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Dodging winter, looking forward to spring....

The last few months have been another epic adventure, over new year from UK to Portugal, Spain to Morocco, cold to warm, and back to Dublin, broke and homeless, lucky in getting the old jobs back and starting to save again, for summer, for Europe, for roadtrips, for festivals and to just get back on par. These travels leave us fatigued and the start of spring here will be a great chance to catch up with ourselves again, and to reflect on what has been another amazing few months!!

Photos - Click Below


Portugal - Evora

Leaving Lisbon Kris and I made our way to Evora for a few romantic days, while Sanchy steamed ahead to Morocco where we'd meet up in a week or less. Evora was gorgeous, walls and turrets, castles and cathedrals, all yellow and white walls, gardens, markets, roman ruins, coffee shops and kris, a memorable place.



A short train ride from Lisbon near the coast is the fairtale town of Sintra, with it's palaces, castles, fountains, arches and ruins, it feels like you have stepped into ye olde land....


Lisbon continued...

A great city to explore, we gave ourselves plenty of time but still saw such a small fraction of what Lisbon has to offer...



Kris almost got pick pocketed on a train, we got sold waxy hash, saw as much as possible but in 3 days that was tough in a city this vast. Was beautiful in parts and grimey in others and we loved it...
I also bought Kris' engagement ring here, she loved a fair few from a market stall, i snuck off later saying i was going to the toilet and picked it up!
I kinda knew i wanted to ask her soon. If you know, why hesitate?


Navarre to Lisbon

Navarre was an amazing sometimes traditional, sometimes abandoned-till-summer resort town, that had such beauty, but god the water was cold!! We continued to get amazing rooms for cheap and enjoyed the markets and the views, had to hitch the last couple of K's to get there too which was quick and lucky :)

Lisbon is such a grand diverse city, with a hillside sprawl and history at every corner. We came here from Navarre and hit the town for Friday night, eventful great night and a great city to explore....


Coimbra to Navarre

Within this tiled bar
an argument is pursued
in a language, probably Portugese,
I do not know,
It's animation written on faces
bouncing off other patrons
washing over me,
off me, I do not understand
and so it is background
noise to my writing
view to my foreign bar
contrast to my smile,
to be traveling in lands
with different languages
new beers and a bar tender
who needs not spoken language
to pour me another,
a wait for a train
made more interesting
by this argument unknown
by advertising unable to work
on my unknowing eyes,
and i decide
sometimes It's better
not to know a language


Portugal - Coimbra

A train at night and an early bus got us to the best preserved roman ruins in Portugal, Conimbraga, near the university town of Coimbra. The tiled floors here were amazing, with many colours still preserved over 1700 years old!! It is a large place with a good museum and most of the grounds are still being uncovered, we saw maybe 5 or 6 other tourists. Great place to explore. Also it was so cold that the water in the fountains here was iced over, very cool too!

Coimbra itself was very scenic, with churches and old university grounds flowing up the hill from a large river, it's twisty streets took some exploring and it's views and street art were great too...


Portugal - Porto Pt 3

Boat rides, port tours, churches, views, vino, parks, kisses, laughs, trams, malls, hills and cheaper than expected. Porto was a great start to our trip, from here, south and warmth, of sorts....


Portugal - Porto Pt 2

Porto was an amazing place to explore on foot, hilly but with such beauty and interest at every turn that you didn't notice the slope too much. It also felt like old europe, apart from one main mall it didn't feel as modern as many European cities i had visited, not backward, just not rushing forward needlessly


Portugal - Porto Pt 1

Porto is an amazing city, i didn't know what to expect of it till we came out above a church and looked down into the amazing valley that divides the city, a massive river running through it and massive majestic bridges crossing it. The old red roofed city spilling down it's banks and spreading all over the surrounding hills.
We met up with Sanchy here and started our adventure as the three of us, my best mate and my beautiful girl, but what made this trip amazing and what made it work was that Kris was my best mate too, and Sanch and her are mates as well, it worked out so well, from sharing triple or double rooms, to sharing responsibilities and ideas, our trip was easier for the interaction we shared....


Portugal - Vianna de Costella

Our paths surprise us sometimes, if you asked me a year ago if i would be in Portugal alone with only my friend at Telstra, Kris Russell, i would have laughed.
Now of course we wandered the streets of Vianna de Costella holding hands and gazing up at the famous church overlooking the town, well and truly in love! It is a funny world, but i love her so and am glad that unpredictable things happen in amazing positive ways too!


Portugal - Braga

Kris and I arrived in Portugal a few days ahead of Sanch. We spent those days in smaller towns in the north of the country, we both found them so romantic and old world Europe, still very traditional and beautiful.
Braga was a train ride from Porto and would usually attract thousands of visitors but coming here in this season we very rarely saw many other tourists, a trend that would continue through the majority of our trip...
Very early on Kris and I figured out we would travel well together, both being very laid back and happy to compromise, we wanted to see as much as possible but not at a pace that made you miss the small things or that fatigued you to the point of not appreciating it. Again this was a trend that would continue when Sanchy joined too, was a great mix of fun and relaxation and sightseeing.


Eden project and new year

The Eden Project was amazing, great educational facility and i'm sure very interesting for studies about sustainability and changing eco-systems.

New years was brilliant too, we had 12 of us i think and all hit it, then hit town, dressed up and loving it! Very intimate beautiful crew...

New Year was


Murder mystery in cornwall

One night in the cottage we played a murder mystery game over an amazing dinner, set in 1940's venice for a film festival. Everyone looked amazing and really stayed in charater!!


our cornwall cottage crew

Asia organised a cottage for all us Aussie mates to spend a week over New Year in, down near Land's End in Cornwall, a beautiful and out of the way corner of England. Was an amazing old place near the cold beach and surf town where we took day trips from to the surrounding area...

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From Gympie Ren
Hey. just letting you know that i do spy on your pics every now and then!! seems like an amazing journey you are on...
looking forward to being able to catch each other on the phone!! speak soon - Hopefully!!
Response: god i wish we could just chat face to face every now and then, phones and email can never be anything close to chatting and having a hug hey!!
From jane
great to read about and see your adventures..we loved the mow shot with up morocco
Response: ah the mow shot!
that was a classic few days of looking creepy! ha
From Jess
Love checking out your pics mate. Missing you guys heaps. Any plans for the wedding yet? I reckon it should be in Oz so we can help celebrate. Sending big hugs. J xx
PS When you ARE back we should have an International Day of Jess :-)
Response: we should!!!!!!
i'll start planning it.... the day of jesse that is :)

wedding? yeah we have decided to wait till aus, it's best to have the loved ones there
maybe a commitment ceremony first here

love to Marlow and the martians xo
From Shawn and Martina
Hi Jess,

sounds great! When are you coming our way?! Let us know!
Greatings to Asia and Rich and the Oldies
Response: Hey, how are you guys?
Kris wants to be in Germany next month for kids camps, but i'll definitely your way by summer!
See ya soon
From Megan
Hello Jes, Just wanted to update you, I had a little boy I named him Blake. Also I know its a bit Late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Response: Wow!
congrats, so glad it all worked out! Will have to visit when i get back :)
From Jes & Aidan
Aidan says G'day and Happy Birthday! loving the info on the're on Crazy dude! So what is the plan for this yr to that you're one yr older and more mature and stuff?...heehee Nothing is happening here except Aidan and I are enjoying married life and just having as much fun as we can afford. have fun. xoxox
Response: I will definitely keep up the fun!! I still can't believe you pair are married, but i guess we are all older than we once were and things like marriage and kids will become more common... love you both and pass on hugs and head rubs to aido for me :)
Mr Haines,

How the bloody hell are ya? Think of you often mate and keep a check on you through here..... looks like your having a slightly above average time ; )

All good here mate, nothing too exciting to mention. Take care, talk soon.

Response: slightly above average is a good way of putting it mate. looks like it may settle down for a couple of months now though :)
From mario y izabela
hi brother how are you doing?
we are cool i will soon of the pic on facebook, say hello to your love take care.
Response: Hey Bro! glad you are well, how could you be otherwise with your beautiful Izabela!
see yas soon, maybe over xmas i hope xx
From Ness
Hi Jess, wow i really like ur site!! Sorry it's taken so long to get my ass over here but now i'm here I'm really impressed! I'm at Carlene's at the moment, chillen. Miss you and look forward to hearing and seeing more about your exciting travels! xo
Response: Thanks Ness girl, give her a cuddle for me and i'll chat soon hey, maybe during one of your rowdy friday night sessions... there is no roof bar at the new building is there?
From Ruthy
hey jess, mae and jo
great pics of a great weekend
Response: Yeah it was a great one wasn't it, Jo was just saying last night how we have to get you guys into europe next year for some of our epic combi roadtrip!
From Kano
Hey Jessman,

Been keeping up to date with your travels, not much to report on my end.

sweet money poem dude,
nice perspective :)

Talk soon

Response: Thanks Kanos! i have been struggling to put into words how false i believe this whole monetary issue is, maybe got close :)
Keep Dale out of trouble and encourage Emma to get into more!!
love and miss yas both
From Renoir
Your sideburns look pull them off well. I like, I like. x
Response: Hah!! They are starting to hang down a bit lower aren't they! love you x
From Renoir
Your sideburns look pull them off well. I like, I like. x
Response: Thanks again...
From Jesse :)
Sorry about the over philosophical poems folks! Hope you might like :)
From gail
Thanks for the pics and 'experience ' Jess Looking forward to more. Bye for now !!
Response: Yah!! Gail, hope you are well, i love trying to share with you guys at home so i am glad you liked :)
see you when i get home, whenever that will be!
From Bieny
Yes!!! I love being wanted ;o)
I love and miss you both heaps - we should all go on a trip together very soon and if u leave Mikey at home we can continue our love affair, Im sure he wouldnt mind@ Ren :o)
Response: who could object to such love? really? ha ha
From Ren
You bastard! She's MINE!!!!!!!
Response: She is not an object renee! Maybe thats why she likes me better is now obviously mine!! ha ha
From Ren
Hello my lovelies. I am putting a simple request for you to post some photos of your time with my woman. I repeat MY woman!!!
Hope you're both well? xoxoxox
Response: very well ren girl, i will put up some amazing Beiny pictures shortly, it was a great few days with MY girl! how quickly she forgets you!! ha ha
From Gympie Ren
Hi, pics are great - definitely gets me motivated to join you at some point soon.
happy days
Response: happy days indeed!! if you came eventually, i would be a super happy boy, and the photos would be all smiles!
From Fiona
Hey Jess!!! :) Sorry I missed ya at the Eagle xxxxxx probly my ankle was still broken at that point :(
See you soon I hope!
Response: london in 2 weeks purple Fi! hopefully see all you lot then xxx
From Renoir
Jes girl is looking especially beautiful in the last set of photos. I like her with her hair a bit longer. xox xox
Response: yeah longer hair suits her i reckon, and most people for that matter! ha ha I can't wait for our letter writing renior!!
From annika
crazy dear jess,
sorry i couldnt make to your pup revival in londin, i was stuck in germany. anyway if you will cross the ocean to europe i'd love to see you and catch up with you. so long love and life, life is great right now and i am happy to hear from you! love and a hug like always *annika*
Response: ah you always had great hugs! i will definitely take you up on your germany invite. not sure about when yet but it will happen, can't wait! xo
From Pip
Hey Jess, love the website, keep the thoughts coming. Great to hear you guys have a base and are starting to find your pub feet!
Hope the jobs are turning out ok for you both! Still looking forward to catching up at some point...x
Response: yeah the catching up thing should happen sooner than later! we've come to far around the world to let a little channel stop us from hanging out!!
From jill & ilze
Keep powering on Jess. You are a wonder and we are so proud of you. Keep on keeping on and we look forward to hearing more of your travels and experiences. love from us2 to U..
Response: and so much love back!!! the world is the wonder not me, i just gotta keep seein more of it, thats all xo
From lozzie
there is just one word to describe how it feels to check out your page jes... JEALOUS!! hope the party and exploration continues.. xx
Response: ah you can come up with more words than that! ;-)