazing places, the temples of ankor wat are so stunning you cant even put into words.literally hundreds of temples that were handcarved 1000 years ago, was real impressive. then we have been to a floating market in the river in siem reap, was strange, its just an entire townm that lives on boats in the river and the lake, and each one is a shop. was very poor people which is sad, so many beggars, everywhere, peopel without limbs, kids etc. there were kids floating in big bowls and the were begging and had snakes round there necks! after sieam reap we have been to a town called kompong cham, was a sleepy town but we went on this amazing bike ride. we had to cross the river to an island in the middle of the mekong and to cross you go over this bamboo bridge which the build each year.was quite nerve wracking as its quite rickety and you gte over taken by mopeds non stop. they love there mopeds in asia, jesus, theres millions of them.when we got to the island there was this really cool set of villages, all wooden shacks on stilts, and kids we cycled passed they were all just stood there saying hello and giving us high fives, was quite funny, and really good fun. everyone agreed it was one of the highlites so far as it was real cambodia and the kids were just so happy to see us.

after there we stayed a nite at a homestay in the middle of the jungle. tehre was two houses on stilst so the group split in two,i eneded up in the house with the three couples on the tour and hannah, and being as there was only doubles, i shared with hannah. shes really cool, into same musci and talk bout music festivals etc and shes off to uni in sept to do geography. we got really pissed at the homesaty, the family we stayed with just go to bed but we stayed up till three drinking. we were all worse for wear the next day but we have been much the same every morning.

been to some really cool bars. in the middle of these poverty stricken topwns there is like a western bar street so its good for the partying. we leave sihanouville tomorro mornig to go to pnom penh.i think its gonna be a toiugh time there as we will be seeing the killing fields from the pol pot regime wen they executed 3 million peoiple. after that we are off to vietnam. has been really good so far, hot as f--k non stop, temp hasnt gone below 20 even at nite, the hotest day was 42 degrees.was very sweaty. nice to be at the beach with a breeze for a few days.

the group im with with is awesome. i was rooming with ali, but he is now sharing with his girlfriend and i have my own room.ali is kool, his and essex boy and likes footy ect, we get on really well, then theres becky from reading whos really chilled and cool, chat to her non stop, hannah is also from reading, really pretty girl and ood fun.and theres harriet who lives in london whos funny as she has some serious blonde moments. jamie, who is alis girlfriend is cool, tho she is a bit whiney. us guys are all of similar ages so spend most time toegther. then there mick and claire fro oz, mick is brilliant, hes 33 but he acts younger, hes hilarious with the most infectious laugh. the other couple is adam and lucy from cambridge, there really nice but very stick up the bum posh. theres greg and pete, greg is only 18 and hes a bit strange, says he has a girlfriend but once hes had a beer he gets quite sleazy.pete is kool, hes an irish australalian who lived in manc for two years so we can chat bouyt that.theres two quiter womean, diane and jaqui from oz and canada, they seem less open as everyone but are really nice.

then there are the two black sheep of the group. katie and francesca, there from muswell hill, which wen they said that, it all made sense.they are soo stuck up, complaing about the cost of things!its dirt cheap yet they complan and are rude to lots of people, they havent even made an effort to get to know the group so they are always on there own which doesnt bother the rest of us, the gruop leader con who is cambodian cant stand them.hes probabaly the biggest pisshead of the group, he loves his beer, which is kool as it means hes just one of us.

so im not missing much? no gossip?i heard the weather was crappy over there, i feel for you, hehe.
take care

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Location: bangkok, khao san road, Thailand

well im here, landed safe and sound after a good flight. shame about the delay but these things happen, and it turns out it was because the place kinda crash landed and had to be repaired before it was used at least we were safe after our wait. arrived in bangkopk at nite, soo humid but nice to be away from gales and freezing weather.checked into my plush hotel, its amazing wat 25 quid gets you, i have an executive room for 2 nites. got offered 'a men with tits' as the bell boy said when carrying my bag, then the taxi guys at reception offered me men or women for cheap, i shouldnt laugh, its terrible the sex trade here, and i knew id get offers but not as soon as i stept into the hotel. today ive ventured to the khao san road to do my touristy bit. its really cool, kinda like a giant camden but more intense, and stinks of shit and sewage more than camden haha. had a gorgeous thai green curry and a beer for 2 quid, not bad if i say so myself.bangkok is crazy,the city is one giant traffic jam/market. everyone is selling something or driving startin to wonder if all the indoor places arfe just empty. oh and i even took the dreaded tuk tuk, i wanted a taxi but coudlnd get one, so i risked it, and low and behold, the tuk tuk man took me straight to where i asked, no detours to a gem shop or anythin, i was surprised, and it only cost me 40p. tomorro im gonna hit a few palaces and get many a photo of a fat shiny smiling budda i expect. then on saturday morning i head to my hostel to meet up with my group to head to cambodia. so i may not write anything for a few days.we will see. u keep seeing the stalls selling deep fried bugs etc, and the little voice in my head(which sounds like byz and bambi)keeps saying go on toby, bet you cant do it lol. so u never know, you guys know what im like when theres a challenge. anyways, hope all is well in windy england, and scotland, and any other lands that i may have forgotten. oh new zealand, that was the other one. \
love to all
take it easy

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Location: london, UK

well here i am,sitting in heathrow airport waiting to depart on my travels. my flight to bangkok hasd been delayed by 6 hours so will be leavin at 3am now. oh well. here i go. will updatye everyone in a few days as my time is runnin out on the comp.byeee

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