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Tomi+Angi - Turkey, Syria, Iran, Armenia, Georgia

Our new plan is: Travelling in Turkey, Syria, Iran, Armenia and a bit of Georgia for 2 months

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 09 June 2009

Location: Kerepes, Hungary

Hello everybody!
I know I disappeared for a while but we are OK and at home finally. The journey back to Hungary was terribly long and tiering but still better than fly because somehow it belonged to the journey. We had beautiful and amazing time with lot of fun and adventure. It was hard to believe that we had to come back and now we have to go back!!! We will try to be at work on Monday, but it won't be easy...
I am ready for the next plans :))

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Location: Vanadzor, Armenia

Hello again!
We are in a big hurry as usual to manage to arrive to Istanbul on time but the weather is not very nice (wet and cold) so we prefer to have indoor programes. Today we had a long (10km) walk but we got really soaking wet and got lost then missed the last bus as well... Tomas and his plans... not always working well...
Anyway we are here and it is bit better to sit here in the warm room ;) We are waiting for the dinner at the guesthouse.
Dilidjan was a very nice place but Armenians don't come just if the weather is nice and it wasn't this time. It is very green with lot of forests and hills. We visited two more churches, one is hidden in the forest but unfortunately under reconstruction so the pictures won't be too nice.
Yesterday we had a nice dinner and with the other guest from France, Ukraine and Switcherland continued with a bottle of Armenian cognac. It was a great evening changing our experiences and opinions about the country and people. Cognac is very famous here, one of the best called Ararat (the most important place for an Armenian, which is in Turkey at the moment...) The border with Turkey is closed and they can not visit the mountain but can see from many places (from Yerevan as well). Armenian people are very religious and go to church regularly. For instance when we visited the monastery in Gerhardt it was just the same day when students finished secondary school. All of them visit a famous church to say thank you for their success. It is a nice tradition.
If everything goes well we will be in Georgia tomorrow. It won’t be easy because we lost some time today and there are few more places we would like to see here around tomorrow. In a week we have to be on the train to Budapest!!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Location: Dilijan, Armenia

Hello friends!
Ohh my God we are so close to Georga now... and we are very close to the end of the journey. It is always hard when we feel good somewhere and do not want to leave but have no choice. We had to leave Yerevan today and we promised to come back (we make this promise almost everywhere:)) We have two more days in Armenia then two in Georga.
I don't know if I have mentioned but I have a good Armenian friend who lives in Yerevan so she help us during these days. We could use a car as well what made our life much easier and could visit almost everything around Yerevan. Lake Sevan is one the nice places and of course there is a beautiful church everywhere.
From Sunday to Tuesday we made a trek with tent not far from Garni Temple (amazing place) which was nice but difficult for me as usual if I have to walk more up than down ;) and have to sleep in a tent waiting for the bears ;))) ok we did not see bears BUT we saw snakes!!! It was a kind of Canyon with lovely scenery. We have a nwe forest friend - Alexander from Russia who lives alone in the middle of the National park and loves it...
That is all for now, take care and see you soon.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Hello again from Yerevan city!
I can't believe, this is the first time I have quite a lot of time on internet and it is fast as well! Unfortunately I haven't got my cable to the camera so no photos... sorry... I will really try and put a lot soon, I promise.
Now you have to read again :) I can not believe but we have only two weeks left, next Friday we are back to Hungary!
Here is still same super, I feel like home, really! Only big difference is the language, it is really strange here with Russian, but they like it, so let it be. Luckily we both can read Russian without it you are almost as lost as in Iran :) ok... a bit better.
We have quite a nice colour now, thanks to the very nice, sunny weather here and the long walks in the countryside. I think finally I have lost some kilos as well :))) maybe more in Iran becauase without the possibility to use card, we had to have enough cash with us for the all trip. It was scary to have the money in our pocket all the time and we did not have enough either, so we had to be on really low budget. However, I would like to go back once, especially if they change their strickt system and will be a little bit more flexible. We have few friends there now and I know that for them it would very complicated and expensive to come to Europe (just imagine they need visa to every country they want to visit!).
Ok, have a very good weekend!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Hello from the capital city of Armenia!
You should see with your own eyes this. This city could be really anywhere in Europe! It is so lively with lot of students and lovely places for tea or coffee... green and clean... I really love it here! I would like to be a student again and study here for a year so two :))) It will be hard to see everything what we want but will try to walk around today and see the buildings and maybe the best museum as well. Armenia is the oldest Christian country in the world surrounded by Muslims and has a rich cultural heritage. Almost everybody can speak Russian but lot of them English as well here is not a problem to ask or just have a nice conversation with people. The country is friend with Russia and the USA as well!!! I do not know how they manage it but believe me they do… Iran is friendly country as well but they do not like Turkey and Azerbaijan at all (wars/conflicts happen regularly).
We will travel around Yerevan in the next few days then continue to North and leave the country to Georgia where we are going to stay just 2-3days and finally finish in Turkey/Istanbul again.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Location: Goris, Armenia

Hello everybody from Armenia!!!!
Here we are and this is one of the best place I have ever been in my life!!! There is everything - mountains, green forests and amazingly friendly people. Finally I can wear T-shirt and be without covered head which is really great if the temperature is around 35-40.
We left Iran on the 16th May, just on time before our visa ended without any problems on the border. We had to wait an hour for the Armenian visa but got it. We are staying at family run B&Bs which is a great experience (food and wine/vodka). We speak russian (Armenians speak very good we very bad:))) which is very funny but good to have at least basic conversations.
We will continue to Yerevan now but on the way we will visit few more beautiful places. Especially the old churches are amazing (they are ususally built on rocks and have mountains around).
We have 10 more days to enjoy here than back to Turkey and Hungary....

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Location: Kurdistan, Iran

Hello-hello from Kurdistan!
We are very close to end our journey in Iran an will try Armenia as well. Tomas is preparing for a good wine and something stronger as well... 3weeks without alcohol was enough for him.
Kurdistan is beautiful as well, very close to the border with Iraq but looks peaceful for us. Today we had starnge conversation with soldiers about our passport and that we should have a copy of it as well... they wanted to arrest us not having it :) real joke...
We are not far from a nice lake but I have no chance to try it, still in black coat and scarf even if it is 40. I can not understand this at all.
In a month we are in Britain again...
I am getting tired sometimes but tonight we have a nice hotel room and shower :))) I have washed my black coat as well, I need it for two more days!
Next time probabaly from Armenia...

Monday, 11 May 2009

Location: Shiraz, Iran

Hello everybody!
I am so sorry but here in Iran it is very hard to find a place where the internet is fast and I can write. We have 5 more days here and now I can say I know much more about the country and the people even I am still quite far from it to understand everything.
There so many great and friendly people here and I can say I have friends here after 2 weeks!!!
Yes, about the smile :) I just have to start and then they answer with an even bigger! Women are the best under their big black scarf/veil... they always try to speak with me but of course it is very hard - never mind we can usually understand eachother:)
The weather is getting really hot here and I have my black coat all the time and the scarf on my head... crazy...
We are moving North from today and will finish in Tabriz again. Maybe will try to buy a carpet:))) last money...
I wish I could come back but I have bad memories as well, I will tell once I am back.
Have a great week and enjoy the sun without a coat:)))

Friday, 01 May 2009

Location: Rhast, Iran

Hallo again from Iran!
After few days I am getting used to the situation here but I tell you we can see that people are not happy with this stupid regime eigther! Everybody wants change but tha state and the church is very strong and people are simply ignored.
It is a beautiful country and people are helpful and friendly. I try and smile at everybody and especially women and as I see I also get it back :)
We are in Rhast but we spent 2 really nice days in a village called Masuleh where people have a bit bigger freedom.
We continue today to see the Caspian see and have a good tea:)

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Location: Tabriz, Iran

Hello from Iran!
Hmmm, here we are and this is our first day in the city of Tabriz and I feel like in a circus but unfortunately I am the attraction... the women are in balck, long coat and scarf and look really serious. You can imagine how I look with my smile even if I really try not look and not to smile. It is very hard for me :))) I hope it will change soon or I won't really like Iran. In Turkey or Syria I never had this feeling.
We have lot of plans and lot of travelling so I do not know how I will manage with internet and this one is also very slow, so I can not put pictures :((( I wanted to send you few.
Our last days in Turkey were busy as well but we saw some amazing places again. The lake Van in unforgetable with the island
Yesterday we visited Isah Pasa palace not far from the Ararat mountain. Ararat looks like Kilimanjaro, huge and beautiful.
Tomas is having problems with his camera, hopefully won't be a serious problem because here is not easy to find help.
We are fine anyway, sometimes a bit tired mainly because of the long bus journies. In Iran we will travel by train as well which should be more confortable.
We will stop in few places before Tehran and I will try to write...
Have a lovely day and send me a big smile because I really need it here!!!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Location: Turkey

Hello from the Iranian border,
we are very very close and wanted to cross the border today but it was too late when we arrived to Dogubayazıt. It is a really small town and looks quite poor as well but we have found a nice hotel with an amazing view to mountain Ararat. The sky is clear but it is cold here we are above the see level as well at least 1500m. The mountains around us are coverd by snow. It really beautiful again.
Last few days we were in a hurry again there were so many things to see and visit. Today morning we arrived to lake Van after a night journey (7hours) and went to the nearest island called Akdamar with a wonderful Armenian church on it. You will see the pictures...
Anyway it is really time to leave Turkey now (or should I say Kurdisthan) because last few days we had a bad feeling that people were cheating us. We had to pay ridiculous amounts sometimes.
Tomas started to be really angry with the local youngsters/gangsters - too many disturbing questions.
Next time hopefully from Iran...

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Location: Antep, Turkey

Hello friends from Turkey again - this time Gazyantep.
Syria was amazing but we were in a hurry again because we had only 3days to see Latakia (where we had friends and a great time with them), Damaskus and Aleppo. We have to go back there because we didn't see just a small part of it.
Every city is thousands years old and the people want to speak with us everywhere. Just few words usually and we have/get big smile and big welcome everywhere. I really like arabic people. Girls are nice as well and they try to have few words with me and sometimes they ask me for a picture together. I bought few really nice scarfs and I have to wear it in the mosques. In Iran I will have to wear all the time.
Food is so good and we try to taste everything. We won't lose any kilos like this:(
We are going East now and in 5days we should cross the border to Iran...

Friday, 17 April 2009

Location: Güzelyurt, Turkey

we are still in Cappadocia but further South in a small and very strange (for me at least) town. Cappadocia is famous for it's churches from the 12th, 13th century which were built in the rocks and even people lıved in "houses" which were cut into these rocks... you can google it if you want...
We started our trip ın Göreme one of the famous place to see these special rocks. We stayed in a cave hotel called Coco :) It was really wierd but definitely interesting experience. Yesterday we slept in Mustafapasa and today we visted one of the underground cities and few more churches around this town.
We were hitchhiking from Mustafapasa (about 80km) and had some really nice experience with Turkish people and their friendliness. First one was a truckdriver who dıd not speak a word in English but we had really nice journey and "conversation" with hım, next one was a family (father,mother,son) but the parents were really old and really cute. Especially the old lady who looked lıke my grandmother and looked us so nıcely... we even got some special Turkish sweet from her! Tomas could practice his German with the man.
The weather is extreme today we had snow!!!!! It ıs too early to be here... at least 2 weeks...

Next trip is the Ihlara valley tomorrow then slowly down to Antakya and to Syria.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Location: Konya, Turkey

Hello from Konya!
We have few hours until our bus is leaving to Göreme (small but very famous village in Cappadocia). We are going to stay there for few days before we leave Turkey and spend 3-4 days ın Syrıa.

This time I would like to write few words about our life here in Turkey, maybe it will be interesting how we feel here. First of all, yes it is a bit expensive for backpackers but if you are careful and try to negotiate, it is not impossible to survive with relatively low budget. The life and people are great and there is such a friendly atmosphere almost everywhere that we often forget that we are not at home.
Everything is clean (maybe cleaner than at home...) and people like talking to you just for fun. They always ask where is our home, if we are married and all sort of questions what we do not always understand:)
Food is amazing but sometimes really expensive and they do not write the prices everywhere so we have to ask before we order something. I really like Ayran which is joghurt with water but very good and healthy!
We usually travel by bus or local bus, called Dolmus - again the price is changing all the time, depending on the driver, the weather or anything ;)
Accommodation (clean,small room, private bathroom) for 30-40lira, usually with breakfast... so far...

Oh yes - sea kayaking was unforgetable!!!

Have a nice day....

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Location: Konya, Turkey

Hello from Konya!
We have few hours until our bus is leaving to Göreme (small but very famous village in Cappadocia). We are going to stay there for few days before we leave Turkey and spend 3-4 days ın Syrıa.

This time I would like to write few words about our life here in Turkey, maybe it will be interesting how we feel here. First of all, yes it is a bit expensive for backpackers but if you are careful and try to negotiate, it is not impossible to survive with relatively low budget. The life and people are great and there is such a friendly atmosphere almost everywhere that we often forget that we are not at home.
Everything is clean (maybe cleaner than at home...) and people like talking to you just for fun. They always ask where is our home, if we are married and all sort of questions what we do not always understand:)
Food is amazing but sometimes really expensive and they do not write the prices everywhere so we have to ask before we order something. I really like Ayran which is joghurt with water but very good and healthy!
We usually travel by bus or local bus, called Dolmus - again the price is changing all the time, depending on the driver, the weather or anything ;)
Accommodation (clean,small room, private bathroom) for 30-40lira, usually with breakfast... so far...

Oh yes - sea kayaking was unforgetable!!!

Have a nice day....

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From Kev
Hello travellers!

Hope all is well and your enjoying yourselves.
A work query for Tomas... was an order placed for all 50 permanent pipe hangers on the west deck and should they all be on site???

Sorry to put that one on you mate.

Speak soon

Response: NO WORK YET!!!!!
From Lauren
Hello.... I can't believe how quick the time has passed since you left in March..... Its looks as if you've had an amazing time..... I can't wait to see the photos.... We'll have to catch up when you come back to the UK..... Enjoy the rest of your trip..... Lauren x
Response: I can't believe either! We are at home! One week and have to go back to work! It will be very hard... I have put some more pictures.
From Denise

Cognac? Without me? How dare you! :)

Looking forward to you coming back and seeing your photos. Enjoy the rest of Turkey and then Budapest!

Dee x
Response: Thanks and see very soon... I promise we will bring something to drink with us!
From Veronika&Franta
Hello you two, love your messages. Hope you enjoying the hot weather there. Well make most of it because it is cold in Uk. Noooo, it is not 2 bad right now. Have a good time on you last days of traveling and call us when you get back in UK. Take care. Vi and Franta
Response: Thanks yes we are having a really good time!!! It will be hard to go back... we are in Yerevan now with my friend who is a university teacher and it looks that half of Yerevan is a university! Lot of students and great atmosphere. See U in few weeks somewhere in the UK :)
From Dominika
ahoj! Teda Angelice ten habit nezavidim, tady je normalni kvetnove teplo, uz probehlo i par opalovacek, ale predstava te saly a tak... brrr... A beha alespon Tomas solidarne taky navlecen?
Jinac uz je ale to prave sklipkove pocasi:-))) Tesim se na vas
Response: Sklipek mate v Cervnu (5-7). Uz jsme v Armenii a tady je nejvetsi pohoda!!!! Uz konecne nemam na sebe kabat:))) Bylo to opravdu tesky, hlavne kdyz bylo 40stupnu. Promin za to cestinu....
From JaMaHa
Hi there,
I thought I'll give it a try today: broke into Hajni's email and searched on Angi and found the link with this site sent in 2007 when you were planning the South American here I am!
Really beautiful places you're in my friends!!! Well done! I wish we were there with you. We're missing you and the sunshine from your pics, looking forward to seeing them all! I'm going to Lisbon at the end of July so there's plenty of time to catch up. Janka is missing Tomas's belly...
Can you please let me know when you're in BP?
Response: Well done to you, I am very sorry I did not tell you about it... we are in Armenia now and we love it here! The internet in Iran was very slow that is why I could not put on any pictures. I will try it here! Take care and see you very soon. We are back to Bp on the 5th June and will stay for few days. Britain on the 15th June.
From Dany
zdravime vas z Knovize. Fotak uz funguje? U nas vse normalni - prace vseho druhu. Patrika uz ma svuj velky pracovni stul, chystame se na Pohadku, dnes jsem objednal Japonku na rok (misto Filipa, aby nas nebylo malo ...). Velice mile nas prekvapil koncert Tiny Turner, z koni jsme meli natreseny zadky ale bylo to take dobre. Tak se mejte ...
Response: AHoj,
zdravime z Yazdu,mesta v pousti. Asi jsi slysel, ze jsme se v Turecku trochu rozsoupli ze jsme si ani neuvedomili, ze mame nechat hotovost na americanami blokovany Iran. No, nejak to prezivame, vlastne zdrave, protoze misto v taxiku chodime za mestskymi pamatkami pesky. Jen nevim,jak to udelame s temi koberci...
Fotak: je to ten zasranej objektiv, ktery se mi vzdycky posere na cestach. Nejde autofocus a musim fotit na plne otevrenou clonu. To by jeste nebyla tragedie, ale dnes odpoledne se jeste pridalo, ze se mi obraz ztmavil. Cteni na displeji ukazuke napr cas 250, ale v hledacku jen 30. Vysledna fotka je presvetlena, takze musim digitalne o 2 kroky tmavit. Samozrejme v interierech a vecer jsem v hajzlu. Ani manualne ostrit se uz nejak nedari. Jsem totalne nasrany.
Co ta japonka? Co to je za podivny obchod? Vyhody???
Kde v nemecku filip bude?
zatim ahoj, Tomas
From Dougie
Hope you guys are ok and enjoying your journey.
Here is a big smile for you :-)
Response: Thanks Dougie!!!! It is getting better now, but it is hard to see the women's situation here... big simle for you too :)))
From Lauren
Hi both, i love your photos and stories..... it looks like your having an amazing time.... take care..... Lauren x
Response: Thanks yes it is amazing here it was a great choice and Syria was perfect as well!
From Denise
Ok, I'll go first :)

Ooooh so jealous especially of the sea kayaking. Lovely pictures - you both look very happy and relaxed.

Caravan is fine - just whatever you do, do NOT go to Ebay UK and search for caravan spare parts Oxford, ok? ;)

Love to you both x
Response: Hello!!! Your message has arrived:) Keep away from our caravan! :) Yes it is very relaxing and we enjoy every sıngle minute!
From Dominika
Ahoj, tak jak dopadla vase jizda na kajaku? Cvakli jste si morske vody? Neni to nuda jezdit jen po mori kolem plaze? Slavi v turecku velikonoce? V jakem jste se pohybovali prevyseni behem tracku?
jinac velikonoce probehly na chalupe standartne, v pondeli dopoledne se hral petang a tatuv tym vyhral... jak jinak:-)
Response: Ahoj,tak nuda tady urcıte neni. Plaz jsme nemeli jenom asi trikrat.Kajak byl fajn ale museli jsme porad makat. Velikonoce jsme slavili v Syrii. Moc dobre. Tady jsou nejlepsi lidi na svete!!!
From anni
sziasztok kedveskéim
tegnap írtam de lehet hogy nem ment el. talán valamit elpuskáztam.
mindenesetre most még egyszer boldog névnapot kívánok az egész család nevében. talán több sikerrel írom most ezt a levelet. angyalkánk minden szépet és jót neked neved napján. várunk benneteket haza februárban.
sok puszit nektek
Response: Szia!
Azt hiszem mar honapok ota nem jutottam fel erre a honlapra,megprobalok irni majd a fremail-rol mar, ami a kovetkezo:
Puszi mindenkinek
From anni
Kedves Angikánk!
Névnapod alkalmából sok szeretettel köszöntünk, kívánunk neked jó egészséget, boldogságot, jó kedvet a kedves párod mellett még számtalan sok évig.Végig csodáltuk a délamerikai képeket, köszönjük, hogy veletek utazhattunk.
Anni, Gergő, Mama, Papa.
From anni
legyetek üdvözölve!
örülök hogy minden gond nélkül megérkeztetek.mamáékat holnap reggel informálom is.mi jól vagyunk,jénében minden a régi.kriszti nyíregyen,gergő útban prágába,reggel ötre érnek oda.írjatok ha tudtok.minden érdekel veletek kapcsolatban.
sok-sok puszi anni.
From anni
kedveskéim !
remélem szerencsésen megérkeztetek.jelezzétek egy rövid igennel és megnyugtattatok .
mamát,papát naprakészen informálnunk kell.
Response: Sziasztok!
Tegnap reggel 9kor erkeztunk Bristolba,rendben vagyunk,de ma mar dolgozunk sajnos. Nehez ez ket csodalatos honap utan,de nincs mit tenni. Szerencsere ket het es itt a szunet...
Ti is jol vagytok?
From anni
sziasztok kedveskéim !
tegnap már nem akartalak benneteket zavarni ,épp a szülőkkel beszélgettetek .lassan letelik a hosszú szép szabadságotok .remélem az utolsó napok is jól sikerűlnek mint az eddigiek.sokat gondolunk rátok ,papának mamának is megmutattuk már az eddig elküldött képeiteket.persze akkor lesz az igazi ha majd ti fogjátok kommentálni.használjátok még ki az utolsó három napot amennyire csak lehet .aztán jó utat hazafelé.angliában is elérhetők lesztek ezen a honlapon?
puszilunk benneteket
Response: Szia!
Hat igen,itt a vege lassan...menni kell haza,de az elmenyek megmaradnak. Holnap repulunk vissza Limaba,Peruba,majd kovetkezo nap New Yorkba. Ott lesz 10orank,megnezni kicsit a varost,majd indul a gepunk vissza Walesbe. Vasarnap reggel erkezunk,lesz egy napunk pihenni kicsit es hetfon mar dolgozunk.
A honlap meg sokaig elni fog,probalok majd kepeket tenni,meg irni is egy keveset.
Puszi mindenkinek
From Magor
Hi there,

Of course I can make it to Bristol. Will be waiting on the 9th of December at 9 o'clock in the morning at Bristol airport! Can you pls let us know the exact flight just to be on the safe side?
See you soon!
Magor & Hajni
Response: Szia,meg egyszer nagyon koszi a segitseget,meg egyszer reszletek: Continental Airlines, New Yorkbol. 9kor erkezunk.
Probaljatok varni a kidobo reszlegen,vagy kicsit korozzetek,akkor nem kell fizetni... probalunk sietni...
-Tomi szama elni fog,amint lehet...
From magor&hajni
Hi Guys!

Just took a look at all the pics together, hope to see more when you're back. I see you're having a lot of fun, but believe me we have more (so to speak) with painting walls, uneven ceilings and old window frames.
You have to refresh my memory do you fly to London and take the bus to CF? If so please let me know the exact date and time and I'll be more than happy to give you a lift to Llantrissant!
Looking forward!!!
Response: Sziasztok!
Megvagyunk,de repul az ido,lassan ti mar mindent kifestetek...
Nagyon koszi az ajanlatot,azt hiszem nagyon orulnenk es ha nem gond elfogadjuk.
December 9-en vasarnap regel 9re erkezunk,de nem Londonba,hanem Bristolba.
A nagy kerdes/keres az lenne,h el tudnatok/tudnal jonni ertunk oda? Tudom,h nem ket perces seta,de ha nem gond,nekunk nagy segitseg lenne.
Sok puszi es elore is nagyon koszi
From anni
remélem patagónia is ugyanolyan szép mint a többi hely amelyiken már jártatok .drukkolok hogy jól sikerüljön az utolsó tíz napotok csillében .aztán majd nagy szeretettel várunk haza benneteket
puszi anni ,mama,papa
Response: Szia,kicsit most eppen hideg van,nagyon fuj itt a szel,ezt en nem kedvelem,de ki kell birni meg ket napot es utana indulunk tovabb.
Ti is jok legyetek,pihenjetek,hallom nagyon sokat dolgozol...
From anni és kriszti
nagyon szépek az új képek ,apa és lacó itt vannak jénében üdvözletüket küldik nektek .most már én fogok nnéhányszor írni nektek mert kriszti elment nyíregyre és magamra maradtam de legalább megtanúlom ezt is .látom kicsit lefogytatok de nagyon csinosak vagytok jót tett az utazás .várjuk az újabbnál újabb híreket millió puszi anni
Response: Sziasztok!!!
Ma megis elindulunk,megpedig repulovel. Aou majd megmutatja,h hol vagyunk a terkepen:)
Puerto Monttbol-Punta Arenasba egy ora mulva.
Az mar igazi Patagonia... nem tudom,h mikor tudok megint irni,lehet,h csak 5nap mulva...
From Kriszti, Lacó
Hallom balesetet szenvedtetek! Kérlek szépen titeket, nagyon vigyázzatok magatokra (egy napszemüveg csodákra képes). Itt minden rendben, Lacóék megérkeztek nálunk, én meg holnap este költözöm vissza Nyíregyházára (végre.. :D). Egyébként jól vagyunk, mamáék is , bár mamának már egy ideje fájogat a karja :S. Papa jól van, fűtöget, elfoglalja magát. Anya is megvan, ő meg folyton dolgozik, sokszor nagyon fáradt... Na de rólunk ennyit. Sok puszit küldök nektek! Vigyázzatok magatokra és egymásra! Puszillak titeket mindenki nevében! Cupppp, sziasztok!

Kriszti, Lacó
Response: Megvettuk a napszemuvegeket,remelem,h mar nem lesz gond. Mar nagyon keves idonk van hatra,megprobaljuk nagyon kihasznalni,azert nem hallotok felolunk,de megvagyunk,elunk,virulunk es lassan elindulunk haza,jo lesz mar otthon es mindjart itt a Karacsony is!!!
From Apu,anyu,laci

A szemetekre ne használjatok kamillát,mert kiszárítja.Hogy vagytok.Minél előbb jelentkezzetek!
Response: oksi,mar kicsit keso,azzal borogattuk vegig,rosszabb nem lett...
Ma elerjuk vegre Patagoniat,nem tudom,h mikor tudok megint telefonalni,egy ora mulva indulunk ti meg meg nem vagytok otthon...
From kriszti és anni
laci apád szerint már csilében vagytok .Reméljük továbbra is jó utatok lesz ,földrengés nélkül .Vigyázzatok magatokra .Puszi Anni,Kriszti
Response: Szia,igen itt kicsit mas az elet,mint az elozo ket orszagban,egeszen otthon erezzuk magunkat.a gond csak az,h dragabb is mint korabban... meg van ket hetunk hatha kibirjuk anyagilag...
jok legyetek,remelem mindenki jol van,
From Freya, Shona & Neil
Hey there, Glad you are enjoying yourselves even after the visa hassles. Great photo's you are soooooooooo lucky! Had to cover Freya's eyes from Tomas's raunchy photo's - (Tomas I take it the water was very very cold!!!)

Trust you are going to treat yourselfs to some five star luxury at some point.

Keep on typing it's great to see what you have been up to.

Freya, Shona & Neil
Response: Hello,
it is very nice to here from you!!! We are in Chile already and we have only two weeks left!!! Unbeliable... it is so nice everywhere. I have to say thank you for Costain to let us see all of this.
See you on the Xmas Party:))
From Kaposi family
Sziasztok! Nagyon Vigyázzattok magatokra, érezzétek jól magatokat, várunk haza benneteket :) a képek nagyon szépek, és jók, köszönjük.
szeretnénk látni majd, és olvasni a megjelenő könyvet is! Sok-sok puszi!
see you, respect! by: peti,
Response: Sziasztok, family:) Jol vagyunk,most mar Chileben,ami nem sokban kulonbozik Europatol,szoval azt hiszem most biztonsagban vagyunk. Az emberek nagyon kedvesek,sokat segitenek,egyre tobbet tudunk spanyolul,mivel ok nem nagyon beszelnek semmilyen nyelven...
Majd meglatjuk azt a konyvet:))))
Sok puszi nektek meg az egesz csaladnak