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Phil and Alex´s travels around South America

yet another page we know, but this time its really worth while because we are travelling. We should have at least one page for each country we visit. Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Brazil. Enjoy!

Photos - Click Below



To my dearest Sergio Mojito. Im very sorry about the pain Ive caused in not giving you a photo. I promise to dedicate a whole page to you when I have time. I love you very much and they were 8 great months. Now everyone can enjoy your lovely face


Pereira-the coffee Region

We went to Pereira in the coffee region, north west of Bogota for the long weekend with the Mcloughlins.


North colombia-Caribbean Coast

Our next stops were Parque National Tayrona and Taganga.


North Colombia-Caribbean Coast

Last week we went up to the Caribbean coast and our first stops were Cartagena and Playay Blanca.



Welcome to our third page...we have left Santiago and are now going traveling around South America for 1.5 months starting in Colombia and ending in Brasil. So enjoy..



Just before we left for our travels we had a little birthday party at bens apartment. good times mate!

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Recent Messages

From Sergio
Don't know if you keep watching this site still. But I told you that I want some pictures of my beautiful and lovely face in here!! I spent eight months with you and I only have one &%$%&$** picture, and you don't even wrote my name on it. Don't like you anymore.
Ok, I like you and I miss you, but I'm still mad at you about this.
Response: Dont be mad...and so vain.Jokes! Ive given you a picture now, but now that Im home evey single person who knows me as seen a pic of you so dont you worry...and anyways you know my mom thinks you're gorgeous;) miss you
From Mr Nick
Evening. I dunno if you're back in sudafrica now or whats going on but i wish you both the very best. I would send an email but have forgotton my password, so this is the next best thing. uni life is treating me badly and there's far too much work. its 6pm and i've been up since 9:30 last night doing a coursework essay. i cant cope. the cheap alcohol doesnt help either, and my roommate's freaked out and crying cos someone stole his wallet last night. i couldn't care less and its a sad state of affairs listening to him cry over it - biznate! oh phil, 'the world is mine' is sung/composed by david guetta. groovy, eh? alex - some twats here stole a certain furry friend and tryed to throw him down the toilet, but i heroically saved him, only for him to be kidnapped again later on and thrown into a tree. we threw some sticks at him and finally got him down. he is now fine and will have some great, original stories to tell, provided you havn't read the story i just told you. anyhoo, hope you're both well and i'll catch ya later.
Response: Mr niiiiick

we are well thanks

we are currently in Brazil and about to go home. had an awsome little holiday with Ben in Buzios
look after the bear you bender
love Phill and Alex
From Ang !!
Response: wee wee
From BoBo
Hey girls!! thanks so much for the birthday wishes. The mountain biking thing and the sandboarding sound oarsome. we gotta do some adventure stuff in the hols. back on the 1st so will speed home to see you 2. enjoy the last little bit. love bobo
Response: hey there

its only a pleasure treasure.definitely in for some adventures at home. sandboarding in Bettys Bay? see you on the 12th .

love us
From Bee
Hey guys, so jealous of your travels...mine are up for the year. Heading home in 3 weeks - can you believe this year is almost up?! Keep safe, Luv Bee
Response: hey beee

yip, this year has flown. we are also heading home in about 3 weeks. have had an amazing time so cant complain

love Phil and Al
From Sergio
By the way, I wanna thank phil's mom for invite me to stay in their house on Christmas. I don't know you but love you already. So sweet. Thank you very much!!!
From Sergio
Hey girls. So happy you're having a good time. I wanna be there with you!!! Can't wait to see ya both. Specially you silly girl... miss you lots. Love ya.
P.S.: Hope you'll bring me one of those mojito bowls...
Response: Hey Serge
we´would bring you a mojito bowel but they are so big that we cant fit one in.looking forward to seeing you too! write a mail sometime ok!
love Phil and al
From chase
Hello yall
Response: hey how ya doing?
From Mom and Dad B
Wow, what amazing places you have been to. We are very jealous. Enjoy the next leg in Peru. Safe and happy travelling.
Response: Well we have arrived safely in Peru after a very dodgy taxi ride. staying in a awsome hostel so should be fun
love Philly and Alex
From jax
sup girlies!!
thats so exciting but also quite sad that your gap year is almost up!!:(:( im gonna have to have a bit of a photies showing when u get bak!! OK?wat are you both doing next year thats wat i wanna know??
exciting times!! cant wait to see ya guys!! lots of LURVE~ jax
Response: Sup Jacks!

we´ll definitely have lots of photo showing. Im off to Rhodes next year to probably do Bcom PPe and Al is off to UCT to do bussiness science.lots of love
Phil and Al
From Julia
Sup Cool Cats
I am so jealous you don't understand!!!!
You look like you are having an awesome time and have had lots of lags!!!
Were is the tongue ring????Pls take a photo!!
Tried to fone but you were busy!
Love Juliz aka pooks
Response: hey pooks...its in my tongue!!! have an amazing time...willl speak today!! love zandi xx
Wow! The Caribbean islands do make one feel a little envious! It still looks so unspoilt! Not sure about all the drinks! Love Mumsie
Response: dont you worry...its all under control!! the islands were very beatiful. xxx
omg yes i am sooooo hjealous, i want a giant mojito, and a playa blanca ogf my own!!! had to make do with cloudy miserable isla negra this weekend, grrr! xmex
Response: of course you´re jealous! its great...but who are you really?
From BoBo
You guys suck!! Jokes!! It looks flipping oarsome!!!! OARsome!!! Im uber max jealous. Im worrying about failing chem on tues so im gona watch a movie and lus working! loadz of love. party hard! ENJOY EVERY SECOND. make that every picosecond.
Response: Hey Jono!
Good luck with your chem buddy. we´ll see you at our ´´welcoming ourselves home party´´. love Philly and Al
From William and Jorge
Hola Hola, como estan las viajeras. Supongo que carreteando y chupando como locas(borrachas, jaja). Hope you're having a great time getting to know the latin american cultures and el encanto latino.

From the Indios Picaros
Response: Hey Indios Picaros
Como estay? We are having an awesome time...Borrachas? us? never!!!! We have turned over a new leaf...we have moved from pisco to aguardiente!!!wooohooo.
big party when we come back! miss you guys xx
From Nick
hey guys hectic pics.
hope you are well and loving the travels, be safe and cant wait to see you guys at home.

love nick xxxxxx
Response: thanks bisnate! enjoy trek see you soon xxxxx
From BoBo
Lil computer nerds travelling around the world leaving their footprints in the web pages. Look forward to seeing you guys soon! travel mors lekker ek se
Response: looking forward to seeing you too! big hug

Phil and Al
From georgia
hey guys!! another page hey?you must be busy!! poo its bens 21st tomoro, i got to say something but dont know what! any suggestions?and no im not just going to shout out tee en sjokolada koek!! haha just jokes!! love you
Response: aaaahhhh why im missing all the 21sts??? i wanna come!!! where is my mail hey??? hope the party is awesome...I know what else you can shout along with tee en tshokolade koek...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN FOR THE 1ST OCT...LOVE ALEX!!! Have a jol meisie...miss you x
From Julz
Hi noni
cool new web site!!!
Is that a tongue ring?????
Love Julz
Response: hey julz...umm ummm maybe???
hows the rowing? hear that sarahs bro is after you!!! me xx
From Al
Looks like you are having a fantastic time. Look out for the "fire water" (agua diente). It makes those Colombians go wild.
From Al
Looks like you are having a fantastic time. Look out for the "fire water" (agua diente). It makes those Colombians go wild.
Response: hey hey...thanks for the advice but we kinda learned about that the hard way!!!
From lily from the pond
just a little note, from england to say i miss you girlies so much. looks like your having an amazing time! truely hope you really are! philly i hope you got my birthday email! love you both lots and lots, ciao pescados xxxx
Response: hey pondi...we miss you too...flips did get the msg thanks so much! had a wonderful bday!! love u xx
From Cat
Hey guys!!!
Love the pics and looks like you having a jol!! Really cool web page! Enjoy Peru (as if thats even an option!)
Miss ya lots, love cat
Response: hey cat how you doing? we are having a blast! miss you lots...nearly home!
love Alex and flips xx
From smiths
Hi Alex - I don't know who's having more of a party this year, you or your sister, Kate!! Thanks for all the birthday emails they go down very well, we're all very impressed that you're so on the ball....most of all your godson, JULIAN!
missing you lots from your couses and their mom and dad.
Response: Definately me.... miss you all though dont worry!!! im nearly get prepared!! lots and lots of love AJ xx
From jax
hey alexandria n phil!

so gud to see pics of ya guys again! you guys are looking GREAT!! missing you stax and hoping your travels have been super oooober cool! very jelous of you!! this time last year i was travelling still....grr..n guess where i am now, in my room contemplating on whether to either learn for a test, write an essay or start studying for exams...tough choice hey? hehe im playing polo4 rhodes@the mo and i thought of you both the other day when i was playin!! :):) to ya both and take care of yourselves! when do you wonder back to the good ole cape?

take care friendies!
love jax
Response: sup jaqueline!!! studying hey...not so cool!! we are coming back on the 11 or 12 dec...very soon!!! polo snds great. miss you too love alex and flips xx