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How'dy this is my page so i can make you all at home jealous and motovate you to get of your ass and come travel. I try to keep you informed on where i'm doing next so you can leave a message and will catch up.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 12 November 2006

Location: Collie, Australia

hey everyone so not much has changed for me still working my arse off saving. i went to sydney the other week to catch up with a heap on old banff crew and had an awesome time. check the photos. anyway i've booked my flights to be in austria st. anton for australia day and then are head back to toronto shortly after that. will keep every one inform on when i figure out when exactly when i'm getting back to canada. 3 months and counting hope to see everyone soon talk to you later

Saturday, 08 July 2006

Location: perth, Australia

Hey everyone as alot of you know my season in New Zealand was cut short by injury which sucks but shit happens. i went across with randy and to my surpize ran into some old friends from my season in canada were there as well. i was based in Queenstown i spent most my time sleeping in the back of my van or passed out on jo jo's or zues' couch thanks guys. then i got my very own bed for a over a week at the hospital which landed me back here. so i'll be here for a couple of month improving the old bank balance again before i hit dusty trail again. i've post a couple of photo's from home just incase you've forgotton what it looks like or havn't seen this beauitful place yet. and of coarse NZ as well. any way until next time

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