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Mattys Travels 05/06/07

Primo fun in Canada snowboarding, Chilling out with family Vancouver/Victoira and partying with the bro in San Fran! Most excellent trip, an amazing massive country, haaappy times! Great to be in NZ, summer is pumping....!

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Recent Messages

From Lesley
Hi Matt,
After viewing the photos of Amsterdamage, am looking forward to catching up with you there in September.
Response: see u soon mate
From rodrigo
that´s what i´m tlkin´´bout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!
thanks man, good memories.
Response: yeh u know it amigo!
From cuz Milly
How wasted does Madu look in jessie & Mines Lounge!!! HA HA
Response: yeh that was a funny night
From Cuz Milly
You look really good! and we will have no Naked girls thanks JP !!!
Response: JP just wants 2 be a porn star....
From rodrigo
where are all the pictures of me and you and the fellas dog???? i hope you at least e mail some. que paso compadre. pronto hablamos. ciao
Response: bro, u r the man!
Bier NOW!!!
Response: drink piss nowwww!
From S Kelemete
Sole, you are livin la vida loca, Im happy for you, enjoy yourself and party hard, Before I come ova dea and smash cuzzie!
Response: just put me through to da manager.....
From joey
excellent bro - you take after your big sisters good looks!!! I love the photos they are cool!!! Now enjoy saving your pounds in London honey XXXX
Response: yah, the save is on......
From Mum
Hi Numba 1 Son
You look brown and happy
Sadie looks nice
You certainly look well
Love Mum X
Response: cool mum glad u liked them
From MT
looks like you had a great time Matty. Hope all is well and take care. Pasqui says hi!
Response: all is good in the hood
From JP
I'm packing my bags cuz cu in about a year!
Response: see u soon DJ puabes....
From Hany Guirguis
told ya Mad Dog ,
Represent , take one 4 the team , show us the proof hey.
Good on ya Jubrony , have fun
p.s. West Tigers beat the Cowboys in the NRL grand final
Response: f--king r u ?
From JP
I wana see naked chicks!
Response: u just want to be a porn star