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Welcome to Cooley's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Location: Australia

Gday all

Well we have been back a week now and slowly getting back into the regime of things...
We had a great time and would like to thank everyone involved and look forward to see everyone again. We have just uploaded some bangkok photos so sorry for the delay as we have had to get back to work and all....

Love Sean and Debs

Friday, 09 May 2008

Location: Hampton Park, Australia

G'day everyone,
Well, we have been back in Australia for two days & still haven't had chance to update the photo's. We will try for this weekend as we still have shopping, etc to do.
Sean will be starting his new job on Monday in the arvo, so he gets another sleep in :-/
We will get the photo's organized and up loaded by Sunday (fingers crosed), so keep watching this space.

Wednesday, 07 May 2008

Location: Australia

Hi all,

Traveling back to Oz today, having to get up at 4.30 am to catch the flight at 8.10am. The flight was none eventful which is great for a flight. E got back home around 10pm, so a bit of a long day

Dad & Edna came to the airport to pick us up & drive us back home. A BIG HUGE 'THANK YOU' to then for doing the pick up & drop off and also looking after the house & puppies,also doing some DIY around the house for us as well, they did a bril job. THANK YOU

So back to normality tomorrow with trying to get the washing done & reacquaint ourselves with the puppies.

Hope you all enjoyed reading about our travels as much as we did having them.

Friday, 02 May 2008

Location: Thailand

Hey all

We went to the river kwai today as well the tiger temple.

River Kwai
a most beautiful and scenic spot but it is ashame that it is scared with the history . Those japs had no mercy and i felt really sorry for the ppl who were prisoners and for those who died there. Before the river kwai we went to the war graves. A peaceful and scenic spot. Will put pics on as soon as. The river kwai has become quiet commercialised with a market there seeling their goods to tourists. But hey anything for a buck.

Tiger temple
Debs was smiling from ear to ear. She patted a puddy tat " I DID I DID " We reckon the tigers were sedated as they were so docile. But hey you had to be there. We had pictures done so will put on as soon as.

Going to bed now as we are knackered as the trip was 3.5 hrs driving coming back

Thursday, 01 May 2008

Location: Thailand

Sorry sis we forgot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 23 years young. Miss ya and love to all

Sean and Debs xxxx

Thursday, 01 May 2008

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Gday all

Yes we are here in Bangkok safe and sound. City is a shithole but the ppl are so friendly they empty your pockets without you knowing. lol. otherwise all is good had our first massage today. A well needed one. We off to The river Kwai tomorrow so that should be nice as well as Tiger Valley where debs gonna pat a puddy.... purrrrr meow..... going to get some sleep now as so tired from all travelling. Catch ya tomorrow

Love Sean and Debs

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

We fly out today to the land of the East so we will catch up if and when we can so that we can tell you what happened. Not looking forward to 12 hour flight but hey lts a hard life been a jetsetter hahahahaha..........

Monday, 28 April 2008

Location: UK

Well today is our second last day & boy has the time here gone quick, two more sleeps & we leave UK. :-(
Sean said his goodbye to his kids last night so he's not feeling the best but can safely say, 'they all had great fun together' with loads of photo's to boot.
We are off to see Roma this morning and our good byes to Marion & Gerald tonight.
We are sorry we didn't get to see everyone that we would of hoped to but the time has just flown by. Its a shame we only got to see some people once instead of a few more days but as they say, 'time fly's when ya having fun!!'
Well, we hope everyone we saw had a great time with us as we did with them & a HUGE THANK YOU to Nick and Liz for putting up with us for three weeks & their hospitality. XXX

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Location: UK

We all had a great night last night for Nick's 40th birthday bash. The stretched Limo was an added bonus which Liz organised (please see pic's)
After having a slow brekky, Nick picked up his folks to pick up their car in Southampton. Then the gang went out (Nick, Liz, Sam, Liam, Shannen, Daniel & us) to Portsmouth to the Aquarium. The kids where pretty excited to see the different kind of fishes.
With no lunch we tried a couple of places for dinner which ended up being The Pilgrim Inn in Marchwood.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Location: Gosport, UK

Gday all

Went iceskating with the kids and boy am i unfit. Shows ya you need to be fit for the excercise i suppose. Going out tonite with the rat pack for more alchahol... Need to book into the AA me thinks....hahahahahaha

Friday, 25 April 2008

Returned from Bath so gonna have a chill out as drunk so much. Nick and Liz were up until 4.30 am but debs and went to bed at 2.00 am still a good night out and had a lot of fun. I must say the architecture in Bath is amazing. Romans new what they were doing....

Tomorrow going to take kids out so we will see what happens. See ya on the flip side

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Location: Bath, UK

Going to Bath today for a two days so more drinking and socialising with Liz (nicks Partner) brother Sean great name.... he reminded me of Benny Hill. Went to the roman baths there and had a pamper day as we needed it. Felt really good as we did the works. will add pics laters

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Location: UK

St Georges Day....

Nicks 40th birtday as well so let the beer start flowing.
Had a pretty relaxed day today so nothing really to tell. Just drinking ourselves to an oblivion hahahaha

Monday, 21 April 2008

Location: UK

We have returned from Torquay and Sean is victorius in winning the Torquay cup.
Deb's had a very enjoyable time with friends (Rich, Mandy & John) in Bournemouth, pretty good night had by all & a relaxing brekky in the morning. It also gave us chance to see JamieLee and SammeeJo both great kids although it was strange seeing John as a doting dad. :-)
Going to see kids later today so talk laters

Friday, 18 April 2008

Location: Torquay, UK

Gday all

I'm off to Torquay for a boys weekend with my mate nick... golfing and having a few drinks basically just catching up as we have not seen much of each other since we have been here. Debbie off to see some mates down Bournemouth tomorrow so we will catch up with you guys later. Sorry about the lack of photos just the pics are to large and it takes sometime to download them. So hopefully debs will be sorting them out today

Okies bye for now and kelli i will look for some spoons down there babe.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Location: Eastleigh, UK

Took kids out to the movies today and out to lunch. Pretty quiet day as we are tired with all the travelling. Debs stayed home and had a lazy day oooooooooooooo poor baby she must be getting old cant keep up with the pace hahahahaha.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Location: Windsor, UK

Today was the d-day for taking the kids to Legoland.

We started the trip @ 9:15 & arrived @ 10:45, the kids were pretty good in the car, then again a threat of going back home without going to Legoland might have something to with it ;-)

We took Sam (Liz son) with us as it is the school holidays here & he was at a loose end, so another child made no difference. Nick happened to give us 2 for 1 vouchers so we only paid for one adult & 2 kid’s, £84 later & we were in.

It was a pretty cold day but good just the same, the kids were on their near best behaviour with only loosing Daniel at the end of the day. Sean found him at the security office in the warmth & playing with Lego whilst we were all freezing our butts off looking for him.

Sean was pretty stressed part of the day but enjoyed himself the rest of the day. They did most of the rides they wanted to but I decided to take the photo’s, as it was day for Sean & the kid’s to bond & I still had loads of fun as well.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Took Sam, Liam, Shannen & Daniel swimming at The Rapids then lunch followed by going to the cinema to watch Horton Hears Who.

Went to see Marion & Gerald who both send their love to all.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Location: Eastleigh, UK

We left Milton Keynes around 2pm and had an uneventful trip back.

Didn;t do much just unpacked and chatted for a while with Liz & Nick

Friday, 11 April 2008

Location: Milton Keynes, UK

The trip to Milton Keynes took longer than expected but we arrived in one piece.

It was excellent to see Rich again as he has been going through a bit of fertilizer & when we left he received excellent news.

He took us to a 18th century house with stag’s on their lawns very picturesque would have been nice to be able to use my filters but with the new camera it was impossible.

We also went to driving around the neighbourhood for a day but the weather was pretty average so we stayed in most of the time.

On out last night we went out for a few drinks with Rich & Colin (one of his friends) it was a pretty good night. Thanks guys.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Location: York, UK

Hey Ppl

The sun is out must be a good sign of things to come lol...We went to the grand ole town of York today and saw the York Dungeons where the famous Dick Turpin Spent his last few days. Pics to follow. We did a tour and saw a dramitisation which was an absolut larf. Felt sorry for ppl living in those times. Went to the castles as well and again the Jews were persecuted. Those poor blokes dont get a chance in life do they? For all those who wnt to come over for a holiday York is a town to visit for the food , The ppl and of course the history. In the end having a great time so will contact soon.

Off to Milton Keynes tomorrow to see one of Debs Mates so woohoo. Talk then

Sean and Debs

Wednesday, 09 April 2008

Location: Whitby, UK

Gday all

We went to Whitby today and saw Capt James Cook place of residence while learning to be a sailor i suppose. It is a beautiful town but the Northern accents get to me as i just want growl back at them hahahahaha. We went up to the Whitby abbey as well which was a beautiful church that was ruined by the Normans , The germans and probably the rest of the world yes including the poms. All i can say is that i wish they could build architecture like that again as it an art in it self... and yes ppl more rain. Send some to OZ please. Went aboard The Grand Turk a trading vessel so pics will follow as soon as we get the time. Damn jpegs are to big for the program so have to try and cut them down to size... Any ideas much appreciated...... Till tomorrow

Hope ya having a grand time


Sean and Debs

Monday, 07 April 2008

Location: Middlesbrough, UK

After a long 5 hour drive up to Middlesbrough we saw Sean folks & sister + fam.

Ang & fam stayed for dinner then we settled in for more talking & showing of pic's of our trip so far + the kids & house in Oz.

Sunday, 06 April 2008

Location: Southampton & Eastleigh, UK

We picked the kids up at 10am & went to the ten pin bowling alley for three games of bowls. All totally enjoying themselves, it was tops to see Sean & the kids having fun again.

Took the kids shopping & blew a small fortune of em but they have enough clothes for a while & they had fun picking the outfits out themselves. Deb's took Shannen around, whilst Sean took the boys around the shop

Next it was off to the movies to see Spiderwick Cron. pretty good movies if you get chance to see it.

Got the kids back for their dinner and we went out to Winchester with Nick & Liz for dinner & some drinking time.

(pic's to follow)

Saturday, 05 April 2008

Location: Botley, UK

Happy Birthday Marion

We went to see Marion for her birthday & went to The Black dog pub for lunch, Marion & Gerald then had to go to a Country & Western music Award night. Hopefully they had a top night.

We didn't want to go but since they had to go out it was hard to stay. We will catch up with them again when we return from Middlesbrough.

Will download some pic's in due course as too large at present to download em

Friday, 04 April 2008

Location: Southampton, UK

Woke up pretty tired but caught the Train down to Southampton so now the hols Officially start. Got the hire car and now the roads are in trouble as Sean is getting use to driving a european car again. Caught up with Nick (My Mate) and my Kids. Went out for Dinner at The Plough and boy it was good having UK pub food again.

Will put up pics as soon as we can
Sean and Debs
Happy trails

Thursday, 03 April 2008

Location: London, UK

Finally arrived !!!!!!!!!

Weather is tops so we must have bought the sun back with us.. woohoo!
Booked into the Hotel and have bought a sim card so the mobile no is 07979958028. Call us in case of emergency keeping in mind the time diff. 36 + hrs of no sleep so going for a walk ay Hyde Park so as we can stay awake as long as poss.

Sleep Depravation Getting to us so goona have some sleep. Goodnight all.....

Tuesday, 01 April 2008

Location: Australia

1 more sleep to go & UK here we come.
We are now all packed & ready to go . . . . . . . . I hope anyways.
We will try & keep this up dated as often as possible.
Hope to hear from you all whilst we are away
Love Sean & Deb's

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Location: Hampton Park, Australia

Alrighty then,
Three more sleeps & we grow wings to fly off into the sunset!!
We've had our jab's to keep us healthy (hopefully ;-/)
We will be staying with friends for the couple of days, hoping to see my kids as often as possible.
We will be seeing Marion for her birthday then head up to see my family in Middleborough on the Monday. On our way back down stopping in the see a mate & his family before going back to Southampton.
We will keep everyone up dated as often as we can so don't stress to much. We will be trying to organise a mobile phone so anyone can contact us if they do not want to leave a message.
So, catch all the fam & friends in the UK soon and the Ozzie mates can hopefully catch the updates as we up load em
Until then party on
love Sean & Deb's

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Recent Messages

From rob
sorry have not had time to send a message yet but still chaotic with no Dee and Glen only back now f/t. very jealous of all the places you are visiting and enjoying. you may have nice sea food and enjoyed golf in Torquay but you did not see Faulty Towers? did you take any pictures of patting the "big" cats? I will bet that both you and Sean are not looking forward to coming back to work, I would certainly not be keen to be back at work after such an enjoyable trip. it is terrible to think that time goes so fast and it seems you to you that you have only just started. loved the photos of Whitby. enjoy the rest of your trip. see you next week.
Response: G'day Rob, We had a lovely time trippin around & it will be strange coming back to work but am looking forward to seeing everyone again. Sean starts his new job on Monday arvo so at least he gets a sleep in.
Glad to hear we are back to the full team on Monday, will catch up more then
Deb's & Sean
From Liz and Nick
Hello again guys, we thought you would have left another message by now. You must be travelling back we think. Hope you are both ok. Liam had a great time this weekend. We took him and Sam to Splashdown at Poole and they went to see the Iron Man at the cinema. Speak soon then. Luv Liz Nick and Sam. xxx
Response: Soz for the delay in getting back to you but, 'yes' we were pretty busy in Bangkok & was traveling back.
although we had three free days, we only spent 3 hours next to the pool the rest of the time we spent out & about.
Spent yesterday reacquainting ourselves with the puppies, Looks like they missed as much as we missed them.
Cheers for taking Liam out & about
luv ya
Deb's & Sean xx
From Liz
Hi Guys
Glad u r ok. Its Saturday and we have 3 days off. Yeehah. The Tiger Temple sounded Awesome and river Kwai. Missing u loads. Liz and Nick and Sam and Liam as Liam is with us tonight. xxx
From Nick n Liz
Hi Guys,

You were in our thoughts as soon as you left ,we thought hallelulya!! lol.Seriously though,we kept saying wow there still on that plane and wondering what you were up to in Thailand.Did Sean ask the street food sellers for "ALL".
Its a bit quiet round here and we really miss you both,but have some great memories and pics.I was so pleased to have you both here for my big 40th.
Speak soon and have the time of your life.kwang dong!

Love, part of the rat pack.

Response: Arrived in Bangkok safe and well guys.. Thanks again for the tantrums and fun. Missing ya heaps already. See ya on the flipside. will tell ya all about it so f--k YOU ARSEHOLE lol hahahahahan xxxx
From Sharon
Hi Guys, Just logged on to see what you've been up to & boy you sure are 'doing lots' & it appears making the most of your time. The pics are great. The Dungeon seems really gruesome & gorey. I know if we ever get over there where NOT to go. LOL. Great to see the family snaps. Lego land looks marvelous. Appears you've had all types of weather so far, so like Melb Lol. Take Care, Safe Travelling, Love to you both.
Response: Driving and drinking what a combo...hahahaha looking forward to a holiday to take from this holiday. Will catch up on the filp side so watch this space....
Love Sean and Debs
Hi folks - well they left MK in one piece, to you both many thanks for every thing, seeing you was fantastic, glad we had the night out in Bournemouth Debs, hahahaaa Sean Glad you golf was good and no sympathy this end LOL, you 2 have a great time in Bankcock - LOL, all the very best safe trip home loves ya both XXXX
Response: Thanks for a good time in MK it was great to spend some quality time with you, its been a long time coming. It was great to spend time with mates in Bournemouth as well. (Sean was just jealous he wasn't there hahahaha)
From Ray & Jenni
Love the photos hope your friends know to click on them to blow them up or should I say make them bigger, now there's a thought.
Stay well safe travels

Response: Have a great time loads of alcohol and loads of walking I'm dead tired from all the driving and Debs enjoying the break. She needed it so it makes my life alot easier.


Sean and Debs
From Alan
Great Photos like the one of you on the wheel, Looks like you are both having a great time. Have not heard from Matt. We went to Jordans wedding on Friday will you show some photos when get back... Alan.
Response: Gday Mate.Thats a shocker Jordan getting married already they only got engaged at xmas but hey good luck to them. Hope things going well so will talk soon...
Sean and Debs
From Ray & Jenni
Glad to hear it not raining all the time. We loved york and also Whitby
Can you not reduce the size of photos on your camera save them and then download them. I did this on mine when we were on the road.

Happy travelling stay well

Jeni & Ray
Response: G'day Ray & Jenni,
I tried to strink the pic's but was taking too long as have to do it one by one & we have loads of pic's. Will try again soon but have been out & about too much to sort it :-(
lots of love Deb's & Sean xoxox
From Elaine
Hi Guys back again.

Being slack at work - just can get motivated to start anything new.... its 3:45 & i am leaving at 4:00. Mark is away in Qld for work for the next 2 weeks so i may have more chance to get on the home computer!!!! Take care thinking of you both. Luv Sis
Response: Bloody hell, two in one week, keep up the good work!!
Then again as you have more time on your hands its great to hear from you.
Still trying to get the pic's into a smaller size for the uploads, will try again soon
Luv ya Sis
LOL good on ya Sean damn hit for me Deb lol dirty shit lol ....
damn good to hear from ya's hope you guys are having a blast have one for me tho ...anhey dun for get my spoons ....LOL love ya's heaps tc mwahhhhhhhh
Response: G'day Kel,
We have got a couple of spoons for ya but couldn't get them in every port.
Love Deb's & Sean xoxox
Hi guys

Decided to send the site address home, just dont get the chance to log on at work. Hope everything going smashing for you both. Luv the pics - keep them coming!!!

Luv E
Response: G'day sis,
We are doing pretty well just returned from the north with family and friends.
Will catch up when we return home
love ya
Deb's & Sean xoxox
From kellie
Hey guys great to here you got there safely an everything went well onthe way over .
OMG Sean on the roads lol god help us just make sure youstay on the right side over there .....LMFAO ....have fun guys..........
Response: G'day Kel, Sean forgot to mention he had wind all the way to London & the passenagers got to pay for it :(, shame i couldn't move away me self . . . .lmao
Love D & S xox
From Vicki
Hi there, just a quick note to say have happy, wonderful, exciting and SAFE travels.

Looking forward to watching this space to see what you are up to!

Love always
Vicki xx
Response: G'day mate, sorry never got chance to talk to you before we left. Hope you enjoy the space & maybe do one next time on your travels :)
love & friendship always Deb's & Sean xoxox
From Ray & Jenni
Glad the weather is to your liking, hope it stays that way.
By the way I checked out the photos and was surprised to find that those dogs are gay.
Spoke to Bernie and the dogs are getting on well together.
Love jenni & Ray
Response: G'day,
The weather didn't last too long :( It got cold & wet pretty quick, we also had a slight downpour of light snow in Eastleigh on the 6th.
I think the dogs are more incesteous than gay as they are bro & sis, lol.
We just got up to Middlesbrough today & it is colder than down south but we will survive.
love D & S xoxo
From alan
Hi All New toys great will use it this weekend. Michelle wants to know how easy & how much for the sim card over there, as she will do the same in Aug. Any other tips you can think of while your there. Talk soon Alan.
Response: G'day, the sim card was £10 from the vendor machine at Heathrow Airport with only £1 credit but you can top it up at most shops. You can pick from Virgin, Vodafone, O2, Orange etc. We caught the train from the airport to Paddington which can cost £6.90 one way & is every 15 mins & takes about 15-20 mins to get to Paddington Station or there is the underground (that is only easy if you are going to somewhere on the same line otherwise you can change trains 2 - 4 times). You also have bus' to London depends where you what to be. Talk to Deb's when we return.
Catch ya again soon
From Alan
Are we there yet, Are we there yet
Guess who came into work today ,

Response: Gday Al. Send my regards to Donna and tell her we say hi. By the way how is the new toy working.
From Sharon Glyn & Girls
Hey guys, Wishing you a very safe, enjoyable & hectic holiday!! Hope the weathers warm, LOL!! LMAO!! Now really, hope it's good dry days for travelling & if not good company, tasty food & refreshments or there's always hope for comfortable beds to 'while ' away the time. It will be interesting to watch your journey unfold..... love from all of us xoxox
Response: Weather gr8 tuntil tomorrow.. They say it might snow so Debs is cringing she wants to go back home lol....
From kelli
Damn i was to late to jump in ya suit case bugger :P, have an awsome time guys , hear from ya's when can bbfn....xoxoxoxo
Response: Hey sweety pie. Having a top time sorry could not fit ya in the case but put ya photo in so hey you here with us in spirit. Got your first spoon....LONDON
From susan
Deb and Sean have a great time. How long will you be gone? I should phone when you get back. How long have you been back living in Oz?
Response: G'day Susan, We will be in the UK for 4 weeks seeing Fam & friends then off to Bangkok for 6 days.
Def have to catch up on our return.
We hope everythin g is gr8 your end. Love Deb's & Sean
From Mum & Dad
Get your butts over here, we are all waiting to see you. Love from us both
Response: Big butts, small butts, which size would you prefer?? lol
From garry & wendy
Hi Guys,
Hope you have a great trip catching up with the kids.
Make sure you get lots of piccies then you can invite us over to look at them over a few drinks and a bbq (well me anyway gaz will just have water).
Stay safe the Fagans
Response: Will hold you to the BBQ as been too long between drinks.
Love Deb's & Sean x
Good Day well i dont care - what the wheather man says cant wait to see you both
been way to long
Response: If is that cold Deb's wants me in the front & you around the back cause she hate the white stuff . . . .. bleedin snow ;-/
From Mandy
Hi guys....not in my end of the world.....(SA) Have a great trip and drop me a line some time when you get home.
Response: hey how u going?
Will call ya as soon as we get back. Can you email the fam's phone number's & email addresses so we can catch up SOON!!!
Should be in SA next year
Love Sean & Deb's
From Kath Reynen
Hi Guys,
This is a great idea! Will come in handy after when organising yr photos & journaling Deb.
Both of you have a great time, & don't worry about our sorry butts!
Luv Kath
Keep Smiling!
Response: Wont that be contraband???? lol
Will have to catch up with you on our return
Love Deb's & Sean X :-)