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Monday, 15 June 2009

Location: Daisy's Cottage Loudwater, England

Off to a fine start this morning with a 1.5 hour walk with Michael
We have a very gruelling hill to climb to get back to the Cottage
An overcast morning but no rain for the walk
After we got back Michael and Christine cooked bacon and eggs
Went down very nicely too
We then headed for the shops at High Wycombe for an hour
Picked up a few things we need for the cottage and also Michael and I got a pair of slippers to wear around the cottage
The floors are large slabs of slate and are cold on your feet
After that we headed in to Marlow to meet June Turner and my Uncle Aubrey. Had morning tea at Junes place out in the garden soaking up the lovely sunshine
At about 12 noon we headed off to Oxford for the afternoon
Roughly a 40 minute drive down the M40 to reach Oxford
We were lucky enough to get a car park in behind the University Alicia attended last year. We then jumped on a bus and headed for the town centre
Alicia was meeting her friend Melissa for lunch and Michael and Christine went off and did their own thing
We went to Debenhams and had lunch
Selena has Sheperds Pie and I had Sweet and Sour Chicken and Rice. Both of us had a juice and this cost us 17 Pounds
Things particularly food is very expensive
Anyway we enjoyed it and you have to eat!!!
A few heavy showers encountered as we walked around the shops
Selena spent a long time trying on potential dresses to wear to Michael's wedding next year
I think she has her heart set on one but still considering the cost
Met back up with the kids at 3:30 pm and headed back to the bus stop to go back to the car
No buses for at least 30 minutes, so we walked back to the car instead. Took us around 30 minutes
Back off to Marlow then and afternoon tea with Uncle Alan and Aunty Norma. Had some sandwiches and sausage rolls and a nice cup of tea
I walked down to the Marlow Railway station and met Pete off the train. Then we headed off to Joans to pick up some supplies
She has been busy making little cup cakes and had a lovely bowl of strawberries and cream ready for us to take back to the Cottage. She is looking after us even though we aren't even staying with her
Everyone is resting in the lounge and the baked jacket potatoes are in the oven! Michael has some lamb cooking for him and Christine
Another busy day!!
The kids are busy pcking their cases for the 3 night stay in London from tommorrow
We will take them up on the train in the morning

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Location: Loudwater, England

Early rise this morning as the Sun was up at 4:30am
Nice morning for a walk I thought
Headed off from the Cottage around 5:30 am and headed towards High Wycombe town centre. We we are staying is high on a hill
So going down the Hill was fine, but coming back up was a challenge. Anyway by the time I got to the town centre and back to the Cottage, it was 1.5 hours.
All the family was up when I got back so breakfast was the order of the day. Just Toast and Jam today as we haven't been shopping as yet.
After breakfast we did all our washing and hung it out in the shining sunlight. After that we headed to Tescos Supermarket in Loudwater. Didn't open until 10:00 am on Sunday
When we got there boy was it busy. Everyone was out buying their food for their BBQs today I think!!
We did our shopping and headed to Marlow to drop Alicia off
She was meeting her friend Melissa for lunch
We then headed back to Daisy's Cottage and put all our shopping away. Made ourselves a nice breadroll for lunch and sat out in the sun. We were then invaded by our friendly neighbourly dogs
We have brought them some treats now so they are well pleased
They love playing with a ball and chasing it
After lunch we drove down to the local Hardware Shop and picked up a couple of pairs of gloves and some garbage bags for our clean up Joan's garden afternoon!!
Michael and I spent the afternoon in the garden. Didn't get it all finished but certainly made some progress
Joan kept us going with some cake and tea
The girls went for a walk to to Alan and Norma's
After we had cleared up in the garden, we headed back for the Cottage. As we turn off the London Rd to go up Derehams Lane, low and beholed is a small pub on the corner
So we sat out in the Beer Garden and enjoyed the sunlight and the local Beer. After three pints we headed back to the cottage to prepare for dinner. We enjoyed a lovely beef stir fry made by Michael and Christine. After cleaning up it was off to bed
The days are obviously very long as the sun doesn't go down until at least 10:00 am

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Location: Loudwater, England

We touched down at Heathrow around 5:45am after a 13 hour flight. Had a great flight and everyone seemed to get a fair amount of sleep. The A380 is a very quiet plane and certainly roomy. Meals were good and we all felt quite fresh considering the time spent in the air
Took a little while to get through immigration due to the amount of passengers going through
Anyway got through there and went and found our bags
Headed for the National / Alamo car hire place and no one on the desk. Just a message to advise us to take the courtesy bus to the Hre Place on the Northern Perimeter Rd Heathrow
Picked up our 7 seater Toyota and loaded up all the bags
Obviously being 5 of us we have a lot off luggage
Anyway we crammed it in some how and headed off down the M4 for Loudwater. With both the AA Route Planner directions and the ones from Julia (Our land lady) we found it very easy
What a pleasant drive down a tree covered lane to find our little cottage. Wow! we were pleasantly surprised with what we found
A lovely little cottage with everything that we will need
2 Bedrooms upstairs and a sofa bed downstairs
Each bedroom has its own bathroom and plenty of hot water!!
Three sofas in the lounge are so plenty of room for us all
An 8 seater dining room table and a large kitchen
We will be very comfortable for the next month I am sure
Tea, Coffee and Milk and wine left in the cottage by Julia for our arrival. We were soon greeted by her and what a lovely lady
Her 2 daughters are currently in Queensland on working holidays
Her 2 sons are heading there in July for a 3 week holiday
See is hoping to come herself in August
So we sorted all our stuff out and emptied the suitcases
Plenty of room to put all our stuff in
After we got organised we headed over to Marlow to meet Joan
Alan and Norma. They got a great surprise to see Michael and Christine there also
After plenty of tea and cakes we went for a walk down the High St in Marlow. A very nice warm day had greeted us
This weekend was Marlow regatta weekend also so the streets were packed with people. And what great weather they had for it
All the shops were busy as were the local drinking holes
The park at the bottom of the High Street was full of people and amusement rides
Walked down by the river and even saw a wedding in the local Church
Went back to Joans and enjoyed a lovely chicken meal for dinner
Everyone was getting tired so we headed back to the Cottage for our first nights sleep
The most difficult thing is going to sleep when it is still daylight
The days are so long

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Location: Singapore

Breakfast at 0730 again this morning
Same old Asian food again!! No fried eggs today so just toast and cereal and a not so good cup of tea
The only place we can get a decent cuppa is McDonalds!!
After breakfast we are off to see Raffles Hotel
Without giving it too much thought we caught the MRT to Raffles Place. We didn't realise that this is no where near Raffles Hotel!!
I asked a local and she advised that we need to get MRT to City Hall and then Raffles very nearby
Michael and Christine caught the MRT and we decided to walk in the 38 degree heat
With the assistance of a few locals we made our way to Raffles Hotel. Passing over the Sinpagore River and along some of the track of the Formula 1 Grnd Prix Track. They are already getting ready for this years race held in September
We had a walk around the very impressive Raffles Hotel after sampling a McDonalds Thickshake at City Hall MRT station
Very nice that was too! It was melting before you could even drink it!!
Back on the MRT for Bugis Market
This is a very large street Market that sells everything
A few souveniers for the ladies and then back to the Hotel for a swim was in order
I took a few of my clothes down by the pool that I had washed in the shower the night before!! They dried in no time
Must have been 40 degrees in the sun by the pool
Not single bit of shade anywhere in the pool area
We had a good chat to a couple of Aussies who were staying at the Hotel. They had the same opinion as us of this place
They were from Sydney and had just come from Lankawi Island in Maylasia
Listening to them they were a well travelled couple
Michael, Christine and Alicia were off to the Singapore Zoo night Safari tonight
They were gettin picked up at 6:00pm from the Hotel
We had arranged with George to pick us up at 10:30 pm to go out for dinner. Selena and I had normally had 2 hours sleep by this time
Anyway he kids returned from the zoo and George were to pick us up for tea at 10:30 pm
We heade for Lua Pa Sat for dinner
This is in the centre of the commercial area of Singapore during the day
Then at night they shut off the streets and set up all the food huts
What a lovely meal this was. We have been here many other times during our visits to Singapore
Food hawkers come to your table offering you their food
Good time to have George with you to do all the haggling!!
Everyone enjoyed all the lovely local food and were certainly full by the time we had finished!!
By the time we got back to the Hotel, it was gone past 1:00am Friday morning. George, Emily, Abigail and Melissa joined us for dinner tonight
We were all tired and ready for bed by the time we got back to the Hotel
Our last night in Singapore before heading off to London
Oh one thing I did forget to mention, Selena got herslef a lovely watch for her 50th Birthday later in the year
A little bit of haggling at the shops and she was pleasantly plea

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Location: Singapore

Breakfast at 0730 this morning in the Hotel
At least fried eggs today so we were okay for something more than toast and cereal
Off to Little India this morning on the MRT from Dobhy Gauht station. Little India really quiet at this time of the morning ( 9:00 )
This place comes alive after lunch time and runs through to the next morning
Went to the Mustafa Shopping Centre and picked up a few things
This is a large Department Store that is open 24/7
Has everything imaginable in it
Michael had problems in all the shops he had gone into with his napsack beeping going through security
This day he decided to leave it at hone as he didn't want it to beep. He walked in to Mustafa and blow me down he beeped again!! This time the security man checked everything that he had on him and found out that there was still a security tag on his wallet that Selena had brought him in Aussie!!
So he took it off for him and now no more beeping
Michael and Christine got themselves a new camera in Little India also. Always people haggling you in the streets for cameras or Suits. We then headed back to Orchard Rd for some more shopping therapy. Selena, Alicia and I headed for a Pizza Hut for lunch. Was very nice too
Christine and Michael went off and had lunch elsewhere to sample the local foods
Christine and I had a foot massage and Michael had a neck, shoulder and back massage. Certainly felt good after that I can tell you. George picked us up again at 7:00 pm and it was our turn to take him out to dinner
Went to a shopping centre to a restaurant called Jacks Place!!
Real Singapore name hey!!
Western food all the way tonight. Selena and Alicia had Chicken Corden Blu. I had steak and so did George
Christine has a seafood dish I think
Meal was nice but quite expensive.
Got back to the Hotel and everybody was ready for a good nights sleep. Weather is very sapping on your body
We have been doing heaps of walking everyday

Tuesday, 09 June 2009

Location: Singapore

Tuesday morning and up to breakfast at 8:00 am
Michael and Christine met us in the breakfast room for our morning feed. Not much good for Selena, Alicia and I as most of the food was local Asian food. Noodles, Fried Rice, Chicken porridge etc
Some boiled eggs that you could have and some cereal and fruit
Also the usual toast and jams etc
Anyway gave us a little kick start for the day ahead
We decided to head for Sentosa Island first up this morning
Again we caught the MRT from Doby Gaught to the Harbour front near Sentosa Island. At present a large Casino is under construction on the Island. We caught the chairlift over to the Island. You are quite high up and cross over the top of the cruise ships that were moored in the harbour
Again very hot and humid even early in the day!!
We alighted from the chairlift and headed down to the beaches at the waterfront of the harbour. The 1st thing that catches your eye is the amount of cargo ships in the harbour. There are hundreds!! A variety of both Cargo Ships and Oil Tankers
The Straits of Malaca that run between Indonesia and Singapore are some of the busiest waterways in the World
Ships are basically going past just like cars on a Highway
Plenty of children playing on the various beaches
We stopped in at a Coffee shop and had a very refreshing ice drink
Just so hot all the time
Had a good look around the Island and then caught the Chairlift back to the mainland
Back on to the MRT and off to China town for lunch
Michael and Christine headed in for the local cuisine and the rest of us headed for good old fashion Maccas
Michael and Christine enjoy sampling all the local foods
We then had a walk through all the craft and fashion shops with a few purchases along the way
We then caught the MRT back to Dobhy Gaught and back for some more retail therapy along Orchard Rd!!
100's of shops everywhere you look
Also found my favourite icecream man on his cart and motorbike in Orchard Rd. 1 Sing Dollar for a nice big square of icecream with 2 waffers!! Yummy
Michael and Christine went off and did their own thing and we met back at the Hotel later. George met us again at the Hotel and 7:00pm and we went to a shopping centre for dinner
Went to a restaurant called Jacks Place. More Western Food
Had a good meal and George dropped us back at the Hotel
Again everyone ready for a good nights sleep!!
Meeting at 7:30 am forbreakfast
We are all on the 7th floor at the Hotel

Monday, 08 June 2009

Location: Singapore

Arrived at Singapore Airport Terminal 3 at around 6:00am
Everyone enjoyed he flight and felt good to get out and walk again
Cleared through Immigration without any problems and we were all screened for swine flu
Immigration officers are always friendly at Singapore
Our Hotel Transfer was waiting there for us, so off we went to our Hotel - Grand Central Hotel just off Orchard Rd
Probably a 30 minute drive from the Airport to the Hotel
The Hotel was in a perfect location but the standard of the Hotel didn't meet our expectations
Sadly considering the money we had payed we were all disappointed to say the least
Anyhow as you do, you have to make the best of everything
After unpacking our things we decided to head for the Singapore Wheel. Singapore's equivalent to the London Eye
This is actually a little bit taller than the London Eye
We were quite close to the Dobby Ghaut MRT Station so travelling was quite simple
We got off at City Hall Station and then walked to catch a courtesy bus to the Singapore Wheel
What an impressive skyline from the top of the wheel
Took about 30 minutes to do the full loop
Plenty of photos taken from the top
Very hot and humid in Singapore
Around 38 degrees all day
Plenty of bottles of water for the ladies and plenty of coke zero for me
Of course we did a little bit of shopping in Orchard Rd on the way back to the Hotel
Alicia is in her element with the all clothes shops
Went back to the Hotel and showered before getting picked up for dinner by George (Our friend who lives in Singapore)
George, Emily, Abigail and Melissa all met us for dinner that night
He took us to Hotel where we had a lovey Buffett meal
Such a lovely warm and friendly family
We sampled many types of food and all were most enjoyable
We then went over to the Marina Harbour area and had a walk around all of the many bars and clubs in this area
One bar really caught our eye
It was like a Hospital ward!!. Operating theatre lights on the ceiling. Wheel Chairs for seating!!
Some people were drinking their drinks from Hospital Drips and others had their shots in syringes. Very clever and well done
We then headed back to the Hotel for a well earned rest after a long and tiring day

Sunday, 07 June 2009

Location: Brisbane, Australia

We are off to Brisbane Airport tonight to catch SQ 246 to Singapore. Departure time is 23:55. Arrival at Singapore Airport is expected around 05:55 Monday morning
We are travelling on an Airbus A330 /300
We have already completed all our online checkins
Everone is packed and ready to go
Getting picked up around 8:00 pm tonight for the short trip to the Airport
Arrived at Singapore Airport Terminal 3 at 6:00 am Monday morning
Everyone had a good flight and managed to grab some sleep on the way over. Plane was full
Food was okay without being too nice

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From Moira@Steve
Hi Clive and Selena, Love this site. feel i was travelling with you all. love to you both
Response: I will try and get it finished over the next couple of days
Takes a bit to catch up when you have had no computer access
CLive and Selena x
From Suzanne
Really enjoying reading about all your travels. Disappointing about Port Isaac but no sense going there in that sort of weather. As you say the weather in UK is the pits! Trying to work out if I can print out the whole of your diary so that Dad can have a read. Any ideas? love Sue xoxoxo
Response: Hi Sue
I will have to look and see if we can print it off
Haven't a clue as yet
Hope all goes well with your unit purchase
Love from
Clive and Selena
From Adam
Hi Selena / Clive
Sounds like a great time. Sounds like a lot of "full English Breakfast" and cakes. Lucky you both walk soo much. Enjoy and chat soon.
Response: Hi Adam
Nice to hear from you
Yes certainly plenty of food but still plenty of excercise. Weather hasn't been too bad the last few days. Finally got all my daughters gear out of her room at Oxford. Heading off to Northampton tommorrow. Taking my Mum up to Althorpe House where Princess Dianna was alid to rest
Take care and talk to you soon
Clive and Selena
From Michael

Just read your diary. Its good that yo can do that. You never said that nanny wasen't well on the plane. Speak to you soon

Lve Michael
Response: Hi Michael
Yes never said too much about Nanny otherwise everyone worries. She was fine in the end. She took a tablet to help her sleep that she probably shouldn't have had. I also think that she became very dehydrated. Anyway they all looked after her well and she soon got over it. They come nack from Spain today. Weather has been reasonably kind to us the last few days. Having a quiet day today. Will go and see Uncle Aub today
He has been away on holidays. Off to Althorpe House tommorrow with Mum. Well better go
Hope all is well with you and Christine
From Chris Garside
Hi Clive and Selena
Just got onto site and read through your travels. Sounds like your are having lovely time. This site is fantastic, will check it regularly. Jessie is ok. Bye for now. Love
Chris xx
Response: Hi Christine and Children
Hopefully not too boring for you
Weather is still benig kind to us at the present
We are off for the week tommorrow
Take care
All our love
Clive and Selena x