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Hey Guys

Im just giving you a taster of all the things I got up to on my travels with the girlies...!!! It should be a fun (",)

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 05 December 2007

Location: Lima, Chile

Today we were up at about 6.15am for our 7am pickup by taxi to go to Ica then for a cambio (I think…!!) a tax car…kinda…to get to Nasca…took about 2hrs but there and checked in for our flights over the nasca lines….unfortunately the planes (if you could call them that…they were that small…they were more like flying tin cans…) could only take 3people at a time…so I didn’t mind and went with another couple…I was up sitting beside the pilot and I thought the buggy ride was a mad rollercoaster but this plane journey took the biscuit….ha ha ha…this ride was more stomach renching cos its like flying around in a tin can and any bit of wind at all you can feel the plane going with it….it was amazing but not for the faint stomached…!!! Ha ha ha..but I must admit the pilot was really really gud and was well able to handle the plane…and made every manoeuvre so that we could see the lines as best we could…I must admit it was amazing to see but it was so hot in that plane so I don’t think il be doing any long haul flights in that kind of…

Afterwards got our bags, got our bus to Lima….that was an experience and a half as the air conditioning wasn’t working at all and the attendant wouldn’t allow us to open any of the windows…so we just did anyway…ha ha ha..finally got there and just chilled for the rest of the night…

As we were only going to be there for a few days…we just chilled out and relaxed..had some nice dinners out and a few drinks here and there….it was great to just chill out and relax as I was getting kinda nervous about finally after all this time arriving in Australia…I left for Oz on 7th and arrived on 10th around 7am…..

Tuesday, 04 December 2007

Location: Huacachina, Chile

Today we were up at around 9 and did an of sand boarding in the morning which was so it was fantastic…loved it..the only thing was that we had to walk up the sand dune in order to do the sand boarding which wasn’t easy at all…god I am sooooo unift but it was all gud….we really spent our time doing loads of boarding…it was seriously great fun and would definitely do it again…..when we finished we were all COMPLETELY covered in sand…EVERYWHERE…you think of somewhere and sand was there too…!!!! Was not pretty at all…!!!!we went along and booked our buggy tour of the sand dunes for that afternoon…went on the net and chilled til then…..Got there for our buggy ride and it was in this completely open pretty big buggy…which was surprisingly really comfortable…(which we were later extremely glad of…!!!) the 4of us and 3other girls…who we were really sound…we were all taken on this mad rollercoaster of a ride over all the sand dunes and he was not holding back going over these dunes…it was full thrust the whole way…no joke…it was absolutely FANTASTIC…!!! Definitely worth every penny…whatever we paid…we all loved and did loads of body boarding down these REALLY steep dunes on our belly….more mad rollercoaster riding of the dunes and then we all watched the sun set over the dunes…that was sooooooooo romantic and really cool…(unfortunately slightly ruined by factories…but still really cool…) afterwards got back to the hostel and scrubbed ourselves from head to toe to get all the sand out..i think it worked…ha a ha..went for dinner and had a very chilled nite…

Monday, 03 December 2007

Location: Cusco / Lima, Peru

Today we got our flight from Cusco to Lima arrived in Lima around 5pm and went to one of the many bus terminals around the city to get our bus to Ica…unfortunately we arrived about 2mins too late the bus was pullin off so back into a taxi and to the next one, got our tickets and on the bus….got to Ica and then onto Haucachina to our hostel…arrived around 11/11.30 and went straight to bed..we were all so wrecked…

Sunday, 02 December 2007

Location: Machu Picchu / Cusco, Peru

Today we were all up around 10 but poor Therese was not feeling well at all…so she stayed in bed after a lot of begging to the hostel owner..Antoinette stayed with her and we met up with them later…we got our 3.30 train back to Cusco and was picked up at the train station by our tour company…we made sure they were cos we heard A LOT of stories about people getting kidnapped and getting everything stolen on them…chilled for the rest of the nite and then bed…

Saturday, 01 December 2007

Location: Cusco / Aguas Calientes, Peru

Today we were up at 4.50am ready for our guided tour of Machu Pichu…it was all drizzly rain and very overcast but we were assured that it would be all gone within an hour or so…well got our bus to MP and it was still drizzly horrible weather…the guide was even positive that it would be all gone very soon…we picked up the rest of our group along the way. The guide was fantastic and explained everything so clear about the different ruins and what they had meant to and what they would have been used for…he was great cos he was trying to keep us all really upbeat even through the rain/misty/cloudy scenery…but the rain was making us want to go back to the hostel and dry off but we had to try and make the most of what we were there for and that was the amazing ruins that were only discovered not that long ago…compared to some of the wonders of the world….every so often it would clear to some degree but of course this wouldn’t last long at all… it was such a pity cos when it was clear you could really see what he talking about…I must admit the tour was really cool and learnt loads but of course don’t remember any of it now…ha ha ha 

At the end myself and Ann were drenched through with standing and walking through all the rain for about so we decided to head back to the hostel and we would meet the girls when they got down...all we had to wait for now was the bus… when the bus finally arrived and arrived back at the hostel…I gave it a shot to ask if the girls had arrived and they were in their room for the last 30-45mins…so we all piled into their room and had to get all the goss and news from them since they did the 3day Inca Trail aswell as MP… While I was in the hospital being completely blindedly ripped off (gud tip for south America – try not get sick…ha ha ha) Antoinette had texted me to get out of my bed and get back to them cos they had 5gay guys on their tour and I was missing it all… wanted to hear all about it...they did have a fantastic time and it was really tough going but well worth it…when we all went downstairs for lunch all their fellow Inca Trailers was there – really cool bunch and I would say I would have had an amazing time..cos I love all that kind of stuff but what can ya do now….  The girls didn’t see MP either properlyso they had decided to go back up after lunch (cos they were sure that it would be all clear…) and sure enough it had started to clear around 11.30-12 and by the time they went up it was gorgeous clear blue skies but I hadn’t the energy…and my stomach was still at me…just felt like said I would get their pictures….that nite everyone of us were in bed gud and early…

Friday, 30 November 2007

Location: Cusco, Peru

Myself and Ann packed up and headed off at 4.35am..ahhh..!! for our 5o’clock train…unfortunately me and Ann weren’t sitting together but it was cool met this lovely lady that was a tour guide and she gave me loads of ideas for sight seeing…got off the train and finally after some searching found our guide..who took us to our hotel and got breakfast……got settled and then just did a wee tour of Aguas Calientas…for such a small town it has a hell of a lot of markets but it was cool…but very a few things..nothing special..all really cute…we met these 2lovely US girls at lunch and dinner and decided to go with them and their tour guide the next day to Machu Pichu…

Monday, 26 November 2007

Location: Cusco, Peru

26 - 29 November
Woke up this morning feeling just as bad, if not worse….tried drinking water, etc..had the worst taste in my mouth..ended up asking the hostel to call a doctor cos felt like complete crap…doctor finally arrived and took me to the hospital with samonella poisoning and dehydration…ended up stayin in hospital for 3days being pumped of a whole load of I really don’t know what through a drip….the god damn cheap drip that they were using had to be changed 3times cos it kept coming out…I was black and blue with it..i looked like a crack head…not pretty at all..!!!! The nurses were lovely and for some reason thought I was cute and prob straight again..god I must be really butch now..!!! by the 3rd day I had to leave…I just couldn’t take it any more…so asked to be checked out and get the bill with all the drugs I had got…they BA*TARDS charged me for the 4th day cos I didn’t check out before 11…$2,315 I nearly fell when I got the bill…so thank god my insurance company got the bill…ha ha ha…but of course the insurance co wouldn’t confirm anything at all so it was all up in the air…so that didn’t help but all gud I hope… back to Cusco and met Ann..booked our train and my alternative trip of Machu Pichu… while I was in hospital Antoinette had texted me to get out of my bed and get back to them cos they had 5gay guys on their tour…so was even more pissed off when the doctor highly recommended that I didn’t go on the inca trail…

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Location: Cusco, Peru

Woke up this morning and was completely dying and not wanting to move from there for the day which I happily did..!!!! Not the most productive day  but sure no harm…didn’t even eat…I really couldn’t…

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Location: Cusco, Peru

Today we just chilled out and walked around the town…it was actually a really nice town with loads of cool wee really cool…we went to this English café..the Real was fanstastic with loads of trashy mags and food..we were all v.happy…ha ha ha…afterwards we headed back to the hostel and met 2of the 7irish girls we met in Bolivia were there so we had great craic with them…we went out then to some niteclub…where this random Peruvian “Madam” propositioned me with one the her girls but had to let her down gently and told her that I was GAY (if it wasn’t obvious enough unless I was getting extremely butch since leavin Ireland…which I doubt very much…) the she propositioned me with one her boys…I told her I wasn’t in the mood and wanted to have nite out with my friends…so she told me and Ann she would protect us all from the other madams of the town, the locals and anyone she thought was dodgy….lol…CRAZY..!!! I always attract the crazies…!! After a while we left her and found the other girls…had a great nite after that…!!!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Location: Copacabana - Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Today we set off on our City (and I use that word very liberally…seriously..!!!) tour of Copacabana – it was really cool…behind the city there are the 14 crosses of the rosary …as part of the tour we climbed these and this was no gentle stroll up the hill…it was tough going…but made up there…How gud was I…I lit 2candles in the grotto for my family…GOOD CHRISTIAN BOY…THAT I AM..!!!!

Afterwards we went around the city and heard loads of interesting facts about the different areas around the city…the church, the tourist areas, the harbour, etc…the church is actually 7 churches inside one…its really important to the people and the huge big doors on the front depicts the background of their town, the origin of their patron saint and the pope making her into an international saint. After that was finished we walked around the markets and shops and picked up a few bits and bobs…back to the hotel for lunch and then to our bus to Cusco – the bus was abit cramped but it was grand…we got off at the Bolivian – Peruvian border and got it stamped to go out of Bolivia and then stamped going into Peru…we walked across the border…was kinda cool…lol..!!! Got the bus to Puno where we changed buses after a 20-30min wait we hopped onto this grotty old stinking bus where the windscreen and some of the side windows were being held together by Sellotape..!! It was crazy…an experience..!!!! ha ha ha…but of course myself and Therese were sitting together but of course down the front…right beside one of the windows that was broken and there wasn’t nothing short of a gale force wind coming through…it was FREEZING..!! and then of course it started raining..which led to hailstones….and they were coming in on top of us too…..CRAZY..!!! but the best and funniest part (or maybe then it was the worst part..!!) was when one of the employees (who shall I say was not completely there…!!!) decided to give us all a little south american song…well he tried not talking American Idol either…it was was more like a moan – no it was like a bag of cats being tortured…and THEN he goes around everyone with his hat looking for money…and we were all like “Eh no..!!!”. Well you can just imagine I didn’t sleep a wink with my day bag on my lap clinging to it for dear life and with the gale force wind coming in thru the window…it wasn’t the more enjoyable bus journey I have ever been on…..??!!!?? ha ha ha

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Location: Copacabana - Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Today we were up early and ready to go on our tour by 7.45am but unfortunately and typical our bus didn’t arrive til about 8.30am or later.. We got to Copacabana and checked into our hotel (if you don’t was part of the tour so we were not complaining…!!). Our guide Mesmente met us at the hotel , we all had lunch together and then went with him to visit the Sun Island out in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Unfortunately, it took us a while to get there as the damn boat wouldn’t start for ages and then it took forever to get over but it was grand…the guide gave us loads of tid bits about the island and its significance. Therese and Antoinette went up to the ruins at the top of the mountain with the guide, myself and Ann opted out cos my knee was killin me that day….it was really cool though..! That night we had dinner and just chilled out…nothing very hectic…

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Location: La Paz, Bolivia

Today we just chilled out and relaxed as myself and Antoinette were kinda sore from falling yesterday…so we just did some interneting, calls, etc – got the hair cut but my god was it far too short…wasn’t expecting them to go that mad…but hey what can ya do…lol..! That night then we booked our tours to Copacabana, Bolivia beside Lake Titicaca and then bed early…

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From tommy
hi trev, still livin the dream??
no news or gosip, liam has moved into a new house with andy down near pat.
im seein a guy at the moment so we will have to see how that goes, hes nice
any scandal with you, any gosip, keep in touch.
take care
Response: oh my god its f**kin couple central in Galway this weather...thats not fair...ha ha ha...all is going great headin up the east coast with 3girls on monday and really cant wait...are you on facebook..?? im on there and was trying to see ya but couldnt...look me up if u are im: trevor soon trev...x
From tommy
helo there mister.
long time since iv heard from ya, how are ya gettin on, did ya get my last e-mail?
hope your enjoying yourself babe.
keep in touch
Response: hey babe hows things..sorry i havent checked my messages on ere in so long...all gud and have started to update this today so will be doing the rest of it really really soon...hope all gud with you talk soon
From Roger
Hey, Trev, good buddy, getting to miss you more, wonder what's happening. Are you getting the kind of nourishment we all need to survive ! ! ! We're as deep into winter herer in New York as your are hopefully as deep into something ? You are such a celebrity in my book, and with theladies with you, are an entourage that should be welcomed in AussieLand, I heard that since you arrived in Sydney, even the Holy Father has decided to visit AussieLand just to meet you and confirm how loved and honored you are around the world. Let's get an up-date, hear you tell us what the best of each week has been and that you still cause some others' eyes to sparkle into life when you enter the room.
With my warmest esteem, Roger
Response: hey Roger im so so so sorry i havent replied to ur msg til now...i actually havent been in this website now for so so so long...just havent had a chance...all going great ere thanks and having an amazing time..working at the mo so not very exciting at the mo but all gud otherwise..hows all with you..?? hope ur keeping well and enjoying all the snow in nyc...thank you so much for the amazing msg and i really appreciate everything u said and mean it back to you...take care and il talk to ya soon trev...x
From Theresa
thought i'd give you a wee bit of time to recover from your exploits, hope they have recovered, alls well here, hope you had a lovely x-mas and new year. stephen is planning to go out again but just for the summer so might get to meet up. met paul o' sullivan out last friday and will did his best to shame me rotten, i think he was making up for your absence, he told/screamed at him that he didn't give a f--k about him or his opinions. oh my god!! how typical, wish i was over there with you, you never know the ground might just swallow me up yet.
Lots of Love from Donegal.
Response: hey babe only seeing ur msg no as i havent been in ere in soooo long..hope all is well with you, the kids and will...oh my god i cant believe will did that...was he drunk..thats not really like him..are you 2 ok..??

I cant believe stephen is thinking about coming out ere..thats mad...well hope all is gud with you and u are ok..?? take care and of course lots of love from Sydney...xx
From richie
hi trevor hope tour keeping well!i was glad to chat to you on the phone!hope you have a ball in sydney, lucky sod! best of luck and thinking of you always... richie xxx
Response: hey hows things..sorry only getting to see ur mg now cos havent been in ere in so long...was great chatting to ya...hope all is gud with you and ur having a gud spring or has it come to ireland yet...ha ha ha..all really gud ere thanks and having a great time...take care and il talk to ya soon...xx
From jon
Happy christmas from a very cold Donegal. What a way to start 2008, touring the world. Go for it.
Response: ahh thanks a million..hope u had a great xmas and wish u all the best for 2008...
From Roger
Hey, Trev, buddy, Merry Christmas, luv and I expect you are now in Australia-down under and the home of the Aussi gods, if you follow my drooling. However, you are a man of virtue and will leave all thefilth and slime for me to enjoy. All my Irish cousins now ask me about you, where you are and send all our Best, for a merry filled with the love and warm wishes all of us hold you dearly. miss you really and send a long deep one your way, Roger, now in New York for Nolleig xxxx
Response: hey roger hows things..?? how was ur xmas..?? hope you had a fantastic time..well all gud ere and finally ere in oz since 10dec...loving the heat and having a great time ere...making loads of mates which is always gud...have a job lined up and just waiting on place to be ready and i will be all sorted then...hows life with you..?? hope all gud..i would say new york looks amazing during xmas...would love to visit there when i get back hone or maybe on the way back...well not much news ere...will be updating the blog in the next few days so u know wot iv been up to for the last month and a half...all gud...take care and talk soon trev...xx

ps happy new yr and all the very best for 2008...
From Roger in New York
Hey, Trev, The epic has slowed in entires and frankly I am getting rather hooked on your adventures and experiences. Are you so entranced with something you see ???? that you're dumb-struck, wordless and out of breath. By now you must have quite a Spanish vocaulary and can chatter away in any situation. Well, good buddy, keep well, get those entries so we know you're OK and best from a fervent reader of your prose, Roger
Response: hey roger sorry for the lack of entries lately...alot has been happening and i will be updating my blog very soon...hope all gud with you and you are keeping well...xx
From mike
Trev ya mad wee hobag... when are u updating this yoke?? I keep loggin in but no updates for me! ha ha. Loving the pics though!! God so you are on your way now to Sydney,i am so jealous - you will love it and not want to come home, I loved it over there so no doubt you will too!! All quiet here in Dublin. shitty weather, wind and rain nonstop, sick of it so i am.
Hope this finds you well. Stay safe and enjoy... take care, mike xx
Response: hey ya mad thing hows things with you...?? sorry for the lack of entries and delayed responses but have been mad busy and i know i really need to get this updated...hope u had a great xmas...whats the plans for new yrs...hope u have it all sorted...
From Liam
hey ya baby
finally get to catch upwith u on travells babe we moved house (up beside kat and mary ) but with bluddy ntl only got internet today ur diary is great am so jelous ya bitch oh and happy belated happy birthday hunny. all is good here getting readdy for the x mas its the same old same old thing here nothing exciting just a few new queens as lesbos fightin hahahha.... am working in oranmore in a office hate it and the money is shit. so where will u be 4 x mas will ya be in oz by then?
well that is all i can think of right now be good bitch
talk to you soon
love liam x x x x
Response: Hey babe...thank you so much for the msg..its great to hear from having a fantastic time and loving it santiago for 2nites and heading to Sydney Australi on sat nite will arive there on monday morning and i so cant wait..its not even funny...will give you a wee call very soon...when i get decent

hows all with you..?? hows the scene any why do u hate the new should have no problems getting a job...why dont u try getting a job teaching the ECDL..?' that would be great for you...hows the bf..?' hope all going gud there..

Im going to be in sydney for xmas and its going to be so weird but i seriously cant wait...its going to be great..i really have to updfate the blog have about a month to do but sure all do that in oz...well not much to tell ya but keep looking up the blog and i hope to have some more juicier gossip

take care ababe and talk soon and tell everyone i said hello and happy xmas and new yrs...xxxxxx
From Sinead
Hiya, we keep missing each other. Had a fab time in Florence but very expensive so no shopping done other than Christmas pressies. Paul's case was rifled and they stole his presents. He was gutted. Blog is great. S xx
Response: Hey babe...i cant believe they went thru paulñ`s case thats terrible...imso sorry...really glad to hear u had a gud time otherwise...having a great time ere but so have to update the blod im so arrinving into sydney on monday morning at about 7am their time so will hopefully do it in the first few dys in there so i get all up to date...i cant believe im going to be in oz so soon...i cant wait...its going to be great...well take care and il call u soon...trev...xx
From Mammy
You look cool on the bike. I love the pictures, keep them coming. You would need a cam corder to capture it all. Now you will be able to write a book, it would be a best seller. Take Care Bab
Love Mammy
Response: hey having a great time...i must admit not looking the best on the bike but got thru it fairly think il leave off writing a book for another few

i cant believe im going to be in australia in a few days...monday morning around 7am their time i arrive in sydney and i cant wait..(oh have i already said

take care and talk soon

From Tom (from NY)
Hi Trev.
Well it is Winter here in NY and clearly you are having a much better time. The wine tasting looks like fun. Where are you off to next?
Response: Hey tom hows things..?? yeah i would say its getting pretty col din ny wine tasting was great fun u should try it sometime...

im in santiago in chile at the mo and will heading to oz on sat nite will arrive there on monday morning around 7am their time so i really cant wait...its going to be great...
From Niamh Gallagher
Hi Trev, great to hear ur having a blast of a time!! We're in Thailand at the moment, at the end of our trip =( home in 2weeks, I'm depressed!! Know you're going to be in Oz for christmas, but when u thinking of landing home? I'll be living in Letterkenny at that stage so we have to meet up for a barrel or two of drink. Have a great trip darlin, as i know you will. Niamh XXX
Response: Hey babe

Hows things..i hope u had a fantastic time on all ur travels....i have no doubt that u did.,

Having a great time..not sure what im doing yet cos im staying in oz for a yr and then il decide what il when i get home we defo have to meet up for a gud few

take care babe and il talk to ya soon....and of course enjoy the rest of ur travels...i know u will...

love trev...x
From Roger
Hey, Trevo, What great notes and the account of your great adventures. Will you make a "film" some day of your exploits and interview some of these "river guides" and hiking intracutors? It would be a new epic, seen around the world. Actually this long, wide-scope tour will change you and you'll have the wander lust for all things all over. I request a first edition signature to treasure when you publish "Trevor's Travels." Much regard and good times. Come to new York to rest ! ! ! Roger
Response: Hey Roger

Hows things treating you in the west of ireland..?? hope all gud...all going great ere...having a blast on all the travels and not finished be in oz for xmas so i hope to get up to some mischief

Im not sure about the whole film idea but thanks very much for the suggestion...

will defo take u up on ur offer to stay in nyc (cos i love that city) for a rest on the way back home if i have any money left...

take care and talk soon

From tommy
hello there babes, lovin the photos keep them coming, havin a ball or two on the hols at the moment seem to be havin a great time, keep it up and ill chat ya soon, take care, tommy
Response: ahh thanks a milllion babes..having a fantastic time over ere...and im not finished yet...hope u had a great time on ur text so im sure u

will try and keep the pics coming but the net over ere is not great...sure il chat to ya soon..take care

From Mammy
Hi Bab Great to hear from you so often. Keep up the good work. Nothing exciting. I had Juanita Girls Nigel Yesturday for hour. They are so cute an different.Going to Lukes 22nd hope all will go well. Take Care Love Mammy xx
Response: Hey mam All gud ere..having a great time..sorry for the lack of contact lately but im still alive as you can

Take care and talk soon

From Theresa G
How's it going over there, not much new here, just thought i'd send you our love and hope your still having a ball!!!!!!!
Response: Ahh babe..thanks a million for the wee note...always great hearing from ya cos its not the same without ya...all going great ere and having a ball..will defo call soon..sorry for not calling lately but skype has been given me alot of problems and wont put credit on it for me...take care babe and il talk to ya soon....


ps..say hello to everyone from me..tell them i miss them all..iv sent u and mary a postcard but it takes forever to get to ireland..but its on its way...
From mike
hey trev ya wee trollop. how is the craic with you? loving the diary entreis, but its fairly empty this weather!! no news here at all, same ol mumbo jumbo ya know yourself. cant wait to see some photos that you upload. take care & mind yourself.....mike x
Response: yeah the diary entries have been quiet cos have been in the middle of nowhere but will be doing a load very soon...

All gud ere having a great time,...hows all with you..i hope not too quiet...take care Trev..xx
From Alex
Hey ya durty f--ker, everyone here in sunn Glasgow says hi, we are all good and Iam still madly in love, leave for sydney in 2 weeks time and for the 1st time in my life I dont want to go as I will miss Richard....xx...You had any action yet.....
Response: hey ya mad thing...well tell everyone i said hello and hope everyone is all gud...all going great ere..but no action at all but no harm been busy doing loads of stuff...i cant believe u dont want to go...but it will be gud for you will make u even stronger...its just such a pity that i wont get to see ya while im there...
From Anne-Marie
Good work on the blog (although I've noticed you've been slacking the last couple of days.....",). House is quiet without you. No goss to report yet (will keep you informed). x p.s. Looking forward to hearing about Patagonia my love.
Response: Hey baby hows things..?? all going great ere..yeah have been slacking but have been hiking up a mountain in order to see some glaciers so wil tell you all now...i would say the hous is quiet without madge blarring in the background...ha ha ha

Talk soon & take care..

From Shaun Laverty
HI Trev!
Hope ur still having a fantastic time on ur travels! From reading ur entries sounds like u are!!! THings grand here in the big smoke! Working away as usual.
Take Care & Chat Soon!
Response: hey shaun all gud Buenos Aires since monday and staying ere til monday then going to Patagonia for 5days..i so cant wait...its actually 7.18am and im only in the door from this mad cool club ere....really need sleep...thanks for the msg, take care and talk soon

From Michael Gallagher
hello trevor, i'm missing you so much and wish you were back already. i hope your having fun. xxxoooo
Response: ahh hey baby..hows things..??? im missing you too babe..hows all with you..hows work and everything..?? all going great ere..have to update the blog cos got loads to tell ya doing that now...
From tommy
hey there, sorry to hear about your camera, sounds really shit...going for a winter break in a few weeks to the canaries so all excited about that, so have you met any nice boys yet????
Response: hey babe...yeah im really pissed off about that but that was ages ago..i have so much to write on this now...catch up on all the goings gud ere..and no boys or girls cos i would tell ya by email..mum reads this blog too...

I hope you have a great time over in sure u will have no problems over you know wot i mean....who all is going with ya..???
From brian d
hello baby, hope your well and minding yourself, seems to be a very busy. was in manchester last weekend, had a good time, far too long since i had been there, will be making it a regular thing i think, love brian
Response: hey babe

Hows things..?? glad to hear you had a great time in MAnchester..who did u go with..??

All going great ere...i really have to update my blog cos i got loads to say..i arrived in Buenos Aires today and we are staying ere for a week so it will be great to just stay in one place for a while...

Hope all great with you and work and everything...say hello to everyone for me...]

take care

love Trev...xx