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Hi Everyone. I have decided this is the best way to stay in touch with you all. Its an easy way to view my photos and the diary section can describe what I've been up to. I miss you all terribly.
Love Ness/Vman/Vino/Ness

Diary Entries

Saturday, 05 November 2005

Location: Canada

Whistler.....ITS SNOWING. Whistler is so peaceful and clean, very different to the London life I have gotten used to. It has started snowing here early, so much so that they have decided to open the slopes from tomorrow onwards YAY. We have beautiful views from our house of both the mountains called "Whistler" and "Blackcomb". So far I have seen 2 black bears and they look so cute but have decided not to get up close as I have heard about there aggressive behaviour. Working hard at L'Occitane which is great and I have a lovely boss who I get along with really well. Night life is great in Whistler Village with many clubs/pubs and lots of alcohol. Halloween was awesom with everyone in the village dressing up in excellent outfits, even people wearing pumpkins on their heads SO FUNNY. Well best be off and enjoy the snow. Take care all.

Saturday, 01 October 2005

Location: New York, USA

NEW YORK ....NEW YORK. I absolutely loved New York. We managed to see the statue of liberty on a beautiful sunny day. Actually we managed to have awesom wheather the whole time we were there. The top of the empire state building is definitely worth a visit. We also managed to go to a comedy night, meet up with my boss for a great feed, go to a traditional diner and have milkshakes and burgers. One of the most exciting things for me was seeing steam rise out of the gutters HAHA. I seriously thought that was only for special effects in films, but it really does happen. Walking around the city was incredible as there is something to see on every corner, including Donald Trump buildings. Central Park is beautiful and so so big. Well thats about it for now. Seen alot but to hard to put it all into words. Onto Vancouver now. cia

Friday, 30 September 2005

Location: USA

NEW YORK CITY.... I loved New York soooooo much. We managed to see Wall Street, the Donald Trump Building where the apprentice is filmed, and many other exciting famous things/places/streets. One thing I found really cool was that the steam actually does come out of the drains, crazy stuff. One of my highlights was going to a Comedy night in Times Square and seeing the Statue of Liberty. The best part of the trip however was seeing the New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils at Maddison Square Gardens. All in all NYC was all its shown to be in the movies and I highly recommend it. cheers big ears.

Thursday, 22 September 2005

Location: Munich, Germany

Ocktoberfest......what a blast!!! The experience of millions of people drinking beer at the same time can only be truly understood by the photos. Germans really do know how to party. Although I was sick for alot of it I still enjoyed it. The food is incredible, I've never seen so many pork knuckles and chickens on on rottisories in my life. My favourite was the potato dumplings yummmmmmmm. Anyway I'll leave teh drunken stories for another day. Missing you all. xo

Thursday, 01 September 2005

Location: London, UK

Last month in London and then its on to Whistler. Lots of fun coming up with Ocktoberfest, lots of beer and pretzels. Then its onto Whistler, Canada via New York for a week. In New York we will be see the NHL (Ice Hockey) in Madason Square which should be great fun. Still trying to get this page organsied so bear with me. ciao.

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