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3 countries 4 weeks 16 friends...we will have a lot of stories to tell

Diary Entries

Friday, 06 July 2012

Location: Oia, Greece

Well lance and I are back from walking down to amouldi bay and back long walk but great views are fab as always. Today is re packing and sorting transport to the airport for tomorrow morning. We fly out at 6.55am so we will need to leave the resort by 5.15am...I am sure you are all happy to hear of our early start :)

Plus we will be swimming sun baking reading having a beer yummy food and snoozing. We are having dinner on our balcony tonight as we have such a lovely view we want to make the most of it before we leave.

Love you all
Cheers vette

Friday, 06 July 2012

Location: Oia, Greece

Hi everyone. Well we have now been in oia for over 24 hours. Our hotel exceeds our expectations. Very beautiful, new traditional, pool is a life saver and the view is a memory maker.

When we arrived Matt was having a run and Anna was in prime position by the pool. W have had a great post boat catch up. They took us to a bar not too far away for sunset snapshots, best sunsets I have ever or will ever see. We then walked through town which was a big relief. As when we were in the taxi santorini did not give a good first impression. But after seeing the hotel and the main part of oia it really is beautiful.

There are boat people coming and going all day, cruise boat people, which makes us appreciate the fact we have three nights here.

We went to a fab restaurant about a 10to 15 minute walk from our hotel for dinner, it was recommended on trip advisor, and to quote Matt it was yum yum. We had our first desert of the trip!

We have been working on our suntans today, big decisions have been made. Liken when to move from the deck chair in the shade to a deck chair in the sun, before or after a swim. As I said life altering decisions have been made today.

Tonight we are going to watch the sunset from one of out two private terraces :) then wonder into town to a taverna for yum yum Greek food. We are loving the Greek food, it is light and fresh.

I will post another update soon, hope you are all well and miss you

Lots of love vette xxoo

Tuesday, 03 July 2012

Location: Greece

Just a reminder there are shared photos on my timeline on face book

Monday, 02 July 2012

Location: Rhodes, Greece

Ok well I have time now for a decent update. First bust up between the boys was the last night of the boat, thankfully. No one got hit and once the tequila was out of their system friendships came back. As for myself I have had a smooth ride with everyone. Have made some friendships now that will last and ones I had already are set in marble.

We flew from skiathos to Athens, as you would have seen from my previous post, very exciting trip, for obvious reasons, I have great photos of Goldie, especially for my first wives club girls.

We had a farewell dinner in plaka on the last night together, which was great. But not so enjoyable for everyone as we were all exhausted and I think happy with the time together but ready to go our separate ways.

Lance and I are in Rhodes now staying in the old town. Thanks mum and dad for this recommendation as we love it here. This afternoon we will hire a car and go to lindos for lunch and a swim. I got a beautiful necklace in Rhodes which is known for it's gold jewelry.

I am looking forward to just focusing on lance now for the rest of the trip, just the two of us. We will be having dinner on the 4th in oia with Matt and Anna, no doubt the conversation over dinner will be about the 11 nights with everyone.

I am loving listening to the church bells. The sky is the bluest I have seen in all my life. Our apartment in the old town is traditional with shutters high ceilings and thankfully a washing machine. So I am happy being a bit domestic.

I am still swaying like I am on the boat, I don't know how long this feeling will last for....

Last night was great, we had a sleep around 6pm for an hour or so and then strolled into town for dinner, we found a little out of the way place that was very sweet, I fed one particular cat my left overs, they are so skinny and cats are everywhere in Greece. We then went to a square near the port by 9.45pm to watch the Europa cup final between Spain and Italy, the italian team are so good-looking, I'm just saying. It was great people from all over the world watching the game in comfy chairs having a few drinks watching on the big screen outside in the square being cooled by winds coming off the med. It appeared that most were going for Italy, but I am happy for Pedro and Anna.

I will sign off now, the great thing is we are using a random wireless for Internet access, and it is not costing anything!

My love to you all
Keep safe and miss us as we are missing all of you

Monday, 02 July 2012

Location: Rhodes, Greece

Only update today is when we flew from skiathos to Athens we met Goldie hawn and Kurt russel, they have a holiday house in skiathos and have been there for a month! You can only imagine how excited I was...

Friday, 29 June 2012

Location: Alonassis, Greece

Where to begin? Today's post is going to be all about the boat.

Day one not here
Day two not here
Day three not here

For the above three nights the boat broker paid for our accommodation and all transfers in skopelos. Skopelos is sooooooo beautiful. I do want to go back some day.

Then we got the update we had been waiting for from the captain, be at skopelos port for embarking onto the boat for midday on day 4. So 17 people packed up checked out of the hotel and made there way down to the port...1pm...2pm...3pm...they called to say they only had enough fuel to get to glossa, on the other side of the island, so 17 people get sorted and off we go for a 30 min taxi ride to the glossa port, all in convoy.

And then we saw the boat. To say it is run down is an understatement, I don't think I will ever get over the strong smell of diesel right through out the boat or the fact they have canneries on board, if they fall of the perch we fall off e perch. Very very funny. I have also discovered on boats the showers are all cold water. We have been sleeping under the stars each night as the smell and heat in our rooms are unbearable. However this is fantastic, I am loving sleeping under he stars, thankfully I am overly organized with ear plugs, nearly all the guys snore, and eye patches so the lights and sun don't wake us up, lance and I are needing borocca twice daily. We are so relaxed. I love sun baking on the boat and being taken to a different beach etc each day, we walked the plank at tonight's port for the first time that was fun.

All the girls went out on their lilos and rubber rings (thanks girls) and we did the today show t, so we will be info as of course. As the boat was late (not convinced it is sea worthy) they cannot take us to Athens to the broker is paying for us all to fly to Athens thank goodness.

Tonight we are off to a restaurant for dinner. I do have to say that although the staff on the boat are not Greek gods, they are a mixture of Greek and Romanian they cannot do enough for us. One couple have their 7 year old son on the boat too, you can tell their life is hard. Keeping things in perspective the entire group is very happ the boat was 3 days late, we are all getting on and loving being together, and laughing a lot.the boat is a great experience and one www will never forget.

My love to you all, might where a long sleeve top tonight as it is getting down to 24 degrees xxxooo

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Location: Ilanossis, Greece

Hello hello. Well after a three night wait in skopelos we had our first night on the boat, photos on Facebook. Skopelos is beautiful and will really try and get back there one day. Lots of fun cheap shopping beach days bars walks laughing people watching swimming, lots of swimming. The islands are so much better htan the mainland. We are having so much fun 17 people making decisions is very funny to watch, makes for taking the time slowly to do each activity, actually you are exhausted before it begins.

First night on the boat has been amazing. Firstly cabins and bathrooms are good and there is plenty of outside space on the boat. We had only left port for about half an hour and we had dolphins flying four the water, absolutely beautiful. We had dinner cooked for us on the boat, went through a few drinks and then slept at star hotel...the outside top deck of the was fantastic to fall asleep that way, woke up when the winds came up at about 5.30am, only Matt and I were left.

Today we are stuck in port...go figure...will do more updates when I can xxoo

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Location: Skiathos, Greece

so yesterday we did the usual beach swim dry off pool swim dry off. then we hoped on our scooter with our snorkling gear and went to a beach at the most sourthern point of the island and snorkeld all morning. we then hoped back on the scooter and went in land to a monestory that was 400 years old. back on the scooter we went into skiathos town, bumping into Unday who joined us for a lovely long lunch.

Dinner last night was fantastic. we had an organised buffet dinner, at an area near one of the resort pools only for us. Last night was the first time everyone was together, and there were no arguments...not one.

So the boat hasnt turned up, i kid you not! Apparently it will arrive tomorrow and pick all of us up from Skopelos Town. Which is great but we are on Skiathos Island and our hotel cannot put all of us up for an extra night.


THE DON (Richard Freedman) has organised ferry tickets and accommodation for us all, the voted criteria was that the hotel has a pool and job done and thanks the don. so we check out today at midday after a swim at the beach dry off swim at the pool and dry off...

not sure when i will be online as the hotel we are going too will not have internet or AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my love to you all
Vettula xxooxxoo

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Location: Skiathos, Greece

yesterday was a great day. we woke up and were out the door by 7.30am...thats right even in a different time zone neither of us can sleep in...breaky...then 2 swims in the ocean...1 swim in the to Skiathos Town, walking through all the back streets, browsing in shops...and then it happend, i mean really happened. The dream came true.

We had out first experience with a Mamma Mia you can only imagine the squeals of pure joy and fulfillment i am now at peace...

All i can say is that we have photos of the old Skiathos Port where the three dads turned up and missed the ferry. i have stood where Colin Firth stood.

After my heart rate came down we decided to hire a 150cc moped. $32 euros for 2 days. And it is fabulous. riding on a moped with my honey on beautiful Skiathos Island. it was 36 degrees and tomorrow it is 39 degrees

have shared some photos on facebook from our dinner last night.

we are having problems with our boat getting to Skiathos, in Athens there have been hight winds and the port authority wont let them leave, so we may not be on the boat tomorrow. will keep you posted on that.

My love to you all

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Location: Skiathos, Greece

Well we have arrived in skiathos and it is beautiful. We caught the ferry from Volos which took about 2 and a half hours. It was a huge ferry with massive trucks on board etc...

We haven't Ben into skiathos town yet, we went straight to the resort. And had a 10 hour session of swimming drinking and sunbathing...almost everyone is here now. A great bunch very rowdy...

We didn't go to dinner until 10pm but had a great time. It took them like an hour topic the wine...I don't know how that will go over the next week but I am just going with the flow Greek island time.

Shortly lance and I will taxi into town and have a look at the shops do lunch and then hire a moped for two days to discover skiathos...

Loving the sun relaxation and all of you

Ciao for now

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Location: Volos, Greece

Well we drove for fours to get to Volos yesterday. It was Avery interesting drive. Firstly Matt was and yes I mean was an auto grill virgin, but no more...we had dudes offering us to buy iPhone 4 and iPad 3 for 50 euro but regretfully we didn't buy any.

Well I have to say the Greek tragedy is true and has been happening here for over 5 years. Poverty is everywhere, empty shops beggars derelict buildings, buildings half built are every where, motor ways where just the support pylons have been really is heart breaking. You can see no planning or thought has gone into money that has been spent here in the last 20 years, it has been wasted, just wasted with bribes and corruption. On the motorways they have street lights every 10 meters...just a waste.

Athens is a classic place and the most common phrase from shop keepers that they are all saying is "crises prices" which has me at hello of corse.

Volos is a port town, but still lovely. At 6am this morning the temp had got down to 26. We are off to skiathos at midday so hopefully we will have wifi when we get there too...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Location: Athens, Greece

Hey. We are off to Volos with Matt and Annamarie today. We were going to go via Delphi but we had a bit of a session last night...given we are a bit dusty this morning we will drive straight there. We then have 1 night in Volos and tomorrow we ferry to skiathos. Which I can't wait for as two of the four of us suffer motion sickness. So it should be a funny ferry ride. Not sure when we will have wifi again, but as soon as we do I will post more updates.

Lance and vette

Ps. Greece is hot hot every sense of the word!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Location: Athens, Greece

Just an FYI I am having probes uploading photos but I can promise the slide show night is going to b you all

Monday, 18 June 2012

Location: Athens, Greece

We are having a great time. Hotel is fab especially the pool. It is very hot here. We did a walking tour of Athens this morning which included going up the acropolis. Which I have to say is amazing. The views are Stella. Have bought some paintings and a rug. We are about to spend the rest of the afternoon by the pool, before meeting 4 friends for dinner. I want to move here now as well as Italy.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Location: Australia

Well the journey begins today folks

Monday, 14 May 2012

Location: Canberra, Australia

I cannot wait to go away. I thought this might be a good idea to keep people up to date on our adventures while we are away.

We are away from the 16th of June to the 13th of July. Mainly in Greece but we have short stops in both Italy and Switzerland as well.

Cant wait for shopping in Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have not done a travel blog thingy before so you will have to let me know if this gets too much, just thought it might be some fun.

So i will post again closer to our departure date and remind you all to watch this space :)

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From Lindy
Happy belated Lance. We will celebrate when you get home. Love hearing about your adventures. Make the most of your last days...they go all too quickly. Missing you both.
xxx Lindy
Response: We miss you too and look forward to catching up xxoo
From Janelle
Loving reading the updates, keep them coming! Enjoy the rest of your trip, lots to catchup on when your back! X
Response: Message me if bub comes before I get back, I hope you are feeling ok
From Fleur & Jeremy
Happy Birthday old fella. We are heading out for dinner at the Mawson Club to celebrate. Looks like it might snow soon :) Have adrink for me! Love Fleur.
Response: Love my fox of a sister
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You will be happy to know we are all well in Canberra, enjoying the
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Have a cocktail for me. χρ_PR_html
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#940_ Lance! love to you both xxx
Response: Very hot here we arrived in Rhodes today, miss you guys
From Mary Poole
Hahaha hey Mum!! Hey Lancie!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like to wish you guys well and say that Aunty and I have had a good laugh over the boat :P Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves and can't wait to see you both again :) Love you guys and happy birthday again to Lancie :)!!!
From hughes
thinking of you happy birthday . are you the oldest . have a great day.sue&bob
From hughes
thinking of you happy birthday . are you the oldest . have a great day.sue&bob
Response: I think he is, I will pass on the birthday wishes to lance. We are having a lot of fun in the sun, back to skiathos today, tomorrow we fly to Athens. Love you both xxoo
From Neville
Mama Mia!!!!! Well, despite all the little hiccups, it sounds like you're having a ball. YAY!!! What I would give to be laying on a beach right now :)
It's a beeeuuwdiful day here in the Capital this morning .....a balmy 1.6 degrees with the fog rolling in to stay, by the looks!
It's been bloody cold actually.... a few minus 5 and 6's!!!
Had the first of our groups (schools) 50th Birthday parties on the weekend....I now know I CANNOT do the Nutbush with as much vigour and enthusiasm as I used to :(
We miss you still. Should be a fairly quiet one here today. Just Janelle, Mona and the Nev.
Stay safe.
Dr Nev, over and out xx
Response: Thanks for the update let the girls know I have there mamma Mia pebbles
From Fleur
We have Mary and Tom over for lunch today! Grandma and Pa are very happy having some time with the three of them. Robbie is feeling much better and back to his normal erratic self. The weather is cold and I'm off letterboxing this afternoon. Yay for me while your swaning around Greece! We all miss you. Have a great time. Fleurx.
Response: love my sis
From Lindy
Hot hot hot... I want more details please!!! Keep having fun and keep the info coming. Love you both.
Response: Will do
From mum & daddy
god one verity keep them comming .lots of love
Response: How clever are you two to get the posts. Love ya heaps
From Neville
Shopping already....EXCELLENT! Glad you're having a great start. It's very quiet here without you!!!Oh and FYI......Karise won "The Voice". Stay safe.
From Neville
Day 1 and we miss you already!! :(
Response: We are having a great time. Weather is hot so we are off to our hotel pool
From Lindy
I am sooo jealous. It has been ages since I went anywhere :)
Response: Greece is to die for even athens
From Lindy
All good for viewing on an iPad. Cheers.
Response: hey darling
From Lindy
All good for viewing on an iPad. Cheers.
Response: your looking hot lovey
From Mona & Nev
4 sleeps
Response: got thanks babes
From Lindy
WOW!! Think of me while you are having lunch!!!! Looks beautiful.
Response: so do you
From Nevile
IT WORKED!!!! :)
Response: it sure did DR
From Flossy
I have a new email address - see above. Its not fair :( :( :(
I want to go !!!!!

Cant wait for the updates!
Feel free to seek out the male talent and report back, any husband material would be appreciated.

Love u both xxxx Zoe
Response: will do