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Tom's pics

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More from HK

Still Having a ball here......


T-man loose in hong Kong!

Been here a week now and loving every minute of it....These are the only pics I had time to put on....but I will update soon....Love u all. :)


Another Messy Night At Fisho's

Ok sure I know its not the classiest venue in town, but if your keen to let your hair down, drink beer out of jugs, play air guitar and pretty much make a dick of yourself....there's no better place to go then "Fisho's".


Christmas 2005

After having been over seas last festive season, it was nice to be home to enjoy christmas with those who matter most to me.


My 21'st Birthday weekend!!!

My 21'st birthday happened right in the middle of exams, so we delayed the celebration for a week or two. My parents and I went down to Sydney for the weekend to have dinner with my brother Sam......then Sam and I hit the town.............


Cape Town Nov 04 - Mar 05

After Singapore i needed time to clear my i packed up and headed to beautiful Cape Town. Once there I took the advice of my room mate Timmy and "MADE SOME f--kING NOISE."

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Recent Messages

From Stinne
You are fine.. (-;
I just wanna ask you, where can I find Modelpics of you?
And where are you from?
Stinne (Denmark) (-:
Response: I'm from Australia....are u a booker?
From Michelle
Saw this link from a friend of a friend of a friend etc on MySpace. You (+ your brother!) are well toit and you should hang out in Syd more because its cool.
From Milla
Hello beautiful boy!
Been such along time!! Saw this link on your msn and had to have a little look. Looks like you've been havin fun.
I'm i norway still, but will be heading back to Australia end og feb. Cant wait to get some sun, it's freezin here!!
Hope to catch up sometime!
Love, Milla
From Ludo
i've recently discovered your website...interesting,but could u please tell me who is your main/mother agency???'cause i work as well as a booker for a Swiss model agency...and i should be so happy to obtain a few info about u through/via your model agency.
Response: Hi mate. Nice to hear form you. My mother agency is "Viviens models" located in Brisbane Australia. contact: Talk soon Ludo....