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Diary Entries

Sunday, 18 June 2006

Location: Munich, Germany

Australia vs Brazil

Well I wasn't feeling very well today as you can expect, so I decided to inflict a drinking ban for several days. I must say thankyou to shanno for taking me to the hospital and looking after me, I think she had a total of about 7 minutes sleep. We headed into the centre of town to meet up with Sal Anderson as she was in town with Anto Perry. In the process we managed to lose a sleep deprived drunken pumpy he just wandered off and i think he actually ended up at fanfest (earlier that morning he was spotted walking into the campsite with no shirt and his pants slung over his shoulder - good look). We then headed out to the english gardens to watch the game. These are gardens which surround some lakes, and there's a few beer gardens there as well. We managed to somehow get a seat, we were indeed outnumbered by the brazilian fans and the brazilian bandwagon jumpers but we still yelled our little aussie lungs out. Nothing much happened post the game we just headed back to 'the tent' for some well deserved rest.

Saturday, 17 June 2006

Location: Munich, Germany

Today we had the chance to go to Duchau concentration camp which was probably the only bit of culture/history on the whole tour, stupidly all of us (except wise ol Shanno) decided not to go thinking we would go during the next week needless to say we never went. We instead decided to have a quiet day in preparation for one of the biggest nights on tour the Samba party. The fanatics had organised a party on the eve of the Australia v Brazil match which was for all of the fanatics around 1500 I think and supposedly about the same number of brazilians. Unless the brazilians were wearing aussie gear and attempting to drink a stein though there nostrils, there was not one there so the fanatics kinda dropped the ball on that one. It was quite amusing to watch guys walk up to girls and say 'ola' to which the girl would reply 'I'm australian' to which the guy would then walk away. But anywho we still had a cracker of a time and consumed many a stein, the footy show dudes also made an appearance, I tried to hug fatty vautin had a bit of a chin wag (by this i mean yelling in his direction) with Matthew Johns. Colin Hay (lead singer of men at work) was also there but none of us recognised him and Stu thinking he was just some random actually asked him to take a photo for us. So we were treated to a live performance of Land downunder which would have been the 730th time I had heard it in the space of a week. Post the party we again moved onto sosolitos bar were more table dancing and drinking was done. Watching the guys there is like watching a pack of hyena's. After being there for about 2 hours I began to feel quite ill, this feeling got progressively worse as the night went on to the point where I was physically ill in the bathrooms downstairs. I then went back to 'the tent' where i continued to be sick to the point where I actually went to hospital to get an injection to stop the vomiting. For those familiar with my similar affliction at the rocky B & S several years ago, slaughteritis had struck again. It wasn't apparently from the drinking it was a stomach bug.

Friday, 16 June 2006

Location: Austria, Germany

June 16th

White water rafting was the order of the day today, had a bus take us into Austria to the wild rapids. Took about 3 hours, a bit longer than it should have been as our pommy bus driver had no idea where he was going - I could see the point Orbit was making which I referred to in my last entry!! When we got there I couldn't wait to get out onto the wild water. The water looked amazing but freezing cold at the same time. Suited in my fluro pink and yellow jacket, and my wetsuit, which I must say I looked spectacular in. We hit the water, it was a bit rough we went for about 3 hours, they took some photos and I definitely had my game face on. Was great fun, I managed to stay in the raft somehow, dec got the prize for falling in the most deadset mongard. Anywho we headed back to Munich this time with a german bus driver, we got there in 2 hours - love those germans. Was a pretty quiet night when we got back to camp, by quiet I mean in bed by 2.30am.

Thursday, 15 June 2006

Location: Munich, Germany

Nothing much happened today as we were all hugely hungover. We all decided to head out to the fanfest, which is where they have the big screens to watch the games. It was actually at the olympic stadium which is one of the big stadiums in Munich. Just a quick story that I thought I should tell you, as we were walking to the train from fanfest quite a well dressed man in his early 40's came up to us and said 'guys guys guys you have to help me' seeing that he was quite distressed we of course offered our assistance, to which he said 'there is very sexy girl over here who want to have sex with me in bushes, but I have not a condom I will pay you for one' After quite a hardy bout of laughter one of the guys was happy to oblige his request, he was then very thankful and proceeded to run off.

Was a pretty quiet night when we got back to 'the tent' as we all were feeling the effects of the previous night.

Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Location: Bad Durkheim/Munich, Germany

June 14th - Travelled from BAD Durkheim campsite to the bright lights of Munchen/Munich, I said my goodbyes to Orbit, Ooter and Thomas the non english speaking pole saddled up on the bus and made our way there via the autobahn. After about a 6 hour bus ride we arrived at our new campsite called ´the Tent´ descriptive I know! After setting up the tent which I must say was a fine specimen of tental architecture we decided to have a few beers as germany were playing poland. It was a huge match and very closely contested. We supported our adopted country with great vigour as they won we celebrated into the early hours of the morning at a bar called sosolitos shown to us by some local germans of which there name escapes me, (could have been fritz and olga) Sosolitos was to become our second home in the coming days. There was plenty of table dancing and perhaps just a touch of Cosby, which I must say ze germans were quite impressed with. There were also several requests to the DJ for Ring of Fire, blaze of glory, and a new favourite ´we are german´ a song which I may have eluded to earlier, the requester shall remain anonymous. Pumpy was again a drunken disgrace and further confirmed his reputation as some form of animal.

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